Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RR Tutorial : Legs restraints

Ok this one will be easier than the arms restraints tutorial, let's talk about... legs restraints (hey how did you guess ?).

Just like in real life, when a captive has her legs restrained, she is either able to walk very slowly, or all she can do is crawl. She will always be able to move a few inches, of course, but will not go very far.

For this tutorial I will use the Police Legirons, in association with improved Police Handcuffs with 6 poses, a prisoner belt, and one prisoner jumpsuit that might remind a few memories to some of you (if you're old enough).

Let's lock them all... First the hands, which I lock in front of me with the elbows chained back, this is the "3 H+E front" pose. I can still touch in that pose, it does not block me. And no need to lock the belt, as it is part of the arms cuffs system. And now I lock my legirons with the "Taut" pose. This pose allows me to hobble around and is by far the most natural for this kind of restraint. So I press the forward key and try to walk...

First impression : I walk funny, like I am about to fall over. No wonder, this chain certainly looks short ! The walk changes and the built-in one overrides my own walk, the one in my AO. Well it wouldn't be able to override it well if my walk was the highest priority, some are but not mine (this is something I am very careful about because highest priority walks tend to mess restraints up, especially the ones which don't refresh their poses).

Second impression : I don't go very fast, way slower than the normal walk speed. I can't run either, it would not be easy to sprint while wearing those, I guess !

Third impression : It seems I am going slower and slower. Am I walking in mud now ? I'll go down to a full stop if I keep pressing the forward key. This is because I am slowly getting winded, and must regularly release the forward key and press it again to get my "full speed" back. Knowing this, some captives can race against each other to reach the key first !

Have you noticed that a chain seems to link my arms cuffs to my legirons, too ? This only works with the Police Handcuffs though, for technical reasons. But this is what allows for a few interesting positions like... a hogtie (in cuffs, it's dangerous so don't try this at home !). So before I lock myself in a hogtie, let's make put the arms cuffs into the right pose. I click on one of them and select... umm... ok "4 H+E Back". Immediately my arms are double-cuffed behind my back, very securely, and my touches are restricted (as explained in the Arms Restraints tutorial). How will I command my legirons now ? No problem, I just say "/77 leg" and I get the menus to my legirons. I choose "Hogtie" and...

Now this position is not very comfortable, and you guess I would not go far if I tried to move. Well I can only squirm on the floor, going way slower than even the hobble walk earlier. It seems that the tighter the pose, the slower I get.

Anything else ? Oh yes, you may notice that every time you sit on something while your legs are restrained, the pose stops. This is not a bug, because you can imagine how silly you'd look if you were sitting on a couch while in the "Tight" pose, which keeps you straight... you would look like standing still, your legs half buried in the couch.

Have fun !