Friday, July 7, 2017

RealRestraint update to v1.30

Hi !

As promised, here is the latest update to all the RealRestraint products to v1.30, after updating the RR gags to v1.30.

There are a number of improvements and fixes that require a replacement (I call it "hard update", which is when you select "REPLACE" on the update menu) and others that only require an update ("soft update", which is when you select "UPDATE" on the update menu). It is up to you to decide what you want to get, knowing that getting a replacement means having to resize the product again, and I know it's a pain, even with the copy/paste shape scripts. It won't break your product if you decide to pass on an improvement or on a fix, it will just not work as optimally as it should.

To be clear, v1.30 is a big update and a few products already got updated to that version last month, namely all the gags in the RR line. The Vixen set got a complete overhaul as well because I turned these cuffs from sculpt to mesh, but the set was not upgraded to v1.30 because there was more work to do on all the restraints that are not gags. However, even if you have updated your gags to v1.30 already, I recommend doing a soft update on them again, if you're having trouble with your OpenMouth plugin for example. Please note that I have added two Bento animations to all the gags, in case you don't like the already existing ones, to get them through a soft update you need to rez your gag on the ground. Unlike before, if you forget to do that, the updater won't break your product, it will simply notify you that it can't download no-copy items (that are not scripts) into your worn attachment, because of SL restrictions, but it won't remove the old ones so you can retry later.

In the case of some changes, although you need a replacement to get them, it is easy to do it yourself manually and I will show you how to.

In the following (arm-long) list, I indicate for each feature :
- "U" : You only need to soft-update, meaning choosing "UPDATE" while wearing your object, this is the nicest option.
- "G" : You need to soft-update but after rezzing your object on the ground because some some items inside that are no-copy need to be updated. If you don't rez your object on the ground, the updater won't break it, it will just notify you that it could not replace some of its contents and that you'll have to retry.
- "R" : You need to have your main item replaced (for example, the right wrist cuff of a set of handcuffs), but you can keep using the older secondary items even though you received new ones, so you don't have to resize it all again. They are not deactivated upon replacement, only the main item is, and this particular enhancement does not break the link between both.
- "r" : Same as "R", but only in the case of gags that were already updated to v1.30.
- "A" : You need to replace your whole set, even the secondary items are modified in this one.

Here is a table that sums it all up, hoping this will help you see through this mess :)

A. All restraints

1U. When "/77" is off, calling the restraint with "/77" (for example "/77 fore" to get any restraint worn on "r forearm") will no longer ignore the command, but instead go right to the plugins browser page, meaning the wearer can still access plugins that she should always be able to access, like the texture and OpenMouth plugins.

2U. The keyholder is now able to restrict the wearer from accessing the texture plugins at all. If the "Deny" button is checked, the restraint is locked and the wearer does not have the key (or does but a timer is set), then she won't have access to the plugin. Thank you Aria Warden for helping me test it. Attention, by "Texture plugin" I mean the plugins that control the textures and materials, which means the mesh ball gag and ring gag, the Deluxe gag, the Deluxe straps, the Body harness, the Highbinder and the mesh Vixens. If your ball gag, ring gag and/or Vixens are not mesh, you might want to select "replace" in order to convert them.

3U. I know the RealRestraint_HUD thing might be annoying to some, including yours truly. After all, it was made even before I made the RLV, to simulate restrictions to clicks and third view, as well as blindness. But the RLV handles all those very well if not better now, so if you want to get rid of the HUD, I have made a small change that makes the script totally silent if the HUD object, "RealRestraint_HUD", is not contained in the restraint. It won't attempt to rez it, let alone tell you it is rezzing it. This is a very small change, I am planning on giving you the option to do this through a script later, but for now this will do. So all you have to do is remove the "RealRestraint_HUD" object from your restraint, and you should be ok. However, please be careful to put it back in before attempting a replacement in the future, as it is necessary for the updater to identify your product. Thanks to the people in the RR group chat who gave me this idea.

4U. The communication between the RealRestraint_Base script and the RealRestraint_HUD object was broken when sitting on a very big prim, like 40 m wide, due to how SL handles chat messages coming from avatars when sitting on an object (the chat messages technically come from the center of the prim, rather from the avatar, as the avatar is part of the object while sitting on it). As a result, the restraint would try to rez another HUD every five minutes while sitting on that prim. Thank you Acadia Ansar for helping me track and test this.

5U. The Autolock plugin sometimes lost its lock names and had to be reset, now it should keep its lock names no matter what (until the Anim plugin tells it that the list has changed).

6U. The Vulnerable plugin now displays a "..." after the name of every single third party plugin which declares itself as "vulnerable-compatible" with a ".vuln" parameter somewhere after its name.

7U. The Vulnerable plugin could be accessed via the "Last Plug" button even when locked by someone else. Thank you Morgan Foehammer for the report.

8U. The RR Anim HUD (the thing you wear manually and that you use to control poses, not the RealRestraint_HUD) used to have one texture per button. Silly. Now it uses two atlases, one 512x512 and the other 512x256, which is much easier on video memory. You'll have to detach yours and use the new one you can get from several sources, including the updater itself. The result for this change is also that it switches icons faster, since they are all part of the same two textures now.

9U.  We can now do suspension with the leash without bouncing ! This has been a popular request for years and I have always postponed it but this time it's done. Also when the leash holder is too far (beyond 96 m or beyond length*2, whichever is closer), the sub will not be yanked to them anymore, to avoid being flung in the air when TPing from one place to another in the same sim. This effectively makes leashes longer than 100 m useless but hey, 100 m is no leash, this is a tractor beam.

10A. When locking a cuff while sitting on a bondage furniture, it could stop some of the chains going to it from some of the attachments. To make things saner, I have reorganized the Lockguard networks on the Vixen set, the Restrained Elegance set, the Police set, the Serious Shackles set and the Shibari set (Deluxe straps and Siren ropes didn't need it). This way, no more conflicts and the restraints work much better with bondage furniture now.

B. Arms cuffs and ropes

1R. Added more relaxed "hands back" poses, like in the mesh Vixens. The poses I added are meant to let you have your crossed hands closer to your body, very useful when bending forward.

C. Legs cuffs

1G. Taut_w and TARun (walking and running in "Taut" respectively) were priority 5 on the whole body, whereas they were supposed to be priority 5 on the legs and 3 on the arms to let other brands of arms restraints work nicely with RR legs restraints without being overridden. Fixed now. Be advised that you need to rez your cuff on the ground there before going for a soft update, as the animations are no-copy and SL does not accept downloading no-copy stuff into attachments.

2R. Missing hogtie open when sitting in cuffs.

3R. Replaced the old hogties with the smoother ones from the Shibari/Siren ropes. The old animations were made with Qavimator and looked a bit frantic, while the new ones (well, they were new when the Siren ropes were introduced) were made with Blender, with much more control over the curves, which is why they are smoother.

4R. Reorganized most of the legs animations, added the "Lie" ones where they were forgotten (i.e. in all restraints that don't have a specific "Lie" lock). This makes them all more enjoyable now.

D. Rope and tape

1U. The "RL Time" plugin (in charge of counting time whether you are online or offline) did not return they "keys" to the wearer. Thank you Daisy Rimbaud for the report.

2U. The Wriggle plugin crashed with an error on the legs ropes (thank you Sara555 for the report).

E. All restraints with materials

1A. Ported the little experiment I did for the Vixen set (in short, the shine is automatically colored like the surface instead of white, for a more realistic look) to all the other restraints with appropriate texture plugins, i.e. Highbinder, Pretty Mummy, Body Harness, Deluxe Straps, Deluxe Gag, mesh Ball gag and mesh Ring gag. A complete replacement is required because the change occurs in every secondary item.

F. Vixen set

1A. You can find the full changelog for the gags here if you haven't turned your Vixen set to mesh already. But there are more changes occurring in this update, read on... If your Vixens are still made of sculpties, you will need a replacment, if they are already mesh, you're good.

2A. Removed the VixenCuffTex_slave script from the root prim of the secondary items, we don't need it. If you don't want to replace your set for this, you can safely remove those scripts from all your secondary items, they are not used anymore :

3U. Added the Tex_repeater.vixentex script to the right wrist and ankle vixen cuffs to make the colors, texture and materials resync when reattached.

4A. The straight heel straps were not correctly named, and as a result would not show on the hogties. Their names should be "$1u+2u+4u+5u+6u+7u+9u:1/0" instead of "$1+2+4+5+9u:1/0" (change them yourself if you don't want to have to replace your Vixen legs cuffs for this, use "Edit Linked" to do that and press Ctrl Alt T if they are invisible, and you won't have to reset anything, the change takes effect as soon as the name changes). If you do want to replace, this enhancement impacts only the Vixen legs cuffs, not the arms or the collar.

5U. The Lock_cuffs_1234569 sound contained in the legs Vixens becomes Lock_cuffs_123456789 so the lock sound occurs at every lock.

6U. Reorganized the hogtie anims as the order made no sense, mixing closed and open legs.

G. Gags

1A. You can find the full changelog for the gags here ( If your gags already handle Bento animations (you can tell by checking they have the "OpenMouth" plugin), then you're good. Otherwise your gags totally deserve a replacement.

2G. Replaced the "OpenMouth" animation with one that actually closes the mouth when it is stopped, because apparently the Catwa mesh head needs that (Lelutka doesn't, I can't explain why). The new animation looks exactly the same as before, except it won't leave the Catwa mouth open when ungagged. This also plays nicely with the latest version of the OpenMouth plugin, which has a "Loop" button (but the tests show that it isn't really needed in this case, even though it might be needed for other third party animations). Attention, this is a soft update only if your gags are already v1.30, otherwise you need a replacement.

3G. Added two more "OpenMouth" animations in all gags ("OpenMouthBig" and "OpenMouthVeryBig") to use as overrides, like "OpenMouth" they close the mouth after they stop. I did not make those three animations, Keiyra Aeon (who is a Catwa user) did and authorized me to use them in the gags. Thank you Kei ! I recommend you use some of these as override in the OpenMouth plugin if you don't like the Catwa animations I made originally. I understand, they tend to stretch the lower lip a lot so it doesn't look good on every head. Kei's anims are much less stretched on the lips so you will probably like them better. What's more, they work nicely on Lelutka too, and I believe on other mesh heads. Attention, this is a soft update only if your gags are already v1.30, otherwise you need a replacement.

4U. The Pretty Mummy gag would not cover the ears in "Total", even when "Wrap" is ticked in the "Cover ears" plugin. This error was introduced in the v1.30 update to the gags.

H. Highbinder

1U. The BreastSize plugin, which is initially a Style plugin (same code, different name) now retains the same size for all locks, since the Highbinder straps do not change shape. You no longer have to set your breast size 6 times for the rigged straps to fit your chest. Don't mind a possible script error during the update saying the BreastSize plugin cannot find its notecard, it happens only while the updater is replacing that notecard, the plugin will find it when it's done.

I. Restrained Elegance

1U. Redid the colors in the Color plugin to get a better golden color, and to match some colors of the MdlM catsuits, but be advised that eventually I will turn these shackles into mesh, like I did with the Vixens, meaning that plugin will change again.

2A. The rounded edges of the "hinge" texture of the elbow parts did not have any transparency. I have fixed all seven shackles but since only the elbow ones hide and show, the bug was visible only on those. Although this enhancement requires a full replacement, the only new parts that really need to be used are the two elbow cuffs, you can keep using the other old parts. Also you only need to update the arms cuffs for this one, for the same reason. As you can see on the picture below, only the elbow cuffs show this bug :

3A. The Restrained Elegance collar is now worn on Neck instead of Spine. Although this requires a replacement, you can do this yourself easily simply by wearing it on "Neck" manually and repositioning it. Bonus points if you rename "(spine)" into "(neck)" in its name, but you might have to rez the collar on the ground for this.

J. Isolation Hood

1A. Resized the small invisiprim hidden inside the head to hide the ears on mesh heads. This invisiprim is a sphere that has always been there, if you don't want to replace you can resize this sphere yourself, you will find it inside the head and you can resize it until it covers both ears. Attention, since it is an invisiprim, it won't show with Ctrl Alt T, you'll have to do a bit of searching. If I remember well, the prim is rather small and in the middle of the object, inside the head.


K. Anim plugin

1U. When the sub is "frozen" (i.e. prevented by her keyholder from changing pose with her RR Anim HUD), she can still move if her keyholder is not around and she is not sitting on something (the "frozen" bit is not turned off, though, in case said captor only crashed and is returning shortly). That way you can still simulate holding your sub with your foot on her back, or keeping her in a particular pose on a bondage furniture (for example a strappado) even while you're not there, but if she's not sitting and you're not around, she can move again.

L. Serious collar

1A. Added two Lockguard scripts to two side rings, to spawn chains to furniture like the RF patient bed. Thank you Eevaa Serpente for the heads up.

M. Siren arms ropes

1A. The part with the leash slave in the "Box" lock could still be detached, so we could TP even while leashed. Although this enhancement requires a full replacement of your arms ropes, the only parts that change are the left and right wrist ropes. The rest is unchanged and you can still use it.

N. Deluxe gag and regular mesh ball gag

1A. The balls were turned 180°, so the text would show inside the mouth... It's a bit silly, and if you don't want to replace your gags for this, you can turn those balls manually (with "Edit Linked" checked, don't forget the regular mesh ball gag has two balls instead of one, one for Loose/Medium/Tight and the other for Big/Total). In the pictures below I show you the mesh ball gag with a "Lips R&W" pattern applied onto the ball in white leather material, selected, then rotated and scaled :

Smaller ball selected on the mesh ballgag v1.30 before the fix

The same part, seen from inside the mouth (yes, it is a lot less glamour)

Notice the "Local" setting in the Edit window on the left, this will make it easier to rotate

Rotate the ball by 180° horizontally...

... Scale the texture by 2x on the vertical axis...

... Rotate the ball a little more around the lateral axis, and voilĂ  !

Please note that I did not scale the texture in the update, as it does not play nicely on every texture. So it's your personal choice only.

O. Siren and Shibari

1U. Added seven fur textures to the SirenTex. That's right, fur ! This was Andrew Schufang's initial idea for a custom work, and I must say it looks not too bad :) You can find these additional textures at the end of the list. I find they look better on Shibari ropes than on the Siren ropes, simply because the former are thicker.

That's all ! This update is no way mandatory, but as you can see, there are a number of fixes and improvements that will make your life easier.

You can find an updater at the following places in-world :

My little shop

Dark Wishes

Roper's Dark Playground

Chorazin's main store

It looks like an orb floating above a pedestal, just click on it and follow the instructions.

Have fun !