Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New RealRestraint product : Deluxe Bridle addon

Hi !

The Deluxe Gag gets a new addon : the Deluxe Bridle !

It was a popular request, but also something I've been wanting to make for a while, and is aimed at all the ponygirls and boys out there who want to use their Deluxe Gags during their favorite activities !

Attention : it needs the Deluxe Gag to work, it does not do anything on its own !

Designed to operate seamlessly with the Deluxe Gag, it is an addon to it in the same sense that the Police Elbow cuffs are an addon to the Police Handcuffs. At the bare minimum, it is a leather strap around the head, and another going down the jaw and under the chin :

The jaw straps providing more support for the strap of the gag (ring, ball, bit or ball-bit).

It has three options : pony ears, pony blinders, and pony plumes (a.k.a. "feathers").

The leather ears make the pony look a little more pet-like. Very cute !

Every pony needs leather blinders, they are ideal for training :

What's more, when they are visible, the vision is restricted by the HUD blinders (provided in the box). Even better, the HUD, when visible, is locked (it cannot be detached) and non-editable (it cannot be resized or moved or made invisible). Of course, for those two features, a RLV-enabled viewer is required. Oh, and the HUD blinders change color and texture at the same time as the in-world blinders (those attached to the harness).

Finally, every show pony needs plumes. They are very useful during competitions, races etc, as they can change color at will :

And they're flexi !

As you can see, you can be a complete pony with the Deluxe Gag + its bridle addon. The Deluxe Blindfold is independent and may or may not be worn along with those two. Personally, I love blind pony training so I always wear all three parts at the same time.

The Deluxe Bridle uses the exact same textures and materials than the Deluxe Gag & Blindfold :

This means that when you use the HeadHarnessTex plugin on the Deluxe Gag, the Deluxe Bridle will change textures and tints as well. The blinders and ears are textured like the panel gag, while the front plume is textured like the ball gag and the back plume like the front faces of the leather straps. In other words, you can have your head gear colored in black and red with a red ballgag, like this :

... and texture the ball (and therefore front plume) white, by going to the HeadHarnessTex plugin of the gag, choosing "Sections", then "Ball" (it is on the second page), then "Tint", then "White" :

As you already know by having used the Deluxe Gag & Blindfold, you have many textures and tints at your disposal. When you change the texture or the tint of the gag, the bridle changes as well :

 Rustic, old western style

 Oh, ha ha.

Arrrr ! Well, it sounds more like "mmmph !"

Used along with other RealRestraint items to complement your tack, the Deluxe Bridle is the ideal way to turn you into a very pretty pony !

How to install

To make your Deluxe Bridle operate with your Deluxe Gag, you must modify the contents of the Deluxe Gag a little :

1. Rez your Deluxe Gag on the ground in front of you. Attention, rezzing over a mesh object is problematic, try to rez over a prim or over terrain. The Deluxe Gag is invisible while unlocked, so you need to highlight invisible by pressing Ctrl-Alt-T :

2. Edit your Deluxe Gag by right-clicking on it, and selecting "Edit". Do NOT select "Open", as you might make a mistake when closing it :

3. Click on the Content tab of the window that shows :

4. Delete the "*Style config" notecard by right-clicking on it and selecting "Delete". Do not delete anything else !

5. Look in the Deluxe Bridle folder in your inventory (don't close the Edit window), locate the following items : "*Style config", "Lockable_Master.harngag" and "Lockable_Token_Bridle" (that's two scripts and notecard). Select them, then drag and drop them into the Content tab of Deluxe Gag :

Wait a little and the inventory of the gag will update itself. Then you will be able to see the items you have added.

New "*Style config" notecard

New "Lockable_Master.harngag" and "Lockable_Token_Bridle" scripts.

6. Your Deluxe Gag is ready to use with its Bridle. You can close the Edit window now and pick your Deluxe Gag up. Then wear it, wear the Deluxe Bridle and its Deluxe bridle blinders HUD, and you're ready !

What you have just done is activate the link between Deluxe Gag and the Deluxe Bridle, and make sure that when you update your Deluxe Gag, the updater will give you an updated Deluxe Bridle as well. I would have made a system to automate this installation (much like the RR updaters), but believe it or not, there would be even more room for error than to do it manually. At least here you know what you're doing.

How to use

To control the visibility of each feature (ears, blinders and plumes), all you have to do is click on your gag, go to the Style plugin, and you'll notice its menu has changed, due to the fact that you replace its configuration notecard during the installation procedure (see "How to install"). It now has three more toggles : "Plume", "Ears" and "Blinders". Of course, in order to have them show, you must not only activate them on this menu, but also have the gag locked. When the gag is unlocked, nothing shows at all. The Plume and the Ears are fashion accessories mostly, but the Blinders will hide and show the HUD as well, restricting your vision.

How to resize

Resizing the Deluxe Bridle is easy, because the straps are cut into separate mesh prims that are independent from each other. At first you'll just want to resize the whole object without bothering with each strap, by wearing it and having it locked one way or another (so it is visible), then right-clicking on it and selecting "Edit" on the context menu, exactly like in Step 2 of the installation procedure. You resize an object by holding Ctrl And Shift at the same time, and moving the handles that appear.

But if you really want perfection, you'll want to edit some of the straps individually. To do this, tick the "Edit Linked Parts" checkbox on the Edit window, and click on the part you want to resize.

The parts are :

Front plume, back plume

Left ear, right ear

 Head strap

Forehead strap

 Plume holder

Left blinder, right blinder

Upper left jaw, upper right jaw

Left holder, right holder

 Chin strap

Of course you do not need to resize all of them one at a time. Only those you think could use some fitting.

You can find the RealRestraint Deluxe Bridle addon in any of the RealRestraint vendors in-world, it is Modify, No-copy and Transfer, and costs L$200 :

One location where to find a RR vendor is in Pak :

Have fun !


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RLV 2.9.9

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, that includes the latest fixes from Linden Lab. And there are a lot ! Off the top of my head:

- Less slowdown when mesh objects pop into view
- Less bandwidth hogging (i.e. less lag)
- Context menu does not change shape anymore (this was highly annoying)

But that's only a few. And of course, there's a little fix on my side too, because the Avatar Hover Height value did not include the pelvis-to-foot distance when sent to the sim, so the offset was a little off. Fixed now, thanks to Henri.

You can find the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

RLV 2.9.8

Hi there,

So yesterday Linden Lab has activated AIS3 on the main server channel. No big deal, except that the RLV didn't like that. At all. Inventory would not load, especially after a cache clearing. System folders would disappear, etc. So I had to work on it quick and release a new version, as well as fixing a couple other bugs along the way.

Long story short : the latest versions of the RLV before this one had the "HTTP Inventory" option unchecked in the "Develop" menu. What this did was tell the viewer "hey, continue to use the old way of managing inventory", because checking it would cause issues with the shape being modified all the time due to the avatar Z offset (which was pretty much a hack, as I explained in this post). Sometimes the shape would not come back to the Current Outfit Folder and you'd be defaulted to the standard SL shape (a.k.a. "Ruth", and you were "ruthed"). And of course everybody would see you looking like Ruth, except you. Turning "HTTP Inventory" and then relogging was the quick way to fix this.

Only, that's not possible anymore. Coincidentally, Linden Lab has released a new way of handling the avatar Z offset, also called "Avatar Hover Height", and that one does not modify the shape at all. In fact, it is superior in every sense to the old way of handling the offset with the shape. So as promised guys, this version of the RLV links the Z offset sliders to that new "Avatar Hover Height" setting (if you're really curious, it is called "AvatarHoverOffsetZ" in the debug settings), which is immediate, not hacky, has a bigger span ([-2, 2] instead of [-1, 1] (*) ), is consistent and even better, works the same way whether you're sitting or not, and whether your shape is modifiable or not.

So, here is the list of changes :

- changed : The new Avatar Hover Height feature introduced in 2.9.7 (SL release 3.7.26) is now the way the avatar's height offset is modified. Of course, this means other viewers need to implement that new feature in order to see the change on their side, but they will have to since the official SL viewer does now.
- fixed : "@setenv_daytime:-1=force" would not force the Windlight settings back to the current region settings, but only after a teleport done while "@setenv" was active (thank you Kyrah Abattoir for the heads-up).
- fixed : Choosing "wear" on an inventory item that doesn't have the target attachment point in its name, with "RestrainedLoveAllowWear" set to TRUE, would kick a locked object (that would be reattached automatically, but still). An old bug that resurfaced. Thank you Danna Pearl for the heads-up.
- fixed : Items received during the session were automatically detached when added, while they should have been allowed to stay worn.

You can find the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

(*) : However the slider itself goes from -1 to +1. If you really need to go from -2 to +2, you can do it by opening the Hover Height slider and using it directly, by right-clicking on your own body and selecting "Hover Height". Both sliders are the same (they use the same value), as you will see. It's just that I could not make the navigation bar and status bar sliders bigger (due to the UI size on some screens), nor could I make them span over a bigger interval, due to the loss of precision. We can't have it all !