Friday, June 24, 2016

RealRestraint update to v1.28.2

Hi !

Here is an update to all the RealRestraint products, up to 1.28.2. This update is mainly focused on bug fixes, but also some nice enhancements to all the gags (I will update the Gag plugin tutorial later to reflect the changes).

Before jumping to the release notes, please know that I am fully aware of how painful it is to adjust your products to your shape every time a new update comes up. I know, because I have to do it several times per release and update. This is why I'm trying to include ways for you to avoid resizing when not absolutely necessary, whenever possible. This particular update will spare you from replacing most of your products anyway, and for those that need a replacement (namely the Deluxe Gag, Deluxe Bridle, Mummy Gag, Mummy Blindfold, Highbinder and Deluxe Straps legs), I will explain how to work around that, but it will require a little editing on your part.

On to the release notes first. Whenever a feature (or bug fix) is highlighted in blue, it means that you need to replace the restraint to benefit from it, but you will be able to use the old secondary items (the secondary items are the ones that do not contain the core scripts of the set, they make for most of the product and most of the resize time too). Otherwise a simple update (when given the option) will be sufficient and you won't have to adjust that product at all. The list below indicates what this update brings in terms of features, knowing that a number of it impact all or some of the RR products. It is followed by a table that specifies which restraints need an update and which ones need a replacement. To be perfectly clear, each feature is identified by a number so you know what you get with what restraint. It is a little formal but at least it is clearer that way.

A. All restraints
  - When struggling out, the struggle animation wouldn't stop itself, or the bind animation wouldn't stop itself. Fixed.
  - Autolock : "Pause/Run/Loop" button was confusing, the user couldn't guess whether it was an action (a state change) or a state. Replaced with "Paused/Running/Looping" respectively.
B. All arms restraints, Body Harness and collars
  - Outfit plugin : "Mode: deny" stops issuing the "no-detach" and "no-attach" RLV commands, which could be problematic in case an attachment wouldn't show up after logging on (it happens). Instead, that button now issues a "no-detach" command if the folder was attached (even partially) when pressed, and a "no-attach" otherwise. This makes it much friendlier and reslient to bugs when logging on. If you're missing a locked attachment when logging on, you can just wear it again, the Outfit plugin won't prevent you anymore (but it will prevent you from removing it, as it should).

C. All legs restraints
  - Although they tried not to conflict with each other, wearing two sets of legs restraints (for example, Deluxe Straps and Vixens), locking one, unwearing the other, unlocking and unwearing the first one then wearing the second one could confuse the latter and make it think it should not trigger an animation or movement.

D. All gags
  - New : The gags can now act as renamers. Simply click on "Rename" on the plugin menu and enter a name. Leave empty and validate to go back to the original captive's display name. This was a popular request.
  - New : The gags can now issue a @startim RLV restriction, which prevents the captive from starting an IM session with someone, but does not prevent them from IMing on already open sessions, or with people who initiate an IM session with the captive. Click on the "Start IM" toggle to turn it on and off.
  - New : Option for secure RLV restrictions. When the "Exceptions" toggle is on, other attachments such as an RR collar with its Allow plugin can issue exceptions to the "Send IM" restriction. When "Exceptions" is off, they can't, the gag is secure.
  - When the keyholder wants to restrict the captive's ability to IM, they can do so without having to give the key back to the captive first if "IM blockable" wasn't set prior to it. It simply asks the captive on-the-fly and activates the restriction if she agrees. This acts very much like the Vulnerable plugin, making it more streamlined.
  - Revamped the Gag plugin menu completely to make it clearer and more up-to-date. The menu varies greatly according to whether you are using a RLV or not.
  - Respect the verbose/silent setting of the main script.
  - Let the captive drool only if "drooling" is on and if other worn gags allow it too. That way the captive can be gagged with a ring gag and a tape gag over it, she won't drool even if the ring gag is set to drool.
  - Remove the "emote" RLV command when the gag is worn but unlocked, or locked without garbling the speech.
  - When locked with the mouth open, the gag now issues a Lelutka command to automatically open the mouth of the Lelutka mesh head (if the user wears one, and if the head can open its mouth). Please note that this feature is untested as I do not own a Lelutka head myself. But if it doesn't work, the fix will be rather easy. Thank you Christel Triellis for the idea.
  - Suppressing the emotes had no effect (the bug appeared in 1.28.1). Fixed.
  - The emotes were being whispered again. Fixed again.

E. Ropes & tape restraints
  - When loosened, don't show "key on" on the menu, show "loosened" instead.

F. Vulnerable plugin
  - After an autolock triggers while the key are tossed away, Vulnerable would not give access to the Leash, Sit and Outfit plugins anymore. Fixed.

G. Highbinder
  - Being hogtied with RR legs restraints didn't make a chain go to the Highbinder. This was because of a missing line in its LockGuard config notecard. (1)

H. Deluxe Straps Arms & Legs
  - StrapTex plugins : The "Rustic med" preset wasn't specified correctly and wasn't doing anything. This was already fixed in v1.28.1 of the Basic Straps (the new mesh version of them) but the Deluxe Straps had that bug.
I. Deluxe Straps Legs
  - The shin binder's straps looked curved instead of flat (even though its geometry was flat). Had to re-upload the mesh after splitting its edges for a flat look (2).

j. Siren ropes legs
  - The ankle rope wasn't changing texture along with the rest of the ropes. (3)
  - There was no leash point on the "Hogtie open" tie. (4)
K. Mummy gag
  - Locking the Deluxe Gag underneath the Mummy gag would confuse its visual part. (5)

L. Mummy blindfold
  - Locking the Deluxe Blindfold underneath the Mummy blindfold would confuse its visual part. (6)

M. Deluxe Gag
  - Re-use the two-part mesh strap that was hidden inside the mouth, to let it show when locked in Harness Panel with a Wad Style. Thank you Kitana Solo for the idea. (7)

N. Deluxe Bridle
  - Allow the user to completely hide the bridle even when the gag is locked, so you don't have to unlock it and unwear the bridle anymore. The bridle will now be completely hidden if the Plumes, Blinders and Ears are all hidden. (8)

Below is a table indicating which product to update and which one to replace, depending on the features you want. And for each product that must be replaced, a pointer to a section (below the table) that explains how to avoid adjusting everything.

The numbers you see in the features list and in the table all point to the workarounds explained here below :

1/G. Highbinder

To avoid having to replace and resize this product, simply update it normally instead of replacing it, then edit its contents while it is unlocked. Locate the "LockGuard V2 Config" notecard in it, open it and add "ID rwrist3" on its own line, after the line "ID rwrist2".

It should look like this after modifying it :

Save it and you're all set.

2/I. Deluxe Straps legs

You can't avoid replacing this product, but you don't have to adjust everything again. Since replacing the product means emptying the root item from its scripts (in the case of the Deluxe Straps legs, it is the right lower leg item), you will have to use the new one, but all the other secondary items remain untouched. In the case of this particular bug fix, the shin binder straps that looked curved (its shine only, the actual geometry was already flat), simply use the new left lower leg item instead of the old one, same for the right lower leg item (since the old one is empty). Keep using the other old secondary items, and you're fine, you only have to resize two items.

3/J. Siren ropes legs

Same thing as above, the right lower leg (the root item) will be emptied from its scripts so you will need to use and resize the new one, and the secondary item named "Hobble rope (right hand)" is modified so you will need to use the new one as well (but not resize it as it is rigged).

4/J. Siren ropes legs again

Well if you replaced the product in 3/J, you automatically get this feature since it involved modifying the name of a script inside one of the child prims of the root item "Ankle rope (r lower leg)".

5/K. Mummy gag

I merely renamed the script "Lockable_Master.tapegag" into "Lockable_Master.mummygag" and "Lockable_Slave.tapegag" into "Lockable_Slave.mummygag". I packaged the slave script in a box named "Mummy slave scripts", that box is included in the folder the updater gives you when you click on it. If you want to avoid resizing the visual part of the gag, the one named "Mummy mouth (mouth)", simply take the "Lockable_Slave.mummygag" script out of the box and put it into your gag part, taking out the Lockable_Slave.tapegag script first.

6/L. Mummy blindfold

Exactly the same thing as above, but with the "Lockable_Slave.mummyblindfold" script to put inside the "Mummy eyes (nose)" item.

7/M. Deluxe Gag

This one is tricky but you can do it. In order to benefit from this feature without having to resize it all (because it is difficult to resize and the Copy/Paste shape scripts are easily confused with it, due to prims being very close in position and size), you have to rez your Deluxe Gag on the ground or to wear it, press Ctrl-Alt-T to see invisible objects, and edit it with Edit Linked Parts checked on the Edit window.

Locate the double prim named "$5+8:1/0" about in the middle of the object, inside the head when it is worn. It looks like two small straps.


Once you have it, rename it "$5wj+8wj:1/0". If you wonder about the bizarre names, they are actually formulas that specify when those prims must be shown and when they must be hidden, according to all kinds of situations. Here it means "if the gag shows the wad part and if the jaw strap is visible, then this double strap must be visible too, otherwise it must be hidden". Once done, pick up your gag and you're good.

8/N. Deluxe Bridle

The principle is the same. Rez your Deluxe Bridle on the ground or wear it, press Ctrl-Alt-T to see it as it is invisible, check "Edit Linked Parts" and select the strap prims one by one. Not the plumes, the ears or blinders, only the leather parts. I have highlighted for you the ones you need to select here (but you have to select them one by one, not all of them like I did) :

Add " $!d!e!p:0" to the name of each one of them (put it at the end, after the existing name, don't forget the space, don't remove the original name). You don't have to reset. In this formula, "d" means "blinders", "e" means "ears" and "p" means "plumes". If all of them are hidden, then the whole bridle is hidden. Easy. Now pick it up and you're ready to go !

That's all !

You can find an updater at the following places in-world :

My little shop

The Little Shop of Kink

Roper's Dark Playground

Chorazin's main store

It looks like an orb floating above a pedestal, just click on it and follow the instructions.

Have fun !


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Update to the Latex Catsuits

Hi there,

Here is an update to the Latex Catsuits from Maison de la Marquise, with support for Lolas and Omega-compatible breasts, and a darker shade for the Sheer, Transparent and Clear variants of the black catsuits (they were not dark enough to most people, more gray than really black).

The Lolas breasts receive the applier on the Bra layer, while the Omega-compatible breasts receive it on the Top layer, to avoid conflicts. Please note that any Omega-compatible body will also receive the appliers on the Top part, but this is a side-effect of it. There is still currently no way to apply to the whole body with materials using Omega and a custom HUD. But I hear they are working on it so there is hope.

To update your catsuits, simply rez the updater contained in the folder and wait a little, you will soon receive your new version.

Have fun !


Thursday, June 9, 2016

New product : Latex Socks & gloves

Hi !

Following the release of the Latex Catsuits, here are the new Latex Socks & Gloves !  They are made in the same style, they shine dynamically, have seams and creases, and they go much higher on the limbs than most, because I like my fetish gear high ! They even have a nice subtle shadow around the thighs and upper arms, right above the edge of the fabric, to show how tight they are.

Update : Since 11/06/2020, you can use your socks and gloves in Bakes On Mesh mode. See this post for details. 

Update : Since 10/12/2020 you can use the included Accessory HUD to modify the shine and tint of your boots, see this post for details. 

Update : Since February 14th 2017, this product also contains two pairs of latex boots to match your stockings (Maitreya high feet only). They are not demonstrated in this post but are on this post. Check them out !

Here are a few videos to show the dynamic shine in action. And also for the pleasure of your eyes, of course !

You can find them exclusively on the Marketplace at these locations :

Opaque socks & gloves
Sheer socks & gloves
Transparent socks & gloves
Clear socks & gloves

Please note that since 2017, September the 22nd, these HUDs are compatible with Omega (provided you don't use an Omega relay because this is not guaranteed to work). See this post for details.

Before you read further, you must be aware of a few things :

1. They need you (and those who look at you, ideally) to have Advanced Lighting Model activated. With or without dynamic shadows doesn't matter, but ALM must be on for the shine to show.

To activate ALM, open your Preferences, go to "Graphics" and tick the "Advanced Lighting Model" checkbox, if not already done :

If doing so cripples your FPS (Frames Per Second, the speed at which your viewer renders your view in SL), just deactivate the dynamic shadows like this :

Of course there need to be local lights around, at the very least some sun. If you are in an area without any local lights, the latex won't shine, obviously. And you need to set your Maitreya HUD to shine at least a little (that's the "Glossiness" slider on the "Layers" tab) :

2. They work with Maitreya but also with any mesh body, hands, feet and breasts that are natively compatible with Omega (natively as in "don't need an Omega relay to apply" because Omega not all relays convey material information so your latex wouldn't shine, depending on the mesh body) or Lolas. To use with Omega, press the "Outer", "Inner" or "Tattoo" button in the lower par of the HUD after clicking on one of the color buttons. To use with Lolas, click on "Top" or "Bra" in the same area instead. See this post for details.

3. These items are sold through my Maison De La Marquise brand. This is the brand I created for the Marketplace and I use it to publish the erotic movies I shoot. You won't find a vendor for them in world, they are sold on the Marketplace only. This is not really a problem for you but it's better you know this before you spend time looking for a vendor all over the grid :)

Now that this is out of  the way, let's get to the good stuff.

The Latex Socks & Gloves feature some really nice seams at the right places, as well as creases where the limbs bend, to make them look more realistic.

There are four variants of the Latex Socks & Gloves (opaque, sheer, transparent and clear), and for each variant, 27 colors and a few bonuses. Each product is a particular variant and there is a fatpack containing all four variants at a discounted price.

The colors match the ones of the Highbinder, Deluxe straps, Deluxe gag & blindfold and Body harness, and they are organized the same way, by groups of 9 like on the menus of the texture plugins of the aforementioned restraints. There is also a very nice warm white I call "Ivory", since of course the "custom" button of the plugins cannot be matched to any particular color, and we cannot tint an applier. You will find the exact tints below on this blog post, but also on the menu of each applier, so you can match the tint of your own gear if needed, whatever it is.

Here are the four variants, or transparencies. Please note that the transparencies are slightly different from the Latex Catsuits ones, to look more like classic nylon stockings and gloves.


The socks and gloves are completely opaque, they are the classic latex or rubber garments you see in every kinky scene. Ideal for the sub as well as the Domme, they complete most fetish outfits nicely. Or can be worn alone with nothing else on *g*

Since they are of a plain color, they have nice creases around the thighs and upper arms to show how tight they are. Transparent variants don't have those creases because they look more like stockings than socks.

Unlike the Latex Catsuits, I do not recommend activating Mask Mode even for the opaque variant, because it would hide the shadow over the skin, and the hands and feet wouldn't follow (even when doing the little trick of changing the shine afterwards). I don't know why, this seems to be a Maitreya bug.

Bonus : Six military camouflage patterns. Woodland, jungle, desert, night, urban and snow :


The three non-opaque variants of the Latex Socks & Gloves are meant to look like the fetish version of nylon stockings and gloves. This is why they don't have the thighs and upper arms creases that the opaque ones have, and it looks better that way :

Bonus : Two pairs of cow patterns, one opaque and the other sheer. Moo !


The more transparent the better, especially when it comes to latex !

Bonus : Six pairs of fishnets (black, ivory, blood, azure, plum and princess pink). And I don't mean "latex material with a fishnet print", but really latex fishnets, shining only where the fabric is and not over the holes. They look very sexy and naughty !


Now those latex garments are so transparent they are barely visible. They do have a slight tint of course, and they do shine bright like the other variants. And they do have those sexy seams too. But they're clear, very clear.

Bonus : A pair of invisible socks and gloves (with creases as they don't have patterns). You guess them more than you see them, except when under a light ! If not for the shadows and the shine, you wouldn't see them at all.

Also I'm including two versions of these invisible garments with opaque seams and bands (black and ivory).


There is not much to explain about the HUD, everything is pretty self-explanatory. Here is a screenshot of the opaque latex socks & gloves HUD :

Please note that unlike the Latex Catsuits, each button is not one applier but two ! One for the gloves above the dash and the other for the socks below the dash. This is to let you choose whether to wear the socks, the gloves, or both. If you wear both, it is better to wear the stockings first as they tend to hide the hand texture and you have to show it manually again (this is a Maitreya bug).

If you use Omega, you have to click on "Outer", "Inner" or "Tattoo" after clicking on the round button you chose, to apply to your Omega mesh body. Attention, your mesh body must be natively compatible with Omega, it cannot rely on an Omega relay.

If you use Lolas, you have to click on "Top" or "Bra" after clicking on the round button you chose, to apply to your Lolas breasts.

For more information about how to use with Omega and Lolas, please refer to this post.

Clicking on the "M" symbol will give you a link to my Marketplace store.

And if you click  on the top of the HUD, it will minimize itself to get out of the way (handy when you need to tweak your body with your Maitreya mesh body HUD).

The tints

As pointed above, each variant has 27 colors plus a few bonuses, the colors matching the ones of several RealRestraint products. Here are the exact RGB values (the first number is the amount of red, the second one is the amount of green, the third one is the amount of blue) :

- Ivory : 247 242 223
- Copper : 120 51 15
- Gold : 252 194 0
- Black : 13 13 13
- Gunmetal : 66 56 51
- Steel : 128 128 128
- Slate : 112 128 143
- Silver : 191 191 191
- White : 255 255 255

- Blood : 117 10 10
- Red : 191 0 0
- Light red : 255 64 64
- Orange : 224 117 33
- Yellow : 252 219 20
- Light yellow : 255 245 176
- Dark green : 5 51 15
- Green : 8 120 38
- Lime : 89 242 128

- Navy : 20 41 66
- Blue : 26 94 217
- Azure : 94 176 255
- Indigo : 112 0 255
- Amethyst : 153 102 204
- Plum : 143 69 133
- Purple : 191 0 128
- Flesh pink : 204 138 128
- Princess pink : 245 194 194

- Woodland camo (4 colors) : 129 117 76 / 90 66 38 / 69 76 43 / 46 42 42
- Jungle camo (4 colors) : 191 189 134 / 125 133 95 / 76 85 69 / 67 73 58
- Desert camo (4 colors) : 251 230 203 / 200 167 134 / 148 107 55 / 110 71 28
- Night camo (4 colors) : 35 35 35 / 33 33 33 / 24 24 24 / 17 17 17
- Urban camo (4 colors) : 227 227 227 / 167 167 167 / 101 101 101 / 69 69 69
- Snow camo (4 colors) : 250 250 250 / 229 229 229 / 181 181 181 / 133 133 133

Updating your Latex Socks & Gloves

I keep working on my products even after releasing them, and when enough features have been added (or enough bugs have been fixed) I issue an update and send a notice to my RR group (join the RealRestraint Updates & Support group if you want to be notified). To get your updated product, or simply a redelivery, just rez the updater object on the ground near you and wait a little. The check is done automatically and the updater derezzes itself (it is copy so you don't lose it).

Wearing the socks and gloves with the Latex Catsuits or other clothes

This is totally possible but as with every applier, it is best to have one of the layers set to "Mask Mode". Since the latex socks and gloves do not take "Mask Mode" well (and I really don't know why, I've tried all that I could), then you will need to set the other clothes to "Mask Mode" instead. And if you really can't, for example because what you're wearing underneath is also transparent, then you will have to switch "Mask Mode" twice on both layers every time you teleport or relog. It is a problem with the Maitreya body, I cannot do anything about it. I also recommend you wear the socks and gloves after wearing the clothes underneath, because they cover the hands and feet as well.

A word about the skin shadow

I have carefully designed a subtle shadow showing over the skin where it meets the edge of the socks and gloves, because latex socks and gloves are tight, tighter than their vanilla counterparts. It really makes them look "there". This shadow is a shade of black, it has no color at all, simply because you might want to wear these latex garments over other clothes (for example latex catsuits). Or your skin might not be of a human complexion in the first place (it could be green, white or blue, for example). So although making it a shade of brown would have been more appropriate in most cases, it would have looked weird in the ones pointed above. You might find that the shadow is more visible with lighter colors, but this is an optical illusion, all the shadows are exactly the same shade.

Where to buy

You can find the Latex Socks & Gloves at my store on the Marketplace, each product is No-Modify, Copy and No-Transfer and costs L$500, or you can get all of them in the Fatpack for L$1700. Each box contains an updater to rez in case an update is available for this product, updates are always free. Also if you ever break your product, rezzing the updater will automatically get you a redelivery. Please note that since they are no-transfer, there is no refund so all sales are final, I can only refund double purchases. If you buy one variant, like it and decide to buy the fatpack afterwards, you can IM me so I refund you for the single variant (minus the 5% commission LL takes on each Marketplace sale), since it is also contained in the fatpack. That way you don't have to pay twice for the same product.

Please try the demo first !

Have fun !


PS : Please note that to avoid showing nude on this blog, I am wearing the latex nipple and pussy pasties that are found in the Transparent Latex Catsuits box, they are not included in the products demonstrated here.

PPS : My heels (not included) are from Mutresse (Volena for Maitreya and Slink). They're mod, so I have modified them to make them look latex, but they already look awesome out of the box.

PPPS : During the making of the Latex Socks & Gloves, I finally understood why the darker shades of the sheer and transparent Latex Catsuits looked a bit faded and lighter than they should. I still don't know whether this is a bug with GIMP and how it blends its layers, or if I did something wrong, but I could fix it for the products demonstrated here. I will therefore issue an update for the Latex Catsuits as well in the future (not immediately as this is a lot of work and I need a break).