Friday, February 26, 2016

RLV 2.9.16

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV with a few bug fixes and some convenience changes, after including all the latest changes from Linden Lab from the official SL viewer. LL changed many things, for the better as they were mostly bug fixes too, for example Unicode characters not showing in the online/offline notifications (that was bugging the hell out of me), as well as the ability to right-click on your own rigged attachments, and to select rigged attachments worn by other avatars ! Now you can find out where that awesome dress or hairstyle comes from without having to ask. Heeh heeh heeh.

Anyway, on to the list of changes :

- changed : Prevent activating wireframe view only when there's a HUD locked, or when our vision is restricted (unlike before, where wireframe was prevented as soon as at least one object was locked, but the technique was different).

- changed : Allow the Conversations window to be much smaller vertically.

- fixed : RLV_107 : "/worn legally" notification did not show anymore. This was due to that piece of code not being called by the higher functions anymore.

- fixed : RLV_108 : Joystick space navigator was deactivated at startup when RLV features were turned off.

- fixed : Double-clicking on a piece of clothing would always make it replace the other ones of the same type that were already worn, regardless of the value of the "RestrainedLoveDoubleClickWear" debug setting. Once again this was due to LL's last update to the codebase.

- fixed : Made it so we can now move, rotate and resize HUDs while the vision is restricted.

You can grab the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

PS : Thanks to Lois Tyler for the new style of the RLV download page !

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

RealRestraint update to v1.28.1

Hi !

I've been doing quite a bit of bug fixing lately on the RealRestraint products, for bugs that have been annoying me (and probably you too) for a while now, and the result is an update to v1.28.1 of all the products. This update is mostly focused on the Deluxe Gag, the legs restraints and a few other fixes. Even a crash on the gags.

Yikes ! Another update, so soon after v1.28 ! Well it is not a mandatory one (updates are never mandatory) and your restraints won't nag you once a week as they do for major updates, so you can update if and when you want, you're not in a rush :)

Please note that the Deluxe Gag, its Bridle addon and all the legs restraints need a replacement if you want to benefit from their specific bug fixes (mostly visibility fixes but also the animation fixes for the legs restraints), but all the other restraints require only a normal update, even the Deluxe Blindfold. This is because most of the prims of the Deluxe Gag have had their names modified, as well as its "*Style config" notecard. I'm sorry that it needs a replacement. The copy/paste shape scripts should do the job of porting the adjusting over to the new version though.

Body Harness and Deluxe Gag, Blindfold & Bridle

* "Plastic" material : The "Jeans" material has been removed and replaced with a new material named "Plastic". Like the Deluxe Straps, I realized that "Jeans" and "Cordura" were very close in terms of shine, so I replaced "Jeans" by "Plastic", which is very glossy, almost metallic, with exactly the same values as the ones in the Deluxe Straps.

* "Clear Plastic" preset : The "Clear Plastic" preset has been modified to use the new "Plastic" material and the "Flesh pink" tint, exactly like the Deluxe Straps.

Deluxe Gag

* New styles : I have added the "Just ball", "Just ring", "Just wad" and "Just cock" styles to the gag, they are not all present in all locks, due to lack of room on the menu, but they are there when you need them.

Deluxe Bridle

* Opaque blinders : Transparent blinders are not very useful... So now even when you select the "Clear" pattern on the Deluxe Gag, the blinders in the Bridle and in the Bridle HUD stay opaque.

Bug fixes

* All gags : They could crash with a "stack-heap collision" error (a.k.a. "out of memory" error) if the message or emote sent by the captive was really long (like, several lines long). I have optimized the script as much as I could, it now handles messages reaching the maximum length of 1023 characters (SL truncates longer messages anyway).

* All gags : Seems the fix I made for the Unicode characters didn't make it through to v1.28 after all (I thought it did, my bad !). The gags were supposed to show the user name of the captive rather than their display name if their display name contained advanced Unicode characters (for example Kanji characters), only they didn't. Now they do. For real !

* Body Harness : The message "is trying to manipulate this restraint, and may be able to retrieve its key by using a RealKey." was still appearing on that restraint (the other ones were fixed, but not the harness for some reason). Like I pointed out before, this message was harmless but annoying. Nobody was trying to touch your harness, but the main script believed otherwise. That script is easy to startle, sometimes.

* All legs restraints : It seems the "Tight" and "Hobble" poses used while sitting ("tAA", "tAB"... "tZF" and "wAF" and the like) had a slight bone displacement (i.e. the joints would be translated as well as rotated). It was slight but it was there. Problem is, SL can't cope with bone displacement well and when the animation is over, the bones stay translated, exactly like a deformer does. This could mess with the adjustment of the legs restraints, making them clip through or look loose after standing up from an object. I'll keep hunting for more animations with bone displacement, it just takes a lot of time to find them. Just this fix required to modify and upload 66 animations. Please note that to benefit from this fix, you need to replace your legs restraint, as SL does not allow the orb to upload no-copy animations into an item that you wear (it was possible in the past but not anymore). However, you do not need to resize them all, as only the main item is modified (the right ankle part usually), you can keep the old secondary items (left ankle, right thigh etc) and they will work with the new version.

* All legs restraints : Sometimes the avatar would jump very high when attempting to climb a slope or a step while having the legs restraints. Usually either by clicking Page Up very quickly or by keeping it pressed. That one was annoying the hell out of me and I'm sure I'm not the only one... but it took an absurd time to track and fix.

* Deluxe Gag : The dildo didn't show in "Total ball".

* Deluxe Gag : The "Invisible" style on "Total panel" was labeled "Style 4" and didn't make anything invisible.

* Deluxe Gag : The "Invisible" style didn't seem to make anything invisible, it hid most of the gag but not all of it.

* Deluxe Gag : The base of the dildo should not change material, and stay black.

* Pretty Mummy Gag : The "Cover ears" plugin did not reliably block chat or IMs.

You can find an updater at the following places in-world :

My little shop

The Little Shop of Kink

Roper's Dark Playground

Chorazin's main store

It looks like an orb floating above a pedestal, just click on it and follow the instructions.

Have fun !