Thursday, October 1, 2020

RLV 2.9.28

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, which is up to date with the latest version of the SL viewer (6.4.9 with the new rendering changes and fixes). Aside from being updated to match the SL viewer, there are a few quality of life changes for those who spend a lot of time blindfolded, as well as a couple fixes.

Here is the list of changes :

- changed : Updated to be based on the SL viewer v6.4.9 with the "Love Me Render" improvements and fixes (

- changed : Now you can highlight invisible (pressing Ctrl Alt T to see invisible surfaces in red) even while vision-restricted, but when you do that the inner vision sphere becomes opaque to prevent from cheating.

- changed : Now you can edit an object and see its outline even while vision-restricted, but when you do that the inner vision sphere becomes opaque to prevent from cheating if "Show Selection Outlines" is active (which is the default).

- changed : When wearing several attachments that restrict your vision, if their vision spheres are of different colors, the mix is no longer an HSL one (which could lead to bizarre results sometimes) but a simple multiply, meaning the more restraints the darker. It's more intuitive that way.

- fixed : IM commands such as @version, @list etc should no longer be executed when sent by someone you have blocked.

- fixed : When none of the vision restriction spheres was opaque and either black or white, looking somewhere without rendering the avatar (i.e. either the avatar is a cloud or it is behind the camera and preferably behind a wall too) would render the spheres differently and in a less restrictive manner. The fix makes it so that when you do that, the inner sphere becomes fully opaque now.

- fixed : Now you can add and delete an item to an attachment's inventory while sitting on something and restricted from sit-tping.

- known issue : Moving the camera beyond the radius of a light makes that light shine brighter on surfaces which specular color is not white. This is an SL bug, not an RLV one. See

Please be aware of the last point, the known issue. There is still a rendering bug in the SL viewer that made its way into the RLV (see the link) and I'm waiting for LL to fix it. Hopefully it will not take too long.

You can download the Windows version from

The MD5 hash for the Windows version is :

The Linux and Mac versions are proposed by Chorazin at this address :

Have fun !