Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Latex ponies and puppies everywhere !

Hi there !

After watching my latest movie Rocket's Tail (Part 1 and Part 2), many people asked me how to actually make those latex pony suits for themselves. It is true that the ponies Cohete and (later) Gina look so hot in their latex tacks !

Imagine, this is the ideal way to turn a brat from this :

Yatta !!

... into an obedient ponygirl like this :


But making this tack has been a long process, so instead of explaining to everybody one person at a time, I think that making a blog post, with pictures and step-by-step explanations, is a better idea. Yes, that's pretty much what fashion blogs do, and no, this is not a fashion blog... but an exception from time to time cannot hurt, right ? Plus, this is for the good cause. I want SL to be flooded with ponies and puppies. Mwahahaha ! *cough*

And if you liked Danna Pearl's Bitch Suit pictures, you'll notice that pretty much the same techniques were used, so I will also explain how to make the latex bitch suit as well.

I'll explain here how to assemble all that stuff, but I am also providing for free a box at my shop with all the things you need in order to make your life easier when making these outfits. Of course, that box won't contain any of the commercial products that I mention here, but only the objects and scripts you need to make the latex suit itself. You can find it to the right of my booth, in front of the TV screen that shows a trailer of the Rocket's Tail movie.

So here we go. Let me show you how to make those two suits. Let's begin with...

The latex pony tack

Latex catsuit



The latex catsuit has dynamic shine, because we are supposed to be in the "next-gen" era (of course you need to activate Advanced Lighting Model on your viewer, but the shadows are not required if your graphics card struggles with them).

There are actually several ways to make your own :

- Wear the one included in the box, with or without the Lolas applier (if you are wearing Lolas mesh breasts and want to wear the RR Body Harness on top of your catsuit, you can use the applier and then click on your breasts and choose "Copy to Bra" in order to make your suit go underneath the harness). That mesh catsuit is Fitted Mesh, meaning it will more or less follow your shape. There are two versions : a plain one and a corset one (the latter having its middle part hidden so it won't clip through the corset). It is pretty much exactly what you see in the movies.

Fitted mesh suit

- Use the provided Maitreya applier or Omega applier if you're a mesh body user like me. Pros : it's easy and looks better since the mesh body is smoother than the SL avatar (that's the point). Cons : on the Maitreya body you can't set an environment value, so the suit looks less polished, and you can't change its color and you have to set the shine yourself. Belleza should look more polished, as it applies Environment values unlike Maitreya. I don't know about the other mesh bodies.

Maitreya applier

- Buy the KaS mesh catsuit with corset. It is not what we used, but it looks good if not better, and you can control the materials the way you like ! It doesn't work with the corset we use, but it has its own corset that looks just as good (albeit different style). KaS also has a lot of items for ponyplay, including hooves.

KaS catsuit + corset

You can find it there : Kas Shop

As you can see on the pictures above, the three solutions yield similar results.

Latex corset

The corset we use is the Black Damask Underbust one by MaggieDoll Alter. It costs L$245. It's simply my favorite one, and it's mod ! The box includes a script to texture it automatically, simply rez the corset on the ground, drag and drop the script into it, wait a second, then pick it up, the script removes itself after doing its job (think of making a backup first). Attention, it seems that some corsets in this brand use different prim numbers, so this script is only guaranteed to work on the Black Damask one. I can't be sure it works on the Black Leather one. In order to wear it with the Fitted Mesh catsuit, you need to use the "corset" one, obviously. Also, this corset doesn't work with the KaS catsuit, but KaS has their own corset anyway.


This one is easy, the hooves are from Ri, by Regan Flasheart (here on the Marketplace). They are one single prim each (well, it's mesh, not prim, obviously), and mod, so you can resize and re-texture them at will. They cost L$250. Feel free to use the hooves you like. If you are using a KaS mesh catsuit, there are hooves in the same brand that will fit it perfectly.

Pony tail

Don't ask me where it goes. The girls in Rocket's Tail use the one from Mesmerize Dungeon (which is not the one on the picture above, since my pony tail comes from Morbid Play) and costs L$350.

Arms restraints

Ponies have no use for their arms, right ? I'm using the RR Armbinder that I have textured with materials to make the leather shine dynamically, but the stock leather textures work well too. Vixen cuffs from RealRestraint work just as well, and they include the collar that we use.

Latex horse-shaped head

With its bridle. And maybe a collar and hair, if you are so inclined (we use the RR Vixen collar, if you don't already have it and don't want to spend L$1200 on the full Vixen set just for it, send me an IM in world, I can sell it to you directly for L$400).

The head is the most important part, the one that makes this tack so unique. The rest is up to your taste. It comes from Hybridz by Fyre Furse, and is part of a full pony suit. I have spoken with Fyre and she agreed to make a standalone product with just the head for only L$100, so you don't need to buy the whole suit that costs L$800, and that horse head uses the very textures and values I used in the movies. That way, you won't even have to modify it yourself ! Thanks Fyre !

As for the hair, I use Yelena from, but feel free to use what you like best :)

And if you want to go one step further...

I'm sure you want your latex pony tack to be functional, on top of being sexy, right ? How about making you feel like an animal, instead of just looking like one ? How about being actually mute, deaf and blind on top of being bound and encased, and being trained that way ? Yes. Mute. Deaf. Blind. What, does it scare you ? We train like that nearly every day around here. It's hard at first, but you'll see, after a few months of training, it becomes second nature.

A RealRestraint ballgag from which you take the scripts, and put them into the latex horse head. Don't forget to take the two Leash_slave scripts from its rings, and to put them into the rings near the bit, and you'll see reins when you're leashed. Of course you won't wear the ballgag itself as it will be useless, but the horse head will then be fully scripted. And if you want to update it in the future, those scripts will be removed from the horse head (without destroying it) and you will be given a new ballgag by the updater.

A RealRestraint blindfold with a RLV 2.9. Perfect for keeping a submissive into sub-space. It is not mandatory though.

A Sassy Ponygirl AO for a perfect stance (made by me, you can find it at my shop in Pak).

A Riding Reins HUD if you do pony carting, mandatory for blind ponies. You can find it at my shop, as well as pony carts.

And last but not least, Danna Pearl's SubListen HUD, which filters out what you hear except the words you learned yourself or that your trainer lets you understand (it is completely customizable and not only dedicated to ponyplay). You don't learn by repetition, you actually have to guess words in order to learn them, and be careful not to try to guess words that you already know, or you will forget them ! It is very effective at making you feel like an animal, as you have to focus in order to evolve from wild animal to trained pet able to obey orders. I have been using it for weeks, it works like a charm.

The latex bitch suit

Latex catsuit

This is the same catsuit as the pony tack, except we use the RR Body Harness (it costs L$450) instead of the Perception corset, so if you use the Fitted Mesh catsuit, you'll need to wear the plain version of it, not the corset version.

A pair of shoes... or not

The shoes we use are the Maggie Heels but feel free to use the ones you like best, or not to wear any shoes at all. If you want to wear heels with your Slink feet, I recommend you grab a black latex applier for your feet at Hugo Designs for L$100, if you haven't already.

Puppy tail

The tail we use is the one from Z Puppygirl by Zenga Ling. You can color it the way you like, it works well and looks very cute.


This is what makes the bitch suit a bitch suit. The RR Pretty Mummy set does exactly that when you lock the legs into the "Pet" lock, which automatically locks the arms into the "Pony" lock. In that bondage, you cannot do anything but crawl on all fours (on your elbows and knees, to be exact), and lay around and look cute. Use the MummyTex plugin (in standard in this set) to choose the "Black Latex" preset, and you'll be very close to what the suit looks like.

Latex puppy head

The head is made of three different parts : a RR Isolation Hood, a RR Isolation Blindfold (sold along with the hood) and a Z Puppygirl Muzzle and Ears (sold by Zenga Ling), heavily modified. You'll find a script to texture the hood and another to texture the blindfold. Like the Perception corset, simply drag and drop the script into both items after rezzing them on the ground, then pick them up.

At the time of this writing, I am currently discussing with Zenga Ling to ask her to make a light version of the muzzle+ears so you don't have to modify them yourself, but for now, just know that you need to buy the puppy set in order to get those items. Then, if you want to modify the ears and snout so they look as dark and shiny as the rest, here is what you need to do :

- Edit the shiny parts with Edit Linked Parts. Attention, the snout has two layers, one half transparent on the outside (you might want to make that one invisible), and the actual shiny prim on the inside.
- Set the texture to "blank" and the tint to RGB 5 5 5.
- Set the specular texture to "blank" as well, the Glossiness to 150, the Environment to 15 and the color to RGB 128 128 128.

That's it !

And if you want to take it to the next level...

Being sexy in tack and suit is all good and well, but you may want to make them actually restrict you and make you feel like the animal they make you look like !

Like the latex pony tack, you might want a few more accessories if you want to make it fully functional, but the bitch suit is very functional as it is already, as the mummy set and the iso hood and blindfold handle all the restrictions. However, we use Danna Pearl's SubListen HUD on top of it to complete the experience. And it is perfect for it, as combined with the bondage and blindness, a pet is broken in a couple of weeks, tops.

So, to recap, assuming you don't own any of the products I mentioned above, here is all you need to buy in order to look exactly like the ponygirls in Rocket's Tail, stance and restrictions included :

- Latex catsuit with appliers, scripts and all that stuff : Free, get it at
- Latex corset : L$245, get it at
- Pony hooves : L$250, get them at
- Pony tail : L$350, get it at
- RR Armbinder : L$600, get it at
- Vixen collar (part of the Vixen set) : L$400, get it by IMing me directly (Marine Kelley), please don't pay me before I answer though
- Latex horse head : L$100, get it at
- Hair : I use Yelena from here, but I also recommend Juliana by Truth Hawks as it is mod and well done, and it was actually my first choice. That's the hair I wear on my Sassy Pony AO vendor picture.

Total : L$1945 to make that suit.

And if you want to go further :

- Ballgag (extract the scripts, put them in the horse head, don't forget the ones in the rings) : L$200, get it at
- Any blindfold you like, the ones I make all use RLV 2.9 : L$160 for my cheapest, get it at
- Riding Reins HUD : L$100, get it at
- Sassy Pony AO : L$600, get it at
- SubListen HUD : L$300, get it at

Total : L$1360 for all the gear that makes you enjoy it.

And for the bitch suit :

- Latex catsuit with appliers, scripts and all that stuff : Free, get it at
- Body harness : L$450, get it at
- Pretty Mummy set : L$1250, get it at
- Isolation hood : L$450, get it at
- Z puppy gear set : L$700, get it at
- Z puppy tail plug : L$250, get it at

Total : L$3100 to make that suit.

And if you want to go further :

- SubListen HUD : L$300, get it at

Total : L$300 for the gear that makes you enjoy it.

There you go ! I hope the explanations are clear, and I know this looks expensive to make a suit, but being a reader of my blog, there is a good chance that you already own some, if not all of that stuff. So in practice it should not cost you that much.

Have fun !