Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hi there,

Here is the a version of the RLV, without any RLV-related change but with several bug fixes LL included in the official viewer, that I felt were important enough to release a new version for, namely these two :

- The inventory that jumped when detaching something (god that was annoying).

- The body physics that depended on the FPS, making it difficult to design body physics that would work for everyone. I've been waiting for years for that one.

You can grab the Windows version here : 

The MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Alternate download :

Have fun !

Saturday, November 25, 2017

eRestraints site is back up... sort of

Hi !

Orchid re-established the FTP on, so it can host the RLV again. I have re-uploaded the executable so all is well again :)

I'm still providing the alternate download link for now, just in case, but we are probably in the clear now.

Have fun !


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

First outfit developed for the Proud Girls !

Hello there,

I am proud to announce that Cath6 from Ode's Creations has made a version of her sexy apron to fit the MdlM Proud Girls, and to my knowledge, she is the very first one to have done it :) She used the development kit I provide, and didn't find it particularly difficult to adapt her already existing mesh to those new mesh breasts. See for yourself !

I must point out that for the time being, the apron looks good on the Proud Girls size 50 and more, there is some clipping from 40 to 50. Cath6 said she would probably work on it to perfect the fitting. I didn't detect any clipping at sizes 50 and up, with or without body physics.

Have fun !


Sunday, November 19, 2017

eRestraints site is down

Hello there,

For a few days now, the eRestraints website is down, and the RLV FTP server with it, meaning there is an alternate link to download it at MediaFire. The link is on the right of this blog page, labeled "Alternate Download", and here is the direct link :

I don't know what's up with eRestraints, I have IMed and mailed Orchid, the webmistress, but so far got no answer. To be honest with you, I am a little bit worried about her, because she hasn't logged on to SL for over a month now, and has always been very responsive. I hope she's alright. was originally named The "S" was added later, not long ago, due to a mishap that let the original website name fall into the clutches of another website owner. eRestraint is one of the oldest bondage website of all (it shows as registered in 2003 but it was active well before that, I think it was already active in '97), and it has been a honor for me to be invited there to host the RLV for so much time. Thank you Orchid !

I hope eRestraints will be back online. I know eRestraint (without the S) uses the same flowers-and-cuffs logo but it is not held by the same person, and is probably not related to Orchid.

Have fun !