Tuesday, May 19, 2020

RLV 2.9.27 with EEP

Hi !

As you may know, LL has released their latest SL viewer with EEP features inside. This is a big change because Windlight settings become actual assets that can be given or sold, like shapes, while they used to be XML files stored locally before.

This is also a big change for the RLV because all the WL commands had to be updated to use EEP instead of Windlight. I couldn't do all this work myself because I didn't have the time, but Chorazin Allen who is in charge of Kokua did most of the work and ported it to the RLV :) Thank you Chorazin !

He also ported the latest feature from LL which allows for camera settings to be stored in XML files.

Now, before you download the new RLV, please be aware that there is a big bug in the SL viewer which made its way into the RLV (since it is based directly on the SL codebase). This bug makes a shiny surface a lot shinier especially when the specular color of the surface is not white. In practice, every girl with a mesh body and some shine looks like a barbie doll. I kid you not ! I even opened a JIRA ticket on the matter, hopefully LL will look into this and fix it because it is breaking content. For this reason, I am not replacing the current RLV (v2.9.26.4) which works fine, but if you absolutely want to try EEP out with the RLV, here is where you can download it :

Link on DropBox

The MD5 hash for the Windows version is :

The Linux and Mac versions are proposed by Chorazin at this address :

PS : There are a couple new RLV commands for EEP to support the new sliders like "moisture" and "ice", those are not documented in the API at the time of this writing but they will be soon.