Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Spanker !

Hi there !

Today I am releasing a product that a lot of my friends have been eagerly waiting for... the Happy Spanker !

Remember this video ?

This is the video I took -- omg, almost two years ago already ! -- of the rezzer I included in the box containing the Dogcart. The main purpose of the rezzer was, as its name implies, to rez the cart behind you when clicked on. But I also added a little SFX of a spank and a moan because I just couldn't resist. My Mistress Sabrina couldn't resist either... she spanked my butt all the way across a sim, and back ! She couldn't stop laughing ! So... I made that little idea grow and become a full-fledged spanker. There are other spankers on the grid but this one is special : it reacts to the gag you are wearing ! It is very easy to use : simply wear it and voila. Anyone who is close enough can click on either cheek and spank you with a sharp, firm spank. Followed by a sexy moan. And the longer they hold their mouse button down, the harder the spank and the louder the moan, which turns into a protest ! Moreso, your butt reddens with each spank (the harder the faster) and heals over time. Just take a look at these videos and you'll see what it can do :

As you can see, my butt reddens with each spank. It is a subtle tint at first but will eventually becomes really red if you keep spanking ! You can't see it clearly on the videos, but I start pressing the left mouse button when I stop moving the mouse, and when I release it I get spanked immediately. This gives you an idea of the time you have to wait to get a firm spank. The heaviest spanks require you hold the mouse button down for one second. Like I said above, the spanker reacts to the gag. That means if I am gagged, I will no longer be able to make clear moans and protests, but gagged ones instead.

Click on your own Happy Spanker for 2 seconds or more and you get the menu :

This menu allows you to choose whether you want the spanker to believe you are gagged (handy if you are not wearing a gag that is not compatible with it), if you want to play the animation and if you want the red butt to show or not (in case you are wearing something over it). It also allows you to request an update, if there is one available. That pretty much covers it all and my butt is feeling warm... Oh, you want something ? What do you mean "bend over the desk" ? Like this ? Okay... and what are you going to...

Ow ! Ow ! Stop ! It stings !

In the box is provided a manual and a script to allow other gag creators to make their gags compatible with the spanker as well. This little devil is available in any of the Marine's Goodies vendors (list available below), and is sold for L$300.

My Little Shop
Bondage City
Fabulous Pony Ranch
Trotting Tails ranch

Have fun and please don't thank me ! *grin*


PS : Yes I know you like the lingerie I'm wearing and you want to know where it's from... Here goes :  
- The lace bra is the Ember bra from Tesseline Quan, with its Lolas applier 
- The panties are from INCOS by Monyna Sak 
- The stockings are from Adam & Eve by Sachi Vixen, with their Slink feet applier

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Update to the Dogcart, Phaeton cart, Treadmill and Mousewheel

Hi there,

There has been a weird bug surfacing lately in the carts, mousewheel and treadmill from Marine's Goodies : sometimes when an avatar sits on a prim that was used by someone else just before, it would not trigger the animation. Worse, it would trigger it on the last avatar if they were still in the sim !

It did not do that before, I wonder why it does now. Anyway, after much testing at Stones'N'Rubber (with the help of Sinha Hynes who showed me the bug in the first place) and Bondage City, and after much hair-pulling at home, here is a new version of the script that fixes this issue.

Since the Mousewheel, the Treadmill and the three carts from Marine's Goodies all share the same scripts, they all had the same bug and therefore all need the same fix. That's why you will need to update them all if you want to get rid of that bug.

To update, simply click on your device (mousewheel, treadmill or carts), go to "Maintenance..." then select "New version ?". You should receive your updated box shortly after. Of course, you can only do that if you are the owner of the device.

Have fun !