Thursday, November 19, 2009

Such a beautiful day

And such a perfect one ! Sugar and I got partnered yesterday, both wearing white wedding dresses (you don't see that often outside SL !), and both terrified, but happy :)

Before you ask, our ceremony was quite simple and short. We didn't want to make anything huge or pompous or never-ending, we wanted to stay ourselves, and to stay true to each other.

It took place in Allure, Amethyst's private sim. This sim is not only beautiful, it is also where I used to spend my time when I was a noob, hidden. I held fond memories of this place, and now I'm going to hold even more !

Dear Amethyst. You know her. We all do :)

Speaking of Ame, she has made us the honor of not only assisting to the ceremony, but actually taking it in charge ! She has prepared everything that we weren't handling ourselves. Everything was set, to the finest detail. That was so sweet of her !

We had to choose a time when not many of our friends were online. This was because of several RL schedule contraints, both for Sugar and for me, which ruled weekends out. Yesterday morning and noon (SL time) were when it was best for us, when we were less likely to be interrupted. And despite that awkward schedule, all those who could come, did. Some even rushed online just to avoid being late, and one was sick but managed to stay there as long as she could !

Thank you so much for being there and witnessing our union, Sabrina, Tess, Daisy, Jayleia, Jessica, Devious, Eve, Inara, Mija, Chorazin, RubberMan and Chyanne... And Gin and Valar for being at the reception after the ceremony... And all the others who would have liked to come but couldn't... Warm kisses !

Jay, Inara, Chorazin, Daisy

Jessica, Inara again

Tess, Devious, Sabrina, Jessica again

So while people were arriving, a little before 10am SL time, Sugar and I were readying, "hidden" behind the hill, both shaking in anticipation, almost sure that something would go wrong. SL was acting up a little because of the rolling restarts going on at that time, stressing the asset servers a lot, paintaing my veil in grey and turning Sugar's flowers into blobs. But nothing we couldn't handle.

And then... Tadaa ! Here we come. Very slowly. Walking straight, side by side, looking forward, too scared to think, while Amethyst is standing up there waiting for us at the altar.

Once there, while we were totally not daring to look at the guests, Ame welcomed everyone and asked us a few questions. Then we went on to our vows, holding our hands, both almost crying.

And... a very,
veeeery long kiss ^_^

After the ceremony, which lasted no more than one hour (we wouldn't want to bore our guests to death, would we ? And most of them were very thirsty near the end anyway *g), we all walked across the sim and headed to the reception room. Appreciating the beauty of the landscape on our way.

Once there, the guests settled around the pyramid of champagne glasses which were only waiting to be filled.

So the bottle of champagne was opened with a loud "pop", and I filled the glasses from above, slowly (risking a spectacular and stupid death in the process). A real fountain.

The rules in order to be granted a glass were simple : either kiss Sugar, or me, or both. For some reason we ended ex-aequo. Maybe we'll have to do it again *g*

We danced...

Our slow

And danced...

With Sabrina

And danced again...

Two wild twirling white tornadoes

Till we were all worn out and only a cake would save us from total starvation !

Hurry up, RubberMan is hungry !

And finally, when stuffed and back home alone, guess what... we crashed together !

It was all so perfect ! I will never forget that day :)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sugar & Spice

Hello there,

You may wonder why I've been so silent lately, well there you have it :

My friend Ollalla and I are getting partnered !

Oh I know, I know, "it's about freakin' time", I heard that a lot lately :) It's been three years after all !

Now, if you've read my blog since the beginning you might have an idea of who Ollalla Sugarbeet is. If you don't, well let me introduce her. Again.

Sugar (that's her nickname, she doesn't really like to be called "Ollalla") is a very sweet and cunning person, who has been living with me since we were noobs. She has helped me with every single project of mine, not technically but socially, to understand the long-term impacts of my decisions. I can say that almost all the good significant decisions I took were taken after discussing with her, while almost all the bad decisions were taken by me alone. On every project. RR, RLV, Banishment Program, Maze, SLBI Computers, SLBI Greylist, SLBI Trackers and so on and so forth. In a way, she is the element of rationality and stability in my crazy race for perfection.

This is because she has the eyes of the hawk. And she knows a lot of people, how they think, how they feel, chances are she even knows you ! All this knowledge allows her to anticipate whatever would happen if a change was implemented to whatever system, at the social level. In our couple (I almost said in our team) she is the social element while I am the technical one. Both equally important in regards to the projects we do together. And God knows we have accomplished a lot, together and separately.

She has also always been there when I was feeling down. Always ready to drop everything when she felt I needed to be cheered up, and she has, several times. Always ready for some action when things were looking blah. And always ready to turn the tables when able !

Our friends tell us that we are an exemplary couple in SL. Given how fast things change in this virtual world, 3 years almost feel like 30 ! And given how many temptations SL offers, how easy it is to stray from a promise, and how easy it is to finally get burnt out and quit, leaving the other party alone and sad, it is a wonder we went that far. Or is it ?

I think not. Sure we have changed. Grown up from noobish status to less-noobish status. Got our share of drama. Felt let down by people sometimes. Lost ourselves into careless fun with strangers (and we still do it and it is still as fun). Got little carried away when having fun together. But we never ever lost faith in each other, or grew bored of each other. After three years, it is still as refreshing to be together, so no, it is not a wonder at all that we went that far.

Oh of course, partnering in SL may mean as little as a name on a profile, or as much as an actual RL wedding. To me, it is a way to say "Thank you for being there and believing in me". And "I enjoy every minute I spend with you". And above everything else, "I always had and will always have your best interests at heart".

Because you're my priority in SL, Sugar. Now take my hand and let's keep walking, shall we ?