Friday, August 31, 2018

New product : RemVision

Hi !

In the 70's, when we wanted to brainwash someone, we had this :

(pic from Wikipedia)

Granted, it was a bit unwieldy, but it worked pretty well. We've made progress since, though.

Nowadays we have this :

Projections taken from Soft Bondage ~ Short Scenes, "Nude & strapped" scene





Those are a few examples of the available textures for the lenses, I did not tint them for these shots but the plugin allows you to tint them and to change their transparency at will.

It is smaller, more efficient, more fun, it costs a lot less, it is called "RemVision".

The "Rem" part is a shorthand for "Remanence", the after-image you see on a screen or on your eyes after having been exposed to a bright image for too long. It is also a shorthand for "Remove", since, as you will see, it can remove your sight and hearing. It can also be a shorthand for "Rapid Eye Movement", if you like good music.

This blog post is meant to present the key features of RemVision first, then the second section is the actual manual so you know exactly what you're buying just by reading this page.

RemVision Presentation

So what exactly is RemVision ? It is a set of contact lenses coupled with a pair of earphones, and is designed to :

* Blind the sub like those Blackout lenses in real life.

* Deafen the sub, thanks to the ear pieces the RemVision acts like the Isolation Hood.

* Force the sub to watch pictures and movies, exactly like the HD Video System from Marine's Goodies, except the screen is worn on the HUD instead of in-world.

In other words, RemVision is both a blindfold and a television screen. How do you marry two concepts so radically opposed ? By projecting the movies directly on the eyes !

RemVision as a blindfold

First and foremost, RemVision is a blindfold, and uses the RLV 2.9 vision restriction features. When the restraint is locked, the sub cannot see beyond a certain range depending on the lock, from blurry to opaque, but she can still see herself if her viewer implements the RLV 2.9 spec (at the time of this writing, i.e. August 2018, Firestorm does not). If the sub's viewer doesn't implement RLV 2.9, her view is blocked by a prim worn on automatically on her HUD.


The purpose of such a blindfold is to look inconspicuous, meaning you can take your sub with you in public, wear the lenses to restrict her view or blind her completely, and nobody will notice. You decide of the actual look of the lenses, which can be realistic, plain or even cartoonish :

Clear, notice the dynamic shine that comes from the lenses, while I'm wearing system eyes







Realistic, enough to look inconspicuous when tinted

Fake, and it shows on purpose


The opacity, color and even glow of the lenses can be completely customized by the top to give the sub's lenses the look they want.

Realistic with a medium dark, medium saturated Sapphire color

Dark red Smoky

Partially transparent Foggy with a dark green with low saturation

Opaque Blank with a mild glow to it, taken without any local lights around

Please note that the lenses are designed to go over the eyes, not to replace them. They are also certified to cover the Lelutka mesh eyes, if you wear them. I did not test with any other brand of mesh eyes though.

Please also note that the lenses and the ear pieces can be configured regardless of the current lock. For example, to take these pictures I had them simply locked on "Lock", I wasn't blindfolded so I could move my camera to the back and zoom in.

RemVision as an isolation device

The restraint features a plugin that acts exactly like the one from the Isolation Hood, as in, it allows the top to restrict the ability of the sub to hear chat and/or to receive IMs. It also allows the top to hide and show the ear pieces.


RemVision as a brainwashing device

This is actually the main feature of the product, but also the most complex and comprehensive one. If you have used the HD Video System, you know that you can make its TV screen display still and animated pictures in high resolution, as well as play sounds and music. Well, with RemVision, the equivalent of the TV screen is worn on the sub's HUD, locked so she is forced to watch whatever her dom wants her to watch. It has subtle differences, though, like the ability to be locked.

Please note that the movies in question are Second Life movies, not movies taken from YouTube or other external channels like that, they are SL pictures and sounds, some pictures being animated.

For example, if you want to condition your sub (or get her in the mood) by forcing her to watch bondage movies, you can copy one of the included tapes (or other tapes you buy separately) into her RemVision, start the movie and she has to watch it until you stop. You have control over how much space the RemVision screen takes on her HUD, its opacity (so you can do subliminal stuff), while she has no control.

On these pictures, I locked my RemVision on "Blurry", made the opacity of the lenses 10%, Blank texture, and the projection opacity is set to 50%. I am playing the "In red & black" section of the "Soft Bondage - Short scenes" tape.

You can see on these pictures that the image on the RemVision screen and the ones projected on my eyes is the same, except the projection is round and mirrored, obviously. If the image were animated, the one on the eyes would be too.

You can also see the other HUDs I am wearing, since the RemVision screen is locked. The other HUDs are my AO, RR Anim HUD, Sublimator, Diamond HUD, When You're Hot, Lelutka and Maitreya.

While the screen is locked (which it is by default when RemVision is locked), the sub cannot move the screen nor hide it under other HUDs. All she can do is click on it to zoom on the picture. There is an option for the dom/me to put the screen behind all the other HUDs.

The projection is not just cosmetic, it allows the dom to see what the sub is watching at any moment.

It can have a powerful effect on the sub's mind ! Imagine a week spent being forced to watch pictures and videos of couples having sex in bondage.

This means a lot of content has to be produced, a lot of movies have to be made, and not only by me. The HD Video System explains how to make a whole movie, but I will write a blog post as a tutorial to make the procedure easier to understand and follow, as well as some pointers from my own experience at making movies.

This is why I have spent the better part of the past two months shooting erotic movies with different themes, mostly revolving around bondage and sex. Here is the page where I talk about them.

Please note that at the time of this writing, the movies I have produced two years ago (Applicant Payback, Gina's Debut, Hot Mouse, The Wait and Rocket's Tail) are NOT compatible with RemVision because the tapes do not have a "Copy to RemVision" capability. But I'd like to add it to these tapes eventually so they can be played on the RemVision HUD like the more recent movies I am releasing at the same time as this product.

The big difference with the HD Video System is that some movies can be played as a random sequence of scenes in RemVision, unlike the HD player that can only play a tape sequentially. What I mean by that is that some movies are divided into sections and you can instruct RemVision to jump directly to one of them, and even define a playlist of sections, either manually or random (much like in VLC and Winamp). For example, one of the included tapes is "Short Bondage Scenes" which features many different and unrelated short scenes of bondage, as the name implies. Every scene has a particular theme so you can force your sub to watch only a handful of them and not the others, in the order you like.

While the sub watches the movie, she can click on her HUD and drag her mouse to zoom on it and pan, which is handy when watching high definition pictures. At the time of this writing, none of the tapes I produced features high definition pictures except the basic manual tape of the HD Video System, because I shoot my movies in Second Life, and I don't feel that HD pictures are justified in this context. However, real life pictures may justify producing HD versions of them in SL, which is the point of the HD Video System, and to an extent RemVision too.

I mentioned the HD Video System a lot, if you are familiar with it, you can see the RemVision plugin inside the restraint as the equivalent of the player + tape, and the HUD as the TV screen.

The product includes six tapes, as an initial content to start with, knowing that anyone can produce tapes to be played with this system :

* Dominatrix : This tape features over 60 stylish B&W pictures (ala Sin City, movie and comic book alternatively) with motivational, instructional or commanding text depending on the theme, which can be "Bitch", "Latex", "Legs", "Sex", "Sweet" or "Flash". It is meant to put the sub into the appropriate mood for play.

* Short Bondage Scenes : This tape contains over 250 pictures of short bondage scenes, some of them directly inspired from famous RL bondage scenes recreated in SL. It does not contain videos nor text, because I want the sub to imagine the stories herself when viewing the scenes several times, as she may come up with her own ideas of the stories driving the scenes. Some of the scenes are very short, others are mini-stories, all of them are very sexy.

* Long Bondage Scenes : This tape contains over 250 pictures of longer bondage scenes (but not long enough to require a full tape) with a beginning and an end, but still no text for the same reason as above. I could have written dialogs of course, but since those scenes are meant to be watched several times, probably in a loop, it is better if the sub's imagination is encouraged rather than directly telling her a story. One of the scenes features a video because I couldn't resist, that particular scene was too sexy to pass up.

* Ebony & Ivory (3 tapes) : Meet Mistress Suah the strong shemale from Liberia and her slave Sandy... yes, the same cute blonde who appeared in Gina's adventures (which are not over, by the way, I want to write more chapters). Watch those two having fun at home on the couch, in the rubber room, in the basement, with bondage, without bondage, while watching porn or while testing a new sybian... They just never stop. Once again, no text here because there is no need for it, it is all about having silly and sexy fun. The third tape contains excerpts from the movies below which are not included in the package. I chose the scenes carefully to be interesting to watch without spoiling those movies, while making you want to see more. But they are not advertisements, the excerpts never nag you to buy anything, they don't even point out what movies they are from, they are just sexy and self-sufficient and that's why they're here.

I am voluntarily refraining myself from posting overtly sexual pictures on this page, but be assured that picking the softest pictures wasn't easy. Most of them are quite explicit !

While designing RemVision, I also produced complete movies that are sold separately on the Marketplace. They are meant to be watched in the HD Video System as well as in RemVision :

* Overworking Girl (1 tape) : Jenna is a beautiful single mother, she's alone at work late in the day, she is overworked and feeling down because of it, and she has a slight drinking problem. What do you think will happen to her ? This movie is for those who like vanilla sex, as there is no bondage at all. But it's a cute fun story with a lot of hot sex involved. You'll like Frank, I'm sure.


* By A Thread (2 tapes) : The story of Linda who likes it rough, extreme and dark (literally as well as figuratively). This movie has no text because dialogs would make no sense, but the screen at the beginning and the second one at the end explain the whole story. The movie features a lot of nude bondage, hanging by the neck, sex, and sex while nude, bound and hanging by the neck. The first tape features hanging and humiliation and a little sex. The second one features more hanging, more domination, more darkness, more sex, and a twist.

* My Sassy Maid (2 tapes) : This girl likes to please her man, and doesn't lack imagination when it comes to surprising him. Today is no exception but things do not really go as expected because her sluttiness gets the best of her (again) and her lover has to keep her under control lest things go out of hand (again). As a result, although she is the nicest and most enticing girl, she still has to spend a lot of time in bondage. Both tapes have a different theme, the first one being vanilla sex-oriented, the second one being bondage-oriented. This movie must be my cutest one ^_^

* New Life (3 tapes + epilogue) : This movie might be the best one I've made, ex-aequo with Alis. The cute Ellen is kidnapped and wakes up in a dark cell, nude and bound. She will soon realize that she is not alone in her cell, and that, well... I don't want to spoil the movie, so all I'll say is "tentacles". Lots of it. And they strike fast and with purpose. Each tape has its own theme, the first one being dark and very hentai (with tentacles you've never seen in SL as I made them for this movie), the second one is the sweetest and my favorite, the third one is just as sweet while being more sex-oriented, and the epilogue wraps the story up and explains it all, offering a sweet closure. You will see there are at least two reasons for this movie to be named "New Life".

* Alis (3 tapes + epilogue) : Along with New Life, this is my best movie so far, and a very long one too. The mighty Samantha Ryder wakes up in a dark room (what's up with me and locking girls in dark rooms these days ?). She's held prisoner, watched, monitored, tested, pushed, she's reluctant, she has a bad temper, significant resources and will do everything she can to escape. But will she ? What is this place she is detained in ? They also seem to have a lot of resources, what do they want to do with her ? Who is she and why is she there ? The movie starts slow to introduce the main character, then goes crescendo, increasingly faster, to end on a long, powerful note that will come as a surprise. Like an orgasm. The epilogue also offers a good closure, with answers to all the questions you could have about the movie. It's like aftercare.

This concludes this short presentation of the new RemVision product.

You can find RemVision in any of the RealRestraint vendors in-world. It is Modify, No-Copy and Transfer, and costs L$500. The product can be updated at will from any of the updaters in-world, and whenever an update is available it will notify you. Please note that the movies that are not included are sold separately on the Marketplace in my Maison De La Marquise store.

It is at the moment the last product in the list, right after the Jammer, so you may need to browse with the white arrows to find it.

There is no demo available but if you buy it and don't like it, you can send it back to me for a full refund within 7 days after the purchase.

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you and/or your submissive will have fun with RemVision !


PS : Yes, the lenses have a little bit of a Black Mirror flair to them, with the Blank texture and the holographic projection. Additionally, one of the movies initial idea stemmed from an episode of Black Mirror as well, but it quickly takes a whole different direction with a different, much more positive ending.

RemVision Manual

In this manual, we will call "top" and "dom" the person who locks RemVision on the "sub" or "bottom", who must own the product for that, in the sense of SL ownership, i.e. having it in their inventory and wearing it on her own avatar.

Quick start to blindfold your sub

Click on your sub's eyes while she wears RemVision, press "Blurry", "Very thin", "Thin", "Medium", "Thick" or "Opaque" and she's blindfolded, regardless of what her lenses look like. If her ear pieces are active, she may also be isolated from chat and/or IMs (see the Earpieces plugin for more information), but by default the ear pieces are inactive, even though they are visible while locked.

Quick start to make your sub watch a movie

Rez one of the tapes or have your sub rez one of hers, click on it, keep your mouse button pressed for half a second and you get a menu. Choose "Copy to Rem" and wait a little. Once the copy is finished (you are notified in chat), click on your sub's eyes, go to "Plugins", "RemVision" and press "PAUSE/PLAY". Check that your sub is wearing the screen on her HUD by looking at the "Screen present" line on the menu. If it says "YES", then your sub should see the movie playing by now. The movie will loop by default.

The copy is finished when you see all three tracks (subtitles, audio and video) having completed their respective steps and you see "Copy done, xxx B free." on the chat. Depending on the amount of content in the tape, it can take a few seconds to about a minute.

Once the movie is copied into the sub's RemVision, the tape can be derezzed as it is not needed anymore, and the sub's RemVision will keep the data until another tape is copied, regardless of where she goes and how many times she relogs.

ATTENTION : If you are using a Catwa mesh head or a Lelutka Greer mesh head, you need to wear the two additional unrigged lenses contained in the box, otherwise you can just ignore them. The reason for their existence is that the aforementioned mesh heads do not have their eye sockets nor their mesh eyes aligned with the system eyes, which the base lenses are rigged to. Since the base lenses cannot be moved or resized, you need to use the two unrigged lenses and they will take over. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I know this consumes two attachment slots, but I can't do anything else to solve this problem, and I am not the one who came up with such poor design decisions as making mesh heads not aligned with the system eyes.

When you wear or unwear the unrigged lenses, nothing will happen at first, you need to have the system update its looks either by changing the texture and/or transparency, or relocking the restraint. Likewise, the projection won't change either until a movie is playing and the current picture to show changes.

The RemVision system is used exactly like any other RealRestraint blindfold and hood. Wear it or have your sub wear hers, click on it and you get a menu (you must be less than 3 m away). On the menu, choose one lock from "Blurry" to "Opaque" (there are six levels in total) and voilĂ , the lenses are locked on the sub and her vision is restricted ! Unless you choose "Lock", in which case the lenses appear but the vision is not impeded.

If you (or your sub) are using a viewer that implements the RLV 2.9 spec, then once blindfolded your vision will be restricted to a short distance ahead, the distance being shorter if you choose a tighter lock, "Blurry" being the lightest and "Opaque" being the tightest. "Medium", "Thick" and "Opaque" also remove the textures from the sub's view, making the world look grey to her.

If you (or your sub) are not using a viewer that implements the RLV 2.9 spec, like Firestorm for instance, the RealRestraint_HUD will appear instead, blocking her view with a transparency depending on the chosen lock level.

The behavior of the blindfold can be controlled through the "Blindfold" plugin.

If you are new to the RealRestraint features that you find in every restraint I make, I recommend you visit this page to learn the basics.

Aside from the standard RealRestraint features that you probably already know (Blindfold, RealKey, Give Keys, RL time and Autolock), the RemVision system contains the "RemVision" plugin that is in charge of controlling how to force the sub to watch movies and pictures, as well as how the lenses look, and the "Earpieces" plugin that is in charge of showing and hiding the ear pieces, and of blocking incoming chat and IMs when locked. All of this is configurable by the the dom.

RemVision plugin

This is the heart of the RemVision system. Think of it as the equivalent of the VHS player in the HD Video System, as it is in charge of reading a tape and playing it. However, there are subtle differences.

Firstly, RemVision being a pair of lenses and a pair of ear pieces, there is no way to insert a tape anywhere, so the data has to come through another way. Plus, the person owning the tape and the one wearing RemVision maybe different, which is not the case with the HD Video System where you must own the tape and the player to play it on the screen.

To play a tape on the sub's RemVision, the dom rezzes their tape on the ground, clicks on it and holds the mouse button down for at least half a second to get a menu. If they simply click on it, the tape will look for the nearest player to insert itself into. The dom can also do the same with the bottom's tape, but in this case the content of the tape can only be copied to her own RemVision, not to anyone else's.

Once the dom gets the menu, they see two buttons : "Insert" and "Copy to Rem". Clicking "Insert" has the same result as simply clicking on the tape, it makes it want to insert itself into the nearest VHS player around. Clicking "Copy to Rem" copies the contents of the tape to all the RemVision around that are :

- Locked by the dom, or at least the dom owns the key, or the RemVision's key is available to all.
- Ready to Copy, which is the case by default but it can be switched on and off by the dom at will.

Once the copy is started, it takes a little time to copy all the tracks into the sub's RemVision plugin, the more data the more time it takes. There are always three tracks to copy (video, audio and subtitles), each one being of variable length. Once the three tracks are copied, the copy is complete.

When the copy is finished, the RemVision plugin lets the top control how the sub watches the movie.

Contrary to the HD Video System, the person who wears the RemVision and the one who owns the tape be played may be different. If you're the dominant, you may buy a tape and want your sub to watch it on her own lenses, without needing her to buy it as well. This required a significant change in the tape scripts in order to add a "Copy to RemVision" button. This also means that all the existing tapes before the release of RemVision do NOT feature the "Copy to RemVision" button. Those tapes are :

- Applicant Payback
- Gina's Debut
- Hot Mouse
- The Wait
- Rocket's Tail

Since a movie cannot be updated (movies in general are not updated after release, unless they are produced by George Lucas), those movies cannot at the moment be watched in RemVision. If there is demand for it, I will update those tapes and deliver updates manually to anyone who asks. But since they are full movies, they are not really adapted to be watched in a loop by a sub on a personal holographic screen, right ?

Main menu of the RemVision plugin

When you click on the RemVision lenses and go to the RemVision plugin, this is the menu  you get :


The top six buttons are actions or switches :

* "STOP" : Pressing this button stops the currently loaded movie and goes back to the very beginning.

* "PAUSE/PLAY" : This button switches between playing the movie and pausing where it is.

* "Ready to copy" : When activated, the RemVision can be loaded with any tape on which the "Copy to Rem" button is pressed. When deactivated it will not take any data until reactivated.

* "LOOP" : When activated, this switch makes the movie loop back to the beginning of the current playlist (see below) when reaching the end. When deactivated it simply stops at the end.

* "Freeze eyes" : This switch makes the wearer's eyes point straight to the front to make that "look into the void" vacant look, but only when RemVision is locked. The animation used is priority 2 so it doesn't override whatever HUD you are using to control your eyes, like Lelutka's head HUD (which is priority 3) or Lelutka's Axis HUD (which is priority 6, that one is very useful for making movies, I recommend it). RemVision does not prevent the eyes from moving at all, it just prevents them from automatically turning to look at whatever you are focusing on, or whoever is talking around you.

The bottom six buttons lead to sub-menus that will be explained below :

* "Sections..." : Leads to the Sections menu where you can decide what sections to play and in what order.

* "Screen..." : Leads to the Screen menu where you can choose the opacity, the position and size of the screen on the sub's HUD.

* "Lenses..." : Leads to the Lenses menu where you can choose the texture, the opacity, the glow and the color of the lenses, as well as the opacity of the projection on the eyes.

* "Earpieces..." : Leads to the Earpieces menu which is actually a different plugin (but it lets you go back to the RemVision plugin easily), in charge of preventing the sub from hearing chat and/or receiving IMs, as well as hiding and showing the ear pieces.

* "Main..." : Leads to the main menu of the RemVision system, where you can lock and unlock it.

Sections menu

Aside from the fact that a tape and RemVision can be owned by different persons, the other big difference with the HD Video System is that RemVision allows to watch sections of the movie directly instead of having to watch it all.

A section is simply a slice of time inside the movie that can be accessed directly. Once again, the five aforementioned movies do not contain sections but the new ones do, especially the ones included in the RemVision package.

Please note : If you watch one of the new movies on a HD Video System's TV screen, you will probably see subtitles like "!Prologue" or "!Sybian (Stand kiss)". Those are section names and they are not supposed to show, and they won't show on the RemVision screen. However, the HD TV screen is not yet programmed to ignore those entries, which are actually regular subtitles. There is an update available for the HD Video System to fix this problem so it ignores those entries as well.

Sections can be played sequentially, randomly, or even pre-programmed manually by the dom. Think of it as a playlist on VLC. To do this, go to the Sections menu :

After the copy of a tape is finished, the RemVision plugin contains the list of sections in order, with the duration of each section. Pressing "List sections" gives you that list on the chat.

For example, the tape "Soft bondage - Short scenes" would give you this list :

[08:51] RemVision (nose): Marine's sections
[08:51] RemVision (nose): ---------
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #0 : 00:00 - 00:00 (00:00) : Begin
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #1 : 00:00 - 03:20 (03:21) : Bound in the sun
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #2 : 03:21 - 06:01 (02:41) : Platic gym
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #3 : 06:02 - 08:22 (02:21) : Platic & rubber
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #4 : 08:23 - 12:23 (04:01) : Classy study
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #5 : 12:24 - 14:04 (01:41) : In red & black
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #6 : 14:05 - 18:45 (04:41) : Nude in leather
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #7 : 18:46 - 21:06 (02:21) : Fishnet strappado
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #8 : 21:07 - 27:07 (06:01) : Hobble dresses
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #9 : 27:08 - 28:48 (01:41) : Corset dress
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #10 : 28:49 - 31:09 (02:21) : Nude & strapped
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #11 : 31:10 - 36:30 (05:21) : Smoking hot Dita
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #12 : 36:31 - 42:31 (06:01) : Water & plastic
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #13 : 42:32 - 52:32 (10:01) : A day on the cross
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #14 : 52:33 - 59:53 (07:21) : Smoking whore
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #15 : 59:54 - 71:14 (11:21) : Pony gear saleswoman
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #16 : 71:15 - 72:35 (01:21) : White rope frogtie
[08:51] RemVision (nose): #17 : 72:36 - 82:17 (09:42) : Kidnapped
[08:51] RemVision (nose): 6482 B free.
[08:51] RemVision (nose): ---------

When you press "Random", the playlist becomes a randomized, scrambled version of the list of sections. You can press "Random" as many times as you like, you will always get a different list with the same number of sections, and each section will appear exactly once in the list. This is called the "playlist". And after reaching the end of the tape, if it is set to "loop", it will be re-shuffled again so the order is different. At first, or after you press "Sequential", the playlist and the list of sections are identical, the list of sections changes only when you copy a tape, while the playlist changes when you randomize it or set it manually.

To set the playlist manually, press the "Manual" button. You are presented with a text box that asks you to enter a list of numbers. Look above at the example list, each entry has a number after the "#" sign. Simply enter the numbers corresponding to the sections you want to be part of the playlist, separated by spaces. For example, if you want your sub to only watch "Hobble dresses" and "Corset dress", you enter "8 9" (that's eight, space, nine) and then press "Submit".

Please note that SL has a throttle for chat messages which could be a real problem when using that button since it sends you several messages in a row (one message per section) when you request the list of sections or the playlist. To prevent that, the plugin refrains itself from sending you too many messages in a short time and should this occur, it would stop talking for a little while, so you just have to wait a bit. If it did not do that, it could be a serious problem for you as you would be blocked from hearing any chat in that sim until it restarts. It happened to me during the tests and I had to restart my sim so it was important to include this throttle in the script.

Case in point, from this wiki page :

"There is a per-destination throttle of 200 messages sent over 10 seconds on channel zero. Thereafter, there is also a per-sending-object throttle of 100 messages on channel zero over 300 seconds (5 minutes). This throttle is relevant only after the first throttle is activated. Messages sent on channels other than zero do not trigger the throttle but, once it is triggered, the block applies to all channels. The block is region-wide and applies to all objects with the same owner. The block apparently lasts until the region is restarted."

If you want to go to a section in particular, press "Go to section ?" and enter the number of the section you want from the list that appears, which is the playlist and not the list of sections. If you choose a section that doesn't have a duration (0 second), it goes to the next immediately.

Pressing "RemVision" leads you back to the main menu of the plugin, like in any other sub-menu.

Screen menu

This menu allows you to control how the screen appears on the HUD of the sub. Please note that the screen is not necessary for the product to work, but of course without the screen there is nothing to show except the lenses and the ear pieces.


Notice the "Screen present" line on the menu to indicate if the screen is worn or not.

* "Front" allows you to choose whether the screen is in front of all the other HUDs or behind them (it is off by default).

* "Scarce" makes it so the screen appears in the sub's view only 25% of the time when on, randomly (it is off by default). This is useful for movies that feature, for example, random text or images without an actual story, making them pop into view at unexpected times.

* "Lock" allows you to lock the screen on the sub's HUD so she cannot remove it nor edit it while RemVision is locked.

* "Sound" turns the sound on and off for the sub. Please note that at the time of this writing, none of my movies has any sound except for the HD Video System's Basic Manual.

* "Subtitles" turns the subtitles on and off for the sub. Even full stories can be fun to watch without any subtitles, letting the sub decide for herself what the lines would be, and on a greater scale, what the story could be.

* "Position..." leads you to the Position sub-menu so you can choose the position and scale of the screen on the sub's HUD.


The "Small" switch divides the size of the screen by two.

The "Random" switch makes the screen change to a new random position every time the picture changes. It does NOT change the size, which is still specified by you. There is a slight bias towards "Whole screen".

Please note that "Whole screen" does not actually take the whole view because if the screen is placed in front of every other HUD it might hinder the sub's ability to use other, unrelated HUDs, such as AOs, mesh head HUDs and the like. That's why there is a little gap on the top and the bottom of the screen, and if her monitor is wide (16:9 or 16:10) there should be gaps on the left and on the right as well. Plus, it is a blindfold, not a way to block the sub's clicks, and she might still need to be able to touch objects in-world.

* "Background..." lets you choose the background of the screen. I recommend "None" or "Black", depending on how much you want the screen to block the sub's view, and on the content of the movie itself. If you click on "CUSTOM ?", you can specify the UUID of a texture of your choice (right click on the texture in your inventory, that must be full-perms, choose "Copy Asset UUID", then paste into the white text box that shows after pressing "CUSTOM ?").

* "Opacity..." lets you choose the maximum opacity of the screen, which is 100% (fully opaque) by default. With a very low opacity you can literally deliver subliminal images to the sub, images that may or may not be seen, but that would still noticed at a certain level, especially the ones that move.

The "Random" switch makes the screen change to a new random opacity between 1% and 100% (with a slight bias towards 100%) every time the picture changes.

Zoom, pan, synchronize

This is not in the menus as this is something only the sub can do. When she clicks on the screen, it becomes bigger (as if the sub was zooming on the picture) and if she keeps the mouse button down she can pan the screen in all directions by dragging it over her view. This is an interesting option when watching HD pictures, i.e. pictures spanning over several prims, to see details that may not be visible right away at the normal size of the screen.

Clicking on the screen also re-synchronizes the different prims if the screen is displaying an animation and all the prims are not in sync (it happens when the sim is laggy or when the connection is too busy).

Lenses menu

This menu allows you to configure the appearance of the lenses, as well as the opacity of the projection underneath.

* "Lenses Opac..." lets you choose the opacity factor of the lenses, knowing that they already have a default opacity that depends on the current lock :

  - Unlocked : Invisible
  - Blurry : 75%
  - Very thin : 80%
  - Medium : 90%
  - Thick : 95%
  - Opaque : 100%
  - Lock : 100%

This default opacity is multiplied by the one you choose in the "Lenses opacity" menu :

"Always max" makes the opacity 100% opaque regardless of the lock.

For example, if you choose the "Medium" lock (90% by default) and an opacity of 50%, the final opacity of the lenses will be 0.9x0.5 = 0.45, in other words 45%.

* "Holo. Opac..." lets you choose the opacity of the holographic projection under the lenses (which have to be at least partly transparent in order to see it, naturally, and the image is mirrored since it is projected inwards). Unlike the lenses opacity, the holographic projection opacity does not depend on the lock so it is whatever you choose in the following menu, even when the lenses are unlocked (since the sub can still watch a movie while they are unlocked). It is 50% by default.

Please note that while the projection reproduces the current picture being displayed on the sub's screen, it does not preload the next pictures like her screen does. Additionally, if the picture or the animation is HD (meaning it spans over more than just one square), then the projection will display one of the parts randomly, and if the picture is animated, the projection will be animated too. This creates a really nice effect.

* "Texture..." leads you to a menu that lets you choose the texture for the lenses among a few predefined ones, but also lets you enter a custom UUID for a texture you've made yourself. I recommend making your own texture black and white as the lenses can be tinted.

You might wonder why there are four levels of transparency (from "Clear" to "Plain") while another menu already lets you choose the opacity. The reason for this is that the shine doesn't depend on which texture you choose, but dims down when you decrease the opacity of the lenses. So if you want fully transparent lenses that shine bright, choose "Clear" for the texture and "100%" for the opacity.

Pressing the "CUSTOM ?" button lets you enter the UUID of one of your own textures. To make a texture yourself, I recommend you use the following UV map (I have included the "Fake" texture to show where the iris and the pupil limits are, that way you know where to paint) :

Please note that some textures are alpha-blended (i.e. they have parts that are neither fully invisible nor fully opaque), and this conflicts with any other alpha blended texture above the lenses, like hair. Those textures are :

- Clear
- Transparent
- Translucent
- Smoky
- Foggy

When you choose one of those textures while the sub wears long rigged hair, there is a chance that it goes like this :


What you see is the alpha-blended hair texture going over the alpha-blended "Smoky" texture and it conflicts because the viewer is programmed to hide the underlying alpha-blended surface (here, the lens).

On the contrary, when selecting an alpha-masked texture (or a plain texture), you get this :

No conflict there (this is the Blank texture).

But there is a catch. As pointed above, the transparency of the lenses also depends on the lock so you will still get conflicts with an alpha-masked texture if you choose any other lock than "Lock" or "Opaque", which both have an opacity of 100%. In that case, I recommend you choose "Always opaque" in the "Lens opacity" menu to avoid this issue. Or choose different hair.

* "Glow..." lets you add a glow effect to the lenses. Starting from 10% and up, the lenses also become fullbright, as if they were lit. They do not project light, though. But that would be a fun and easy little gadget to create.

* "Color..." lets you choose the tint to apply to the lenses. It is especially important when you use the "Realistic" texture, as it is black and white by default but you may want it to look like real eyes.


Since it is primarily aimed at coloring the lenses so that they look like real eyes (or not too fake, at least), the available colors are the same as real human eyes :

- Quartz : Pink
- Ruby : Red
- Axinite : Brown
- Amethyst : Purple
- Amber : Yellow
- Jade : Green
- Diamond : White
- Sapphire : Blue

You can choose your own color by pressing the "CUSTOM ?" button and entering a RGB color.

* "Saturation..." lets you choose the saturation level to apply to the currently selected color, it is by default 100%. The less saturated, the more pastel it will look. Colors in real life are not usually fully saturated, so choosing a medium saturation makes the eyes look more realistic, less flashy. A saturation of 0% means the lenses do not have a color, they are in shades of grey.

* "Luminosity..." lets you choose how bright the currently selected color must look, by default the luminosity is set to 100% but you can select a lower factor if you want the eyes to look darker. A luminosity of 0% means the lenses are black, regardless of the chosen color.

Earpieces menu

This menu is actually a different plugin that you can access directly from the Plugins page, but it lets you go back to the RemVision plugin as well.

* "Visible" : Toggles the visibility of the ear pieces on and off, knowing that they are always invisible while RemVision is unlocked.
* "IM blockable" : This button is available only to the wearer and is a toggle that is off by default. When turned on, it lets the dom prevent the sub from receiving IMs by using the "Rec. IMs" button. when it's off, the "Rec IMs" button is not available to them.

* "Rec. IMs" : When available (i.e. if the sub has purposely activated the "IM blockable" button herself), this button switches the IM block through three settings : can receive IMs from anyone, can receive IMs only from the dom, and can't receive any IM at all.

* "Hear chat" : This button is a toggle and switches through three settings : can hear chat from anyone, can hear only the dom's chat, and can't hear any chat.

* "Jam" : When the sub is restricted from hearing someone, if "Jam" is on the chat message will be garbled more or less severely depending on the "Jam level". Please note that emotes and embedded emotes (those between "*" in a normal chat message) will not be garbled. Likewise, normal chat embedded into emotes (the parts between """ in an emote) will be garbled.

* "OOC" (Out-Of-Character) : Sometimes people around speak out of character by putting their chat messages between "((" and "))". Those messages are often deemed important as they are outside whatever roleplay is going on. When this switch is on, as well as "Jam", and the sub cannot hear the chat, she will still hear the OOC chat messages spoken by people around her.

* "Jam level" : This button cycles between 25% and 100% in increments of 25. The higher the more likely a letter will be replaced with another (random) one when hearing chat, provided that the sub cannot hear chat and "Jam" is on.

For example, if the sub cannot hear the chat and someone around her says :

Avatar: Hey there! *waves*
Avatar waves "Hey there!"

She will instead see :

Avatar: chy tsskhr! *waves*
Avatar waves "Hfkr skrtrk!"

Everything that is not an emote is mangled, jammed.

Please note that the sub should deactivate "Show "..." " in her RLV menu.