Thursday, May 16, 2019


Hi there,

Here is a new version of the RLV with more bug fixes and the inclusion of the latest version of the SL viewer's codebase (including a fix for one of its own bugs).

The highlight of this version is a fix for a very annoying bug that occurs only in certain places like ColdLogic Neve, where you can't see some of the alpha-blended prims because their first faces are invisible. This was due to the graphics optimization that completely ignores the rendering of any invisible surface.

Another highlight of this version is the optimization of the vision restriction spheres. Now, when the outer sphere is opaque or almost (99% alpha or more), then the avatars beyond it are rendered as if they were too complex, in other words as their gummy bear versions (but you won't see it due to the outer sphere being in the way). This speeds up the rendering a great deal and helps in busy places like DeLust.

Also thanks to Kitty Barnett, we can now receive deliveries from objects while offline again because this version of the viewer uses the legacy method of retrieving offline messages instead of the new sim capability which doesn't seem to work well.

You can grab the Windows version here :

The MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !