Sunday, March 10, 2013

Update to the Mousewheel

Hello there,

After a week of use, I have spotted a few bugs and a few things that could be enhanced on the Mousewheel.

So if you are interested, simply click on your Mousewheel, go to "Maintenance..." then click on "New version ?" and you will receive a new box. Sorry this version involves changes into scripts that are not in the root prim, and items like the Display, so a conventional update is not possible on this one.

Take a look at the list of improvements :

* Access level is now in two parts, sitting access and menu access. The sitting access is the same as before (All, Group captives, Owner), while the menu access allows the owner to select whether everyone can click, or only group members, or only yourself. As a bonus, the Zapper is now linked to that menu access as well but only "owner of the wheel" or "all", no "group" access for it (since it means restricting to only members of the group of the wheel, not of the Zapper, and SL does not allow this). Please note, that the access level of the Display is still independent from that of the wheel.

* The Zapper does not turn itself off when attached anymore, that was annoying when relogging on the wheel since it would lose its settings.

* The particles do not get a weird angle anymore (they would sometimes spawn too early when the avatar was still not sitting tight yet and still had an odd orientation, confusing the particles).

* Last but not least, the wheel stops giving a folder every time you sit on it or change the configuration. It now checks whether you already have the folder and uses it if it finds it (it must be right under #RLV). This has two nice effects : firstly it stops filling your #RLV with "~Wearables for Mousewheel blah blah" folders. Secondly, it won't detach the Zapper when relogging, since it will be found when coming back, so the settings stick.

Have fun !


Saturday, March 2, 2013

New product : Mousewheel

Hello there !

I've been busy lately, working on a new project that I have been wanting to do for a while : a Mousewheel.

What's a mousewheel ? Well, it is a wheel you put a mouse or a guinea pig in so it may run all it wants, making it turn.

Wait, no, that's not right. This is a big sturdy metal wheel that you put a slave in, and she has to walk or run in order to get a good workout. And possibly provide power to the lights around and entertainment to the bystanders. That's more like it.

Here is what it looks like :

You might have recognized it. It was designed, loosely, from pictures I saw on the House Of Gord website ( Highly recommended !

This is a powerful toy, fit for training even the most reluctant slaves. And since we are all about bondage here, it is also designed for training slaves in bondage.

The wheel is easy to use : the sub sits down and presses the forward arrow key on her keyboard to walk, then page up and page down to go faster or slower. Or, the top may "hitch" (*) the sub to the wheel (provided she uses a RLV relay), keeping her from standing up and she may walk.

According to the kind of training the top wants for his sub, five configurations are available :

* Normal : Walk and run in a sexy fashion.

* Chained : Walk with her ankles chained loosely.

* Hobbled : Walk with her knees tied together with ropes or straps.

* Tight : Hop with her legs tied together tightly in ropes or straps.

* Pony : Prance like a good ponygirl.

Most of those training configurations involve some kind of bondage, which works best with RealRestraint products. However other restraints would work well too, the animations are those of the wheel, not those of the restraints. For example, the hop animations are those found in the Siren ropes, Shibari ropes and Straps, so being tied in any of them while hopping in the wheel would not conflict with their fitting at all. It would look natural. And since the sub is likely bound, she has to be held up to prevent the risk of falling down. That's the "safe" part in "safe, sane and consensual". Which means that she is given a harness to hold her by her shoulders, that is chained up to the inner frame of the wheel :  
This is the best way to train a girl in ballet heels, for example. But when you mean training, nothing is better than a good tens unit. Plugged to the main, clamped to the tits and pussy. Then your sub knows that you mean business. You set the minimum speed and off she goes. She will quickly learn by experience that slowing down is not a good idea !
Now, it would not be fun if all the sub had to do was to park in the wheel and go afk while running. That's why the speed decays regularly until the sub does something (pressing any arrow key on the keyboard for example). If she lets her speed go down and the zapper is plugged, she eventually gets zapped ! I cannot show a video I'm afraid, there was one but YouTube deemed it "inappropriate" four years after it was published. Let's just say she gets zapped where it is the most sensitive, like on the picture above.
And if she insists on slowing down, the zapper becomes harder !
Of course, when you train a sub you expect results. That's why this package includes a display that shows the distance paced (in meters, kilometers, yards and miles), the current speed, the elapsed time and the number of times she got zapped.

Finally, training a sub is good, but making her work is even better. What better use for her sweat than to make her power some lights, for example ? This product includes full-perms lights that you can use and modify at will, they will light up according to the power output provided by the wheel. There will be a battery used to accumulate the energy and provide it to other devices around, but this will be another product.

If you have several mousewheels laid out in the vicinity, the display and the lights react to the nearest device. And remember, training is good for the health !
The price of this product is L$400, it is sold as part of my Marine's Goodies brand, since this is not exactly a restraint. The wheel is Copy/Modify/No-Transfer, while the lights are full perms (their script is no-modify, though). The Land Impact is 19 prims equivalent. Please note, the restraints and outfit are not included.
Have fun ! Marine (*) "Hitch", like on the carts... Actually, this wheel IS a cart, only a non-vehicle one. This means that most of the features in the wheel will find their way into the carts sooner or later ! PS : The outfits and restraints that have been used in this shoot are :  - Karu Karu white latex zip suit + Tango applier  - BAX leather knee boots  - Etchaflesh black mesh corset    - Graves Bare Body thong    - Graves Sacrifice top + Tango applier  - RealRestraint Armbinder  - RealRestraint Isolation Hood  - RealRestraint Police Legirons  - RealRestraint Arms and Legs Straps  - RealRestraint Vixen collar