Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello there,

Here is a new product in the Marine's Goodies brand (i.e. not quite kinky but not quite vanilla either, and always useful) : a battery.

It was meant to be released months ago, along with the Mousewheel, but for some reason I dragged and dragged, RL got in the way, I wanted to improve the battery from what it was capable of at the time, well you know the feeling. I'm sorry for letting you wait.

Its purpose is to act as a "buffer" for the energy output of the Mousewheel, Treadmill or whatever other power source you can come up with. Without the battery, lights receiving power from such power sources needed said power sources to actually deliver power. In practice, that would mean a sub was needed to run on a Mousewheel or a Treadmill in order to use your lights.

But with this battery, no need for a sub to run at all times ! Make her fill the battery with her efforts then send her to rest or frolic or whatever it is your sub does when she's not working, and you can use the accumulated energy until it depletes.

In the box you will find not only the battery itself, but also three full-perms lights, the same as the ones you get with the Mousewheel and Treadmill, and a copy of the script they use, should you want to make your own devices.

Speaking of which, the manual contains all the info you need in order to build your own devices to suck power out of the battery. The protocol is simple and fully documented. You will even be able to sell your own devices if you like, why not ?

The price of the product is L$200, for one battery (copy/mod/no-transfer), three lights (full-perms, only their script is copy/no-mod/trans) and a copy/trans "Light" script to make your own devices.

You can find it in any of my Marine's Goodies vendors. There are not many in-world, but here are a few destinations :

My little shop :

The Little Shop of Kink :

Fabulous Pony Ranch :

Have fun !