Monday, March 13, 2017

Update to the Dust System

Hi again !

Yes, this is a slew of small updates these days, for once I have a little time to give attention to things that really needed to be improved :)

This time this about the Dust System, in particular the Dusty Surfaces themselves (not to the Duster gag or the Feather duster).

It is a small update again, but I hope you will find it useful, I know the following changes were popular requests.

The first change is small, it simply does not register the name of the one who dusts the surface, if this surface is already clean. That way, no more sneaky maids giving a clean surface a short sweep to get all the credit !

The second change needs a little explanation. By default the surfaces stay clean for a week, then start getting dirty over the next week, to become fully dusty (with clouds of smoke, owners complaining and all) by the end of that second week. You will now be able to set those two delays yourself thanks to two new buttons on the menu of the Dusty Surfaces Controller. It's this thing here :

It doesn't look like much and is not at all mandatory for the system to work, but it comes in handy when you want to update all your surfaces at once, or make them all dirty or clean at the same time, or even highlight them to show their locations clearly.

Simply rez it if you haven't already, click on it and you get the menu. The two new buttons are "Clean time ?" and "Dusty time ?". The former lets you decide how long every surface stays clean, and the second one lets you decide how long they take to become dirty, past the first period of time.

Both of these buttons bring up a text popup on which you can enter a time in the H:M:S format, for example "12:0:0" for a delay of 12 hours. You can leave the text empty and click "Submit" to set it back to the default 1 week delay.

That's pretty much it, with these two new buttons you can organize things the way you want.

To update your Dust System, you have to do it in two stages.

First click on your controller (rez it if you haven't already), chose "New version ?" to check for the new version, and you will receive your new package after a short time.

Then, instead of rezzing new surfaces (because it is time consuming, and you have already placed your surfaces carefully already), derez that controller and rez the new one, the one that is included in the box you've received. No need to rez any of the surfaces, you will in fact update each of the existing ones automatically by clicking on the new controller and pressing "Update surf.". Wait a moment until all the surfaces are updated, and voila !

Have fun !


Update to the Racing System

Hi !

Another small update, this time for the Racing System by Marine's Goodies.

This one too was long overdue, there were some pieces that were missing from the border rezzer, in particular the sloped turns. There was also a misnamed piece of turn (it was "Road Narrow Left75%", it should have been "Road Narrow Left 75%"). Finally, the racing system did not reset when the owner changes (i.e. when buying it), meaning it had to be reset manually.

To get your update, simply rez your Race Controller if you haven't already, click on its "Maintenance" button, then press "New Version ?", and wait a little, you will receive your new package.

Have fun !


Friday, March 10, 2017

Update to the Bubblizer

Hi there,

Here is a small (but hopefully useful) update to the Bubblizer after receiving a few suggestions about it :

- Added : The field derezzes after an hour of inactivity, to return to its idle state with only the platform.

- Changed : The column obstacle is entirely redone in mesh with a simpler physical shape that feels closer to its visual shape. The old one was a torus with a convex hull (hence a cylinder). As a result, the prim count is a higher than before, the set of columns for the 16x16 field takes 15 prims instead of 7. I couldn't go lower than that without simplifying the visual shape too much.

- Changed : The lights, which are part of the field, are physical and in consequence may disturb the trajectory of a bubble. I have moved them outside the field, one meter back exactly.

- Added : I included the French translation (courtesy of Florensse Resident) in the box.

To update, rez a field and click on the up arrow on the upper right corner of the display, and wait a little, you will receive your new box.

Have fun !