Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restrained Love v2.2.1.0

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, with a few bugfixes and some nice improvements to make it a bit user-friendlier :

- added : Support for Display Names. Please note that this is still in beta stage so there might be a bug here and there, but the tests were pretty conclusive so far.
- added : Qarl Fizz (formerly Qarl Linden) align tool, which is a big plus for builders. You will find it on the Edit window, as a new tool. Thank you Qarl !
- added : Starlight skin by Hitomi Tiponi.
- changed : Now the navigation bar won't hide itself when the avatar is prevented from seeing the location. This will allow them to use the sliders on the right at any time now.
- fixed : Remove From Current Outfit would not work well when the RLV features were disabled (thank you Lance Corrimal for the heads-up).
- fixed : The avatar could not be force-teleported by an object which restricted them from sit-tping (it used to work in 1.x).

You can download the installer for Windows here :

MD5 hash :

Have fun !

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Restrained Love v2.2.0.1

Hello there !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, this time more about user-friendliness than about bug-fixin'. See for yourself :

- added : A slider on the navigation bar to offset the altitude of the avatar. This is useful when the current animation is not properly offset according to the size of the avatar. This feature was inspired from the Phoenix viewer. If the navigation bar is unavailable, the setting can be changed by modifying the "RestrainedLoveOffsetAvatarZ" debug setting. Attention it works only between -0.5 and 0.5, default is 0.0.

- added : No script will be able to remove an item, a piece of clothing or a complete folder if its name contains "nostrip". This feature is inspired from RLVa's "nostrip" security. Yes, it was about time !

- changed : Do not automatically decline inventory offers and do not ignore object IMs when in Busy mode.

- changed : When in no-script areas, every attachment becomes automatically undetachable. Thanks JiaDragon Allen for the idea.

- fixed : Script editor freezes when pasting large pieces of code. Fix was possible thanks to Satomi Ahn's patch for

- fixed : Removing all clothes with a @detachthis command would not remove stacked clothes.

- fixed : Crash when receiving inventory if no #RLV folder was created. My bad, and thanks Henri Beauchamp for the heads-up.

- fixed : In the Outfit panel, "Wear & Replace" should remove the current attachments and clothes instead of stacking.

- fixed : "Remove From Current Outfit" was missing from the context menu.

- fixed : "Remove From Current Outfit" was not available when RLV was deactivated.

Download the installer here :

MD5 hash :

Have fun !

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Closing the maze... NOT !

Hello again !

I am happy to announce that the maze did not close after all, it just... moved.

You will find out it is now in Deitide, high up in the sky. However the main entrance is still in Zhora (look for the pile of rocks in the park and walk through the badger hole with a RLV relay on) and the maze is identical to what it was before. It's just elsewhere. The main entrance will move soon too I guess, I will put it in Deitide, or copy it, or whatever. In any case, it's working.

A BIG thanks to Chorazin Allen for hosting it there. I'm happy to see my old buddy back into shape !

Have fun !