Sunday, March 10, 2013

Update to the Mousewheel

Hello there,

After a week of use, I have spotted a few bugs and a few things that could be enhanced on the Mousewheel.

So if you are interested, simply click on your Mousewheel, go to "Maintenance..." then click on "New version ?" and you will receive a new box. Sorry this version involves changes into scripts that are not in the root prim, and items like the Display, so a conventional update is not possible on this one.

Take a look at the list of improvements :

* Access level is now in two parts, sitting access and menu access. The sitting access is the same as before (All, Group captives, Owner), while the menu access allows the owner to select whether everyone can click, or only group members, or only yourself. As a bonus, the Zapper is now linked to that menu access as well but only "owner of the wheel" or "all", no "group" access for it (since it means restricting to only members of the group of the wheel, not of the Zapper, and SL does not allow this). Please note, that the access level of the Display is still independent from that of the wheel.

* The Zapper does not turn itself off when attached anymore, that was annoying when relogging on the wheel since it would lose its settings.

* The particles do not get a weird angle anymore (they would sometimes spawn too early when the avatar was still not sitting tight yet and still had an odd orientation, confusing the particles).

* Last but not least, the wheel stops giving a folder every time you sit on it or change the configuration. It now checks whether you already have the folder and uses it if it finds it (it must be right under #RLV). This has two nice effects : firstly it stops filling your #RLV with "~Wearables for Mousewheel blah blah" folders. Secondly, it won't detach the Zapper when relogging, since it will be found when coming back, so the settings stick.

Have fun !


Saturday, March 2, 2013

New product : Mousewheel

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