Monday, November 28, 2016

New product : Latex bodysuits

Heya !

After the Latex Catsuits and the Latex Socks & Gloves, let me introduce you to the new Latex Bodysuits !

Update : Since 11/06/2020, you can use your bodysuits in Bakes On Mesh mode. See this post for details. 

Update : Since 10/12/2020 you can use the included Accessory HUD to modify the shine and tint of your neck piece, see this post for details.

These bodysuits feature a very nice, smooth V curve going high over the hips to emphasize your shape.

They are made with the same styles and colors as the catsuits, socks and gloves, so that you can use them in conjunction naturally. Like them, they are appliers for the Maitreya mesh body that use materials, with seams and creases for a better realistic look.

And like them, they come in 4 variants (from opaque to clear), with 27 colors each, plus unique bonuses such as camo suits, fishnet suits, open breasts suits and invisible suits. Each variant has its own bonuses.

Here are a couple videos to show the dynamic shine in action. And also for the pleasure of your eyes, of course !

You can find them exclusively on the Marketplace at these locations :

Opaque bodysuits
Sheer bodysuits
Transparent bodysuits
Clear bodysuits
Bodysuits fatpack

Please note that since 2017, September the 22nd, these HUDs are compatible with Lolas and Omega (provided you don't use an Omega relay because this is not guaranteed to work). See this post for details.

With the Cuffed Breasts from Code-5

Before you read further, you must be aware of a few things :

1. They need you (and those who look at you, ideally) to have Advanced Lighting Model activated. With or without dynamic shadows doesn't matter, but ALM must be on for the shine to show.

To activate ALM, open your Preferences, go to "Graphics" and tick the "Advanced Lighting Model" checkbox, if not already done :

If doing so cripples your FPS (Frames Per Second, the speed at which your viewer renders your view in SL), just deactivate the dynamic shadows like this :

Of course there need to be local lights around, at the very least some sun. If you are in an area without any local lights, the latex won't shine, obviously. And you need to set your Maitreya HUD to shine at least a little (that's the "Glossiness" slider on the "Layers" tab) :

2. They work with Maitreya but also with any mesh body, hands, feet and breasts that are natively compatible with Omega (natively as in "don't need an Omega relay to apply" because not all Omega relays convey material information so your latex wouldn't shine, depending on your mesh body) or Lolas. To use with Omega, press the "Outer", "Inner" or "Tattoo" button in the lower par of the HUD after clicking on one of the color buttons. To use with Lolas, click on "Top" or "Bra" in the same area instead. See this post for details.

3. These bodysuits are sold through my Maison De La Marquise brand. This is the brand I created for the Marketplace and I use it to publish the erotic movies I shoot. You won't find a vendor for these bodysuits in world, they are sold on the Marketplace only. This is not really a problem for you but it's better you know this before you spend time looking for a vendor all over the grid :)

Now that this is out of  the way, let's get to the good stuff.

The Bodysuits feature some really nice seams at the right places, as well as a zipper in the back (except for fishnets), and there is even an additional neck piece if you want your bodysuit to go all the way up over the neck ! More about the neck piece below.

There are four variants of the bodysuits, and for each variant, 27 colors and a few bonuses. Each product is a particular variant and there is a fatpack containing all four variants at a discounted price.

The colors match the ones of the Highbinder, Deluxe straps, Deluxe gag & blindfold and Body harness, and they are organized the same way, by groups of 9 like on the menus of the texture plugins of the aforementioned restraints. There is also a very nice warm white I call "Ivory", since of course the "custom" button of the plugins cannot be matched to any particular color, and we cannot tint an applier. You will find the exact tints below on this blog post, but also on the menu of each applier, so you can match the tint of your own gear if needed, whatever it is.

Here are the four variants :


Those bodysuits are completely opaque, nothing can be seen underneath. They're perfect for being worn over another piece of clothing (for example a catsuit, or leggings, pantyhose, tights, anything you can think of), but if you do this you might need to activating "mask mode" on your Maitreya HUD to avoid having transparent surfaces conflicting with each other.

Bonus : Six military camouflage patterns. Woodland, jungle, desert, night, urban and snow :








These suits are a little see-through and daring, the latex is clearer where the suit is tighter, like real-life latex suits. Which means your shoulders, belly, breasts and butt will show through ! The effect is more pronounced on darker shades but is visible on lighter ones too. Of course, turn "Mask Mode" off on your Maitreya HUD or they will be opaque but without the shadow maps that the opaque catsuits have.

Please note that although I am wearing pasties (which are the bonus for the Transparent Catsuits, they are not included with the Bodysuits), this is just to avoid showing myself nude on Blogger. The non-opaque bodysuits do not hide your private parts.

Bonus : Two cow pattern catsuits, one with the breasts covered and the other with the breasts free. Moo !

And four colors of sheer bodysuits with holes for the breasts as well : black, ivory, blood red and navy blue.





There are no "free breasts" bodysuits for the opaque variant, because there are already 6 bonuses in it (the camo suits). But if you really want opaque bodysuits with holes for the breasts, simply activate "Mask Mode" on your Maitryea HUD. These suits are opaque enough to turn completely opaque when "Mask Mode" is on. Also you have a way to turn the neck piece to Mask Mode as well (see below).


These ones are frankly transparent, they won't hide anything. But hey, bodysuits are supposed to emphasize your body, not hide it !

Bonus :  Six fishnet bodysuits. Now these are not latex but actual fishnet material, that shine only where the fabric is. They are very realistic and very sexy ! The six colors are black, ivory, blood, azure, plum and princess pink. Here is the black one shown front and back, as you can see the shine is different :


These bodysuits are so transparent that you can barely see them. Well, you can see how they shine, but they leave nothing to the imagination !

Bonus : Three "invisible" bodysuits, two of them with seams (ivory and black). Well they still shine on your body, but they have no tint at all. See for yourself :


Ivory seams

Black seams

Combining with other latex suits

Bodysuits are fun and sexy, but more often than not, you will want to mix and match. For example with the Latex Socks from Maison De La Marquise (sold separately), since they have the same styles :

Opaque black

Camo jungle

Fishnet black

Invisible black

But you might also want to combine with a full-body Latex Catsuit (sold separately) :

A clear black catsuit underneath a black bodysuit. Mmmmm :)

Camo jungle & woodland

Camo night & woodland

You call that "mix and match ?"

The best way to do this is to wear the catsuit first on tattoo, then the bodysuit on underwear, one of them being set to Mask Mode (preferably the opaque suit).


There is not much to explain about the HUD, everything is pretty self-explanatory. Here is a screenshot of the opaque bodysuits HUD :

If you click on any of the colored round buttons, it will activate an applier. The three groups of nine buttons each yield a different color, while the buttons on the bottom are the bonus appliers (here the camo suits, but there are others as you saw above).

If you use Omega, you have to click on "Outer", "Inner" or "Tattoo" after clicking on the round button you chose, to apply to your Omega mesh body. Attention, your mesh body must be natively compatible with Omega, it cannot rely on an Omega relay.

If you use Lolas, you have to click on "Top" or "Bra" after clicking on the round button you chose, to apply to your Lolas breasts.

For more information about how to use with Omega and Lolas, please refer to this post.

Clicking on the "M" symbol will give you a link to my Marketplace store.

Lastly, the two buttons on the upper left corner allow you to hide and show the neck piece, see below.

The tints

As pointed above, each variant has 27 colors plus a few bonuses, the colors matching the ones of several RealRestraint products. Here are the exact RGB values (the first number is the amount of red, the second one is the amount of green, the third one is the amount of blue) :

- Ivory : 247 242 223
- Copper : 120 51 15
- Gold : 252 194 0
- Black : 13 13 13
- Gunmetal : 66 56 51
- Steel : 128 128 128
- Slate : 112 128 143
- Silver : 191 191 191
- White : 255 255 255

- Blood : 117 10 10
- Red : 191 0 0
- Light red : 255 64 64
- Orange : 224 117 33
- Yellow : 252 219 20
- Light yellow : 255 245 176
- Dark green : 5 51 15
- Green : 8 120 38
- Lime : 89 242 128

- Navy : 20 41 66
- Blue : 26 94 217
- Azure : 94 176 255
- Indigo : 112 0 255
- Amethyst : 153 102 204
- Plum : 143 69 133
- Purple : 191 0 128
- Flesh pink : 204 138 128
- Princess pink : 245 194 194

- Woodland camo (4 colors) : 129 117 76 / 90 66 38 / 69 76 43 / 46 42 42
- Jungle camo (4 colors) : 191 189 134 / 125 133 95 / 76 85 69 / 67 73 58
- Desert camo (4 colors) : 251 230 203 / 200 167 134 / 148 107 55 / 110 71 28
- Night camo (4 colors) : 35 35 35 / 33 33 33 / 24 24 24 / 17 17 17
- Urban camo (4 colors) : 227 227 227 / 167 167 167 / 101 101 101 / 69 69 69
- Snow camo (4 colors) : 250 250 250 / 229 229 229 / 181 181 181 / 133 133 133

The neck piece

I like my bodysuits to go high over the neck, that's why I made a special neck piece to complement your shiny look and cover more skin ! When you click on an applier on your HUD, the neck piece changes texture to the same one as the top, so it is always assorted nicely. Better yet, the patterns match so it will blend very well with the camo suits. You've seen the neck piece on pretty every picture on this post, but here is a closer look :

It is a fitted mesh attachment that uses a different protocol from the Maitreya applier one. This is why if you wear the neck piece and click on a button on your HUD, it will change texture immediately, while the Maitreya applier will ask you which layer to set it to. Also unlike the Maitreya mesh body, it only has one layer so you cannot make it display two bodysuits or catsuits at the same time. But since it is copiable, nothing keeps you from wearing two at the same time !

And since it is copiable and modifiable, nothing keeps you from turning it the color you want (or tinting and texturing it yourself), remove the script it contains, and wear it as a nice collar even without any suit.

Please note that the neck piece is absolutely not necessary for the products to work. You are free to wear it or not, your choice.

You can control the visibility of the neck piece with the two buttons on the upper left corner of the HUD :

That way you don't have to constantly wear and remove it. Typically when you press "Clear All Layers" on your Maitreya HUD, you then click on the "hide neck" button on the bodysuits HUD.

By the way, the neck pieces contained in each single product are exactly the same. It doesn't matter which HUD controls which neck piece, all the neck pieces work with all the catsuit and bodysuit HUDs.

Lastly, if you click on the "show neck" button while the neck piece is already visible, it will switch its mask mode, exactly like the Maitreya HUD does with the Maitreya mesh body. That way if you switch Mask Mode on the Maitreya HUD, you can do the same for the neck piece with the "show neck" button.

Please note that at the time of this writing, the neck piece of the Latex Catsuits cannot do that yet, but I plan to update it as well.

Updating your bodysuits

I keep working on my products even after releasing them, and when enough features have been added (or enough bugs have been fixed) I issue an update and send a notice to my RR group (join the RealRestraint Updates & Support group if you want to be notified). To get your updated product, or simply a redelivery, just rez the updater object on the ground near you and wait a little. The check is done automatically and the updater derezzes itself (it is copy so you don't lose it).

Where to buy

You can find the Latex Bodysuits at my store on the Marketplace, each product is Modify (*), Copy and No-Transfer and costs L$550, or you can get all of them in the Fatpack for L$1850. Each box contains an updater to rez in case an update is available for this product, updates are always free. Also if you ever break your product, rezzing the updater will automatically get you a redelivery. Please note that since they are no-transfer, there is no refund so all sales are final, I can only refund double purchases. If you buy one variant, like it and decide to buy the fatpack afterwards, you can IM me so I refund you for the single variant, since it is also contained in the fatpack. That way you don't have to pay twice for the same product.

Please try the demo first !

Have fun !


(*) The neck piece is modify, the HUD itself is no-modify because the scripts are loaded with the UUIDs of the textures to apply. Resetting it would make them lose all those data and break the HUD, we can't risk that so the HUD is no-mod.

PS : My heels (not included) are from Mutresse (Volena for Maitreya and Slink). They're mod, so I have modified them to make them look latex, but they already look awesome out of the box.

Friday, November 18, 2016



Here is a new version of the RLV, with several bug fixes and a couple changes.

added : Added "AllowMUpose" to settings.xml to let the user decide whether to emote with ":" or not.

changed : Prevent from putting an object in a box if it belongs to a locked folder, because it could be sent back to the inventory thanks to a script into a #RLV/~(name) folder, which might not be locked.

changed : Prevent from rezzing an object if it belongs to a locked folder, but only if it hasn't been given during this session, for the same reason.

changed : When under @unsit and forced to stand up thanks to a llUnSit() LSL call, force to sit back to where we were (only works for prims with a defined sit target, like a scripted furniture or a poseball).

fixed : Wrong limits for @setcam_fov (thank you Henri Beauchamp for the fix)

fixed : secondlife:///app/agent/[uuid]/about was not hidden by @shownames (thank you Chorazin Allen for the heads-up)

fixed : llOwnerSay from a worn object transmitting a message sent by another object on the chat which was spoofing the name of its own wearer (like a gag), was not having names hidden by @shownames, neither on a chat message nor on an emote.

fixed : A gesture sending /77arm bypassed @sendchannel_sec=n (thank you Daisy Rimbaud for the heads-up)

You can grab the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is

Have fun !