Monday, July 22, 2013

New product in Marine's Goodies : Camera Network System

Hello there,

So, once again I have been working on non-kinky stuff : a camera network system.

I wanted one that was enjoyable to use in a roleplay environment, rather than simply a sim security system, even though you can use it for that purpose too. One that would be perfect for SL prisons for example, but also for webcams, conferences...

As a user, you just wear a special HUD that allows you to see through the camera of your choice (provided you have access to it), among the cameras belonging to the network you have selected. You can rotate the camera, make it scan around, track an avatar, change the brightness etc. You can speak through it, hear what it is said around it, and even have several users connected to the same camera.

As the owner of the camera networks, you can secure it with one or more passwords, separate your many cameras into several networks, and either give out the passwords to the users or use a "keymaster" (a broker of credentials) to grant access to the users without revealing any secret information. You can even restrict the access to a network to one particular location in the sim, for example 3 m around the keymaster. This works great to simulate surveillance rooms in prisons.

All this to say, this system is easy to use, powerful, versatile and easy on the sim resources.

Take a look at the following pictures to get an idea of what the contents of the box look like :

 The Webcam

The Security Cam

The Dome Cam


The Keymaster


The price of this product is L$600, and is found into any of my Marine's Goodies vendors. You can find one at these places :

My little shop :

The Little Shop of Kink :

Please note : this is not a spy device, it does not record video and chat nor does it use sensor or track visitors. It does not send any video feedback to anybody except the connected users, who have to be in the same sim.

Have fun !