Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Little Shop of Kink is gone


It seems that the parcel where the famous Little Shop of Kink in Lineside has recently been abandoned by her owner, Tess Whitcroft, an old friend of mine, and Governor Linden returned all the prims from it today, including my vendors and updater, and now owns the parcel.

I'm sad because the Little Shop of Kink was where I had my very first vendor, before my vendors were networked, before I even bought Pak as my First Land, almost... 10 years ago... *gulp*

So that's a little bit of my history that goes away today.

What it means for you, as a customer, is that the updater in Lineside is obviously no longer available, but there is one at Roper's place and another one at Chorazin's sim. And of course the one at my shop in Pak.

Thank you Tess for having me there for so long, and actually helping me start my business back then. I hope you'll be met with success in your future endeavors.


Monday, September 5, 2016

RLV 2.9.20


Here is the latest version of the RLV, including all those commands that were in RLVa for several years and that I never took the time to include in the API (because of time constraints, reviewing to do and all that), resulting in two implementations (RLV and RLVa) progressively diverging apart. It happens sometimes, I add commands first and Kitty Barnett adds them in her RLVa later, or the other way around. This time there was a pretty big backlog on my part so here they are, new commands for the RLV and for you to enjoy !

There is a problem with the version though. Kitty added commands but did not finish the vision restriction ones yet (they're rather tricky because the renderer is so sensitive, it'll need some more time I guess). So if I followed the usual logic, this new version should be 2.10, as new commands are added, but as RLVa still lacks some of the 2.9 commands, it would confuse scripts big time. So this version will be 2.9.20 instead, and we will switch to 2.10 when more commands are added and both implementations converge again.

Without further ado, here is the list of the new commands, you will find a better formalization of them in the RLV API :

added : @findfolders (find several folders at the same time)
added : @touchhud (prevent from touching any HUD)
added : @interact (prevent touching anything in-world as well as editing and sitting)
added : @getdebug RestrainedLoveForbidGiveToRLV, RestrainedLoveNoSetEnv, WindLightUseAtmosShaders
added : @tprequest (prevent from sending a TP request to someone else)
added : @accepttprequest (force send a TP offer to whoever requests one)
added : @sharedwear, @sharedunwear (counterparts of @unsharedwear and @unsharedunwear)
added : @touchfar, @fartouch with max distance parameter
added : @sittp with max distance parameter
added : @tplocal with max distance parameter
added : @sendchannel_except (prevent from using one particular chat channel)
added : @detachthis:uuid, detachallthis:uuid
added : @remattach:uuid (force detach an attachment by its UUID)
added : @shownames:uuid (hide the names of everyone around except one particular avatar)
added : @tpto:region/x/y/z (lookat doesn't work yet) (user-friendlier variant of @tpto)
added : @setcam_avdistmin (synonym to @camdistmin)
added : @setcam_avdistmax (synonym to @camdistmax)
added : @setcam_unlock (synonym to @camunlock)
added : @setcam_fov (force the FoV in radians)
added : @setcam_fovmin (set the minimum FoV)
added : @setcam_fovmax (set the maximum FoV)
added : @setcam_textures:uuid (synonym to @camtextures, + replace the grey texture by a custom one)
added : @getcam_textures (get the specified UUID)
added : @getcam_XXX, XXX being avdistmin, avdistmax, fovmin, fovmax, zoommin, zoommax, zoom, fov

I forgot to add in the release notes (and the file is uploading as I am writing these lines, so I guess it will be for next time) : there was a bug that would not hide emotes coming from an attachment when it took the same name as its wearer (for example, a gag), while under @shownames and @recvemotes AND "Show ..." was active. Specific bug ! Thank you Katinka Teardrop and Isabel Schulze for the heads-up.

ETA : Two commands I forgot to mention here : @sendgesture and @setcam_textures. I just added them to the API now.

You can grab the RLV for Windows here :


Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is

Have fun !


PS : It is now  v2.9.20.1 because there was a crash with @camtextures:uuid. This was due to a file I had rolled back while I shouldn't have, after testing @camtextures but before committing the changes. Bad me. Thanks to Chloe1982 Constantine for the report.