Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hi there !

Even before the Mousewheel, there was another piece of equipment I wanted in my workout place... a Treadmill ! You know, the kind of thing that lets you train in running, without all the advantages such as sun, fresh air and nice parks :p

But I digress. This treadmill functions very much like the Mousewheel, but has a couple additional features. It can be used vanilla-style, or be very naughty like the Treadmill they use in House Of Gord. Have you noticed ? House Of Gord. I often mention that website because, well, they have great ideas when it comes to having fun in bondage. And that's where some of my inspiration comes from !

I don't want to bore you with details and descriptions, plus you probably already know how the Mousewheel works, so you will notice the Treadmill works exactly the same way. Instead, I'll show you pics and videos !

First of all, a Treadmill is meant for workout.

However, and that's where the Treadmill is different from the Mousewheel, walking is not the only way a slave may move... Check this out :

And of course, since I mentioned you-know-who, let's do it Gord-style. You use your favorite restraints (not necessarily RealRestraint, although it works best with them) to make the sub looks like her legs are tied up, and you select one of the appropriate configurations. There is "Chained", "Hobble" and "Tight". Naturally, since the sub is in bondage, to stay safe the Treadmill provides a frame to harness her shoulders to and keep her up.

Here is "Chained" :

The legs may be hobbled for an even more restrictive exercise :

And when the time comes, training may become really tight :

Did you say "ponygirl" ?

This Treadmill, like any treadmill in RL, is able to display your time, speed and other values while you're running, all on its embedded screen. It helps keeping the body... disciplined.

This screen repeats most of the information you find in the distance counter (also included in the box, and identical to the one coming with the Mousewheel, and both counters are compatible with both devices).

Like the Mousewheel, this piece of equipment is able to power the lights around. Such lights are provided in the box and are full perms (except the script which is no-mod) :

Last but not least, the Treadmill has its own integrated Tens unit ! You know, for unruly slaves... or for slaves who think of being unruly... or for those who think of thinking of being unruly... or just when you want to make sure that they work at all.

Simply activate the zapper, select a minimum speed and off she goes !

I'm sorry, I had to remove the zapper videos from this page as YouTube flagged one of them as "inappropriate content" (although there's no nudity and no pornographic pictures there, but they do what they want with their website).

Whew ! All this exercise in tight latex was exhausting. I need a res--

Angry voice from the living room : "Argh ! Filthy hooves on the couch again ! #@$%&* !!"

But Mistress--

Angry voice threatens, curses over seven generations, and then threatens some more.

Yes Mistress.

This treadmill is sold in my "Marine's Goodies" line for L$500, it is copy, mod and no-trans, the lights are full-perms and the distance counter is copy and mod. The zapper and the harness are given to the sub when she climbs on, they are all copy and mod. The Land Impact is 18 prims equivalent.

Have fun !


PS : Sorry, the outfits used in this photoshoot are so complex, mixed, varied and customized that I can't make a list. Please don't ask me about them, thank you.

Friday, May 10, 2013

RestrainedLove Viewer

Hi there,

After months of work in integrating Linden Lab's last feature called "CHUI" ("Communication Hub User Interface", nothing to do with Feng Shui unfortunately), here is the latest version of the RLV. If you wonder about 2.8.4, there is none. I planned to release it last month but it was simply crashing too much so it was a no-go.

So yes, it took more than two months to integrate CHUI and to debug it. That feature broke several features in my code and the mitigation took time. Sorry about that.

I also wanted to add a few improvements that have been nagging at me for some time, so here it is. The full list of changes follows :

- added : Integration of the new CHUI features (Communications Hub User Interface) from Linden Lab. See

- changed : Do not lose the camera focus when clicking on something. If you really want to lose focus, simply right click on your avatar, or press Escape. Or focus on something else.

- changed : Allow moving an item or a folder from a locked folder to another locked folder (prevent only from locked to unlocked and from unlocked to locked).

- changed : Do not expect the user to press Enter before chatting while in Mouselook, since they don't have to when in 3rd view.

- changed : Do not automatically rename folders or items in the inventory anymore, unless "RestrainedLoveAutomaticRenameItems" is set to TRUE (it is FALSE by default). This is no longer necessary since the viewer does not have to figure out whether it will kick a locked object or not anymore (since it Adds by default now).

- fixed : We could drag and drop an item from an object in-world directly into the inventory, regardless of attach restrictions.

- fixed : We could wear things that were rezzed by right-clicking on them in-world and selecting "attach to", even when @unsharedwear was active.

- fixed : We couldn't hide the UI when unable to rez.

- fixed : We could create new pieces of clothing regardless of outfit restrictions.

- fixed : The Control key wouldn't work in Mouselook. Fixing this removes the ability to control the speed of the mouse view while holding Control, I'm afraid, but Shift already does something similar.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

The MD5 hash for the Windows package is

Have fun !