Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Hi !

Here is a new version of the RLV, this time based on the codebase of the SL viewer v6.6.8, with many improvements. In particular, rendering and speed. No kidding, the FPS has kind of doubled with this version ! I didn't have time to look into invisiprims and from what I saw, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make them work again.

 And there's still nothing done to replace them which is a problem because they're the only way to dynamically hide body parts with a script (by hiding and showing the invisiprims). Of course, one may say that this is possible with alpha masks, but they're wearables and require a RLV viewer and some preliminary user action to use automatically (namely, put them into a particular folder and make the script point to that folder, it is not trivial for non-technically minded people). It would also be possible with auto-hide HUDs from Maitreya, for instance, but these things have to be done for every mesh body around, which is not the case.

So for now we have a viewer that works well and fast, but without invisiprims, sadly. And like I said before, I know that invisiprims are ugly and a hack and all, but they're the only solution to one specific problem.

Thanks a lot to Chorazin Allen for keeping the RLV repository up to date with LL's many changes, I certainly wouldn't have had the time to do it myself these days.

You can download the Windows version from http://www.erestraints.com/realrestraint/

The MD5 hash for the Windows version is :

The Linux and Mac versions are proposed by Chorazin at this address :

Have fun !


PS : I can't wait to show you what I'm working on. Because yeah, it is about bondage and kinkiness, and is more or less related to SL even if it's not an SL product. I won't say more about it yet, though, but I can't wait to demonstrate something ! This past year and a half has been the busiest time of my life because of this project.

PS 2 : I can't wait to get back to working in SL, either. It would be like vacations for me. lol.