Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.18

Hi !

With the new SL viewer out just yesterday (now 1.23.4), I must hurry and release a compatible RLV as quickly as possible, so here it is. I did some maintenance and integrated Henri's code cleanups, but aside from that there is nothing new. Here are the changes :

- changed : now showing (PG), (Mature) or (Adult) even when the location is hidden.
- changed : the viewer was hiding any llOwnerSay starting with two spaces purposedly, but it seemed to confuse people, it is now only hiding messages that start with a Tab ("\t").
- changed : integrated Henri Beauchamp's code cleanup (I do that every once in a while).
- fixed : the world map and minimap buttons were not turning themselves off properly when @showloc was issued while they were activated.
- fixed : now unable to chat on CHANNEL_DEBUG while under @sendchat (thank you Sophia Barrett).
- fixed : "so and so gave you..." now hides the name while under @shownames.

As always you will find it there :


And the MD5 hash is 9a225d9eb08a5d3b3e9779feaf148401

Have fun while I'll work at adding a few new things soon !