Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RR Tutorial : Legs restraints

Ok this one will be easier than the arms restraints tutorial, let's talk about... legs restraints (hey how did you guess ?).

Just like in real life, when a captive has her legs restrained, she is either able to walk very slowly, or all she can do is crawl. She will always be able to move a few inches, of course, but will not go very far.

For this tutorial I will use the Police Legirons, in association with improved Police Handcuffs with 6 poses, a prisoner belt, and one prisoner jumpsuit that might remind a few memories to some of you (if you're old enough).

Let's lock them all... First the hands, which I lock in front of me with the elbows chained back, this is the "3 H+E front" pose. I can still touch in that pose, it does not block me. And no need to lock the belt, as it is part of the arms cuffs system. And now I lock my legirons with the "Taut" pose. This pose allows me to hobble around and is by far the most natural for this kind of restraint. So I press the forward key and try to walk...

First impression : I walk funny, like I am about to fall over. No wonder, this chain certainly looks short ! The walk changes and the built-in one overrides my own walk, the one in my AO. Well it wouldn't be able to override it well if my walk was the highest priority, some are but not mine (this is something I am very careful about because highest priority walks tend to mess restraints up, especially the ones which don't refresh their poses).

Second impression : I don't go very fast, way slower than the normal walk speed. I can't run either, it would not be easy to sprint while wearing those, I guess !

Third impression : It seems I am going slower and slower. Am I walking in mud now ? I'll go down to a full stop if I keep pressing the forward key. This is because I am slowly getting winded, and must regularly release the forward key and press it again to get my "full speed" back. Knowing this, some captives can race against each other to reach the key first !

Have you noticed that a chain seems to link my arms cuffs to my legirons, too ? This only works with the Police Handcuffs though, for technical reasons. But this is what allows for a few interesting positions like... a hogtie (in cuffs, it's dangerous so don't try this at home !). So before I lock myself in a hogtie, let's make put the arms cuffs into the right pose. I click on one of them and select... umm... ok "4 H+E Back". Immediately my arms are double-cuffed behind my back, very securely, and my touches are restricted (as explained in the Arms Restraints tutorial). How will I command my legirons now ? No problem, I just say "/77 leg" and I get the menus to my legirons. I choose "Hogtie" and...

Now this position is not very comfortable, and you guess I would not go far if I tried to move. Well I can only squirm on the floor, going way slower than even the hobble walk earlier. It seems that the tighter the pose, the slower I get.

Anything else ? Oh yes, you may notice that every time you sit on something while your legs are restrained, the pose stops. This is not a bug, because you can imagine how silly you'd look if you were sitting on a couch while in the "Tight" pose, which keeps you straight... you would look like standing still, your legs half buried in the couch.

Have fun !

RR Tutorial : Autolock plugin

Hello there, we are going to dwell into another one of the most complete and versatile plugins in the RR suite : the Autolock plugin. It is also part of the standard issue, so every restraint has one.

You have already heard about normal keys, RealKeys (I hope), release timers, long timers, RL timers etc etc... yes that's beginning to be a lot of concepts to learn. The Autolock uses all these concepts and more, so this is complex stuff. Very few people grasp all its subtleties, so don't be ashamed if you master only 25% of its capabilities. Bear with me, this tutorial is going to be very long.

The primary purpose of the Autolock plugin is very simple : your victim is free to roam around, unrestrained, and you want her restraints to suddenly lock her down and good, automatically, preferably at the worst moment, while you're not around. The Autolock plugin is a way to program your restraint in advance and to start a countdown, transforming your victim into some kind of "human bomb". It certainly feels that way from her point of view anyway !

The best way to see this is to compare it to the release timer : the release timer is the time spent after being locked, that unlocks the restraints after it expires, while the Autolock counts the time to spend before locking, and executes all kinds of things when it reaches zero. I will often say things like "when the autolock triggers", this just means "once the countdown is finished and the Autolock plugin must execute what it has been programmed to do".

That being said... well let's just look at the Autolock menu. I click on my cuffs and go to Plugins > Autolock :

If I press "More...." I get a second page :

(It's better to show both pages now because they are complimentary)

Whoa. Where to start ? These two pages show a lot of informations so please bear with me while I walk you through them all. Let's start with the text on the menus, before going to the buttons. Both menus show exactly the same text by the way.

These menus show the "next pose" (in other words which lock will be chosen if the autolock triggers in the cuffs) and who will get the key when it locks. For example, "2 Hnd back by Marine Kelley" would mean "these cuffs will chain themselves to the 2 Hnd back pose if the autolock triggers, and Marine Kelley would be given the key when it does". The key could also be made to stay on the cuffs, in which case it would show "keys avail.". This pose depends on the poses the cuffs know, it would be different on straps, ropes etc. Oh speaking of ropes, Autolock there is called "Autotie" because some terms change and there is no key on the ropes, but the principle and the buttons are the same. Just so you're not confused.

Then they show the time to wait before the autolock triggers, after "Lock in". It also mentions whether the time is counted only while the future captive is online ("(SL)"), or all the time even while offline ("(RL)"), and whether it is running or paused. Oh, and if the Long Time plugin has been set to hide the timers, then "Lock in" will not show the time either.

The next line shows the timer that will be set on the cuffs once the autolock triggers. Once again, if the Long Time plugin has been set to hide the timers, this line will be scrambled as well.

Finally, in the case of arms restraints, there are a "Block" and a "Mouselook" settings (they don't make sense for other kinds of restraints, and you may ignore them). These settings may be set to "Yes", "No" or "Default". I recommend leaving them to Default. This means that depending on the pose you chose, the captive will be blocked/mouselooked or not, and the Autolock will not mess with these settings. If you set them to "Yes" or "No", then they will override whatever block/mouselook toggle the restraint was set to for this particular pose (and it will stick, exactly like if you had clicked on "Block"/"Mouselook" yourself on the main page of the restraint menu). Ok that's complicated. Leave that to "Default" and don't worry about the rest.

Now that you know about the internals of the Autolock (which are all displayed on the text we've just reviewed), let's play with the buttons.

On the first page of the plugin, you can see the "More..." button that makes you go straight to page 2, "Main..." that brings you back to the main menu of the restraint, and "Run"/"Pause" to start/stop the countdown. Let's say I have not changed anything to the Autolock yet, it is still brand new. So it should show the first pose ("1 Hnd front"), timers at 0:0:0, SL time, the keys will be kept (because of the "by Marine Kelley" text) and I will be blocked/mouselooked according to whatever I set "1 Hnd front" to do in the first place ("Block : Default, Mouselook : Default"). So far so good. That "Run" button is just begging to be pressed, y'know... it's like... I can't help myself... I just can't... resist...

... I press "Run".

"Device autolocking in 1 minute. Last warning, get ready..."

Eek ! What happened ?! Hey where are all the buttons ? All I see now is "Ok", "Copy/Paste" and an empty button ? And I read "*** Autolock running, no access for the wearer."... the wearer is me, right ? Autolock is running... well duh, I just pressed "Run" ! How long is it going to take before it locks, I didn't even set a countdown, will it run indefini --

"Police Handcuffs 1.16 (RW) (r forearm) automatic lock triggered"
"Police Handcuffs 1.16 (RW) (r forearm) has been locked by Marine Kelley (type 1 Hnd front)"

And an IM from the cuffs to me, because I was the keyholder when they locked :
"Police Handcuffs 1.16 (RW) (r forearm) automatic lock triggered (Type: 1 Hnd front, Time: 0:0:0, Keys: Kept, Block: DEFAULT, ML: DEFAULT)"

Ok... that's not funny. Let me review what happened while I unlock my cuffs. I can because I have the key and no timer is set (phew !). So, I pressed "Run", which immediately started the countdown. As no initial countdown was set, it set it to 70 seconds automatically so I could get a warning 60 seconds before it triggered. It also hid all the informations from me, for self-bondage purposes, y'know. I mean, I could have unworn the cuffs (since they were not locked), but the countdown timer would have resumed itself as soon as I worn them again later anyway, and I had no option to stop it. Oh and about the warning... I would not have gotten any if the timers were hidden thanks to the Long Time plugin (that's a very useful thing to know when you want to surprise your captive). You may have noticed the "Copy/Paste" button too but I will not talk about it now, it is advanced stuff.

Back to the buttons. Yes I will leave that "Run" button alone this time. On the second row are perhaps the most important buttons to make the Autolock plugin work, after "Run" : the countdown ! You can reset it with "Clear", or add time to it by pressing "Delay +30mn" or "Delay +3h". "Delay" is a synonym for "countdown", but is shorter. Just remember that these buttons set the time to wait before the autolock triggers. Use them to set the countdown you want, then press "Run" and you are guaranteed the victim will get locked eventually.

The two top rows are the actual poses, which vary depending on the restraint you use. They are always equal to the poses you see on the main menu of the restraint. In our case "1 Hnd front" and "2 Hnd back".

Let's go to page 2, which bears even more options ! If you only use page 1, you can have your captive locked down eventually and you'd get the key. She would just be squirming somewhere, anxiously waiting for you to pick her up. But page 2 is where the fun is. Let's review its buttons too.

The bottom row allows you to go back to page 1, or to go directly to the main page of the cuffs, or to switch between "online time only" or "calendar time" for the countdown timer. For instance if the time is 6 pm and you want your captive to be ready for you before you come back from work tomorrow at around 6 pm, just set a 24 hours countdown (delay) and set it to "RL" with this button. Or maybe only 21 hours, so she has time to "bake" a little before you come back. Hehe.

The second row from the bottom lets you add a random delay between half an hour and two hours with the "Del +1/2h-2h" button, or a random additional time within the same interval to the release timer with the "+1/2h-2h" button, or to choose to leave the keys on or to keep them once the autolock triggers. You could, after all, decide to set a long release timer on your captive's cuffs and to leave the keys on, so that anyone can play with her ! Personally I always keep the keys.

The second row from the top lets you add time to the release timer. Notice the buttons are exactly the same as on the main page of the cuffs : "No timer", "+30 mn", "+3 h", and they act exactly the same, except that they don't add time to the release timer right now, they program the plugin to add time to the release timer after the autolock triggers (after the countdown is expired).

The top row lets you choose whether the captive will be Blocked, forced to stay in Mouselook (leave both to Default, that's safer), or to uh... "Copy/Paste".

Before I talk about "Copy/Paste", let me recap this all by giving you an example. This is a tutorial after all, not a user manual.

I take the keys to my cuffs (it's important that I am the keyholder now, because I want to show you a little something later). I go to page 1 and set a delay of one hour by pressing "Delay +30mn" twice (I can check that countdown on the "Lock in" entry). Right now I could wait for hours, the plugin would not fire the autolock because it is "(Paused)". I must press "Run" to start it. But before, let me choose the pose (I want my hands cuffed behind my back this time, so I press "2 Hnd back"). Then, I go to page 2 by pressing "More..." and add time to the release timer, so that once it triggers I will not be able to free myself anymore until that timer expires too. Therefore I press "+30 mn" once. I think I'm all set, that was short. Going back to page 1, I press... "Run".

Immediately you can notice my menu has changed again to that stupid "you can't do anything" page. At least it has the decency to tell me that one hour will pass before it locks me down. Nya nya nya. I'm so screwed !

I also hear my cuffs saying things to me...
"Device autolocking in 1 hour."

Then nothing. 30 minutes pass...
"Device autolocking in 30 minutes."

"Device autolocking in 15 minutes. Think about finishing what you're doing before getting restrained..."
"Device autolocking in 5 minutes. Time to pack your things up and go to a safe place..."
"Device autolocking in 2 minutes. Make sure you're somewhere safe."
Ok I'm getting anxious now...
"Device autolocking in 1 minute. Last warning, get ready..."
/me gulps.

And finally...

"Police Handcuffs 1.16 (RW) (r forearm) automatic lock triggered"
"Police Handcuffs 1.16 (RW) (r forearm) has been locked by Marine Kelley (type 2 Hnd back)"

And I get an IM from the cuffs on top of it, because I was the keyholder when they locked, a short report to tell me everything went according to the plan :
"Police Handcuffs 1.16 (RW) (r forearm) automatic lock triggered (Type: 2 Hnd back, Time: 0:30:0, Keys: Kept, Block: DEFAULT, ML: DEFAULT)"

Sooo... my hands are now cuffed behind my back, I am blocked (because the "2 Hnd back" pose is a blocking one and the Autolock was told to leave that setting alone), and a timer of 30 minutes is running. Everything went according to the plan indeed !

I'd like to point out that if my cuffs were already locked at that time, then the Autolock would still have worked, and would have added half an hour to whatever their timer was set to at that time. Remember the Autolock adds time to the release timer when it fires, it never reset it. This is handy to make your captive believe her cuffs are going to stay, then to eventually set a timer to them. You could even simulate the RL security plugin by setting an autolock that counts calendar time ("RL" button), leaves the keys on and does not set any timer. There are a lot of wicked things you can do with an Autolock, your imagination will help you here.

One last thing, I wish to explain how the "Copy/Paste" button works. This is very advanced stuff but can save you a lot of time if your captive wears a lot of restraints. It can also screw a game up royally so you have to be careful.

In short, what it does is export its settings to other RR products worn by the same avatar. With conditions and limitations. When you hit "Copy/Paste", every other restraint that the captive is wearing and that satisfies to the following conditions :

* Its key must be held by the same keyholder
* It must not be running

... will have the following settings replaced by what was exported :

* Whether the key will be kept or left available
* The countdown
* Whether the countdown is online time or RL time
* The release timer
* The state Running/Paused (so it can be set to Running but not be paused that way)

Please note that it will not replace the pose (which would not make sense anyway, since different restraints do not share the same poses), nor the Block/Mouselook settings (for the same reason). This is very important to remember : take the key and choose the pose on every single restraint first, then choose one of the restraints to copy/paste from. The restraints you don't hold the key of will be ruled out from the copy/paste action. Which may be a good thing.

For example, I wear my Police Legirons and I change the pose on their own Autolock to "Hogtie". I take their key and the ones of my handcuffs ! This is one step to not forget ! I need both keys or the Copy/Paste action will not work. Read this twice.

Then I go to the Autolock plugin of my handcuffs and set it to the same settings as before : one hour countdown, half an hour before release, keys kept, pose "2 Hnd back". Then I hit "Run". I now get that little page telling me I can't do anything, but at least I can still "Copy/Paste", so I press that button. What happens ? As I am the keyholder of both restraints, the legirons accept the export and change their settings, and therefore start their own Autolock as well. I even get a confirmation :

"Police Legirons 1.16 (RA) (r lower leg) : Autolock updated [Type: Hogtie, Time: 0:30:0, Keys: Kept, Block: DEFAULT, ML: DEFAULT]"

I could confirm this on the Autolock page of the legirons as well. Check it is running if you like. And yes the Block and Mouselook settings make no sense on legs restraints, ignore them.

You already guess the outcome... In exactly one hour I will be squirming hogtied on the floor where I stand. There is nothing I can do to avoid it now. Isn't that a wonderful feeling ? *g*

Have fun !

RR Tutorial : RealKey plugin

Ahaa ! Now we are contemplating a difficult one, yet this is one of the simplest user interfaces in all the RR products ! The RealKey... many people know that name yet few really know how it actually works. This may be my fault for explaining it badly, or for burying its manual deep into my notecards. Let me correct that mistake here.

But first of all, I must stress out the difference between the regular key (the one you get when you press "Take keys"), which is just a piece of internal information contained into the restraint, and the RealKey which is a key-shaped object that the top wears. We will call the former "normal key", and the latter "RealKey" to avoid confusion. And the plugin itself will be called "RealKey plugin", which is like the keyhole in which the RealKey is inserted in.

The purpose of a RealKey is to act as a "master key", meant to override the normal key, regardless of who the keyholder is. Many people mistake this with the concept of "owner", but this is not what it is. It is a master key, no more no less. Keys can be given, copied, sometimes stolen, and it is the responsibility of the captive to trust the one they give a RealKey to, or to change their password if things go wrong.

Wow, that's a lot of new things at once. Password, owner, master key, normal key, responsibility... What now ? We're here to have fun, not to bother about passwords here !

Well yes and no. A RealKey is useless without a RealKey plugin to connect it to, and a RealKey plugin is useless without a RealKey. Both work together or not at all, like a key and a keyhole. Or like a Keymaster and a Gatekeeper *g*

Because of course, like in real life, a key cannot open a door if it doesn't match the keyhole. In other words, both prints must match in order to open. In our case, both the plugin and the key must share the same password. This password is a high number (usually 6 digits) that is meant to be kept secret by the captive and the owner of the RealKey. At the time of this writing the RealKey still discloses the password to its wearer, but a future version will make it safer. Please remember that changing the password once in a while is always a good idea.

In order to make things clear, let me guide you with basic example of how it works and what it does.

I am wearing a brand new pair of police handcuffs. They are straight out of the box, their password is a default one that is more or less unique to me, and it is the same for all new restraints that I wear (gag, straps, blindfold, legirons...) until I change it. I always recommend to not stick to the default password though, in case someone finds a way to guess it. The function was quite trivial a long time ago and fortunately I have rewritten it quickly to make it much safer, but still. So let's change it. I click on my cuffs, then go to Plugins > RealKey, the menu is quite simple so no need for a snapshot for once. Besides I don't want my default password to show here. I will change it to a random one first, by clicking on "New pwd" :
Plugin : "My password is now 354125"

But no need to set it to a random number actually, I'd rather set it manually so I can remember it. I click on "Set pwd" and say "909090" on the channel it indicates me :
Plugin : "Please say the new password on the channel 7840, it must be a positive integer. Ex : /7840 123456"

Me : /7840 909090

Plugin : "My password is now 909090"

Ok so I have set the password (the print) of the keyhole. Now to set the same password on whatever RealKey will be used to open these cuffs. Wait, where is the RealKey by the way ?

I can make the plugin create one for me, or I can use an old one. I will create a new one. To do this, I click on "Give RealKey" and voila, I am given an object that I Accept. This object is the actual RealKey, and I must wear it to use it.

When I wear the RealKey, here is what it tells me :

RealKey : "My command channel is now 5437 and my password is 1111" RealKey : "To change my password, say the new one (must be a positive integer) on that channel while wearing me. Ex : /5437 123456"

Wha ?! I have to set a password again ?? But I just did ! I've set it to "909090" not "1111" !

Well that was true for the plugin (the keyhole), now I have to do it for the key itself in order to make them work together. On a side note there were ways to make both password synchronize automatically but none was really satisfying, and all were error-prone. It's better to do it the old fashioned way : by hand. Only that way you know what you're doing. So here goes :

Me : /5437 909090

RealKey : "My password is now 909090"

Now I'm all set, the prints of the key and the keyhole match, they should work together. The only thing I have to do is to find someone to give this RealKey to, because I won't be able to use it on my own restraints (it would be too easy otherwise). Meet my Mistress Gin, who was kind enough to agree to participate in this tutorial. Isn't she cute ? ^_^

Before I give my RealKey to Gin, as I don't want her to be able to give it to half of SL (even if I know she won't, this is just for the example), I will set its permissions to no-trans. And then I give it to her, hoping she will put it to good use, and I lock my own cuffs, preventing her from accessing them by clicking on them.

So she wears her RealKey (as I said, she is told my current password when doing so, but that will change in the future), we can see it showing in her right hand. All that she has to do is to click on it and... nothing happens ?!

This is because my RealKey plugin is set to respond only if the cuff has been touched less than a minute before. This is handy because sometimes a top wants to "steal" the key of only one restraint, among all the 25 restraints the captive is wearing, while they are all set to the same password. This behavior can be changed by clicking on the "Mode" button, to set it to "Inactive", "Active on Touch" (default) or "Always Active". Attention, "Inactive" means the plugin is totally deactivated. It won't respond to any RealKey regardless of the password until the mode is changed back to "Active on Touch" or "Always Active".

So Gin must click on my cuffs first, and gets this :

"Sorry Gin, you are not authorized to manipulate Marine's Police Handcuffs 1.16 (RW) (r forearm)"

And then, following this message, an IM sent by the same cuff, directly to Gin :
"RealKey plugin is now active for 60 seconds."

I can't see this message since it is an object IM, but Gin does. So she clicks on her key again and... bingo ! She gets the menu and we can see she now holds the key to my cuffs ! She used her master key to bypass my access and get full access ! Giving me only reduced access by doing so, since I don't have the key anymore...

That's all there is to know, really. To recap :

- Set your password on your RealKey plugin (once)
- Create a RealKey
- Set the same password on the RealKey you got, while wearing it (once)
- Set the permissions on the RealKey
- Give the RealKey to that special someone
- Special someone wears the key, clicks on your cuff and then their key (or sets the Mode to "Always Active")

Wait, there is one more fun thing to do with a RealKey ! Like in real life, I could "accidentally" stumble on one, left somewhere on the floor, that I could use to unlock my own restraints (but once again the key must not belong to me)... So Gin drops her key on the floor, away from me. I walk to it and...

"Marine Kelley has found a RealKey that opens their restraint, resetting timer and returning keys to the wearer"

I'm given my normal key back ! And my timers, if any, are now stopped so I can unlock myself. Woohoo !

This is very handy for many kinds of bondage games... Imagine a bunch of 5 RealKeys dispatched around the house, 4 of which being empty and the 5th being set to open your restraints... Or a script added to a RealKey (they are mod after all) that makes them physical after a set time, and you place them high above the head, beyond reach. The captive would be able to retrieve it only after it fell on the floor (remember to block her and to chain her legs first, so she can't jump or build things to sit on). Please note, the mode of the RealKey plugin (inactive, active on touch or always active) is also taken into account when bumping into it, so take care ! Your top could very well totally disable your RealKey plugin if she wanted ! The plugin must be set to Always Active, because the key won't "touch" the restraints...

Have fun !

PS : Several people see the RealKey plugin as an easy way to get loose should things go wrong. This is not what it is meant to be at all. Please remember that at worst you can always hard reset your restraints ! This is why the RealKey gives all the power to its owner, and none to the captive. If the top starts acting crazy, log on with the SL viewer (if you were on the RLV) and hard reset your stuff. Then change the password of your RealKey plugins, just in case. The last thing a RealKey holder wants is to have her captive get away by handing a RealKey to a friend of hers behind her back. It would break their trust into the restraints if they didn't have means to completely affirm their control over how the keys are managed.

RR Tutorial : RL Time plugin

Hi, this tutorial is about the RL Time plugin (a.k.a. RL security timer plugin), which is fairly easy to understand actually, so I will keep it short for once.

Click on your cuff, go to Plugins > RL Time and look at the menu.

Once again you hit a wall of numbers, but if you have read the Long Time plugin tutorial you should be familiar with their meaning already. You can add hours, days or even weeks of time on the restraints of your captive, before she is unlocked. But the big difference is... the time is not added to the regular release timer (the one that is counting down before release), but to another timer specific to this plugin. And this timer does not count online time, it counts calendar time ! Hence the name "RL Timer".

This plugin was made primarily as a security timer to release the captive at a set date, regardless of how long she had spent online in the meantime. For instance you want to keep your captive for 8 hours online, or until next Tuesday, whichever comes first, because she has to attend to the wedding of her best friend that day. This is where the RL Timer plugin comes in handy. Once it reaches its date, it resets all the timers and gives the key back to the captive, exactly like the regular release timer.

Told you this one would be short !

Have fun,

RR Tutorial : Long Time plugin

Hi, welcome to the Long Time plugin tutorial. This plugin is part of the "standard suite" of scripts contained into RR products, in other words it is common to every single product I sell. Its purpose is triple :

- To set the release timer to a very long time

- To set the release timer to a random time

- To hide and show the release timer everywhere in the restraint (and other timers as well, such as the Autolock timer)

When you go to the menu of this plugin, you suddenly hit a wall of numbers...

Whoa. What language is it now ? Wait, I'm going to explain. The 3 buttons above "Main..." are about adding random times : from half an hour to 2 hours, from 2 to 6 hours, and from 6 to 12 hours. The 3 buttons above these are fixed times : plus 12, 24 or 48 hours (hence the name of this plugin !). I insist, these buttons add time, so you may press them several times to lenghten the timer.

What they do is simple : they simulate many clicks on the "+30 mn" and "+3 h" buttons of the main menu. Either randomly or a fixed number of times. You may have noticed there is no "No timer" button there, in fact at the time of this writing you must go back to the main menu to clear the timers... Sorry that's an oversight, I will work on this later maybe.

The two buttons on the top row are interesting... By pressing "Hide" all the timers on all the menus are hidden (except maybe on some third-party plugins, and the one you are on right now). When hidden, the timers don't show anywhere but on the Long Time plugin, and no warnings are issued before an autolock triggers. And how do we show them again ? There is no "Show" button ! Well... that's the role of the "Default" button actually. In our case, "Default" means "Show". This is a legacy from Tesscatraz, where cuffs were designed to never show any time, no matter what the guards were doing, it was like a "factory setting". The factory setting on the retail RR products is to "show the timer by default", hence the "Default" button. I know it is a bit confusing.

It is fun to hide all the timers on your captive's restraints by pressing "Hide" on this plugin, then to set a timer without telling her how long she is going to stay bound. And even to set an autolock to automatically relock her a bit after she is unlocked ! You can be sure she will curse you !

Have fun !

RR Tutorial : Plugins Browser

Hi, this tutorial is meant to explain what the Plugins Browser, which is the portal to every single plugin contained in the RR products, is.

First of all, what is a plugin exactly ? It is a script that is contained into a restraint, provides a user interface (one menu or more) and follows a certain access scheme. It is called a "plugin" because you "plug" (put) it into the restraint and you usually don't have to do anything else, it is usable right away because the Plugins Browser registers it. But in order to access the plugin you want, you must get the appropriate access level.

Remember the "full access", "reduced access" and "no access" concepts ? Let me remind you. "Full access" is what you have if you hold the key to the restraint, or the key is available. "Reduced access" is what you have if you are the wearer of the restraint, and it is locked but you don't have the key (or it is available but a timer is running). "No access" is for everyone else. The Plugin Browser follows the same principle. Some plugins can only be accessed by those with full access, some can be accessed by anyone with full or reduced access, some can only be accessed by the wearer (with full or reduced access), some can be accessed by anyone with full access, but never the wearer.

Oops, sorry for the headache. Let's just say you can generally access most plugins if you have the key, and you can't if you don't. There are only a few exceptions.

To access the Plugins Browser, just click on the restraint, then "Plugins...". The menu you get is the Plugins Browser.

What you see here is the list of plugins available to me (with full access) in my own Restrained Elegance cuffs. I chose those because they have two plugins that the wearer can never access ("Engrave"). You can see them on the menu, only their names are hidden, it is written "(not owner)" instead. Sometimes there are so many plugins that all do not fit on one page, this is why you must press the "<<" and ">>" buttons to navigate through all the available pages in order to find the plugin you want.

You can also see a little text explaining all kinds of things. This text is like a Message Of The Day that is contained into one of my servers, in my house. It is refreshed by the restraint once a week. Yes, sometimes the text is completely silly, because we can't be serious all the time ! Try with a RR Ringgag and you'll see *wink*.

Ok I click on one of the buttons that shows an actual name, and voila it goes to the desired plugin (in this case, "Long Time"). If I click "Main..." on that menu (99% of the plugins have this "Main..." button there) I go back to the main restraint menu directly. There is no way to go back to the Plugins Browser without going through the main menu first, once again for technical reasons.

There is also a "Last Plug" button on the main menu. This one is handy, it goes directly to the last plugin you have visited without having to search for it again. Of course if you lose the required access in the meantime it will default to the Plugins Browser instead.

Let's give you a little demonstration to understand the concept of "access", I'll sacrifice myself for this (yeah, right)... I lock my cuffs and start a 30 minutes timer. This gives me Reduced access for 30 minutes because I have the key but a timer is running. Now I click on the cuffs, check that I have Reduced access by seeing the "Tug", "Squirm" and "Struggle" buttons, and press "Plugins...". As you can see, most of the buttons are unavailable now, they just show "(no key)" (I have the key but I can't use it). Oh wait, there is one I can still use, it is called "Color elegance". This means that despite my predicament, I still have control over the color of the cuffs. That won't get me anywhere closer to freedom, but it sure will just make me prettier *g*

Have fun !

RR Tutorial : Arms restraints

Hello again, today we are going to look specifically into arms restraints. They are my favorites ! We will use the police handcuffs we used in the Locking tutorial, because they are easy to use.

The purpose of arms restraints is to restrain you in a way that you won't be able to defend yourself, nor use anything around you. After all, it is hard to open a door when your hands are tied, let alone protect yourself from whatever your captor wants to do to you... But then again, this depends on the way you are bound.

As the "Real" part of the name "RealRestraint" stands for "Realism", the Police Handcuffs (and all the other arms restraints I make) are meant to do exactly that, prevent you from touching anything around. SL being made the way it is, this is an all-or-nothing feature : either you are able to touch or you're not. There is a RLV plugin called "Touch" that can do something in-between but it works only if you're using the RLV, of course, so we won't talk about it here.

This is why the handcuffs "force" you to wear a HUD (an object that sticks to your view and that only you can see) when you wear them the first time. This HUD is not a "control HUD" per se, you won't see hi-tech buttons and monochromatic displays like in supersonic fighters, in fact you won't see anything at all, it is invisible until the cuffs activate it.

When the cuffs are unlocked, or locked and chained in a way it makes sense that you can still use your hands (for example, in front), the HUD remains inactive. But as soon as your hands "look" secure enough to prevent you from touching, the HUD suddenly pops into view and you realise that you cannot touch anything anymore. Just like in real life !

Well, that's the theory anyway. In practice it is more flexible, subtle and versatile than this.

First of all, let me show you. These cuffs are the basic ones, they lock my wrists only, either in front of me or behind my back. I click on them and press "Lock", they just lock without a chain (as explained in the Locking tutorial). I press "1 Hnd front", they chain my hands in front of me (that too is demonstrated in the Locking tutorial). Now I will press "2 Hnd back"...

"Marine is now prevented from interacting with the environment."

Wait... what just happened here ? My screen took a slightly reddish tint, and now when I click anywhere I get the menu of my cuffs instead of what I expect the object to do ! Except on other HUDs I'm wearing (like my AO, radar etc), which still work.

Well this is just the RR HUD doing its job, because my hands are cuffed behind my back. No opening doors, using teleporters, cuffing other people anymore... I can't do anything ! This is what I call being "blocked", as in "having my touch ability blocked". I'm locked and blocked.

On a side note, when I click anywhere in the world, all I get is the menu to my cuffs. This means that if I were wearing other RR items, such as a ballgag, I would be unable to click on it to operate it. Instead, I can say "/77 gag" (without the quotes) to get the menu to the gag, because "RR Ballgag" contains the word "gag".

So you think it was simple ? Let's proceed to some... advanced stuff now. Why is it that everytime I lock my hands behind my back I'm blocked, and as soon as I lock them in front I'm unblocked ? Back, blocked, front, unblocked. Well because this is the default configuration, and it is actually entirely customisable. Let's do this now. I click anywhere, get the menu, press "More..." and locate the "Block" button. I click on it and...

"Marine is now allowed to interact with the environment."

Woohoo I can click again ! I can tell because my screen gets its normal color back (is it me or does it feel colder now ?), and I can click anywhere again. I unlock my cuffs, rub my wrists, then lock them behind my back again and... here goes nothing. I am still not blocked. Wtf ?! Is it broken now ?

Well no. This is because "Block" is a toggle, and its state depends on the pose you choose, and on whether you want this particular pose to block you or not. If you were blocked when leaving that pose, you will be blocked again when you come back to it, otherwise you will still be unblocked. This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind about the arms restraints : you are blocked according to the pose, you can change the default settings at will, and they will stick until you change them again.

You have certainly noticed the "Mouselook" next to "Block" on the menu. What does it mean ? It is a feature similar to Block, but instead of blocking your clicks it forces you to stay in Mouselook (a.k.a. "first person view"). This is handy when you want the captive to be forced to see things from her own point of view, and not cam around. For example when she's in a cell.

Now, I know, Mouselook is painful for most people. This is because they are used to see their avatar but frankly Mouselook is more immersive. You *are* your avatar. It just takes a little time to get used to it. Remember, while in Mouselook you can still do everything you do in third view, but you have to use a few keyboard shortcuts : Ctrl-T for the IM and group window, Ctrl-H for the chat history, Ctrl-I for the inventory, and of course Alt to click around, including on windows and menus.

But I digress. "Mouselook" makes your screen go black while while you're not in Mouselook, and spams you with "go to mouselook" messages every second or so. That's painful, yes. Like Block, Mouselook depends on the pose (it is always off by default), and is independent from it. You can be Blocked, or Mouselooked, or both, or none.

One last thing, the "Autoref" button. This one is specific to restraints that trigger an anim (arms, legs, Elegance collar). You may have noticed that some furniture, and even some Animation Overriders, break the cuffs animation when used. When you walk cuffed, you would expect your hands to stay cuffed, right ? This is the role of the "Autoref" button. It is On by default, so the cuffs always override any animation (you could see it as an Animation Overrider overrider), but if sometimes you need to make them yield to a furniture (for instance one that holds your arms over your head while you are cuffed in front), you can do so by clicking on Autoref to turn it Off. This works only if the furniture or walk that you want the cuff to yield to is priority 4, the highest priority. It is a toggle too, you click once to turn it off, then once again to turn it back on, but it does not depend on the pose at the time of this writing.

That's all for today, this tutorial was not so simple, was it ?

Have fun,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.20.2

Hello there,

Here is the latest version of the Restrained Life Viewer (1.20.2) with the new "adult-compliant" flag (Linden Lab have modified their login servers and in consequence every third-party viewer has to be updated, or have "Adult" replaced by "Mature" in the top menu bar). There is also a crash fix for when your viewer automatically reattaches a locked item that had been kicked off by another one, and a workaround @tplm.

Grab it here :

The MD5 hash for the windows zip file is

Have fun !

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.20.1

Hello there,

This is an urgent release due to two crashes that occurred in some conditions in the 1.20 version, including one that could become a crash loop on login. So if you are annoyed by some unexplainable crashes, that you didn't experience before 1.20, you may want to download this one.

- fixed : crash to desktop when hearing chat from an unrezzed avatar while under @shownames (bug introduced in 1.20).
- fixed : crash to desktop when forcing an object to be detached then locking its attach point right away, which would trigger an infinite loop (introduced in 1.20).
- fixed : OOC exception to the redirection was not working all the time (thanks Moss Hastings).
- fixed : a cheat around @shownames (thanks Jolene Tatham).

Grab it here :

The hash for the Windows zip file is :

Have fun !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

RR Tutorial : Struggling

Hi, this tutorial is about what is called "the struggling game"... in other words, how to get the hell out of these cuffs you inadvertantly locked on yourself without checking you had the key.

So you're stuck there, hands behind your back, keys far far away from you, you absolutely need to get out and you definitely don't want to cheat (or can't, if you're using the RLV). How to do this ? Well as with many restraints in real life, if you're nimble enough you can try to struggle out. It takes time and it is not guaranteed to work, but at least you have a slight chance.

To struggle out, you need to play a little game of logic and memory. The goal is to guess a sequence of moves, by trial and error. The more errors the longer it takes to get out. You have noticed that the menu changes when you're locked and you don't have the keys, or when you have them but a timer is running. This is what we called "reduced access". You have access to your restraint but can only do a few things. And you certainly can't unlock them. This "reduced menu" shows in particular "Tug", "Squirm", "Struggle" and "Examine" buttons. What are these ?

They are called "moves", or "tries", and are the necessary steps to take, in the right order, to achieve freedom. Let me try to explain how it works, internally. Imagine a random sequence of letters A, B and C, knowing that :

- There are always the same number of letters on this restraint (more than 20, but it depends on the restraint)
- There are always the same amount of A
- There are always the same amount of B
- There are always the same amount of C
- The amounts of A, B and C are always different (there are more C than B, and more B than A)

Now, imagine that A means "Tug", B means "Squirm" and C means "Struggle". The question is, what is the first letter of the sequence ? If you think it is A, press "Tug", if you think it is B, press "Squirm", and if you think it is C press "Struggle". Of course you may argue that you don't have a clue since it is random. Well not totally random, as I said there are more C than B, and more B than A, but that's all you know for the moment. Let's press "Struggle". If the first letter of the sequence is C, then it goes away, and the restraint says "blah blah feels s/he's making progress". Otherwise the letter stays there and the restraint says "blah blah struggles fiercely in his/her restraint, to no avail.", and you know the next move is either A or B, but not C.

For example, let's say the internal sequence is CBACBB. You don't know this, of course. You press "Struggle", and the first letter is C, so it matches, and the C goes away. The sequence becomes BACBB (one less, you get closer from freedom). Let's say you now press "Tug". As the first letter of the sequence is not A, you just waste your try and the sequence does not move. You now know that the next letter is either B or C, since A failed. You press "Squirm", betting on B. And you are right again, the first letter of the sequence is B indeed, and it goes away. The sequence becomes ACBB, and you're even closer from freedom. Once the sequence is entirely depleted, you're free !

As you keep "making progress" (in other words guessing the right letters and making them go away), you slowly proceed to getting loose, the restraint even shows it on its menu : "locked and very secure", "locked and secure", "locked", "locked but getting loose" and "locked but almost escaped". Sounds easy, right ? All you have to do is to try the moves randomly and eventually you'll get out ?

Wrong. You have only so many "tries" before running out of energy and deciding to give up for a moment, exhausted. Typically you have like 10 more tries than the number of moves to find (hence about 30 tries). When you run out of tries you're stuck, no matter how close to freedom you are. But you aren't stuck forever, you will slowly recover tries as time passes... When you recover a try your restraint says something like "blah blah gathers what's left of his/her energy to fight his/her restraint some more...".

The rate at which tries come back and allow you to struggle further depends on several factors :

- The closer from freedom you are, the faster they come
- The more failures you had in a row before running out of tries, the longer it takes
- You cannot recover more than 2 tries in succession before trying to struggle out again, to prevent you from just camp somewhere waiting for energy to come back; you have to participate to your own escape of course

Before you start wondering if you suck at this game because you have depleted all your tries and did not make much progress, just know that it is very hard to struggle out from your restraints without running out of tries first. Some people can do it sometimes, but they are very well trained at this game. 99 times out of 100 you will have to wait to recover, and it takes hours. Just like in real life !

But you know what ? We have only scratched the surface here. There is more to know about the struggling game ! Let me explain what "Examine" does...

When you press "Examine", the restraint will give you a clue about what is to come. It will tell you what one of the next three moves is, with a slightly more important chance that it will be the next move, or will plainly tell you nothing. If you "Examine" once, it does not cost you anything, provided that you try a move after that (not another "Examine", or it would cost you a try). And if you fail that move, it costs you 2 tries instead of one ! You cannot "Examine" over and over again, it just costs you tries for nothing because it just tells you nothing anymore, you have to actually struggle again first.

Wait, there is more ! Usual restraints like police handcuffs tend to be rather plain and predictable... In other words, a move has a good chance to be followed by the same one. Such a sequence would look like CCCBBACCBAAACC... Stronger restraints like shackles (designed to keep captives restrained for a long time) are much trickier and their sequence is fuzzier, like CBABCCABACCBCAB.

Want more info ? You already know that different kinds of restraints have different strengths. Some are tighter, some are stronger, some are easy to struggle out from, some are nightmares. For instance, it is much easier to push a ballgag out than to remove a collar ! Strength and tightness influence the rate at which you recover tries, how fuzzy the sequence is, the number of moves to make and the efficiency of the "Examine" button.

Complicated ? I know... You basically know everything there is to know, in theory. Now it is time to practice ! With all you've learnt, how long will it take to struggle out of your cuffs ? There is only one way to know, right ?

Have fun,

RR Tutorial : Timers

Hello and welcome back to this series of RealRestraint tutorials. Today we are going to talk about timers. I assume you have read the "Locking" tutorial first, if you haven't please do so now, you'll need it to understand what I'm going to talk about here.

So what if you lock your friend up after a lost bet, but you're not sure you'll be there when she needs to be released (notice I didn't say "when she wants to be released") ? Timers are your friends in this instance. Remember these "No timer", "+30 mn" and "+3 h" buttons on the second page of the menu ? Before I start explaining what these buttons do, let me expose what a timer means, in the first place.

By default, when a restraint is locked after being unlocked, it is meant to stay locked until "the end of time". Or "until the keyholder wishes to unlock it", whichever comes first. In other words it has no timer by default, or rather an infinite timer. But when you start adding time, the timer suddenly becomes zero, then is immediately increased by the time you specified. And as time passes, the timer decreases as well, slowly, down to zero. When it reaches zero, the captive gets her key back and she is able to unlock herself. Until then the key is just out of her reach.

Now, you may have noticed that the menu always shows two timers, not one. Well it's simple, the first one goes up, it is the time you have spent restrained so far. The second one goes down, it is the time you are going to stay restrained. Easy. And a third one shows the longest time you have stayed restrained, just so that you can gloat to your friends. Hehe.

So let's go back to your locked up bet-loser friend. She can't do anything with her cuffs besides struggling (more on that in another tutorial). She cannot add time because no timer is set, meaning she's on an infinite timer. If she could add time she could free herself in half an hour, which would be too easy. She cannot do anything, and she wants her key back so she can unlock herself here and now. If you left the key on, she could be able to unlock herself indeed.

But instead you click on her cuffs and go to the second page with "More...". Let's say you want to be a bit nasty with her and trick her, so you just press "+30 mn". What happens ? The cuff says that 30 minutes have been added to its timer, and that it is now going to stay locked for 0:30:0, that's 30 minutes in total. So far so good. Your friend grins because she thinks you're a softie. Half an hour only, pshaw !

This particular timer counts online time only (not all do that, for instance the RL Timer plugin counts time regardless of online status). This means that your friend is going to have to bear half an hour bound there. She can of course go AFK, but that's half an hour during which she is not going to go anywhere. Even if she logs off in the middle, she won't be magically released when she comes back one hour later. Her cuffs will stay on for half an hour because you decided so.

But this little pest is still grinning, obviously taunting you. It would be a good time to gag her, perhaps. Because... you press "+30 mn" again. What happens now ? The cuff says that it added yet another 30 minutes, pushing the time up to one hour. She is not grinning anymore, she's now glaring at you ! Poor girl. Of course she has little say in this.

What about the key ? Obviously she wants her key back, one hour may feel a bit long for her. Well let's give her the key back ! You press "Leave Keys" on the first page of the menu. What can she do now ? Can she just take the key and unlock herself ? Not at all. The key sits there, for all to see and use, but she is powerless to use it herself. All that she can do is struggle, and add time herself ! She couldn't add time before, until you added time yourself.

Now it is time to show her who's in control. You take the key back by pressing the "Take Keys" button, once again granting yourself the right to access her cuffs, and nobody else, then you go to the second page and press the "+3 h" button. Immediately her glaring look transforms into a pleading look, surely you can't leave her bound for 4 hours ! Can you ?

Yes you can, and you do. You don't log off, but you wander outside while knowing your friend is safe and secure in your house. Sometimes you check on her, sometimes you go AFK to do some RL chores, and eventually the timer expires. When it does you get a message from the cuffs saying that the time is up and that your friend got her key back and is now able to unlock herself. She can, because she's now granted "full access" again (she has her key, and is under no timer).

And she frees herself so... perhaps now is the time to... uh... run... quickly !


PS : I know someone who stayed more than 1800 hours straight in restraints. That's like 4 hours a day, everyday, for more than a year. You can try to beat her score. Hehe.

RR Tutorial : Locking

Welcome to the first tutorial for the RealRestraint products. This one will tell you everything you need to know about how to lock a restraint, what a restraint is, what keys are and why there is no concept of "ownership".

First of all, let me lay out a few words and concepts... What you are using is a restraint, that is meant to keep yourself or a friend of yours secure. This is independent of any BDSM consideration, and that's why I won't use the terms "sub" and "domme" too much. I will use "captive" and "top" respectively. I will also assume that both players are female, for convenience. "She" and "Her" can be used as generic terms in English anyway, when the gender is irrelevant.

So, to me, "secure" means "having her under control at any time". In other words, if you leave your captive hogtied on a bed for a couple hours, you may expect to have a good chance of finding her still hogtied on the same bed (albeit maybe a little furious) when you return. Many things could have happened in the meantime, but if you did things right she should be unable to call for help, or to get out by her own means in your absence.

But, but... where is the "safe, sane and consensual" part in this ? What if the captive doesn't find it fun anymore and decides to leave ? It is a game after all, isn't it ?

Well, if the captive decides to leave for whatever reason, it is her choice and responsibility to break the rules and cheat out. The whole concept of "restraint" in SL is based on the assumption that the captive is not going to cheat out and ruin her reputation in the process (provided the captor is not a jerk or a lousy dom/me who just doesn't care for her prisoners). And as you have certainly noticed, reputation is everything in SL. If you're known as someone who casually cheats out of your restraint when you start getting bored, then only casual players will want to play with you in the future.

Okay, that being out of the way (sorry for the looong intro), let's get our hands secure and dirty. All my products work more or less the same way : a few core features (lock/unlock, take/leave keys, set timers, struggle out) common to all restraints, and a bunch of extras (plugins, animations etc) specific to each restraint.

All the restraints I make are commanded by touch only, seldom by voice commands (though some third-party plugins allow that). This is because my arms restraints can prevent touching, allowing for interesting power exchange games. Using voice commands simply ruin that but some people need them. The only other exception is the fact that the captive can operate one of her restraints by saying its name on channel /77. Or a part of its name, or even just "*". The rest of the world needs to be able to touch it to operate it.

When you touch a restraint and you have access (i.e. the key is available to you), you get a menu with several options. The most obvious one being... "Lock".

What happens when you click on "Lock" ? Well basically... not much. The restraint says it has been locked by you, you see the "Lock" button has changed to "Unlock", the "Take keys" button has become "Leave keys" because now you hold the key to that restraint automatically, but at first glance nothing else happens. Let's do this again, in slow motion this time...

You click on the restraint, the menu appears. You press "Lock" and the restraint says "blah blah has been locked by so-and-so". In the meantime, keys disappear from view, the restraint is made to think that "now only you have full access to it" since you own the key, and the captive is unable to remove the restraint anymore, if she's using the RestrainedLife viewer. The concept of "access" is fundamental to my products. You have "full access" when you own the key, unless you are the wearer and a timer is running. You have "reduced access" if you are the wearer and do not have full access, and you have "no access" in every other case (in world it gives you an "unauthorized" message when clicking on the restraint). These different kinds of access change the buttons that appear on the menu when clicked on.

So what now, that the restraint is locked ? These are cuffs, you'd expect them to actually chain your wrists in front of you or behind you, right ? Why are my arms still dangling free then ? Well that's the exact purpose of the six buttons on the two top rows of the main menu. They usually have bizarre names, but they are all explicit. Let's click on "1 Hnd Front".

"Tshkshk shriiik... shrik"

That's it, and my hands are now secured in front of me. Whatever I do, they will stay in that position until I'm uncuffed by clicking on the "Unlock" button. Which may or may not be in my reach, depending on who owns the key... Right now I can, because I have "full access" (I have the key and no timer is running). Look at the line on the menu that says "(by Marine Kelley)", this means I hold the key. I hold it because when locking my cuffs I am automatically given the keys, to make things easier.

We have been talking about "keys" quite a lot since the beginning of this post... let's clarify that a little. The "key" is merely an internal piece of info contained inside the restraint, that tells it who is granted full access. The key can be "available" (it shows "keys on") or held by someone who is commonly referred to as "the keyholder". Once again because I don't think a dom/me owns cuffs, they own the sub held in the cuffs, but not the cuffs themselves. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against setting an owner and a secowner etc, but I stick to realism here, and in RL cuffs have keys, not owners. And as such in SL it is less dramatic to "leave the keys on" than to "revoke owner rights". I will never stress this enough : as far as BDSM is concerned, restraints are just tools to make sure the sub is kept under control. Some subs need more control, some less, but admission of ownership lies in the mind, heart and soul of the sub, not in the steel or leather she wears.

But I digress. That's all there is to know about keys anyway. Either you hold them or you don't, and if you're the wearer and your cuffs are locked and a timer is running, whether you hold your own keys or they are available to all matters little, you won't be able to unlock yourself.

Oh and now, where is "Lock" ? My hands are cuffed in front of me, but what if I want to have them just "Locked" without a pose, and without having to unlock them first ? I could want to keep my timers up, after all. Well the "Lock" button has migrated to the second page because the first one suddenly lacks room. Just go to "More..." and it will show. In fact a lot more interesting options will show.

The "No timer", "+30 mn" and "+3 h" buttons will be explained in the "Timers" tutorial, while the "Block", "ML" and "Autoref" buttons will be explained in the "Arms restraints" tutorial.

But for now, let's end this first tutorial by getting free again. I go back to the first page by clicking on the "Back..." button, then on "Unlock"...

"Tshik tshik tshuk"

All free again ! And as I'm using the RLV, all the abilities that were taken from me while I was cuffed (typically, the ability to touch objects that are far away) are now restored !

I hope this helped you to understand the very basics of the RealRestraint products...

Have fun,

RealRestraint Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

Hello there,

The RealRestraint brand is a brand of comprehensive but complex products, and the standard manual is long and sometimes difficult to understand. Therefore, many users only use at most 10% of their features, missing most of the fun...

So here is a series of posts which are all about clarifications, tutorials, tips, wicked tricks and hidden features, and overall ways of driving captives nuts. Needless to say, everything that will be told in these tutorials only apply to RealRestraint products, of course.

This particular post is the entry point of all, referencing the links to each tutorial. Be sure to check back here, for this will be updated regularly !

The Basics
Arms restraints (Block/ML/Autoref)
Legs restraints (Hobbling)

The Standard Plugins
Plugins Browser
Long Time
RL Time

The Specific Plugins

The RLV Plugins

How to make movies
Poses & Animations
Story & Conclusion

Various Tips and Tricks
Using the Copy Shape and Paste Shape scripts

Customising your own restraints
Fun with the autolock

Monday, August 3, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.20

Hello there,

As promised here is the latest version of the RLV, v1.20, which is still working on SL 1.23.4. Take a look at the new features :

- added : @notify command to let scripts be notified when a particular restriction (or just any restriction) is issued or lifted by an object. It does not disclose the object itself, just the fact a restriction has changed. (thank you Corvan Nansen for the idea)

- added : @detach: command to lock a particular attachment point. When using this command, any object worn there is locked on, even if it is not even scripted, and no other object can kick it off. If the attachment point is empty, this command will lock it empty, even if another object is attached to it with llAttachToAvatar(). (thank you Chorazin Allen for the idea)

- changed : improved the attachment point calculation in the names of inventory items. Now it looks from right to left (to be consistent with how the RLV renames items when worn), and will select the candidates with the longest names first. In other words, it makes the RLV ready if the number of attachment points is increased (like adding "chest (2)" and the like).

- changed : hide custom text in friendship offers when unable to receive IMs.

- changed : OOC text (text between "((" and "))") is not redirected nor hidden anymore. (thank you Henri Beauchamp for the suggestion)

- fixed : HUDs and unrezzed objects and avatars were immune to @recvchat (they could always be heard). (thank you Jennifer Ida for reporting this)

Download it from

The hash code of the latest Windows version is

Have fun !

PS : There has been a problem in this version that I had to fix urgently (@notify:2222/detach=add would have to become @notify:2222;detach=add or @getstatus calls would get confused). Thanks to Chorazin Allen for pointing that out ! I didn't change the version number because I didn't want to generate it all again (taking more than an hour of building), and it's not worth it since the error was corrected right away. If you have downloaded RLV 1.20 before 1:30pm the day it was released, please redownload so @notify has the correct syntax. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience !

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some news about the next RLV

Hello there,

Once again I am silently working on the next version of the Restrained Life Viewer (1.20), which should hit the shelves soon... Here is a glimpse of the features :

* A command to prevent attaching/detaching per attachment point (ex : @detach:spine=n). That way you can make a full set of attachments become undetachable, without counting on listeners and all. And it applies to no-mod items, for instance no-mod shoes that you want to lock.
* An improved algorithm to guess the target attachment point from the name of the object to attach. Now it will choose the right-most occurence, and in doubt it will choose the longest name among all the candidates. For instance, "Purple top scarf (chest)" will choose "chest", and not "top" like before. Retaining the longest name also allows for more attachment points, if it ever happens. For example, "Purple top scarf (chest (2))" will choose "chest (2)" and not "chest" or "top". Handy !
* It won't redirect OOC (Out Of Character) text anymore (text that is contained between "((" and "))" ). This was necessary since @rediremote, because the avatar could have been rendered completely mute, with no way to ask for something out of character.
* It fixes an age-old bug that would ignore chat restrictions for HUDs and unrezzed avatars/objects.

There is no ETA yet, but everything I've mentioned hereabove is already coded and works. So this RLV 1.20 should be ready pretty soon. I need to test a little more, of course.

Have fun !