Friday, December 22, 2017

Update to MdlM When You're Hot

Hello there and Merry Christmas !

Shortly after releasing the When You're Hot sweat and wet appliers, I noticed that the first three levels had some kind of pattern on the skin shine... It was not obvious at all, but once I noticed it I couldn't unsee it. The human eye has an uncanny ability to detect patterns, really.

So I have entirely redone those three levels, "Warm", "Hot" and "Torrid", both on the retail and the demo versions, on the head and body, for LeLutka, Maitreya, Lolas and Omega. Now those three levels of shine look more realistic and natural than before, and that freakin' pattern is gone.

See for yourself :

Warm before
Warm after

Hot before
Hot after

Torrid before
Torrid after

As you can see, the pattern was not easily spotted but once you saw it, you could no longer ignore it. I know I couldn't.

Also it does not show on the pictures here, but the new sheen gives the skin a better 3D look, while it was almost flat before. The skin is more "bumpy" now, as it should be, making it look more natural when you move your camera or when the lights move around you.

The other four levels do not use the same pattern for the skin so no need to change them.

That's not all, this update also changes a couple more things.

I have added two "Clear" buttons on the left of the "Maitreya+LeLutka+Lolas" HUD (not on the Omega HUDs, which already have such buttons), so you don't have to go through turning off the tattoo layer of your LeLutka head, pressing "clear all layers" on your Maitreya HUD and pressing "clear all" on your Proud Girls (if you use them). These new buttons do not actually clear the textures, they replace them with fully transparent textures and get rid of the materials, which has the same effect.

Two more buttons on the left

Finally, the Maitreya+LeLutka+Lolas HUD no longer sends messages to Omega breasts, as it was confusing the Proud Girls and probably other models of mesh breasts as well. This is the role of the Omega HUDs anyway. The reason for this is that Omega top appliers and Lolas appliers share the same channels and follow almost the same protocols.

To update your When You're Hot HUDs, simply rez the updater contained in the folder, wait a little, you will receive the new box and the updater will derez itself.

Have fun and happy holidays !



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Small update to the MdlM Opaque Latex Catsuits

Hi there,

The MdlM Opaque Latex Catsuits had a bug : their bonus "Deep Black" tint was not tinting the neck, shoes and mesh breasts deep black but pitch black. It is fixed now and if you want to update, simply rez the updater contained inside the folder in your inventory. Wait a little bit, and you'll get your new box. You can leave the updater alone, it will delete itself after use.

Have fun !


Need For Seed V2

Hi there,

I am proud to release Version 2 of the Need For Seed system, and instead of a new version I should call it a total overhaul, because the only thing it has in common with V1 is the way the HUD looks and the fact that it still uses appliers with materials.

Firstly, it is now compatible with Omega and Lolas (head and body) as well as Maitreya (it was only compatible with Maitreya + Slink hands and feet before), which means that Slink, Belleza, Tonic, eBody and many other mesh bodies and heads as well as the Proud Girls and Lolas breasts are now compatible with this cum system. Attention, if your mesh body or head needs Omega installed manually, chances are you will have to buy an installation kit from Omega's store if you haven't already.

Secondly, well, I have completely redone all the textures except for the few cum attachments. You read that right, all the 200 appliers have been redone with a different tool, a more potent one that makes the cum look even more realistic, liquid and messy. It was looking good in V1, now it's looking even better, because I want cum that tells a story, textures that clearly show what the girl went through to get that messy. I have also added some cum that was missing before, like leaks from the pussy, clear droplets, saliva bubbles, drool, smearing and such, to account for more situations and variety.

Thirdly, I have added a way to "target" someone else's Need For Seed HUD to... how to say... "guide" her into her choice of the cum layer to apply. It doesn't sound like much and is not automatic (appliers cannot be automated as they require a lot of user input), but it is actually very helpful in the heat of the action, and actually involves the guy (or shemale or hermaphrodite) into the choice of cum. This is done through a secondary HUD that is included in the box, it is copy/trans so you can give it to anyone you want. I have called it "Feed Her Need For Seed". I love tacky jokes :p

There is also no longer that "mirroring" feature for the face that was present in V1, simply because it was messing with normals so the mirrored cum texture would play odd with the lighting. So instead, I have made face textures for the other side of the face, that are not mirrors of other textures, but originals. Same for the body. More variation that way.

Oh and lastly, I have fixed that annoying bug that would not let the buttons render at low graphics settings. To be technical, when the RenderVolumeLodFactor debug setting was set to 3 or less. Fixing this required to redo all the buttons, including the ones containing Maitreya appliers, which is why I never got around to doing this in V1. This was due to the fact that HUDs are rendered from an infinitely far point of view (aka "orthographic view") while using the lowest Level Of Detail ("LoD"), which is silly in my opinion, but that's what it does.

As this product has changed a great deal (different textures, different pictures, different features), this blog post here will do as if it were a completely new product, so you won't have to read the V1 one on top of it.

If you already own the Need For Seed system V1, updating from V1 to V2 is free. Simply rez the included update orb and wait, you will receive your V2 shortly after.


Need For Seed. There is no typo in the name, this HUD is all about getting you covered with cum. Semen. Seed. You see what I mean.

When you play with your sex partner, you don't really want to have to interrupt your roleplay at a critical time to rummage through your inventory and find which cum texture looks best on your body, you want to get a good one right away. The Need For Seed HUD is made for that. It provides you with many appliers for your face and body, all organized with snapshots and quick access, from a few strings of cum to a full bukkake session. Being coated with cum has never been so easy !

This post is divided in two parts : a quick presentation and a longer manual to explain how to use it. But feel free to read the manual first if you feel so inclined, to get a clear idea of what this is all about.

The Need For Seed HUD is like a giant multi-applier for both the face and the body, plus a few extras like mouth puddles and cum threads. There are over 200 appliers in total, half for the face and the other half for the rest of the body. Appliers can be combined, either on your body or on the face mask (see below), or both. It shines dynamically too, the shine isn't baked in the texture, so the cum looks a lot more realistic and natural. See for yourself :

But before you read further and decide whether to buy it, please make sure that you can use it in the first place by reading attentively the following technical requirements :

Firstly, the cum you see on these pictures shines dynamically. It is not static baked lighting like other cum textures (and there are very good ones out there, don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing them at all). Instead it uses materials for a more realistic wet and glossy look. This means that you have to activate Advanced Lighting Model in your viewer preferences to see it correctly. So this means that your computer must be able to handle materials. ALM is what lets you see materials and dynamic shadows. The latter has an impact on performance, but the former is very easy on the video card and it is the former that matters here.

To activate ALM, open your Preferences, go to "Graphics" and tick the "Advanced Lighting Model" checkbox, if not already done :


If doing so cripples your FPS (Frames Per Second, the speed at which your viewer renders your view in SL), just deactivate the dynamic shadows like this :

Of course there need to be local lights around, at the very least some sun. If you are in an area without any local lights, the cum won't shine, obviously. The box contains an attachment with lights that you can wear, to be able to test your shine.

If you are a Maitreya user, please make sure that it has some Glossiness set to it, or the cum won't shine on your body. It is done with a slider contained in the "Layers" tab on your Maitreya HUD :

Other mesh bodies have similar options (Slink and Belleza come to mind), so the same remark applies.

Secondly, you have to use a mesh body, either Maitreya or any mesh body that is compatible with Omega and that can display materials. There are no system clothing layers included in the box so if you do not use a mesh body, you will not see cum on your body (but you can still have cum on your face). You are free to use a mesh head or not, as the product contains face masks that you can wear, and that display the cum (with materials) over your face. If you are using a mesh head that can display materials on layers that are not the skin, for example LeLutka or Logo, then you will be able to apply cum directly on your mesh head. This is what I did for the pictures in this post.

Attention, at the time of this writing, Catwa heads cannot display materials on their Tattoo layer, so if you are a Catwa user, you will need to wear one of the face masks if you want cum on your face. The same applies to Genus, for the same reason.

Something else to keep in mind, if you are a Maitreya user, please unwear your Maitreya Omega Relay if you have one, as it is not compatible with materials. Many people were confused by this when trying out other products that I made, that feature appliers with materials.

Please understand that you won't be able to return this product for a refund after purchasing it since it is copy/no-transfer, so all sales are final. This is why I want the requirements to be clear before you buy. I will refund accidental double purchases, of course. I have recently included it into my Marketplace store at this location.

Now that the technical requirements are out of the way, let's see what this is all about.

When you buy the Need For Seed V2 system, here is what you get in the box :

- The Need For Seed V2 HUD containing all the appliers and scripts. You need to wear at least this item to make the system work.
- The Feed Her Need For Seed HUD that is used by others to communicate with your Need For Seed HUD. This HUD is copy/no-mod/trans and can be given away freely so others can use your HUD while playing.
- Five unrigged mesh face masks, modifiable so you can use it to cover your face, whether you are wearing a mesh head or not. You wear one (not all five) if you wish, but if you are wearing a mesh head that can handle materials on a layer that is not the skin, then the face mask is not necessary.
- One "Cum attachment" that displays additional cum in 3D for the tongue, the nose, the chin etc.
- One updater to keep your product updated.
- One body light attachment if you want to test your shine.
- Three animations and gestures to play and stop them. Open the mouth, stick your tongue out for LeLutka Bento heads, stick your tongue out for Catwa Bento heads.
- A box containing the entire V1 of this product, because although V2 is better, V1 was already quite sexy and since the textures are entirely different, this gives you even more choices.

The Need For Seed HUD

This is the nexus of the system, and wearing just this HUD already gives you access to almost all the features in this product, i.e. the ability to apply cum textures + materials to your body and face.

The most obvious change from V1 is the addition of the Omega/Lolas panel at the bottom.

Each square button on the right is like a folder, clicking one of them opens a different set of textures, be it for the face, the body, the legs, hands, feet or the additional attachments. For example, here I have clicked on the second button from the top, and it showed all the textures contained in that "folder" :


Each button is a snapshot of what happens if you click on it, and if you find them difficult to read, you can make them bigger with the "+" button of the HUD. You can even scroll up and down if you have made them too big to fit the screen, and although the HUD is worn on the left side of the screen with the appliers to its right by default, you can reverse their order and move them to the left so you can move the HUD to the right of your screen.

You can also minimize it by clicking on its top edge to take as little screen space as possible so it doesn't block your view, reducing it to this :

The face mask(s)

As mentioned above, the box contains five unrigged mesh face masks, and you are going to wear one of them at most. It was a mandatory item in V1 but this was one year and a half ago, nowadays mesh heads are a lot more common and a lot more advanced and some (LeLutka and Logo, and probably others) can display materials, so the face mask is not so necessary any longer. You can wear one if you like, of course, as it can do something that mesh heads cannot : it can display up to 4 appliers at once !

The face mask (the one you choose among the five provided in the box) is an object that is supposed to more or less fit your face after you adjust it. It is a single mesh object so you can resize it in all directions, and you choose the one that fits your face best according to whether it is round, triangular, square, egg-shaped or close to the standard Ruth shape.

It is, for all intents and purposes, like a mesh head, except it is unrigged. Each face mask is actually 8 layers in one : 4 identical layers with the mouth closed and 4 more with the mouth open. There are 4 identical layers of each so that you can apply 4 different textures at the same time.

All the layers are combined, there is no layer above the others, so there is no alpha sorting issues, all the layers are visible at the same time. This means that you can apply one texture with its materials to one layer, then another texture with its own materials to another layer, and so on. This allows for a lot of combinations ! More than you can try in a lifetime.

Some mesh heads do the same on a more limited scale, for example Lelutka has a Tattoo layer, a Lipstick layer and an Eyeshadow layer, and the Lipstick+Eyeshadow layers are almost equal to the Tattoo, and are neither in front of it nor beneath it, so you can combine with Lelutka as well. More on that later on in this post.

The shape of the face mask also follows the state of your mouth, either open or closed, and changes accordingly. The HUD itself can make it force your mouth open (including if you are wearing a Bento mesh head) but it is not necessary for it to work.

If another attachment of yours keeps your mouth open (for example a gag or an emoter), then the face mask will detect it and adapt and the cum will still look good on your face. Likewise, if you use the mouth button on the HUD then unwear it, but still wear the face mask, your mouth will remain open. It is the face mask that holds your mouth open, not the HUD.

The cum attachment

Sometimes when you're messy, you're very messy. This means strands of cum stretching between one spot on your skin to another, making you look all sticky. This is the role of the cum attachment. They are controlled by the lowermost button on the main panel of the HUD, and each part can be shown and hidden individually. For example you have a puddle in the mouth, another puddle on the tongue, strands of cum inside the mouth, or on the nose, or going from the chin to the chest, or between the legs, and so on. I had to remove the flexible prims from V1 as they did not look good enough.

A strand between the chin and the chest

Another strand between the nose and the upper lip

Yet another strand between the inner thighs

They give a nice 3D feel to your cum, making it look even more sticky and real.

The Feed Her Need For Seed HUD

This is a secondary HUD that you actually give to your partner while playing or before that. This secondary HUD looks a lot like the main HUD. Here it is with the second folder open :

It contains the same pictures as the main HUD but no applier. Instead, clicking on one of the pictures transmits the order to the main HUD of the targeted person (notice the crosshairs button at the bottom, it is used to target an avatar nearby). What it does, in essence, is show the same picture on that person's HUD, and prepare her Omega appliers before she clicks on the button to confirm. I must point out that the cum is not automatically applied, the targeted user must click on at least one button, since appliers cannot be automated. I could have automated this for the face mask and the breasts as I own their protocols, but I don't own the Maitreya and Omega protocol so I can't force an Omega or a Maitreya applier to execute, and I wanted to stay consistent.

This is the end of the demonstration of what the Need For Seed HUD can do, the rest of this blog post is the actual manual, which explains in detail how to use it. I find it better to have both the presentation and the manual in one post, because that way you know exactly what you're buying, there is no hidden catch.

You can find the Need For Seed HUD in any of the Marine's Goodies vendors in-world, it is Modify (*), Copy and No-Transfer, and costs L$1000. You can also find it on the Marketplace, where it has a demo. The box contains an updater to rez in case an update is available for this product, updates are always free. Also if you ever break your product, rezzing the updater will automatically get you a redelivery, regardless of the version of your product.

One location where to find a Marine's Goodies vendor is in Pak (look on the left of the RealRestraint vendor in the middle of the booth) :

Have fun !


(*) The HUD itself is no-modify because the scripts are loaded with the UUIDs of the textures to apply. Resetting it would make them lose all those data and break the HUD.


Let's now show you in detail how to operate your Need For Seed system.

The Need For Seed HUD

This is the nexus of the system and is the only part necessary to wear in order to make it work. The other parts are optional.

As you can see, the most obvious change from V1 is the additional panel at the bottom, the Omega/Lolas panel:

The usage is very simple. Click on one of the "folder" buttons. From top to bottom, the first three are for the face, then come the chest, the belly (+ bukkake), the back, the pussy and legs, the butt, the hands and feet, and finally the cum attachment :

Doing so opens a subset of appliers, for example some of the face ones :

Then you simply click on one of those buttons. You may or may not have to pay attention to the message that appears in the chat (only you can see it though), for example :

Need For Seed HUD v2.0 (top): : Selected for torso: "P13a". If you use Omega or Lolas, click one of the layer buttons to apply.

At that point, it is probable that nothing more will happen, in particular, no texture will be applied yet. Depending on what button you clicked and what kind of user you are, you may have to take an additional step, either by clicking on a button on a menu, or on a button on the Omega/Lolas panel, or both.

- If you are wearing one of the face masks and the applier you clicked on is one of the face ones, the currently selected layer (1 to 4) will immediately be applied with the cum you selected so no additional step is required there, just like in V1.

- If you are a Maitreya user and you clicked on a body applier (chest, belly, pussy, butt etc), you are presented with a menu asking whether you want to apply to the Tattoo, Underwear or Clothing, like in V1. This is a menu spawned by the Maitreya applier contained in that button, I cannot automate it. Select a layer and your body is applied with the cum you selected. If you are not a Maitreya user, the menu appears anyway but you can simply ignore it.

- If you are not wearing a face mask but you are wearing a mesh head that is compatible with Omega, then the message mentioned above is relevant to you. It means that you must click on one of the "head" Omega buttons on the lower part of the HUD :

The one on the left is "Tattoo", the one on the right is "Makeup". Frankly, in my experience as a LeLutka user, it does not make a difference which button I click as I am presented with another menu asking me where to really apply (Lipstick, Tattoo, All, Hairbase, Eyebrows or Eyeshadow). But your own experience may vary depending on the mesh head you use.

Please note that at the time of this writing, Catwa and Genus heads are NOT compatible with Omega with materials except for the skin (but you don't want to replace your skin with cum textures, right ? Your head would turn mostly invisible if you did). So if you are a Catwa or Genus user and want cum on your face, you have to wear one of the face masks as if you did not wear a mesh head at all. This may change in the future but it depends on the owners of Catwa and Genus, not on me.

- If you are not a Maitreya user but are wearing a mesh body that is compatible with Omega, same thing except you will want to click on one of the "body" Omega buttons on the lower part of the HUD :

From left to right and top to bottom, they stand for "Upper tattoo", "Bra", "Top", "Lower tattoo", "Panties" and "Pants" respectively.

Please note that a few appliers ("bukkake" and a couple of "butt" ones) use both the upper and lower parts of the body. In that case you have to click once on one of the upper buttons, and once on one of the lower buttons. A Maitreya user does not have to do this as those Maitreya appliers are already programmed to apply to the whole body, but Omega can only do one half at a time. In fact, when selecting one of those double appliers, you should see two "Selected" chat messages instead of one, giving you a hint that you will have to click twice.

- Finally, if you are wearing mesh breasts that are compatible with Lolas, like the Proud Girls for instance (I wear them all the time, including in the pictures in this post), then you have to click on one of the Lolas buttons to apply to your breasts, either to the Bra layer or to the Top layer :

Please note that although the Lolas protocol does not handle the Tattoo layer because the original Lolas Tango breasts do not have one, the Proud Girls do, so if you are a Proud Girls user you can just apply to the Bra or Top and then swap with the Tattoo layer.

Although it may look cumbersome to have to click on an Omega button after having chosen your applier, it has an interesting advantage : if you clear your body accidentally from all its appliers, you can reapply the last one by clicking on the same Omega button again, even if you forgot which applier it was.

Attention : If you use Omega for your mesh body and/or head, there is a good chance that said mesh body and/or head is not compatible with Omega right out of the box, and you have to buy an Omega kit and activate it before you can use the Omega part of this product. Omega kits for mesh bodies and heads are generally L$99 and are found at this location.

When you have opened a folder, you can enlarge the pictures if you find them too small, scroll them, and even make them switch to the other side on your screen, with these buttons :

If you don't want to have to skim through dozens of pictures in the heat of the action and just want one applier quickly, simply click on one of the three dice, it selects a random applier for your face corresponding to the folder on the same line :

I'm sorry, it does not work for the body yet. It would work easily for Omega but I can't force a Maitreya applier to trigger, so for now the random buttons are only available for the face, which uses either Omega or a face mask (or both).

Specifics about LeLutka

I wanted to say a word about LeLutka and combining textures... As you already know the face mask allows you to display four textures at once (plus their materials), well LeLutka does the same but with only two. Or three if you're lucky. There are three layers that you can use to apply cum on your face with a LeLutka head, Tattoo, Lipstick and Eyeshadow. You can also use Eyebrows but this one is rather small and I haven't found more than a couple appliers that would look good on it. Those layers cover the face as follows :

Lipstick covers the lips but also the chin, half of the nose, and the jaw

Eyeshadow covers the eyes, the forehead, half of the nose, and the upper cheeks

Lipstick + Eyeshadow, notice how they cover the face without any gap between them

Tattoo, it covers the whole head (minus the ears for some reason)

See what I mean ? If you apply one texture to the Lipstick layer, then the same texture to the Eyeshadow layer, it is as if you had a second Tattoo layer, or almost. You can do that because as I pointed out above, the Omega applier does not forget its data once you have clicked on it, so nothing keeps you from clicking on it a second time, as LeLutka will ask you once again where to apply it.

You can even be more wicked and select a texture that covers only the lower part of the face for the Lipstick layer, for example one of the "cum on the lips" appliers, and another one that covers only the nose and/or the forehead to apply to the Eyeshadow layer, and then a third applier to apply to the Tattoo layer, and voila, you have made your head display three cum appliers at once !

I don't know about other mesh heads, but you can probably use similar tricks for combining appliers :)

LeLutka (and probably other mesh heads too) also allows you to select the transparency of any layer (it is called "Blend" on its HUD), meaning you can make the cum look more like girl juices. There are specific appliers in the Need For Seed HUD that are perfect for that :)

One last thing I almost forgot : LeLuka, probably like every other mesh head needs a kit to activate Omega support for it, which you can find on the Marketplace. It's not free but it's not expensive either. Without this kit, your Need For Seed HUD will not send appliers to your LeLutka mesh head, and you will have to wear one of the face masks instead.

The face mask

The face mask is a way for you to have shiny cum applied over your face, whether you are wearing a mesh head or not. Some mesh heads like LeLutka and Logo are able to have materials applied to their Tattoo layer (and other layers too), some other mesh heads like Catwa and Genus cannot (yet), and a system head certainly cannot display materials, let alone appliers. This is what the face mask is for.

The very first thing you want to do with the face mask is choose among the ones that are included in the box. There are currently five variants :

- Standard
- Triangular
- Egg-shaped
- Square
- Big jaw

Depending on the shape of your head, you will want to wear one of them or another, but don't wear two of them at the same time ! You need only one, at most.

The second thing you want to do is resize it to fit your face as closely as possible. It won't be a perfect fit but that's okay, cum has some thickness to it so the face mask needs not be exactly against your skin.

You can see an example of the round variant on this picture. I have painted it white so you can see it, but of course it won't look like this when you use it :

To resize your face mask, all you need to do is choose one of the messiest face appliers, for example this one, which is located in the third folder :

And here is the result with the face mask on :

Then resize your mask with the SL edit tools, as it is a single "prim" it will allow you to resize it in all directions until you are satisfied with the fitting.

Even if you are wearing a mesh head that accepts materials, you may want to use the face mask anyway as it has one big advantage over a mesh head : it can display four appliers at the same time ! And since it is unrigged, it won't be a problem to wear cum with it on top of cum on one of your mesh head's layers, if you want. Totaling up to 7 different appliers on your face if you are wearing a LeLutka mesh head and using the trick explained above !

To control which layer to apply to, simply click on one of the number buttons on your HUD :

The blue shade indicates the layer that is currently selected. There is no layer more important or over another one, they are all equal. Each layer can have its own shine and transparency modified by clicking on the left slider for the shine or the right slider for the opacity :

 The one on the left is the shine, the one on the right is the opacity

If you click on the red cross button, this sets the opacity to 0 on all 4 layers, plus hides all the parts of your cum attachment, making you look clean again (but you might have to clean the rest of the appliers yourself). It also contains an applier for Maitreya and another for Omega to help you clean up the mess.

Another nice thing the face mask does is animate your mouth, whether you are wearing a Bento mesh head or not. If you are wearing a mesh head that is not Bento though, it will not animate your mouth, you'll have to do this manually. But if you are wearing a Bento mesh head or no mesh head at all, your mouth will open when you click this button :


Clicking that button again will close your mouth.

If you are not wearing the face mask and still want to have your mouth open and have no way to open it yourself (for example if you don't like the ones built in your mesh head), no problem, the box contains a gesture to open your mouth, and the priority 4 animation that comes with it.

Please note that if you open your mouth with the "mouth" button on your HUD while wearing the face mask, then remove the mask, your mouth will close because it is the face mask that animates you, not your HUD. Likewise, if you press on that button while not wearing the face mask, you will not see anything happen until you wear the face mask, then your mouth will open.

The cum attachment

The cum attachment is an optional attachment that you can wear, and that is controlled by the appliers contained in the lowermost folder :

Opening this folder gives you access to all the attachments "appliers" :

I put "appliers" between quotes because technically they are not appliers but toggles, but they have pretty much the same effect anyway. If you are wearing the cum attachment and click on one of these buttons, you should see the corresponding part become visible. Clicking the same button again hides it.

You might notice that the cum attachment is the same as in V1, as well as its textures, but is missing the flexi prims. This is because those prims were not looking realistic enough and would be detrimental to the look of the rest of the cum (the more realistic an art work is, the more imperfections stand out, right ?) and what's more, they would never bend in the right direction, they were always too tense.

To resize the attachment, it is best to tick "Edit linked" in your edit window and to resize the parts one by one as you see fit, because resizing the whole attachment will never fit your head perfectly.

Combining cum layers

This whole product was made with the idea of combining cum layers, not restricting you to show only one applier at a time. There's a thing to keep in mind to make this work : the SL renderer does not play well with superimposing alpha-blended textures. In plain English, this means that wearing two semi-transparent layers (like cum but that's not the only example) on your mesh body will probably hide the innermost one. You've probably seen this happen on your own mesh body, like when wearing sheer panties under a transparent catsuit, the panties would almost always disappear.

The trick to force two semi-transparent textures is to switch the mask mode on the innermost layer once, then to toggle it again to go back to blend mode. Mask mode simply makes the texture opaque where it is more opaque than a certain threshold, and invisible where it is too transparent. On Maitreya the threshold is 120, I don't know about the other mesh bodies.

Doing this "refreshes" the texture and trick the renderer into rendering both. This is not ideal but works well for all the people who are looking at you at that moment but you might have to do it again for those who TP in after, or when you TP yourself. Or relog or whatever.

When you are able to combine, you usually apply one texture to the Tattoo layer and another to the Underwear layer on Maitreya. Same thing for other mesh bodies, and most mesh heads work the same too (well, Lelutka seems to combine layers better, see above). If you do this well, you can benefit from many combinations of two cum layers or more !

Another trick if you are wearing the Proud Girls or other mesh breasts is to apply one cum texture to your belly or back, and another to your mesh breasts, provided it does not need to show on your belly. You're sure you won't get any conflict that way. A lot of chest appliers only show on the breasts anyway.

The Feed Her Need For Seed HUD

This HUD is a secondary HUD that looks a lot like the Need For Seed HUD, but that is meant to be used by someone else.

After all, you are the one receiving cum on your face and body, but you are not the one who decides how this cum is sent, right ? This should be the role of your partner, and they can use the Feed Her Need For Seed HUD for that.

It works like this (assuming you are a female and your partner is a male, but that doesn't really matter) :

- Give your partner a copy of the Feed Her Need For Seed HUD, contained in the box (if she does not have that HUD yet).
-  He wears that HUD and may want to select you as its target by clicking on the crosshair button and choosing your name (provided you wear the Need For Seed HUD in the first place, otherwise you won't be detected).
- He then opens one of the folders and click on one of the appliers, and your own HUD will show that particular applier only (not the whole folder it is part of). On top of it, the Omega scripts of your HUD are prepared with the right textures.
- If that applier is a body one and you are a Maitreya user, or if that applier is a face one and you are using a mesh face mask, or if it is a cum attachment, then you have to click on that picture, otherwise you can skip that part and click on the Omega and/or Lolas button of your choice to directly apply to your head or body.

Actually your partner can entirely skip the part where he has to target you. Either because he has already targeted you before, or because he has targeted nobody but you are the only one around wearing a Need For Seed HUD, or you are the closest one. The Feed Her Need For Seed HUD is streamlined in a way that it can set its target after having selected an applier, its user won't have to bother with it.

One important point to keep in mind is that both you and your partner must wear their respective HUDs. You must wear the main one, the Need For Seed HUD, while your partner must wear the Feed Her Need For Seed HUD. The latter talks to the former.

You can also decide who to allow and who to ignore, on your own Need For Seed HUD, by clicking on the button with the green tick :

The menu that appears when you click on it lets you add people to the whitelist, to the blacklist, and to choose the access level :

- Everybody
- Everybody except those in the blacklist (this is the default)
- Only people in the whitelist
- Nobody

It also lets you repeat the last order.

Free animations and gestures

The box contains three Bento animations for your mesh head, and gestures to start and stop them :

- Open the mouth, this animation is the same one the face mask uses to open the mouth on your Bento mesh head.

- Extend the tongue out, this animation opens the mouth wide and extends the tongue out as if you were ready to receive cum in your mouth, or showing the cum on your tongue. You need to use this animation or a similar one if you want to show the cum on your tongue. There is one animation specifically made for LeLutka, and another one specifically made for Catwa. If your mesh head is neither of these brands, use the one that looks best on you.

If you use the gestures, don't forget to activate them first.

Have fun and get messy !


Credits to the creators of the white icons I used for the Omega/Lolas panel :
Pham Thi Dieu Linh, Adam Zubin, Marek Polakovic, Mikicon, Artem Kovyazin