Friday, March 10, 2017

Update to the Bubblizer

Hi there,

Here is a small (but hopefully useful) update to the Bubblizer after receiving a few suggestions about it :

- Added : The field derezzes after an hour of inactivity, to return to its idle state with only the platform.

- Changed : The column obstacle is entirely redone in mesh with a simpler physical shape that feels closer to its visual shape. The old one was a torus with a convex hull (hence a cylinder). As a result, the prim count is a higher than before, the set of columns for the 16x16 field takes 15 prims instead of 7. I couldn't go lower than that without simplifying the visual shape too much.

- Changed : The lights, which are part of the field, are physical and in consequence may disturb the trajectory of a bubble. I have moved them outside the field, one meter back exactly.

- Added : I included the French translation (courtesy of Florensse Resident) in the box.

To update, rez a field and click on the up arrow on the upper right corner of the display, and wait a little, you will receive your new box.

Have fun !