Sunday, November 30, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.15

Hi !

Here it is, the latest update to the RestrainedLife viewer, and this one is big ! Here is the list of changes, additions and bugfixes :

* Added @accepttp to force the sub to accept a teleport offer sent by an avatar by clicking on "Offer Teleport" on their profile. It will be like being summoned by a Linden, no confirmation box, no message, no Cancel button. Note : this does not deprecate @tpto which teleports to a location instead.

* Added @getinvworn that gives the list of sub-folders under a shared folder like @getinv, but with additional information about which folder contains worn items.

* Added @chatwhisper, @chatnormal and @chatshout to prevent the sub from whispering, chatting normally and shouting respectively. It does not prevent sending the message, it just falls back to another "volume", usually lower (except @chatwhisper that falls back to normal chat). Useful in crowded RP areas like prisons where some inmates like to shout.

* Added @attachall and @detachall to attach/detach shared folders recursively.

* Added @getstatusall to get the list of all the restrictions currently put on the sub, compared to @getstatus which would only give the list of the restrictions issued by the object that sends that command.

* Added @getinv_... to get a current Windlight setting. It was eagerly awaited.

* Reinstated Whisper, for some reason it was gone from the previous version.

* Now, when prevented from standing up, the sub is also unable to teleport.

* The viewer will now even if the settings.xml file is missing the RestrainedLife and RestrainedLifeDebug debug settings. The former is always forced to True anyway, and the latter
will be available to those who have installed the settings.xml file correctly, but most people don't use it (only content creators do).

* The order of HUD attachment points has been tweaked a little so that a HUD that should attach to Top Left will stop attaching to Top and same for Bottom Right and Bottom.

* And a few bugfixes here and there...

Go grab it at :

MD5 hash (windows viewer) : ce888d925df030c8916e87d810710715

Have fun !