Monday, October 12, 2020

Update to all the MdlM Latex outfits

Hi !

Here is an update that was long overdue !

As you may know, the Maison De La Marquise Latex Catsuits, Bodysuits and Socks+Gloves were initially made for Maitreya only. Only later were they extended to work with any Omega-capable mesh body. However, at the time, Maitreya wasn't able to change the tint of a layer nor its Environment and Intensity values, only its Glossiness value. Nevertheless, the Catsuits and Bodysuits contained an interesting accessory in the form of a neck piece, to make the outfit cover the neck as well, giving them a kinkier and classier look.

At the same time, I also added boots to the Catsuits and Socks, which means another accessory.

Those accessories (neck piece and boots) were supposed to work seamlessly with the outfits, so they imitated their capabilities, which were... limited because of Maitreya.

But in the beginning of 2020, Maitreya released Version 5 which added a whole lot of new features, including the ability to change the Environment and Intensity values of the shine on a layer, as well as tinting said layer, either the base texture or the shine, making your latex much more versatile now. So the MdlM latex accessories were lagging behind in terms of features, since they did not support those.

So after all this time, here is (finally) a standalone HUD to control the tint and shine on the accessories, to make them completely assorted with your outfits, no matter how you like your latex. Here is what it looks like :

The layout of the sliders is not random : it is designed to imitate that of the Advanced Panel of the Layers tab of the Maitreya V5 HUD. The accessories HUD is the same width, and the sliders are the same dimensions :

It is made this way so that you can easily reproduce what you see on your Maitreya V5 HUD to your MdlM Accessories HUD because the sliders are aligned. It even behaves exactly the same way (click on a slider or the color swatch, drag and release to validate). The tints are HSL instead of RGB to make it easy to reproduce Maitreya's tint as well.

Here is how to use it.

Wear either accessory or both (neck and boots, but don't wear both boots items at the same time, you would look silly) and wear your Accessory HUD. Click on the Neck button to activate or deactivate commands to the neck, same things for the shoes with the Shoes button. Here is a picture with an explanation of (almost) each button :

Everything you click on, except for the Neck, Shoes, Tex and Gloss buttons, applies the current parameters you see on your HUD, to the currently selected accessory (or accessories). If you need to repeat the parameters to an accessory you've worn after having tweaked them, just click on the "Re-apply" button. If you need to go back to default (that's Gloss 150, Intensity 100% and Environment 0, as well as Visible On and Mask Off), click on the "Default" button.

If you need to change the tint, drag and release on the color swatch and on the luminosity swatch, and tweak more finely with the six arrows.

That's pretty much it, the rest is rather self-explanatory. If you don't know what a button does, click on it to find out. You can always go back to the default parameters anyway.

Please note that the communication only goes from the HUD to the accessories, not the other way around. An accessory will not update your HUD when you wear it because it does not "talk" to the HUD, it only listens to it.

Also note that non-updated accessories will not work with this new HUD, obviously. You can still hide and show the old accessories, as well as change their mask mode, via the applier HUD that you already know. Those buttons on the applier HUD also work on the updated accessories.

How to update

Simple. Either rez the updater contained in your folder (the one that was delivered to you by the Marketplace the day you bought it) and you will get your update automatically, or request a redelivery on the Marketplace website.

Have fun !