Wednesday, April 8, 2015

RLV 2.9.8

Hi there,

So yesterday Linden Lab has activated AIS3 on the main server channel. No big deal, except that the RLV didn't like that. At all. Inventory would not load, especially after a cache clearing. System folders would disappear, etc. So I had to work on it quick and release a new version, as well as fixing a couple other bugs along the way.

Long story short : the latest versions of the RLV before this one had the "HTTP Inventory" option unchecked in the "Develop" menu. What this did was tell the viewer "hey, continue to use the old way of managing inventory", because checking it would cause issues with the shape being modified all the time due to the avatar Z offset (which was pretty much a hack, as I explained in this post). Sometimes the shape would not come back to the Current Outfit Folder and you'd be defaulted to the standard SL shape (a.k.a. "Ruth", and you were "ruthed"). And of course everybody would see you looking like Ruth, except you. Turning "HTTP Inventory" and then relogging was the quick way to fix this.

Only, that's not possible anymore. Coincidentally, Linden Lab has released a new way of handling the avatar Z offset, also called "Avatar Hover Height", and that one does not modify the shape at all. In fact, it is superior in every sense to the old way of handling the offset with the shape. So as promised guys, this version of the RLV links the Z offset sliders to that new "Avatar Hover Height" setting (if you're really curious, it is called "AvatarHoverOffsetZ" in the debug settings), which is immediate, not hacky, has a bigger span ([-2, 2] instead of [-1, 1] (*) ), is consistent and even better, works the same way whether you're sitting or not, and whether your shape is modifiable or not.

So, here is the list of changes :

- changed : The new Avatar Hover Height feature introduced in 2.9.7 (SL release 3.7.26) is now the way the avatar's height offset is modified. Of course, this means other viewers need to implement that new feature in order to see the change on their side, but they will have to since the official SL viewer does now.
- fixed : "@setenv_daytime:-1=force" would not force the Windlight settings back to the current region settings, but only after a teleport done while "@setenv" was active (thank you Kyrah Abattoir for the heads-up).
- fixed : Choosing "wear" on an inventory item that doesn't have the target attachment point in its name, with "RestrainedLoveAllowWear" set to TRUE, would kick a locked object (that would be reattached automatically, but still). An old bug that resurfaced. Thank you Danna Pearl for the heads-up.
- fixed : Items received during the session were automatically detached when added, while they should have been allowed to stay worn.

You can find the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

(*) : However the slider itself goes from -1 to +1. If you really need to go from -2 to +2, you can do it by opening the Hover Height slider and using it directly, by right-clicking on your own body and selecting "Hover Height". Both sliders are the same (they use the same value), as you will see. It's just that I could not make the navigation bar and status bar sliders bigger (due to the UI size on some screens), nor could I make them span over a bigger interval, due to the loss of precision. We can't have it all !