Sunday, November 30, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.15

Hi !

Here it is, the latest update to the RestrainedLife viewer, and this one is big ! Here is the list of changes, additions and bugfixes :

* Added @accepttp to force the sub to accept a teleport offer sent by an avatar by clicking on "Offer Teleport" on their profile. It will be like being summoned by a Linden, no confirmation box, no message, no Cancel button. Note : this does not deprecate @tpto which teleports to a location instead.

* Added @getinvworn that gives the list of sub-folders under a shared folder like @getinv, but with additional information about which folder contains worn items.

* Added @chatwhisper, @chatnormal and @chatshout to prevent the sub from whispering, chatting normally and shouting respectively. It does not prevent sending the message, it just falls back to another "volume", usually lower (except @chatwhisper that falls back to normal chat). Useful in crowded RP areas like prisons where some inmates like to shout.

* Added @attachall and @detachall to attach/detach shared folders recursively.

* Added @getstatusall to get the list of all the restrictions currently put on the sub, compared to @getstatus which would only give the list of the restrictions issued by the object that sends that command.

* Added @getinv_... to get a current Windlight setting. It was eagerly awaited.

* Reinstated Whisper, for some reason it was gone from the previous version.

* Now, when prevented from standing up, the sub is also unable to teleport.

* The viewer will now even if the settings.xml file is missing the RestrainedLife and RestrainedLifeDebug debug settings. The former is always forced to True anyway, and the latter
will be available to those who have installed the settings.xml file correctly, but most people don't use it (only content creators do).

* The order of HUD attachment points has been tweaked a little so that a HUD that should attach to Top Left will stop attaching to Top and same for Bottom Right and Bottom.

* And a few bugfixes here and there...

Go grab it at :

MD5 hash (windows viewer) : ce888d925df030c8916e87d810710715

Have fun !

Monday, November 24, 2008

My plans for the immediate future

Hello there,

I have not updated this blog in a while, mostly because I had a lot on my plate and not much to say... So just to keep you informed (and to point out that I'm not dead !), here are the things I'm planning to do in the near future :


I have just released a new toy, a ringgag, which behaves mostly like the ballgag I have made... oh... more than a year and a half ago ! That's not a plan, it is done and released by now, but it was also for me a way to introduce a few improvements such as faster dialogs and a better control over the IM restriction. Improvements that will find their way into my other products eventually, of course. Which brings me to the next point...


The menus on the ringgag are faster, responding immediately now. This is due to some work I've done on *every single script* of mine that uses a menu, i.e. the plugins, the plugins browser and the core script. In every single product ! The work itself was not hard, trivial even, but the number of scripts was huge. And now, I am bound to update everything.

However, this only impacts the root items of every set (right wrist cuff etc), so I will make it clear in the update notecard that old secondary items (all the ropes you had to resize to your shape for example) will still be valid and compatible without any loss. I'm hearing a few sighs of relief from here. Hehe.

Restrained Elegance

You may know that name already, this is the name of a nice bondage website that has been around for a while now. Very classy, fun and creative, it also shows one of the best sets of shackles ever, the "Heaven's Hell" as it is called by its manufacturer. It looks so good that I have reproduced it here in SL.

It is working nicely, had a lot of very positive feedback from the people who tested it, and will be released in the next few days. You might think "Shackles again ? No way !" but these are quite different from the Serious Shackles. Lighter, classier, not meant for heavy duty but rather for romantic D/s. They will also be cheaper because they don't have elbows, thighs or belts. And they look gorgeous ! All round and polished, they are my favorite product at the moment.

As my friend Ollalla suggested while I was struggling to find a nice name for them, why not calling them "Restrained Elegance" like the website ? I asked the webmaster, and he accepted !

So here they are, the new Restrained Elegance shackles. They function very much like the Serious ones, including the Spy plugin and its remote, but the arms poses are entirely new, and the legs poses have been reworked (a sexy "Lie", a lower "Kneel", a lower "Hogtie" and a new "Hogside" replacing the "Spread"). And new chains ! And and and... but I'm just making you drool, let's show you a pic or two !

Other products

Despite what some people may think, I have not stopped making stuff at all, but it is true that I focused mostly on the RestrainedLife viewer and a couple other projects (the Banishment Program and the Maze). And I did not want to release the same stuff over and over again. Granted I always use the same system (who doesn't), but you may have noticed that no two products of mine are identical. They all have some value added compared to the others. This is not going to change, so I'm planning to release more stuff in the future, provided I can make it unique enough. I have a few ideas already. In fact my fingers are aching to make them now. lol.

HUD detaching

Lately more and more people have been experiencing this annoying "... has removed her HUD cache !" message repeatedly. This is happening in laggy places, mostly in Openspaces, and is due to the timeout I've set to be too short. Well it is more than long enough to handle normally laggy areas but when it gets ugly, the HUD gets dropped. You may wonder "why a timeout at all, since the HUD alerts the cuff when it's detached ?", well because there are cases when the cuff is simply unable to receive the alert. Not because it is badly scripted, but because of the way SL is made. For instance after a bad TP, some HUDs or other attachments just crash, without a word. But they stay there, zombified. A timeout is the only way to get rid of it automatically.

So a longer timeout is in order, I am testing it in very very laggy places, and despite having made it 3 times longer, I'm still getting the error (only 3 times less often). Once fixed, it will be part of the big update.


I am amazed at how savvy some users are about my stuff, and/or about the RL viewer. Seriously. I may not talk much on my own group (mostly because I'm busy, but also because SL does not even allow me to, and no it has nothing to do with a gag), but I'm listening a lot, and what I hear there is very gratifying ! Let me just put a few things straight first : My Manuals Suck. Or rather, they are too light and do not explain everything, far from it. This is mostly on purpose actually, what I want is to tell the minimum to point the user in the right direction... and then they're on their own to experiment ! People don't like to read and there are so many things to say anyway.

So the most adventurous ones get to discover more and motivate the others to play with some less known features too. It is a nice way to build a community. But it also means more very basic questions on the group chat and people get tired to explain the same things again and again. So I want to find the time to revamp my manuals and make them more readable, because frankly, My Manuals Suck. lol. And more tutorials here, too, because it's easier to read here than on a notecard, especially when there are pictures to download.


You may have noticed that updates to the RLV are getting sparse now, as it's stabilizing. I do not plan to add new features forever, and have almost added all the features I wanted to add. But I'm working on v1.15 with a few new commands and a couple of bugfixes :

* "@accepttp:UUID=add" to let the Dom/me force-tp the sub to them through the friends list, without the ability to decline or even to cancel. In other words, the Dom/me becomes like a Linden to the sub in this regard. As far as my scripts are concerned, I think I will just update the Allow plugin to take this into account. It will not supercede or deprecate @tpto, because the former teleports to an avatar, whereas the latter teleports to an arbitrary location. Both are complimentary.

* "@getenv_...=nnnn" to get the current Windlight environment settings. What replaces "..." is the same as what is after "@setenv_".

* "@getstatusall=nnnn" to get the full list of restrictions currently applied, regardless of the objects applying them. I am torn on this one... at the time of this writing I am inclined to code it, but tomorrow I might find a good reason against it again.

* "@getinvworn=nnnn" to get the list of folders under a folder in the inventory, with an additional information per folder saying whether at least one item under it is worn or not. This is just for convenience, if it's too hard to do I won't do it.

* Fix for the misordered HUDs attachment points that make the viewer believe that "wear on Top" means "wear on Top Left" and mess your favorite hud.

The names of the commands listed hereabove are very likely to be final, there is very little risk I'm would change them now.

Keep in mind that the more scripts that use the RLV the more thought I must give to adding new features. Because often that means additional update work for many scripters.


And last but not least, I wanna have fun. It may sound strange, but it is hard for someone with a well-known name like mine to have careless fun in a public place with casual players. It always ends up with "I love your work !". Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate every single compliment and praise, even if I suck at taking them (I just blush and lose my words... pathetic !). But in the middle of a game... I'm not a creator anymore. Either a powerful Domme or a bratty sub, but definitely not working on anything. One day I was tied up at Ropers and unable to speak, while someone was insisting in knowing what product comes next. I finally left, totally turned off, and did not come back that day. So don't talk about work, please !

That or I get interrupted by an IM from someone having a problem or a question, and talking business is not the best way to get me into the mood. When I'm able to answer at all ! Because the biggest victim of my own work in SL, is me. lol. It is a shame that people don't read profiles because I would make it clear that when I'm playing, I'm definitely not working. And my only alt is meant for work, precisely, so I play as me.

So these are my plans. I have certainly forgotten half of them, but you get the idea already.

Have fun !

Edit : I have released the Restrained Elegance shackles earlier than planned. They were ready, I was bored, had a little time... so here they are !

Friday, November 7, 2008

Openspace sims again

The JIRA entry got almost 4000 votes ! I have never seen so many votes on that bug tracking system, that's a sign the protestation was massive, and that the Lindens did listen.

Now, I won't pretend I am satisfied with their "change of plans" (although, like Inara, I think it was actually planned to be this way from the beginning, it's a common negotiation technique after all). 25% of the price of a full sim a month for 5% of its prims and much less processor power, even knowing an openspace (well, "void" is more adequate) is as large as a full sim... that's not what I would call a fair trade. Especially since people paid for 25% of the prims in the first place and were never told this value would change over time. I still say that the money they charge for leasing you a part of a quad-core server with a Debian distro is ridiculously high.

But this is a small progress, and I want to thank you all for voting and maybe helping bend this ridiculous business scheme to make it more acceptable.