Thursday, October 23, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.14.1


Here is the latest version of the viewer, compatible with SL 1.21.6 at last. I have taken much time due to a lot of circumstances, RL, SL and technical, but here it is finally. I have added (what I think is) a big feature, the ability to control the WindLight settings of the RLV through commands. That way, a land owner can make you see their land the exact way they want.

Edit : this is the version 1.14.1, with a few fixes introduced by some new SL code :

* crash when forced to sit on an unrezzed object (I said the fix came from Boy Lane in the release notes, but it actually came from Henri Beauchamp, sorry)
* unable to detach even unlocked objects when unable to edit

The installation procedure is also a bit more complex now : you have to copy the settings.xml file from the zip file to the app_settings folder contained into your SL installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\SecondLife.

Viewer and sources :

Hash :

Edit : The API is now up-to-date, you can start scripting environment control by reading it here :

Have fun !