Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vote to stop Openspace sims from getting more expensive !

Hello there,

If you don't want to see your Openspace getting so much more expensive that it is ridiculous, please vote there (log in with your SL account, but as it's a LL website you're safe) :


I don't normally do that, and have always been supportive of Linden Lab, but this time they are going to far. Here is a little background :

- LL releases "void sims", aka "Openspace sims", for 1/4 the price of a full sim and 1/8 of their prims. They are insanely slow, but as they're not meant to be lived in, rather sailed in instead, not too much of a problem.
- LL decides Openspaces are not enough of a success and boosts the number of prims to 1/4 of a full sim, makes sense but they are still slow. They work on the speed problem, and make some progress, nothing fancy though since Openspaces are still so much slower than 1/4 of the speed of normal islands.
- After eight months of having Openspaces sell like cakes, LL bumps their tier of by 67% without much of a prior notice (2 months), going from US$75 to US$125 a month, VAT not included. This will have the effect of bleeding most Openspace owners out, and we're seeing a massive protestation. The blog entry is here : http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/10/27/openspace-pricing-and-policy-changes/
- As a full sim is becoming much cheaper than 4 times an Openspace, it won't be long before LL decides to boost a full sim tier by 67% too, putting it up to US$495 a month !

Do the math. And look at how much you pay for your parcel/sim in L$ or US$ a month. And decide for yourself if you wish to pay more, or if it's expensive enough as it is. Let me remind you that renting a CPU (not even a whole server) for us$295 (VAT not included) a month is already ludicrous. I've never seen a full computer lease that high (even including maintenance).


Saturday, October 25, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.14.2


Well the story continues, the SL viewer having changed a lot between 1.20 and 1.21, I have a hard time trying to iron out all the "little" changes that LL have done in the past few months. Some of them are quite deep.

* crash on editing something far while under @fartouch
* very odd touch and grab behaviour while under @fartouch

Viewer and sources :

Hash :

Have fun,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.14.1


Here is the latest version of the viewer, compatible with SL 1.21.6 at last. I have taken much time due to a lot of circumstances, RL, SL and technical, but here it is finally. I have added (what I think is) a big feature, the ability to control the WindLight settings of the RLV through commands. That way, a land owner can make you see their land the exact way they want.

Edit : this is the version 1.14.1, with a few fixes introduced by some new SL code :

* crash when forced to sit on an unrezzed object (I said the fix came from Boy Lane in the release notes, but it actually came from Henri Beauchamp, sorry)
* unable to detach even unlocked objects when unable to edit

The installation procedure is also a bit more complex now : you have to copy the settings.xml file from the zip file to the app_settings folder contained into your SL installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\SecondLife.

Viewer and sources :

Hash :

Edit : The API is now up-to-date, you can start scripting environment control by reading it here :

Have fun !

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RestrainedLife something


For those who are wondering, I have not released a 1.21.6 port of the RLV yet because :

- There is a Cool Viewer including its code already, so people who updated to SL 1.12.6 can download it
- I am having RL schedule issues, so very little time to work on the viewer
- I have no sound on the new viewer, and cannot find why
- I am working at adding a new feature, namely "@setenv_..." which sets the time of day and Windlight settings through RLV commands, but WL settings are not working yet

So... I will release a RLV 1.14 soon, not really sure when but soon.

Have fun in the meantime !

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Objects sharing tutorial, part 2

Hello again,

This is not really a tutorial but rather an example of how to organize the shared outfits, now that you can put them in a hierarchy of folders. I will show you my own shared inventory, and how I use the Outfit plugin to browse into it and attach/detach what I want through this script.

Firstly, make sure you have read the first part of the Shared Outfit Tutorial, for I will not repeat here what has been said there.

Secondly, you need at least the RL viewer v1.13, to handle sub-folders under #RLV.

1. My Inventory

So here is my inventory, it's pretty much like everyone else's inventory :

The most interesting part is the #RLV folder :

As you can see it's very small, only 5 folders, all of them beginning with a ">".

Here is Yours Truly :

What I am wearing at the moment is the Leather mini outfit I made (it is a combination of several outfits, some QV, some Plague, some Sheer, and a cross necklace from Fairlight) :

And my boots are from BAX :

The special thing about those boots (besides them being extremely well done) is that they are no-mod, so I had to put the objects into one folder each, the first tutorial explains why. Since 1.13.1 the folders containing no-mod items are renamed differently, as shown on the picture above.

2. My naming convention

So I am trying to follow a convention of mine to name my stuff, so it's easier to browse through the Outfit plugin. I insist it is only a convention of mine, not anything I want to enforce on other people :

* Every folder that does not contain an outfit (i.e. it contains only other folders) begins with a ">" so that its name comes first in the list, and the user knows there is more to it when clicking on the button.

* Every folder that contains an outfit (even if it contains other sub-folders, for instance if it has no-mod items) does not have any special character in it, and is sorted normally, going after the ones with ">" in the list.

* Every folder that contains an outfit, and is contained into a folder that contains an outfit too (ok it's getting complicated) is like an "option", an "addon" to the aforementioned outfit, so it's getting a "+" sign at the beginning. For instance, "+ Corset" to my "Leather mini" outfit, since I may or may not wear the corset part.

3. Browsing with the Outfit plugin

The new Outfit plugin is able to browse through all this mes... inventory hierarchy. I click on my KDC med posture collar that I have entirely rescripted with my scripts, it is worn but invisible since unlocked. On a side note it's my very personal cherished collar, I cannot live without it :)

I select the Outfit plugin :

What does it show ? A lot of informations actually :
* The last attached/detached outfit, here it's "> Shoes/> Boots/Black ankle patent"
* The latst folder I visited, same thing
* I am using the RLV, of course, and the script knows it.

Oh by the way, I took all my time to take these snapshots, but the menu is still active. That's because the Outfit plugin has a 10 minutes timeout instead of 1 minute only, it's handy when you keep browsing, attaching, detaching, looking at all angles, and don't want to always click on the collar to bring the menu back.

I click on the "Shared root..." button :

I'm now at the root folder level (#RLV itself), and it shows the 5 folders that are in my inventory, the ones with ">". Notice "Select" has changed and does not show anything anymore, since I have moved my selection to the root folder. But the "Last attached outfit" has not changed, obviously.

This level (and the one further down) has a particularity, it lets you go to the next page and also the previous one ("<<" and ">>"), when we go deeper the "<<" button is replaced with "UPx2" to go up by two levels at once. That's the joy of having only 12 buttons per dialog box, but it's not too annoying since the deeper we go the less likely we find many folders at the same level. I click on the "> Glamour" button to browse through the Glamour outfits I have :

It shows 4 sub folders, that's where we're getting beyond what RLV 1.11 and 1.12 were able to do, since we're going deeper now.

I click on the "> Classy" button :

Notice how "Select" has changed again, and how "Shared folder" shows the current folder in uppercase.

I click on the Leather mini button :

Here we are, the folder I was talking about earlier, my Leather Mini outfit. It is an outfit, yet there are more folders to browse inside it, but as stated in the "convention", they are named with a "+", showing them as "addons" to the outfit. If I clicked DETACH now I would find myself naked, save for the boots.

But I want to wear the corset now, so I click on "+ Corset".

Ok now the folder seems to be empty. It appears so, but it's only empty of folders, it does have items inside it. The viewer just does not say it (the scripts do not need that information).

I click on ATTACH to attach the corset :

Here is me with my corset, both items contained in the "+ Corset" folder (a jacket and an object) are now worn :

And notice how the "Last" line has changed to show what I have just attached :

If I clicked on DETACH it would detach right away, in case I made a mistake. But I like that corset, I'll keep it.

Now, I click on "Back..." to go back to the main menu of the plugin (not the main menu of the collar), and on "Shared root..." again because I want to browse shoes. Then I go to"> Shoes", then "> Boots", then "> Black Florence" to replace my Black Leather Patent with my Black Florence boots. Notice the "Select" and "Shared folder" lines. And then I click on ATTACH :

Et voila ! I'm wearing my Black Florence boots, which totally replace the Leather Patent (they both take 4 attachment points, that's why) :

Oh well... I like them but... I just can't make up my mind. I want to wear my Black Leather Patent again, they suit my Leather Mini outfit better because of their frills. Let's go "up" one folder :

I click the Black ankle patent button (we don't see "patent" here) :

And I... oh wait ! The Black Leather Patent boots are no-mod, so they are contained in sub-folders, which should be there. Why aren't they shown on the menu ?

Because since 1.13.1 every folder which name begins with a dot (".") is hidden, and this is the case here, look at my inventory again.

And I click on ATTACH :

Here they are :

Whew ! I'm back at square one. All this for nothing you say ? Well yes... but you got to take a peek at my inventory at least !

Have fun !


RestrainedLife 1.13.1

Wow, that was fast. I didn't plan to spend my Sunday working on the viewer, but so I did.

This update is for convenience, since adding a folder hierarchy kinda crippled some content around, so here goes.

- New command : @findfolder=part1&&part2&&...&&partN=channel, to find a folder containing several substrings. "&&" means "and".
- Slashes are now allowed in the folder names again, since some scripts were simulating a hierarchy that way.
- You can "hide" a folder by putting a dot (".") in front of its name, so the scripts won't see it anymore.
- No-mod items will rename their parent folders differently, now it's a dot followed by the name of the attach point between brackets : ". (attachpointname)", since we don't need the name of the item to be repeated. The dot, as stated above, will hide the folder to the scripts, which don't need it anyway.

Viewer and sources :
Hash : a69f11d0577652051e9ede7bcc0e8393

Have fun !

Saturday, October 11, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.13


This version of the RL viewer can handle sub-folders in the shared root #RLV. It's not much of a change but helps organizing the shared inventory better (before it was only one level, leading to a clutter of short names parsed by scripts and... a nightmare). I will post a sequel to the Shared Outfits Tutorial shortly to show how I organize my own shared folders with this new feature.

Viewer for Windows :
Hash : c60e026ca377418d931e174a64a693fc

Have fun !

PS : Now you might wonder why this new viewer is a 1.13 with such a short list of changes... well aside from getting a "new feature", sort of, I realize that "13" is not a welcome number to some people, so I think I'll quickly switch to 1.14 as soon as I get the chance. Hehe.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.12.7


Following the latest security update to the SL viewer, here comes the latest RL viewer that includes the fix.

Please note : You have to use it with the latest SL viewer, v1.20.17. It won't work with the older ones !

Viewer for Windows + sources :
Hash : aa487f91353b6348d34c760389010ee7