Monday, November 9, 2020




Here is a new version of the RLV that fixes two very annoying bugs contained in the recent versions. See for yourself :

- fixed : Sometimes all the attachments (except the locked ones) would be kicked off upon login for no apparent reason.

- fixed : Included the fix for (clicking on something in the Places window would scroll it down and make you click on another landmark by mistake).

Please note that the second fix is not my own, LL had it fixed months ago but the fix hasn't reached the official code yet, so I'm including it in advance. I don't really like to do that but this bug was sooo annoying.

You can download the Windows version from

The MD5 hash for the Windows version is :

The Linux and Mac versions are proposed by Chorazin at this address :

Have fun !


Friday, November 6, 2020

MdlM Latex Outfits : BoM support

Hi !

Here is a big update to the MdlM Latex Catsuits, Bodysuits and Socks & Gloves to add support for BoM ("Bakes On Mesh") !

In a nutshell

To use the BoM version of the Catsuits, Bodysuits or Socks and Gloves, you need to wear one of the provided Tattoo wearables, and to apply one of the skin shine appliers from the provided HUD, preferably the one that corresponds to the Tattoo you wore.


Bakes On Mesh

Before I explain what's in the update, let me try to explain a few things about Bakes On Mesh first, so you understand what you'll get and how to use it, because it is not obvious at first glance. If you already know what Bakes On Mesh is and how to use it, you can skip the part in italics.

Bakes On Mesh ("BoM"), in principle, is a set of special textures that the viewer renders differently from the usual ones. A BoM texture, when applied to a surface of an attachment, renders a part of your system body including its skin and all its wearables at the time. For example, if you apply the "upper body" BoM texture to your Maitreya upper body skin layer, then you will see your system skin top body part, plus all the wearable items you are wearing on the upper body at the time (I mean actual wearable items, not mesh objects, so for example a tattoo, an undershirt item etc). If you add or remove a wearable or change skin, the texture on the mesh body updates accordingly without you having to do anything. Think of it as a dynamic texture that the sim recalculates every time your appearance changes and that projects your system avatar onto your mesh body (and/or head) as if your mesh body was your actual avatar. A little like "media-on-a-prim" in fact.

Bakes On Mesh works well for wearables, unfortunately it does not support materials (that's the normal texture, the specular texture and the shine values). In plain English, there is no slot in an Undershirt wearable for the material textures, for example, there's only one texture (that we call "diffuse" in 3D design) and that's the one BoM manages and lets the viewer render. Normal and specular textures, however, can still be applied onto your mesh body skin layer while still keeping it BoM-active and that's the point of this update.

As the MdlM latex outfits use materials and BoM does not support materials, the solution here is to provide you with additional appliers that will replace your skin shine (but not your skin textures, which are supposed to be the Upper and Lower body BoM textures), and many Tattoo wearables that contain the diffuse textures of each latex outfit (that's 129 tattoos for the Catsuits, 129 for the Bodysuits and 252 for the Socks & Gloves, yes that's a bit much but that's what it takes).


What's in the update

The update contains, for each product, a new HUD called "something something skin shine appliers for BoM something something" (for example "MdlM Latex Catsuits skin shine appliers for BoM OPAQUE" for the opaque catsuits) and a bunch of Tattoo wearables, one per color. All those new wearables are contained in boxes because the Latex Outfits can be updated either with a Marketplace redelivery or with the provided updater which gives you the new product from a server in-world, and you can't include sub-folders in a box unlike in pure Marketplace products. In some cases, like the Latex Socks & Gloves Fatpack, that makes quite a lot of new boxes.

How to use

Wear one of the wearables provided in this update and the corresponding Skin Shine HUD. Click on the button of your choice to apply the corresponding shine, and if you chose the correct button the shine will match your tattoo and you will look like you are wearing the latex outfit you wanted. Easy, right ?

Wait I'll give you an example. Firstly, and most importantly, make sure your mesh body is set to "Bakes On Mesh" (on Maitreya Lara V5 that's the big "Bakes On Mesh" button in the "Skin" tab of your HUD). Notice that I'm wearing the Proud Girls, in BoM mode too (that's a switch in its Options menu) to show that they work seamlessly with the rest.

Then wear the "Catsuit Opaque - Black" Tattoo (provided you own the Opaque Catsuits, if not, replace with whatever variant and color you prefer).

This is what you see :

It's not really a catsuit yet, but we'll get there. Now wear the "MdlM Latex Catsuits skin shine appliers for BoM OPAQUE" HUD, it looks like this :

(there's a reason why there is so much empty space, as you'll see below)

Click on the rightmost button and you get this :

Aha, you can now distinguish the seams and creases, the catsuit shine is still dull though. All you have to do is manipulate the shine of your skin, and most likely the shine of your Proud Girls too. I'll do both here, setting the Glossiness and Intensity to max on my Maitreya Lara mesh body, as well as its Environment to 30 (that's three clicks on the right of the "+" button next to the "Environment" slider on the Advanced Skin Panel of the Maitreya HUD). Same for my Proud Girls, that I set to "255 30" to match (open the Proud Girls menu, go to "Layers", then "Skin shine", then write "255 30" in the text box and click "Submit") :

And now we have it, and no layer is necessary since it is all directly on the skin. Notice though that the catsuit is very sticky, it is like painted on your skin. Depending on your mesh body, you may or may not have some "BoM parts" to loosen the fit. Maitreya provides such parts, no need to demonstrate them here though, I have written a full blog post that explains a lot of things about Maitreya, including BoM and BoM parts at the end.

So, what really happened ? You have noticed that wearing the BoM version of the catsuit is done in two steps. Wear the Tattoo wearable and apply the skin shine, not necessarily in that order. And you don't have to do both if you don't want to. For example, if you only apply the skin shine without wearing the Tattoo (or you unwear the Tattoo), you will look like you are wearing a clear latex catsuit, like this :

This is, actually, almost exactly the same thing as wearing the Clear Latex Catsuit with the regular appliers, on the Tattoo layer. With the notable difference that unlike the applier version, the BoM version lets you see reflections (there's an Env Box in the room I'm in) for a more realistic look, while the applier version cannot do that because it is alpha-blended (i.e. transparent).

The skin shine

So, now that you see what it does and how to use it, let's get into the nitty-gritty stuff. It is important because you will see that this update does not merely port existing appliers to BoM, but also offers you a few new features that you can use to your advantage.

In a nutshell, every applier you see on the HUD is a stripped down version of the corresponding latex outfit applier, meaning it only applies the bump and shine to your Skin layer, but not the texture itself -- you have to do it manually by wearing the Tattoo layer of your choice. The part in bold has notable consequences.

Since it applies the latex shine to your skin layer, it replaces whatever shine was applied to it before. Usually, the factory shine (for Maitreya, that's one of the three "Material Presets Skin" buttons on the Advanced Skin Panel).

Attention : If your skin shine is custom, make sure you know how to re-apply it after you're done wearing your latex suit, because the HUD cannot do it for you.

This is not really an issue when you wear Latex Catsuits because they cover the whole body, but what about Latex Bodysuits which don't cover the legs ? Or Latex Socks or Gloves ? What happens to the exposed skin when you apply these ?

The answer is : instead of making the exposed skin dull and without shine, it replaces its existing shine with a subtle sheen. The key part is that although the shine values (glossiness, environment and shine color) are the same as the latex since it is on the same layer, the exposed skin shine is toned down a lot. In other words, when you put some environment on your latex to reflect your surroundings (if you have a reflection box or an env box around), your skin won't reflect it at all unless you crank the value to the max. Likewise, your skin will shine in a subtle way, a lot less than your latex.

Here is an example :

Medium skin shine (gloss about 200, intensity about 75%, environment 10), you see no shine on the skin, only on the latex.

Max skin shine (gloss max, intensity max, environment 30), you see a subtle shine, and even a little environment reflection on the skin, while the latex shines brightly.


Since there are cases where you may want to wear only a part of the latex outfit and not cover the whole body, for example when you wear only the nipple or pussy pasties in the Transparent Catsuits, or just gloves or just socks, I have included appliers to only apply the skin shine, either on your body or on your head, or both.

This allows you to have a matching skin shine over your whole body (mesh body, mesh head, Proud Girls if you want) in a seamless way. In the Socks & Gloves BoM HUD, you can even apply skin shine only to the upper or the lower body part, to match the skin shine applied by the socks or by the gloves, respectively.

I quite like this skin shine because it's subtle and allows for a slight environmental reflection (as if you were slightly wet or oiled), even on my Lelutka Origins mesh head which normally does not provide any control for environment shine. See for yourself with the Glossiness and Intensity to the max, and Environment set to 30 :

With this update, you can therefore give your skin (body and head) this new custom shine without even using the latex suits.


As you know, the Catsuits, Bodysuits and Socks & Gloves come in 4 variants : Opaque, Sheer, Transparent and Clear, each containing around 30 colors and/or patterns. The Socks & Gloves are actually double that since you can apply the gloves and the socks separately. This is why there are a lot of Tattoos included in this update.

The Fatpack HUD contains all the buttons while the other HUDs only contain some of them, which is why some HUDs have very few buttons and a lot of empty space.

Each button contains a Maitreya applier for your skin (unlike regular Maitreya appliers, you won't get a menu asking you where to apply since it goes to your skin directly, no need to ask), and triggers the corresponding Omega applier as well, plus modifies your accessories (neck piece and shoes) if you are wearing them, except when you apply the naked skin shine. That way, clicking on a button applies to your Maitreya body if you wear one, to your Omega body if you wear one, and to your Proud Girls if you wear them and if they are set to execute Omega appliers. This HUD does not send Lolas appliers at all, since Lolas and Omega conflict for the breasts.

One thing that is important to keep in mind though is this. Unlike the Maitreya appliers that only replace the skin shine without touching the skin texture (which means you can actually use them even while not in BoM mode, if you want), the Omega appliers require to set a texture, which is the BoM one in this case. In practice, this means that when you apply to your mesh body (not Maitreya), your skin will be replaced by the BoM "textures", if not already done.

The small head button on the left applies the naked skin shine to your head through an Omega applier (obviously not a Maitreya one since Maitreya Lara has no head) so make sure your mesh head is Omega-compatible. The remark in bold above applies here too : clicking on this button will de facto turn your head BoM since it will set the head BoM texture.

Attention : I noticed that applying the skin shine to the head resets the tint of the head skin to white, at least on my Lelutka Origins (Simone 2.0). It might be a quirk with Omega or with Lelutka. I don't know if it does that on other mesh heads but that's a thing to be aware of. If you don't want to lose your skin tint, save it somewhere first.

Here is what each button does on the Catsuit and Bodysuit HUDs :


And here is what each button does on the Socks & Gloves HUD, which doubles the number of appliers since you have separate ones for the upper body and for the lower body. This is why each button has a separator to split it in two parts. Notice it has the head naked skin shine applier too.

Notice the two "plain" buttons (that's four appliers). The one on the left is for the opaque socks and gloves because it contains a crease near the top edge, while the one on the right is for all the non-opaque socks and gloves, not having a crease near the top edge. Of course feel free to use the one you like, just be aware of the difference between the two.

Note : The socks and gloves have a subtle shadow outside the edges to give the illusion that they are tight enough to press the skin inwards. It works quite well on the appliers, also quite well on BoM, but with BoM there is a better way to do it, by adding normals to make the surface of the skin near the edges reflect the light in a more realistic way. I tried, the effect looks better than the painted shadow, I really like it. However, the tattoos also have the painted shadow, which makes the edge doubly as dark so it doesn't look good when wearing the tattoo plus the skin shine. To remove the painted shadow from all the socks and gloves tattoos represents too much work, there are hundreds of them. So maybe one day I will, but for now the socks and gloves skin shines do not include that additional edge normal, even though I wish it did.

Tinting your suits

Since you can tint your regular suit appliers with your mesh body HUD (Maitreya V5 also offers this option, it didn't in V4), it is normal that you can tint your tattoos as well. For this reason, all the Tattoo wearables in the BoM suits are modifiable.

Using your accessories

As you know, the latex catsuits come with a neck piece and shoes, the bodysuits come with the neck piece and the socks come with the shoes. Those are also impacted by the BoM appliers (yes, I know "BoM applier" is an oxymoron but I have no better word for them) but since they are not BoM themselves, they are applied an invisible texture, and the shine to match your skin. I recommend you do not set an environment value on them though, since they are transparent they would not reflect the environment like your skin would. And it they did, it would make the reflection twice as bright anyway.

The advantages of BoM

So, now that you know how to use it and how it works, why would you want to use the BoM suits at all, you might wonder ? I'll be fair with you, I've been wondering that myself for a long time, not really seeing a point. However, it was a popular request, I kept getting messages from customers asking me why there were no BoM versions of my catsuits, and when I would make them. My answer was invariably "BoM does not support materials so there is no point". Well that's not entirely true, there are a few good points to using BoM, but only one of them really decided me to go ahead and make them, regardless of how much work it represents (and when you see the number of tattoos, you understand). So what are they ?

It makes layers unnecessary

Obviously, if you want to use a BoM catsuit, that would be primarily to dispense yourself from using additional layers. With Maitreya V5 in particular, you can then avoid wearing a layer just for the latex outfit you want to wear, since its texture and shine are on your skin instead of on a layer. This allows you to save one attachment slot (other mesh bodies may not provide that option but Maitreya now does), and to lower your complexity count.


It saves a layer for more latex

Well, yes, by extension you can wear more appliers since your latex suit does not take one.

It solves alpha-blending conflicts

This is a big advantage of BoM. Since the latex suit is applied to an opaque surface (your skin), there is no alpha blending conflict with other layers or with your hair anymore, even if the suit is transparent !

See for yourself :

Wearing alpha-blended rigged hair, it completely hides the applied catsuit !

Same hair but BoM catsuit, no conflict detected.

Transparent suits reflect environment

This is the one that really decided me to go ahead and make the BoM suits. If you wear an Env Box or any reflection box, you know that you can see the reflections only on an opaque catsuit or on a masked latex suit (which is not always possible to begin with), but not on an alpha-blended layer, which means the sheer, transparent and clear catsuits could not reflect your env boxes, sadly.

With BoM it is different since the shine is applied to your skin layer, which is always opaque (or at least masked) ! This means that you can finally get the dynamic reflections on your transparent catsuits !

Look at this glorious polish.

You can mix materials and textures

This is a side effect of the fact that you wear a BoM catsuit in two manual steps instead of one. You can for example wear a black fishnet catsuit and the plain catsuit applier instead of the fishnet applier. Nothing keeps you from doing that and the result you get is something you can't get with the transparent catsuit applier :

Black Net with plain catsuit shine.

Likewise, you can wear a catsuit with holes for your tits, but with a plain latex suit applier, covering your tits too but not hiding them :

Sheer Black Holes with plain catsuit shine.

Or you can even wear several tattoos :

Transparent Yellow under Black Clear.

You can't do any of these with regular appliers, although you could do the third one if you set the clear black layer to mask mode. But then you would need two layers anyway while with BoM you need zero.

The disadvantages of BoM

BoM is not the applier killer some would like it to be, there are several drawbacks that make the regular appliers still useful, and sometimes necessary depending on what you want to achieve.

It does not cover the whole neck

Obviously, the mesh body does not go as high as the neck piece, which means that if you want your catsuit or bodysuit to go as high as your jaw, you still need to wear the neck piece. Which is a problem sometimes, because as pointed above, transparent latex on the neck won't reflect the environment (because it is alpha-blended and all that). So you see your neck under it, and only half of it can reflect the environment. There is no real solution to this problem, at least not at the moment.

Painted on the skin

BoM makes the outfits (not only these latex suits) painted on your skin, that's even the whole point. This is not always desirable though, you are wearing a catsuit, not latex paint, so you might want some looseness. Typically, the latex goes under your fingernails and toenails, and you certainly don't want that. Depending on your mesh body, you can hide your nails or not (Maitreya lets you hide the fingernails but not the toenails). And depending on your mesh body, you may or may not have additional "BoM parts" that let you loosen the fit a bit. Maitreya V5 offers that capability. Of course, having to wear BoM parts kind of defeats the "save one attachment slot" advantage but at least BoM parts are not as complex as full layers.

It replaces the skin shine

Well, yeah, that's even the whole point. If you've read the whole post you already know that and what it does instead. But you may or may not like the skin shine included in the bodysuits and socks. If you don't like it, lower the glossiness but that makes your latex less shiny.

You can't combine bodysuits and socks

Since the BoM skin shine appliers apply to the skin, and since the bodysuits and the socks are different products, I could not merge the bodysuits and socks in the same applier. That option is not entirely close though, I might make some at some point but I don't know how to distribute them at the moment. So if you want to wear stockings and a bodysuit, one of them has to be a regular applier.

The skin tint also tints the suits

Since the Tattoo is part of the skin, it is also tinted the same way if your skin tint is not fully white. So keep this in mind if you want to wear a white catsuit but your avatar skin is made darker by a custom tint you've set, the white catsuit will not be so white.

How to update

Simple. Either rez the updater contained in your folder (the one that was delivered to you by the Marketplace the day you bought it) and you will get your update automatically, or request a redelivery on the Marketplace website.

Have fun !


Friday, October 23, 2020


Hi !

Here is a new version of the RLV with a few bug fixes, including a couple more "loopholes" that people told me about.


- fixed : A way to move the camera even while @camunlock is active (thank you Chloel3n for the heads-up).

- fixed : A way to teleport during login (thank you Svart Kjeller for the report). 

- fixed : When under @editobj=UUID (prevented from editing a particular object), we could not open the Build window either with Ctrl-B or with the Build button on the UI. It still worked with Ctrl-3. Thank you Sylkis Jenipe for the report.

- fixed : We still couldn't add an item to an attachment while sitting and restricted from sit-tping, despite the fact that the cursor was no longer blocked. It was half fixed, now it should be fully fixed.

- known issue : Clicking on a landmark in the Places window the first time after having opened it, scrolls the window down and loses the focus. This is problematic because it could lead you to TP where you didn't mean to (happens to me all the time). This bug is not an RLV one as it is present in the SL viewer too. See

- known issue : Moving the camera beyond the radius of a light makes that light shine brighter on surfaces which specular color is not white. This is an SL bug, not an RLV one. See

You can download the Windows version from

The MD5 hash for the Windows version is :

The Linux and Mac versions are proposed by Chorazin at this address :

Have fun !


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Fourth update to the Police Collar

Hi there,

Yep, this is yet another update to the Police Collar ! After nearly two years of not touching it. This one is about adding two features to satisfy some popular requests I've gotten during this year while working on other stuff : the ability to mix the two position monitors (relative to captor and absolute) with an AND or with an OR, and the ability for the captor to zap the sub without having to click on the collar first.

These sound easy but they were tricky to implement because the former required a substantial rewrite of the monitoring code, while the latter involves a new Police Collar Remote HUD.


Before you read further, if don't know how to update your collar please follow these instructions :

First you need to go to one of these locations :

My Little Shop
Chorazin's store
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

Once there, click on the updater and follow the instructions. You need to choose "REPLACE" for this one as the Zapper plugin has been cut in two and has a second slave script now, and the HUD has been added to the collar so the updater cannot provide you those changes without a replacement. Don't forget to save your times. If you do not get a "REPLACE" option, contact me (Marine Kelley) to get a manual replacement.

Position monitors mixing

Until now, if the Relative position monitor (i.e. force the sub to stay close to their captor) and the Absolute position monitor (i.e. force the sub to stay close to a fixed point in a region) were both active, the sub was punished whenever she was outside the bounds of either of these monitors. This meant that if the captor was too far from the absolute area, the sub could not be in both areas at the same time and was constantly punished, so the captor had to turn the Absolute position monitor off before taking the sub for a walk. Not really practical.

This update provides you with a new "OR" switch (or "union" switch if you're into math) that is ON by default. When ON, the monitors will motivate the sub to stay either within the Absolute area or within the Relative area (if both are active). When OFF, the monitors will make the sub stay within both areas, like before, with the risk of constantly punishing her if the areas do not intersect.

Please note that although I write "area" I mean "volume" because the distances are 3D, but you get the point. "Area" works too because most of the time we move horizontally anyway.

Here is how you turn this switch on and off. Go to the Relative Position menu and click on "OR Abs.", or go to the Absolute Position menu and click on "OR Rel.", both buttons set that same "OR" switch. You can also go from one menu to the other by clicking on "Abs. Pos..." or "Rel. Pos..." respectively, as a shortcut.

Yes, I know, this "OR" switch is technically an "AND" switch since when it is ON, the monitors punish the sub when she is outside BOTH areas at the same time. But I find it easier to call it an "OR" switch as the sub is expected to stay inside the Absolute area OR the Relative area, not necessarily both at the same time. From the captor's and the sub's points of view, the sub has to stay either in one area OR in the other in order to avoid being punished.

This is pretty much it for this new switch, but it required to rewrite a good part of the monitoring code, which led to adding a new slave script named "CheckTargetPos" which is fully in charge of the monitoring now. This was needed because the original Zapper plugin was close to memory exhaustion, and the two features contained in this update required a lot of additional code which would have made the original script explode. Hence the need for a replacement.

Police Collar Remote

This is a new object provided along with the Police collar and you will find it by clicking on the new "Get Remote" button in the Zapper plugin menu (lower left corner) :

Once you get the Police Collar Remote object, wear it and you see this HUD :

Please note : If you do not see the blue text right away, right-click on the HUD to refresh it. I don't know what causes it but it seems to be a viewer issue.

Click on "TARGET" to set the target, either "NONE", "ME" (that's you), or any of the names that appear in the target menu if you are not alone. Those are not necessarily wearers of a Police Collar, they're just the 10 people closest to you within a 30 m radius around yourself. Choose one of them who is wearing a Police Collar preferably, ideally your own sub.

Please note : The communication only goes from the remote to the collar, there is no feedback the other way around.

Once a target is set, you see their display name (or at least the printable characters in it, I know some of you guys like to include bizarre Unicode characters in your display names ; well those certainly won't show on the remote) followed by their user name. If the text is too long to fit on the 24 characters of the display, it scrolls.

The remote itself is pretty easy to understand and to use. Here is what every button does.

- TARGET : Set a new target among the people around you, or yourself, or clear the target.

- MENU : Opens the menu of the Zapper plugin of the person set as the target. If their Zapper is not active, you see either "ACTIVATE" (if the target is yourself or if the Zapper is simply switched off) or "ASK" (if the Zapper was not activated by the sub manually first).

- SWITCH : Switches the monitoring on and off. This is different from the initial activation that the sub has to do manually in order to use the Zapper, even if it looks very similar. Internally, this is treated like a temporary deactivation that allows anyone, not just the sub, to reactivate the Zapper. Of course, if the sub clicks on "DEACTIVATE" in their own Options menu, then the Zapper is totally deactivated as if it were brand new, and will have to be reactivated again. This switch is useful when you want to take your sub on a walk and don't want her monitored and punished automatically, but you still want to be able to use the Zap buttons (which are out of reach in the menu since you have to click on "ACTIVATE" first to get access) to punish them manually.

- ZAP 1 to 3 : Immediately delivers an electric shock to the sub. This is exactly like clicking on "Zap low", "medium" or "high" respectively in the Zapper menu. These buttons work whether the Zapper is switched on or off, but not if it is completely deactivated by the sub.

- Title bar : This hides and shows the HUD to make room when needed.

The HUD is Copy/No-mod/Transfer so you can pass it along if you want, but only the person holding the key to the collar can control it through the remote. Unless the key is available, in which case anyone can control it.

You do not have to set the target every time you wear the Remote, and you do not need to get a new Remote every time you log on or whatnot. Once you have gotten this Remote, you can just keep using it.

Also, please note that this remote functions only if you are in the same sim as your target, it does not do cross-sim messages.

Have fun !


Monday, October 12, 2020

Update to all the MdlM Latex outfits

Hi !

Here is an update that was long overdue !

As you may know, the Maison De La Marquise Latex Catsuits, Bodysuits and Socks+Gloves were initially made for Maitreya only. Only later were they extended to work with any Omega-capable mesh body. However, at the time, Maitreya wasn't able to change the tint of a layer nor its Environment and Intensity values, only its Glossiness value. Nevertheless, the Catsuits and Bodysuits contained an interesting accessory in the form of a neck piece, to make the outfit cover the neck as well, giving them a kinkier and classier look.

At the same time, I also added boots to the Catsuits and Socks, which means another accessory.

Those accessories (neck piece and boots) were supposed to work seamlessly with the outfits, so they imitated their capabilities, which were... limited because of Maitreya.

But in the beginning of 2020, Maitreya released Version 5 which added a whole lot of new features, including the ability to change the Environment and Intensity values of the shine on a layer, as well as tinting said layer, either the base texture or the shine, making your latex much more versatile now. So the MdlM latex accessories were lagging behind in terms of features, since they did not support those.

So after all this time, here is (finally) a standalone HUD to control the tint and shine on the accessories, to make them completely assorted with your outfits, no matter how you like your latex. Here is what it looks like :

The layout of the sliders is not random : it is designed to imitate that of the Advanced Panel of the Layers tab of the Maitreya V5 HUD. The accessories HUD is the same width, and the sliders are the same dimensions :

It is made this way so that you can easily reproduce what you see on your Maitreya V5 HUD to your MdlM Accessories HUD because the sliders are aligned. It even behaves exactly the same way (click on a slider or the color swatch, drag and release to validate). The tints are HSL instead of RGB to make it easy to reproduce Maitreya's tint as well.

Here is how to use it.

Wear either accessory or both (neck and boots, but don't wear both boots items at the same time, you would look silly) and wear your Accessory HUD. Click on the Neck button to activate or deactivate commands to the neck, same things for the shoes with the Shoes button. Here is a picture with an explanation of (almost) each button :

Everything you click on, except for the Neck, Shoes, Tex and Gloss buttons, applies the current parameters you see on your HUD, to the currently selected accessory (or accessories). If you need to repeat the parameters to an accessory you've worn after having tweaked them, just click on the "Re-apply" button. If you need to go back to default (that's Gloss 150, Intensity 100% and Environment 0, as well as Visible On and Mask Off), click on the "Default" button.

If you need to change the tint, drag and release on the color swatch and on the luminosity swatch, and tweak more finely with the six arrows.

That's pretty much it, the rest is rather self-explanatory. If you don't know what a button does, click on it to find out. You can always go back to the default parameters anyway.

Please note that the communication only goes from the HUD to the accessories, not the other way around. An accessory will not update your HUD when you wear it because it does not "talk" to the HUD, it only listens to it.

Also note that non-updated accessories will not work with this new HUD, obviously. You can still hide and show the old accessories, as well as change their mask mode, via the applier HUD that you already know. Those buttons on the applier HUD also work on the updated accessories.

How to update

Simple. Either rez the updater contained in your folder (the one that was delivered to you by the Marketplace the day you bought it) and you will get your update automatically, or request a redelivery on the Marketplace website.

Have fun !


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Some insight into Xulabarthath

Hi there,

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like Xulabarthath is a bit random in his activities... I know it's not, but I have a hunch his way of "thinking" is not immediately obvious to the player, and that's an understatement. It is true that I have been voluntarily vague in the main blog post.

This is why I'd like to give a little bit if insight about how he functions and how he chooses what to do next. I don't want to spoil but I don't want people to think the AI is bogus and he just acts randomly because he really doesn't. I've heard that concern only once though, it's not like everybody feels that way, maybe I'm just getting ideas.

Also, I don't want the game rules to be too opaque. You need tools to start thinking ahead of the game and to get the monster do to you exactly what you want, after all. This sort of "meta-game" is a game in itself.

If you prefer to ignore everything about how the AI functions, I recommend you stop reading here, nobody will blame you.

But if you're curious, read on.

Needs, Responses, Activities, Level

These are the most important data that the AI uses to figure out what to do next, what I call "Activities".

The Needs are the fundamental objectives that Xulabarthath must fulfill during a session. The Responses are updated each time you click on a dialog button. When you do, the response depends on what's going on at the time. For example, if you respond positively to being pleasured, then your "pleasure" response goes up.

Needs, Responses and main Activities have the same names. You even see that in the HUD's "activities" button (the one with a clock), the first eight buttons are those exact activities. The ones below them are sub-activities, simpler bricks the activities are built with. For example, the "gag" sub-activity is used by the "Bind" activity, while the "fuck pussy" sub-activity is part of the "Pleasure" and "Abuse" activities, and so on.

There are 8 Needs/Responses/Activities :

- Pleasure : The monster pleasures you mostly by teasing or fucking your pussy until you cum. He may also fuck your ass at the same time. If he needs to penetrate you, he will take care of pleasuring you first.

- Tease : The monster hugs or pleasures you but will be careful NOT to let you cum ! He will often tease you to the brink of orgasm then leave you wanting. Hehe.

- Breed : That one is pretty straightforward, the monster will fuck your pussy until he cums and impregnates you.

- Drug : The monster will put his tentacle in your mouth and either make you suck it or he will fuck it until he cums in your mouth. He may also fuck you in the ass at the same time. If you're already drugged enough, he will fuck your pussy instead.

- Pain : The monster may spank your ass, slap your pussy (if the tentacle is close enough because he is lazy), or even electrify you (provided you're not too pregnant as the monster does not want to hurt his baby).

- Abuse : This one is all about humiliating you and using you as his fuck toy. He will make you suck him, or fuck your mouth, or fuck your pussy (in which case he won't care if you cum, and if you are being punished, he won't even bother pleasuring you before penetrating you), or even force you to go through multiple orgasms !

- Bind : There are several ways to bind you. Find a more restrictive pose, coil more tentacles around your body, gag you, blindfold you... If the session ends and you are tightly bound, the monster will decide to toy with you a little more before releasing you.

- Strangle : The left leg tentacle coils up around your neck and strangles you until you yield, or if you're gagged by a tentacle over your mouth and nose, it will suffocate you instead. This activity can be chosen by itself without being a punishment for the moment, but this may change in the future.

As you may have noticed, half of the needs (hence activities) is positive ones while the other half is more suited for punishment. This is how the monster functions too. When you need to be punished, you can be sure one of the last four activities will be chosen to correct you. "Drug" is also one of the possible punishments. Some punishments are contextual, meaning they depend on what the monster wanted to do to you, or simply on where his tentacles are at the moment. For example, if you refuse to suck his cock, he will most likely strangle you. If you refuse to open your legs, he will most likely slap your pussy.

Between two activities, the monster may withdraw some tentacles to go back to a stable state.

There are plenty of cases where things won't or can't go as expected. For example, he can't drug you if you're gagged, he won't penetrate you if your gestation is too advanced, etc. When such a case arises, he switches to some contingency plan or another. This is where the AI shines, it adapts to the situation.

To calculate the final value of a Need (hence how many times it will be chosen as an activity), the AI adds the Need to your corresponding Response, factored by your Level.

I have hinted in the main blog post that your Level influences the way your own Responses were taken into account. To keep it simple, your Level is positive if it is Lady or above, negative if it is Heathen or below. Since your Responses are multiplied by your Level, this means a negative Level will make Xulabarthath have less need for activities that you responded positively to, and more need for the ones you responded negatively to. If your Level is positive, your Responses affect the monster's Needs the way you would expect and the monster will favor doing to you things that he knows you like. This is why keeping a good standing with the monster is important :)

The exception to this is the Response you give when Xulabarthath asks you what you want to avoid (that's the third question after starting a game). Any other choice than "Nothing" means the corresponding Response is considered to be a hard limit and the monster will not choose it because it inhibits the matching Need. For example, if you chose "Suffocation", you should never be strangled during this session even if the monster has a need for it (and even if strangulation was supposed to be chosen as a punishment). This inhibition does not depend on your Level either because a hard limit is a hard limit.



I have been very vague in the main blog post about this feature, which may lead to it being incorrectly used or not used at all (and in software development, a feature that is not used does not exist). But to explain it, you must know about Needs and Responses so here we are.

When you click on "Beg" on the book's menu during a game (you can't beg the monster if he's not here, right ?), you are presented with a menu with 8 buttons plus "nothing". Each of these 8 buttons corresponds to a Need/Response/Activity.

If you choose one which the monster has a high Need for, then the monster will appreciate you more, otherwise he will appreciate you less. And his appreciation is actually your Level. Please note that I wrote "has", not "had". This means that if you're begging to be made love to and the "Pleasure" Need is now low because it has been soothed, the monster will be irritated that you're so needy. It doesn't matter what the "Pleasure" Need was set to initially, what matters is its value at the time you beg.

Attention, each time you beg, the corresponding Need decreases a little so you will find out that begging for the same thing repeatedly is counter-productive since eventually your Level will take a hit. Better beg once for an activity you think the monster has a Need for. To guess that needs practice but if you read the descriptions of the activities above carefully, you will learn to recognize what the monster is doing at the time. Knowing that a Need is soothed (partially or completely) only when the activity ends, this helps you know when to beg and what to beg for.

In all cases, your chosen Response is increased by begging, as if you had responded positively to a dialog. In other words, begging is your way of making the monster ask you how you respond to the activity of your choice.


Choosing the next activity

When Xulabarthath must choose the next activity after the previous one has ended (or he must choose the first one), he looks at all his Needs, compounded by your Responses and Level and picks one of them randomly, weighted by the values of each Need (so a higher value has more chance to be chosen than a lower one).

Then he starts the corresponding activity, plays with you and then his Need is soothed, more or less depending on what happened and how you responded. When a Need is completely soothed, no matter your Response to it, it will no longer be chosen during this session.

When all the Needs are soothed, the session ends and Xulabarthath releases you. With the notable exception of being tightly bound, which will make the monster play with you a little more, because the "bind" need gets soothed progressively during the game (meaning the monster restrains you a little more, then does other things to you, then binds you further, etc). It would make no sense to end the game right after reaching the most restrictive bondage, right ? You want to enjoy it a little, I'm sure, so he takes advantage of you for a moment while you squirm in bondage.


When you start a game with the monster (not with the babies), a template is chosen. This template simply attributes values to the needs and this is what decides what will happen during the game. Some Needs are set higher than others to ensure they have a good chance of being chosen first. Likewise, other Needs are set lower than others to ensure they have a good chance of being chosen last. For example, the "breeder" template has a low (but not null) value in Breed, meaning the monster will do all kinds of things to you before going for the jackpot.

At the time of this writing, there are only a handful of templates and the choice is completely random, it does not depend on your Level. That's weak because one of the templates will make the monster be sadistic with you, which makes no sense if you're high Level.

So I'm currently working on it and will update this section once it's done. I want to add more templates and to make the monster choose one of them depending on your Level. It will still be random, but it will be a controlled random this time. Stay tuned.

I hope with all these explanations, you will no longer believe that Xulabarthath acts randomly anymore :)

Have fun !


PS : I repeat, I use the term "AI" loosely here. Technically the monster follows complex scripts (not in the LSL sense). There are a lot of "if we're in this situation then do this, and if it fails then do that instead, and if everything fails then here is the backup solution" instructions in the behavior trees. This is really like a video game AI, it is programmed exactly the same way. It is absolutely not a "I know the girl's pleasure is low and I want to make her cum, so let's examine my options" kind of AI. Let alone a "last time I punished her for being a brat, it went well so since she is a brat right now, let's punish her again" kind of AI.

In other words, this is a procedural AI instead of a declarative AI or a learning AI (except for the Responses which are taken into account, so there is a little bit of learning here). It is however still way beyond what we can do with a functional language like LSL (or even C#, C++, Python etc), because to write this sort of AI we need a language with a structure that is adapted for it, this is the structure we call "behavior trees".

Friday, October 2, 2020


Hi there,

I have noticed two ways of cheating through the vision spheres in the latest RLV (2.9.28) so here is a version ( with the hotfixes ! Yes it has been an emergency, imagine all the clever subs being able to see through non opaque blindfolds. We don't want that, do we ? ;)

You can download the Windows version from

The MD5 hash for the Windows version is :

The Linux and Mac versions are proposed by Chorazin at this address :

Have fun !


Thursday, October 1, 2020

RLV 2.9.28

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, which is up to date with the latest version of the SL viewer (6.4.9 with the new rendering changes and fixes). Aside from being updated to match the SL viewer, there are a few quality of life changes for those who spend a lot of time blindfolded, as well as a couple fixes.

Here is the list of changes :

- changed : Updated to be based on the SL viewer v6.4.9 with the "Love Me Render" improvements and fixes (

- changed : Now you can highlight invisible (pressing Ctrl Alt T to see invisible surfaces in red) even while vision-restricted, but when you do that the inner vision sphere becomes opaque to prevent from cheating.

- changed : Now you can edit an object and see its outline even while vision-restricted, but when you do that the inner vision sphere becomes opaque to prevent from cheating if "Show Selection Outlines" is active (which is the default).

- changed : When wearing several attachments that restrict your vision, if their vision spheres are of different colors, the mix is no longer an HSL one (which could lead to bizarre results sometimes) but a simple multiply, meaning the more restraints the darker. It's more intuitive that way.

- fixed : IM commands such as @version, @list etc should no longer be executed when sent by someone you have blocked.

- fixed : When none of the vision restriction spheres was opaque and either black or white, looking somewhere without rendering the avatar (i.e. either the avatar is a cloud or it is behind the camera and preferably behind a wall too) would render the spheres differently and in a less restrictive manner. The fix makes it so that when you do that, the inner sphere becomes fully opaque now.

- fixed : Now you can add and delete an item to an attachment's inventory while sitting on something and restricted from sit-tping.

- known issue : Moving the camera beyond the radius of a light makes that light shine brighter on surfaces which specular color is not white. This is an SL bug, not an RLV one. See

Please be aware of the last point, the known issue. There is still a rendering bug in the SL viewer that made its way into the RLV (see the link) and I'm waiting for LL to fix it. Hopefully it will not take too long.

You can download the Windows version from

The MD5 hash for the Windows version is :

The Linux and Mac versions are proposed by Chorazin at this address :

Have fun !


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Xulabarthath Updates

 Hi there,

This post contains the release notes of all the post-release updates of Xulabarthath and will be modified every time a new update is available.

If you don't know how to get a redelivery from the Marketplace, please go to the end of this post for the procedure.

Please note that since a redelivery is a new product, you may want to save your stats from your old product and load them into the new one to avoid starting over.

Release notes

Here is the list of updates, from the most recent to the most ancient.


* Fixed (Hopefully) : There was apparently a case where a birth process could be started while no gestation was registered, and no baby was born in the end. To be fair, I still don't know what causes this situation at all, I suspect it happens when the girl falls asleep during or after a birth, but I could not reproduce it myself (despite many attempts). But the fix should prevent the birth process from starting at all unless the Gestation stat is at 100. It doesn't fix the cause but at least it fixes the consequence. I'll keep looking into this.

* Added : There is a new switch in the Options menu of the HUD, called "Dark Invoke", to let the user choose whether to use the Windlight settings and the vision restriction, or not. When active, the world goes dark when the monster is here, when inactive the world goes back to normal. It can be changed during the game. This is in the Options menu so only the owner can change this, and this is done to help some Firestorm users who have reported not seeing any particle at all. It may also help those who wish to take pictures. This switch may change place in the future but for now it is in the Options menu.

* Changed : Now the Windlight settings are locked while active, but they can be deactivated by the switch in the Options menu of the HUD anyway.

* Fixed : The Windlight settings had the sun above the horizon. This wasn't a problem in the pre-EEP viewer, but now that EEP is out, the world was less dark because of this.

* Changed : The sparkles that appear when the girl cums are now less "glowy", to appear sharper especially when it is not the first time that she's having an orgasm.

* Changed : When the girl is strangled, the chat is suppressed as if she were gagged (but this doesn't count as a gag so the monster may still force her to suck while strangling her).

* Changed : Added a little mention to the "Reinit" button in the "Game over" text, as it wasn't clear enough before.


* Fixed : It seems that the defensive code I've put two days ago to work around the bug I've witnessed once did more harm than good, for example it would prevent the "baby wants to suckle tit" dialog, completely halting the birth process. I've therefore reverted this change, and if I stumble on the initial bug again, I'll try and see what's happening and hopefully find a better fix for it.


* Changed : There used to be 6 "templates" (information that would set the monster's needs at the beginning of a game) which tended to cover a lot of activities, leading to long game sessions. Those templates did not depend on the Level, which did not make much sense. There are now 20 templates, shorter and more focused ones, which depend on the Level. For example, if you are high Level, the templates will be mostly about pleasuring you and teasing you, while if you're low Level expect some harsh treatment from the monster.

* Fixed : Make the monster use the "Kneel" pose during the Abuse activity. For some reason I had excluded that pose from any activity so chances are you've never been used or abused by the monster while kneeling. This should be the case now :)

* Fixed : In one instance during the tests I've been driven to orgasm by being fucked by the monster... and then he would never stop, making me cum over and over again (testing can be fun !). It was like the game loop script was stuck waiting for a message that it never received, and wasn't running a timer. I've never heard of anyone experiencing that issue but I've added a bit of defensive code to avoid this from happening in the future. Not that it wouldn't be fun, but this is a confusing bug. lol.


* Fixed : The main script of the HUD ("HUD_Inter") was crashing with a stack-heap collision, meaning "out of memory" too often. The script has been cut in two to give it some breathing room, hopefully it will not crash anymore.

* Fixed : The HUD menu would complain that the buttons should be less than 24 characters long when trying to authorize someone with a display name containing some bizarre Unicode characters.

* Fixed : When targeting someone's monster with a supervision HUD, all the variables were not necessarily updated on the HUD. To benefit from this fix, the Main attachment has to be replaced, this is not a bug that was contained in the HUD.


* Added : When pressing "Invoke", "Babies", "Reinit" or "Beg" on the book menu, a text is now shown by the monster to acknowledge your action.

* Added : Applied the textures of a couple particles such as the spanking star to one of the invisible prims to make sure it is pre-loaded before the situation happens and you don't have to see a particle loading before showing. The only exception I know is the "black waters" particle (showing when a baby peeks out), which I have the UUID of but lost the asset, so I'll have to re-upload it and update all the particle slave scripts, which requires a little more work. This will be for a future update.

* Changed : Now the attachments are locked whenever the monster is active (i.e. there is a blob and not just a puddle or a pentagram), and unlocked when the game ends, not when you start it or reinit manually.

* Changed : Now the "Invoke" and "Babies" buttons won't appear on the book menu while playing anymore to avoid confusion. Likewise, the "Beg" button won't appear outside a game anymore (actually the monster has to be present for this button to appear, no point in begging a pentagram).

* Postponed : The Windlight settings were supposed to be locked (they weren't and that's a bug), but I heard some people having issues seeing anything while using Firestorm, so for now I will not lock them on until I have a solution for this.

* Fixed : Typos : "toughts" : "enjoy is cum". There are probably others that will arise.

* Fixed (sort of) : With Lelutka Evolution heads, the "closed eyes" animations would make the pupils and iris kind of poke through the eyelids. It doesn't do this with Lelutka Origins heads, or any other head that I know of. This is not the fault of my animations, which simply rotated the eyelids without moving the eyes at all (when you fall asleep in real life your eyes stay more or less straight). To fix it, the "closed eyes" animation has been updated to force the eyes to look down so the iris does not poke through anymore. However, this fix does NOT apply to the "falling sleep" animations (which also close the eyes by themselves). I noticed that the Lelutka Evolution HUD had a "closed eyes" button itself too so if this is a problem for you, you can use that button to fix the clipping. Eventually I will update this "sleeping" animation too, though, and this action won't be necessary anymore.

* Fixed : When a baby is born, the monster should tell you "Your boy or girl's name is XXX, son/daughter of Xulabarthath and -your name-". However, in one instance that I observed, it said "son/daughter of Xulabarthath and Marine". Yikes ! I swear Xulabarthath did not cheat on you with me while fucking you. He's a god but he's not Dr. Manhattan. More seriously, it should work better now :)

* Fixed : Under certain random circumstances (aka bad luck), the product would slow down to a crawl and become unusable. The reason for this was that two scripts would suddenly decide to battle to update the same variable which they both had ownership of, resulting into constant messages sent in a loop and bogging down the whole system.* Fixed : The "Beg" action didn't give any feedback even after pressing a button on the "beg" dialog.

How to get a redelivery / update

To get the updated version of your product, do these simple steps :


1. Go to the Marketplace product page.

2. Click on the date of purchase, like this :

3. On the page that appears, click on "Redeliver item".

If all goes well you should get your redelivered, and updated, item.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

My Friend Xuxu

Hello there,

I am proud to announce the coming of Xulabarthath !

Wait, what ?... Who ?

Xulabarthath is, well... you could say a "monster". Or a "god" if you're into the Cthulhu mythos. Or an "alien" if you're into sci-fi. Its nature is a subject of debate, but what is certain is that it is full of tentacles. The big slimy kind. And that it loves to abuse women with them.

In a nutshell, this product is a game. You will invoke Xulabarthath, say what you want from him, and then... anything goes. The monster will have his own objectives and will try to fulfill them while you try to fulfill yours, whatever they are. But as your avatar has definite stats (energy, pleasure, pain...) that fluctuate according to what the monster does and how much you resist and yield, getting your way will not be easy. Unless, of course, your objectives align with the monster's.

If you resist too much, you will waste all your energy and Xulabarthath will have the upper hand and do what he wants with you, while appreciating you less because you're uncooperative. The less the monster appreciates you, the more often and the harder he will punish you, and the less he will take what you like into account, to the point of even doing the opposite on purpose. You don't really want that, do you ?

On the other hand, if you don't resist at all, the monster may like you more but he will have his way with you and you might not really get what you wanted in the first place. Especially if you cooperate while he's doing things that you don't like. The monster will think you actually enjoy it so he will do it more (since he appreciates you more for cooperating, he takes your opinion into account more, heh).

So the "goal" of the game is pretty much to keep some kind of balance between resisting and cooperating.

Well, the real goal of the game is to have fun, and I hope you will have fun while playing with Xulabarthath !

You can find the product on the Marketplace, it costs L$2500. I know this is expensive, but you will see that this price is more than justified. Please try the demo first !

Since a demo is available, this post is not meant to demonstrate the product. The rest of this post is the manual to help you learn how to use this product if you wish. This is why there are no pictures here (and also because I don't want to spoil anything). But the use is very simple : wear the items, click on the book, choose "Invoke" and the game begins. Read the manual only if you want details.

If you have bought the product and an update is available, you will be notified by a group notice on the RealRestraint Updates & Support group, and the release notes will be available here.


Please note :

- This product is designed to fit the Maitreya Lara mesh body only, with the MdlM Proud Girls if you want, but not the Maitreya Petite addon. It may or may not fit other mesh bodies such as Legacy, please try the demo before buying.

- A Bento mesh head is highly recommended but not required.

- Owning Need For Seed and/or It's Not Mine is a plus because Xulabarthath can use them, both of them can even be used at the same time for extra messiness.

- Wearing an Env Box or any reflection box is also a plus because most of the textures of the tentacles are shiny and slimy, so they look even sexier when there are projected lights around.

- There is an easter egg in the demo. The first person who finds it and tells me what it refers to wins a copy of Xulabarthath for free, either for themselves if they haven't bought the product yet, or for a friend of theirs if they did.


This is the manual for Xulabarthath by Maison De La Marquise. If you are looking for the manual of its Supervision HUD, you can find it here. If you are confused by the way Xulabarthath "thinks" and want to know more about the intricacies of what's going on in his "mind" (aside from sex), feel free to read this post.


1. (optional) If your mesh body and/or head are set to use Bakes On Mesh (i.e. dynamic textures) and you are a RLV user, then move the whole folder to your #RLV folder. It doesn't matter where, just make sure that the Main object is at the same level as the "BoM Wearables" folder, in other words that they are both part of the same folder. In case you mess up and move things around, here is how the folder is initially organized :

2. (optional) If you can rez where you are, I recommend you rez the Pentagram object contained in the folder named "Pentagram (rez or add)", then you sit on it. If you don't, you can wear it instead so you will see the pentagram and the smoke anyway, you might just need to move it up or down manually. To rez it is preferable though because it holds you in place and you won't rotate by mistake after moving your camera. While sitting on it, you can press Page Up and Page Down at any time to adjust your avatar's altitude.

3. Wear the objects located in the root folder (Book, Blob, Head, Legs, Main). If the book is set to be visible, then you should see yourself reading it. If not, it is there but invisible in your right hand (press Ctrl Alt T to see it). Click on it and you'll get a menu.

4. Click on "Invoke". This will start the game. Have fun !

The cum

As pointed above, Xulabarthath can make use of your "Need For Seed" and "It's Not Mine" cum systems. If you own one of them, it is recommended to wear it, if you own both, that's even better, wear both.

In the case of "Need For Seed", Xulabarthath will behave like a "Feed Her Need For Seed" HUD, which means it will automatically open some appliers on your Need For Seed HUD under certain situations (like when he cums on your face), but you then have to apply yourself, he can only suggest the applier (there is no way to force an applier onto a mesh body or a mesh head without its user clicking first, sadly).

In the case of "It's Not Mine", that's easier, you just need to wear the "It's Not Mine" cum system and the "It's Not Mine Interface" object contained in the "(Optional)" folder of this product. That interface allows for an object to send commands to your cum system and control it automatically. In plain English, this means it lets Xulabarthath happily jizz all over your face and body without asking for your opinion.


The BoM wearables

The product folder contains two regular wearables in the "BoM Wearables" folder : a tattoo and an alpha mask. If you are an RLV user and have set your mesh body and/or head to use Bakes On Mesh, you do not have to wear them yourself (but don't forget to put your product folder somewhere in your #RLV folder).

If you are not an RLV user and use Bakes On Mesh, you will want to wear them manually. If you do not use Bakes On Mesh and you don't have a mesh head, you can use the Red face Wearable, but the X-ray belly will be useless for you.

If the monster can make you wear those items automatically and you can see them on your body (meaning you are an RLV user, your product folder is in your #RLV and your mesh body and head use Bakes On Mesh or you don't use a mesh head at all), you will see your face turn red while strangled and you will see inside your belly while you're pregnant.

If it cannot, don't worry. Those wearables are nice to have but they are absolutely not required for the game to work.


The Supervision HUD can be used either by you to change some options and see your main stats, or by a friend to control your monster and play with you instead of letting you play alone. It is so complex that it requires a blog post of its own, that you can find here.

The persistence

When an update is available or if you reset the monster, you probably don't want to lose your progress, especially your babies and your level. So you can save and load your stats by wearing the "Character Save Device" (sorry but I did not find any more bland name to give it) and clicking on it. You then get a dialog to let you save or load the data.

You can also export the saved data as a text string that you can save into a text file somewhere. You can then import a similar text string later by pasting it into the chat on channel 1 (type "/1 " followed by the text string). Since the text string contains all the saved data, it is encrypted and signed to make tampering difficult. Giving the string to a friend will not let them import it into their own Character Save Device as the encryption and signature are personal.

Please note that you cannot save and load while playing, but you can import from / export to the chat.

The game

Here is how the game plays. The main engine starts a new turn every few seconds, during which it decides what to do next, makes its move, most of the time describes what's happening on the chat (only you can read the text, it doesn't spam other people around), then waits a little before beginning the next turn.

Sometimes, you are asked for a reaction. This takes the form of a dialog that you have 10 seconds to click on. Past that time or after you click on a button, the turn ends. Some buttons might not be available, if your stats are not high enough, they are blanked out. For example, if your Willpower is not high enough, you might not be able to resist much if at all.

Please bear in mind that resisting will not necessarily warrant an immediate punishment, especially if your level is high (but it will make it go down, that's always a punishment in itself). However, the monster will remember your lack of cooperation and it will come back to bite you in the ass later.

You might ask why sometimes you have only one button on the dialog, and why it doesn't choose automatically for you. It's true, it could. But then, you wouldn't see how helpless you are by being forced to pick the only choice that you are given. Heh heh heh.


The technical stuff

I better warn you beforehand : this product is heavy in terms of scripting. And slow. Its focus is not on speed (after all each turn lasts several seconds) but on the number of things it can do. Expect some slowness in slow sims though. This is mostly because the many scripts in it talk among each other through link and chat messages, because of course, a single script could not hold 1% of the features and data present in this product. So it is not designed to be used in public sims, it is designed to be used somewhere safe and not too laggy, by yourself or with a friend.

However, all the motions (typically the moving tentacles) are designed to stay in sync with their animations even in slow sims, even when someone TPs in or out, that's even the primary focus of the whole project, even before its AI. At least that part, the motions and special effects (sounds and particles), is very fast.

Speaking of motions, the product is made of rigged mesh attachments, not animesh because you cannot use animesh on rigged mesh, and you cannot wear more than one animesh attachment anyway. So the mesh objects are rigged to the SL avatar's skeleton and move in real time like in stop-motion (don't worry, it looks good), some of them deform in a cartoonish fashion (you couldn't do that with animesh) such as when a tentacle ejaculates. As pointed out above, motions (how a mesh moves), sounds, particles and avatar animations are synchronized automatically, and even if you manage to get them desynchronized, you can synchronize them again with a click on a button on the HUD. If a sound seems out of sync with its motion, for example breathing or moaning, that means your computer is having trouble downloading it fast enough. But nearly all the sounds are short so they should download quickly.

The player stats

During the game, your avatar has stats just like in an RPG :

- Willpower : Your overall ability to resist. It is calculated from all the other stats below. Without giving away the actual formula, the willpower is based upon the lowest value between Energy and Awake (even further lowered depending on how far the other stat is from 100%), but it is also boosted by the Pleasure stat, and lowered by the Pain and Drug stats. Under 50% Willpower, you will have difficulties to resist.

- Energy : Your breathing, your heart rate, your physical shape. The lower the more winded (and weaker). Resisting, being punished, giving birth and cumming consume Energy, resting restores it (slower if you're tired or in pain). Under 25%, you're winded and visibly panting. A low Energy stat crushes your Willpower.

- Awake : Your wakefulness, the lower the more tired you are. At 10% you start falling asleep, unless you're drugged in which case that threshold is lower. You can even be drugged enough that you won't fall asleep at all until you metabolize enough of the drug (this happens from 70% drug and up). Awake only goes up while asleep or while not playing, otherwise it only goes down slowly but steadily. It goes down faster when you're winded, strangled or tortured. A low Awake stat crushes your Willpower. Falling asleep more or less "resets" your stats (except Gestation) but you spend some time doing nothing but sleep. Also Xulabarthath doesn't like when it happens (would you like your sex partner to fall asleep right in the middle ?) so it might decrease your level. And don't expect him to release you because you fall asleep !

- Pleasure : The sexual pleasure that you're feeling. Normally, you cum at 100%, but you also develop a resistance to orgasm when you do so multiple orgasms require even more pleasure (and become more intense). Resistance to orgasm decreases over time. Pleasure boosts Willpower a little.

- Pain : The physical pain that you're inflicted. Punishments generally induce pain, which in turn lowers your Willpower and your ability to recover Energy. Being pleasured too soon after cumming also induces pain. There is no direct effect of being at 100% Pain, and that stat cannot go over 100%.

- Drug : The quantity of cum the monster has made you ingest. The more Drug the lower your Willpower. At 33% you start feeling fuzzy and your eyes cannot focus, and as your Drug stat increases, your eyes become more and more glazed over, until you clearly look high as a kite !

- Gestation : The monster is able (and sometimes willing) to breed. At 10% and over, you are impregnated and the stat will go up inexorably over time. I will say no more on the subject, you will have to discover by yourself. Just know that Gestation tends to be pleasurable but also consumes Energy, more and more as it advances.

- Mood : This stat depends on your global responses (if you responded more positively than negatively during the game, your mood will tend to be higher) as well as on the current drug, pain and pleasure levels. It is not a number but a qualifier and determines your idle animation and breathing.

- Level : A very important stat which translates the appreciaction the monster feels towards you. It depends on a lot of factors, notably how well your responses are aligned with the monster's needs, how well you beg, things like that. It determines how much the monster takes your preferences into account when deciding something, but also his tolerance towards your resistance. "Girl" and higher is good, "Heathen" and lower is bad because the monster will gradually do the opposite of what you like. It is much easier to go down in Level than up, so you better cooperate ! Attention, the closer you get from the extremes ("Slave" being the lowest and "Chosen" being the highest), the lower the effect of the response, good or bad, in other words the closest you are from the extremes, the longer it will take to make your level change up or down.

The babies

Eventually, maybe not right off the first play, but at some point, you will give birth to one of Xulabarthath's offsprings. Its shape and personality may vary, but the point is that your baby will stay with you even after the game is over. You can even control it moderately with the HUD ! Well, you can only decide to hide and show it on your body, you can't control what it does because it's your baby, not a toy, it has its own free will ! Yes you can have several babies, but you have to give birth several times for that. Each baby is different and has its own name. No you cannot sell them, they're not pets.

There are only so many babies you can give birth to. Past this number, you will not be able to get pregnant anymore. There is currently no way to "dismiss" a baby if you want to go through the pregnancy again, except by starting afresh with a new redelivery without using the Character Save Device.

When you're out and about and want to bring your babies with you, you only need to wear the Main part (and maybe the HUD if you want to hide and show some of them at some point, but you don't have to keep the HUD on at all times). Some babies require you to also wear the Legs part if you want to see them. It is explained to you when you give birth. In order to start their AI and not the monster's, click on your book and choose "Babies" (this button appears only if you have given birth to at least one baby).

Now, here's a little tip for you. You want to take a walk outside with Iyalith and Zakur ? But you want them to behave and not tease you and make you look like a total slut before everyone ? Simply make them appear with the HUD but don't click on "Babies" on your book (or click on "Reinit" if you did). Then you can detach everything except the Main part and you're good to go !


The book

The "Book Of Eternal Pleasure" object is meant to let you start the game, but it is not otherwise useful while playing the game, and can be detached. You get the menu immediately when attaching it (or when logging on while wearing it), but you can also get the menu by clicking on it, even if you are RLV-restricted from touching stuff.

(Note : All the buttons are visible on this picture but in the game there is no way to have them all visible at the same time. This is just to show them all to you as an example.)

- Invoke : This is the way to start a game. It resets the monster and babies AI (if you have babies) and runs the monster AI again.

- Babies : Clicking on this button starts a game but only for the babies, not for the monster. It allows you to let your babies play with you at will instead of staying static. You can see this button only if you have at least one baby.

- Beg : Clicking on this button during a game lets you steer the monster your way a little, indicating what you would like him to do. If your begging matches what the monster likes, he will like you more (and acknowledge your pleas), otherwise he will like you less and possibly punish you, so use with caution ! This button is hidden if you're gagged or if there is no monster (or he's not actively playing yet).

- Reinit : This stops the two AIs and re-initializes the game (but not your stats except Gestation). It also removes all the tentacles. This will not make you lose any data such as your Level or your babies.

- Play : This switch allows you to pause and resume the game without needing the HUD. It does the same thing as the "Play" button on the HUD.

- Show book : This switch allows you show and hide the book while standing and not playing. When the book is visible, it also makes you play a "hold the book and read it" animation.

The RLV support

Naturally, this product has some RLV tricks up its sleeve. If your viewer is an RLV or RLVa one, and its RLV features are active, the monster will notice. Here is what it can then do :

- When the game goes through the invocation, the world goes black (I recommend moving to a place where the walls and floors do not have materials so you are really in the dark) and your vision is restricted to only your avatar and the monster. Your camera is also restricted to stay close to your avatar.

- When the game is running, most of the attachments are locked on you including the head tentacles that gag and blindfold you.

- When you're gagged by the monster, your regular chat is suppressed (not redirected, just suppressed). If you are wearing another RR gag at the same time, then the monster's gag will behave like a weak tape gag so the RR gag will supersede it and let you mmph normally.

- When you're blindfolded by the monster, the tentacle blindfold restricts your vision like an Opaque RR blindfold. Attention, it does NOT rez a prim to block your view because the point is to let you see yourself. In other words, if you're using RLVa, which at the time of this writing does not support vision restriction spheres, your vision will be more restricted only in the sense that your camera will be restricted to a smaller distance from your avatar, but that's it. If you want the full experience, you need to use an RLV that implements the vision restriction spheres properly, like the original RLV, Kokua or Cool VL for example.

- When you are strangled, if you are using Bakes On Mesh for your mesh or are using a system head and your Xulabarthath folder is somewhere inside your #RLV, then you will see your face turn red.

- When you are pregnant, if you are using Bakes On Mesh for your mesh body and your Xulabarthath folder is somewhere inside your #RLV, then you will see through your belly to see the baby in your womb.

- You can touch the book regardless of your current RLV touch restrictions.


Such a complex product is bound to raise questions and concerns. And sometimes you might experience bugs or be surprised by some difficult to understand behaviors. This FAQ section is here to help you answer your concerns and troubleshoot apparent bugs.


I can't see anything, not even my avatar, the whole screen turns black after a while. This happens in the demo too.

The world turns black once you start invoking the monster. Make sure to activate "Local Lights" in your viewer graphics preferences (most likely in the Advanced section). The monster creates a dark ambience, removing all sun and moon light, turning all the textures black, and then relies on its own embedded lights to create the scene. But if you turn the local lights off... eh, there's no light anymore so you don't see anything.


My eyes are straight, they won't move even with my mesh head HUD.

You're drugged ! Also, you need more cum so keep sucking.

Ok, I'm drugged but the white shroud over my eyes is not fitting correctly.

You're probably using a mesh head which eye sockets are not aligned with the system eyes, which the white glow is rigged to. Since there is no unrigged part, I recommend you turn the "white eyes" feature off with the HUD's menu. This will turn off the white shroud but will still not let you move your eyes however.

My breathing is out of sync for a second.

Animations blend into others in a way that the transitions are not visible and you keep moving slowly and sexily all the time. However, some animations are higher priority than others (like orgasms, punishments etc) and have an "outtro" part located after the looped part. For example, after you're done cumming, your avatar visibly pants and takes some time to recover her senses. During the panting, her breathing rhythm changes too, because the orgasm ends when your Energy reaches zero (not when your Pleasure reaches zero), meaning you're always out of breath after an orgasm. But the end of the orgasm animation and the beginning of the "panting" breathing loop cannot be synchronized. After the "outtro" part actually ends, you will see your avatar's chest automatically take the rhythm of her ragged breathing.

Some animations stay active for several seconds after the stimulus ends.

Yes, this is due to this "outtro" part in some animations and it is necessary to keep it. Technically, an animation in SL is comprised of three parts : the part before the loop (the "intro"), the loop itself, and the "outtro" which plays after the loop is stopped. When the animation is stopped during its loop, it keeps playing the rest of the loop part instead of immediately jumping to the outtro (which would look weird and unrealistic), and with bad luck it will be interrupted near the beginning of the loop, which may take several seconds in some animations. There is no way to mitigate that. Some animations, like the sucking one are impacted the worst because they need some kind of "neutral face" outtro to repair some mesh heads like Catwa or Lelutka Evolution (for some reason Lelutka Origins does not need it, but it's there anyway), so the looped part is long. Without this "neutral face" outtro however, your face would remain deformed after the animation ends.

My rigged mesh vagina is not aligned with the tentacles.

I'm sorry to say that some rigged mesh vaginas are simply not anatomically correct, they're located where the pelvic bone is supposed to be. And being rigged mesh, they can't be moved, so your only option is not to use one of those rigged mesh vaginas if you're in this case. The pussy tentacles are aligned with the vagina of the Maitreya Lara body anyway so there would be no point in redesigning them for this. I recommend unrigged mesh vaginas instead, since you can adjust them the way you like. VAW is good, I've briefly tested Sapphos which looks good too (but I use VAW), I'm sure there are others.

My mouth is not aligned with the tentacles.

Some variations of the mouth tentacle are rigged to the mouth but others are not. For example, the "sucking cock" tentacle, which triggers a head animation, cannot be rigged to the head otherwise it would move with the it, defeating the purpose (you want the tentacle to stay still while you give head). But since this tentacle is rigged anyway, to the chest among other points, it cannot be adjusted manually.

So if your mouth is not aligned with it, this means either your neck is too long or too short, or your mouth is too high or too low. I'm not saying your avatar is badly proportioned, but that you might need to make a copy of your shape and adjust some sliders (most likely neck length and/or mouth position) in order to match your lips to the tentacle.

Another issue might be the size of the mouth compared to the girth of the tentacle. In particular with Catwa heads, which tend to have very small mouths.

At the time of this writing this is the only solution if your mouth doesn't match the tentacle well, but in the future I will think of a way to make alternate animations that put your head slightly higher or lower too, or an alternate tentacle that is not rigged, worn on the chest, and matching (more or less) the rigged chest part. Stay tuned.

I'm ring-gagged but the monster won't use my mouth.

The monster detected that you are gagged (because your regular chat is most likely suppressed or redirected), but it cannot detect by what. It just thinks "this girl cannot speak so I cannot use her mouth". In the case of a ring-gag, it is best to use the menu of the Supervision HUD to set your "Gagged" setting to "Forced to No" so the monster ignores your gag.

The blobs are deformed and around my hips.

This is because you are using a rigged mesh vagina that uses the same Bento bones as the blobs to animate the labia. I'm afraid there is no solution to this, the blobs have to use those bones because there is no "root" bone to rig to, and the mesh vagina has to use those bones because the pussy lips vertices are rigged to them, they have no other choice but to use those bones either. So it's one or the other. The blob is deformed simply because its own animations are lower priority than the vagina's animations. The vagina would be deformed instead if the priorities were the other way around. What you can do instead is use a non-rigged mesh vagina such as VAW or Sapphos (or others I don't know about), or a rigged mesh one that does not use Bento animations to open itself but visibilities instead. Please note that if you're experiencing this issue and detach your rigged mesh vagina and the blob is still deformed, you need to right click on yourself and select "Reset Skeleton" to set your avatar skeleton correctly again.

The monster is done playing and has disappeared, but my attachments are still RLV-locked on me, I can't detach them.

Try to click on the book to get its menu, and select "Reinit", this is what commands the RLV locks. You should be able to detach your attachments afterwards.

Edit : This should no longer be an issue after the update that was released on 09/23/2020.

Sometimes I get only one choice in the menu, can't it choose automatically for me ?

It could, but it won't ! Xulabarthath wants you to feel how helpless you are and to realize that you have no choice when your Willpower is too low. He wants you to actively comply instead of doing it for you. It's more humiliating that way.

When I pause the game (with the HUD or the book) in the beginning, I don't see a "game paused" message.

This is a known issue. This message comes from the monster AI when it is interrupted by a pause action. However, in the beginning (before the monster appears fully while standing), the AI is not in a state where it can detect a pause yet, it's just "following the script" of asking your preferences and moving to the final standing position. Only then does the AI becomes "pause-aware". It doesn't change anything, though, the AI won't do anything if you pause before you reach the "stand" position because it is simply waiting for the position to be reached, and it won't because the low-level engine (the one in charge of going from state to state) won't move until you resume the game.

One of the scripts has crashed !

Uh-oh ! This should not happen, but you never know. There are many cases that would make a script run out of memory, simply because of the sheer amount of data exchanged. If the script is too busy and long messages pile up, it eats memory and might make it go over the limit and crash. Once again, it should not happen but here we are.

All you can do is get a redelivery, don't forget to save into your Character Save Device so you don't lose any important data. Also please tell me which script crashed (it is written in the error window) and under what circumstances (sim crowded and/or slow, or a special action that you've made and that reproduces the crash every time), the more info the better and this helps me track down the issue and fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can stand up from the pentagram even though my other attachments are locked. Shouldn't I be locked on the pentagram I'm sitting on ?

It would make sense but the pentagram is an optional object, it is just for show (it includes the pentagram and the black smoke, nothing else, not even the lights which are part of the blob attachment). It can also be attached or rezzed. But think about this : you might want to use "It's Not Mine" (along with the included interface) and Need For Seed (and its cum attachments) to make you messy, and an Env Box to make the tentacles shine. That's 5 attachments in total. You might also be heavily restrained while playing, which might take a lot of attachment slots as well. There is the monster itself, which takes somewhere between 5 and 7 attachment slots. There is the Maitreya mesh body (V5 takes between 1 and 5 attachment slots depending on whether you wear its HUD and 3 layers or not). There is your mesh head and hair which may take at least 5 attachment slots, probably more. You might want to be sweaty with When You're Hot. You might want to wear jewelry, shoes, glasses... You are allowed 38 slots at most so at some point you will run out of slots. For this reason, some attachments in this folder are optional, and the pentagram is one of them along with the book and the HUD. That's why it is not locked on, and by extension, does not force you to stay sat on it.

How do I adjust the gag and blindfold tentacles ?

The two tentacles around the head (gag and blindfold) are invisible while not playing so you need to press Ctrl-Alt-T to see them in red. Then edit that object, tick "Edit Linked" on the edit window, then select only the mouth tentacle and resize it. It is a single prim and its "tail" should be around the neck, in a high position to avoid clipping, but low enough so that your chin won't clip through when you're actually gagged and your mouth is open. There is an animation in the "Optional" folder, called "OpenMouth" to help you check the fitting with the mouth open.

Then do the blindfold the same way, only you don't need an animation for it.

If it is easier for you, you can make the two tentacles visible while editing them (set their Transparency to 0 in the Texture tab of the edit window), then invisible again once done. You can also do this while playing since they are locked but do not prevent editing, but it's harder and you probably have better things to do at that time.

The tentacles are animated like in a stop-motion fashion. Wouldn't have it been easier to make them Animesh instead ?

This is an interesting question. At first glance it would have made more sense to make them Animesh indeed. However, Animesh works only for non-rigged attachments, and you can wear only one Animesh attachment at a time. They also wouldn't have been able to deform the way they do here, so no cartoon-like effect. So in order to fully use Animesh, I would have had to make the product completely different, with tentacles coming from a furniture you sit on and that do not coil around your body (and maybe have additional not animated tentacles as attachments just for the look). To put it more simply, they wouldn't be able to hug your body and fuck you at the same time, which would have been a shame.

The credits

Most sounds come from, some sounds are licensed under Creative Commons. I want to thank all of the people below (and those I didn't mention) for sharing their work with the community.

- Strech : Halleck
- Sex noises : SkeetMasterFun
- Electrify : Parabolix, Tim Verberne
- Choking : Juliandmc4, Braffle2
- Wet : Ricexzeeb
- Squishy : eneasz
- Praying : Felix Blume
- Voices : Reitanna Seishin, GuineFurrie and Kitsuneluigi
- Heartbeats : harrybates01, loudernoises, patobottos, Woodingp, FenrirFangs
- Woman whisper : drotzruhn
- Female mmm : AudioRichter

Lighting bolt brushes by Obsidian Dawn.

I also want to thank all my friends and supporters for helping me test this product during the whole cycle of development. Your feedback has been precious :)

Have fun !