Sunday, January 15, 2012

Restrained Love v2.8.3

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, with many bugfixes and improvements over the last one. Check this out !

- added : New keyboard shortcuts for builders (they are also added to the Build > Options submenu) :
- Alt+W to edit linked parts
- Alt+T to set to stretch textures
- Alt+B to set to stretch both sides
- Alt+R to set to set grid mode to World
- Alt+F to set to set grid mode to Local
- Alt+V to set to set grid mode to Reference
- Alt+G to set to set current selected object as Reference and set grid mode to Reference

- added : Debug setting "RenderMeshDeformed" to switch Qarl's parametric alpha mesh deformer on and off (it is off by default).

- added : Include LL's patch for the new inventory features.

- changed : Allow to click in-world while in Mouselook mode, even when your controls are taken, but only while pressing Alt.

- fixed : Inventory offers were unreadable (the Show button used to overwrite the url), same for teleport offers.

- fixed : Shift+Right-click on an object in world failed to open it.

- fixed : In Mouselook mode, we could only click on something or fire with a gun once.

- changed : We couldn't be force TPed when in Busy mode.

- fixed : RLV_50 : The alignment tool in the build floater is broken. Thank you Lance Corrimal and Jonathan Yap for the fix !

- fixed : RLV_52 : another avatar sitting down while I'm in ML resets my camera. Thank you Lance Corrimal for the fix !

Grab the installer here :

The MD5 hash of the Windows installer is :

Have fun !

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Restrained Love v2.8.2.1

Hello again !

There was a bug introduced in RLV 2.8.2 that would prevent you from seeing your own profile. That's due to a faulty merge, I think. So here is a fixed version.

Grab the installer here :

The MD5 hash of the Windows installer is :

Have fun !

Restrained Love v2.8.2

Happy New Year !

I wish you health and wealth for 2012, may this new year bring you all that you wished and never dared to ask :)

And along with my best wishes, comes a new release of the RLV ! A big one.

Firstly, it includes all the latest improvements from Linden Lab, especially on the deferred rendering (that's "Lighting and Shadows" in your preferences) : faster rendering (my FPS went up by 150% at least), less artifacts, the ability to drag an item over the tabs of the Edit window and have them open automatically, exactly like in v1.x (for example, when trying to drop a script inside an object and you realize you didn't open the Contents tab first), and so on.

Secondly, it includes my own enhancements and bug fixes :

- added : Press Ctrl+T to hide and show the IM window (only works if there is at least one IM to show, and if IMs are organized in tabs, not separate windows).

- added : Conversations toolbox button to do the aforementioned action of showing and hiding the IM window. It looks like this :
It is a phone icon because to me IMs are a lot like phone calls.

- added : Press and hold the Shift key to make your aim 10x more precise in Mouselook mode. Very useful when your view is zoomed in with Ctrl-0.

- added : You can now sit down while in Mouselook mode, by holding Alt and right-clicking on an object.

- added : When a script tries to attach non-properly named items, the viewer will attach them anyway, by stacking (i.e. no risk of replacing locked items worn on the same attachment point).

- changed : Don't hide the user interface while in Mouselook mode. You can move your cursor by holding the Alt key, and click where you want this way (even on HUDs, and even if your controls are grabbed). If you want to hide the UI, simply press Ctrl+Alt+F1.

- changed : To hide and show the toolbox window, press Ctrl+Shift+T instead of Ctrl+T.

- changed : Added 2 lines to the text on script dialogs, for more readability.

- fixed : Couldn't change the profile options.

- fixed : Couldn't use "Add To Current Outfit" and "Remove From Current Outfit" on folders in the inventory, while something was locked on you.

- fixed : RLV_47 : The Avatar button was permanently disabled. Also the Avatar window is made a little taller.

I'm really glad of the work I did on the Mouselook mode, it was long overdue. We all regretted that it was rendered pretty useless in v2 and v3, while it was enjoyable in v1. Now you can chat, IM, use your inventory, HUDs and map, sit down etc, all this while in Mouselook mode. The only things you cannot do is edit and build stuff, simply because the code is really not made for this, and it would prove to be rather difficult for the user anyway.

Combined to a few improvements made by Linden Lab in the meantime (namely, the head attachments casts shadows and the point of view is a lot less restricted now), it brings back Mouselook to its former glory.

Grab the installer here :

The MD5 hash of the Windows installer is :

Have fun !

Please note : If this RLV doesn't work for you (things not rezzing for example), v2.8.1 is still available. That would be because I am struggling to build a correct viewer. It seems something is broken in my build machine, probably a library somewhere, but I do know other people could build 2.8.2 from my sources, and got it working. I'll keep you posted of course.

I'm also told it might be because RLV 2.8.2 does not install very well over a RLV 2.8.1 or below. I recommend you do a clean install by renaming or deleting your previous RLV folder before installing this one.