Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eudeamon (end... for now)

So it's over now, S-6734 is no more, and Sophia Barrett is reborn. I could release her last Sunday in the afternoon, and we were not alone... The moment she could hear words from someone who was not me was... strong, to say the least. It took a while to unlock all the restraints from the Banesuit and discover the fragile girl beneath, smiling. It really is like a chrysalis, after all. I checked for Banesuit Withdrawal Syndrome but fortunately there was none. She was not speaking very clearly (two weeks gagged and all that) but I could gather that she was feeling good and enjoying fresh air. After being denied almost everything for so long, even the simplest things can give you pleasure. There had been no protocol violation prior to her release, as she behaved in an exemplary manner. She was feeling a bit depressed, that's true, but the hope of freedom helped her staying in the tracks. But... part of her wanted to stay in the suit. I could tell by looking at her.

And we discussed, OOC. Not for as long as I wished (we both had some obligations) but enough to point out what was good and what was going to be improved (I sound like my boss here, lol). Essentially, boredom due to S-6734 depleting her pool of interesting places to visit. Not being able to touch anything is somewhat unnerving as well (although it's a powerful part of the isolation as the sub has to make people understand that she's asking for help to, say, open a door). Talking is of course to be prevented, but hearing should not be at all times I think. After all Banes are able to hear. And last but not least, monitoring. That's the Eudeamon part and can be roleplayed well enough to transcend the isolation itself, and make the whole experience unforgettable. But it needs a few means of coercion (right now it's only monitoring, one cannot act remotely on the Bane). I will be working on it soon.

The only important thing is that she loved it, as I did. And that she does not want to be back in a Banesuit again before some time, which for someone like Sophia means a lot, trust me. We're already discussing about the Project and all that, how to make the perfect Banesuit to match the one of the novel, how to organize things so one Bane gets one Operator, things like that.

But it seems other people are having a good time already :) I would like to mention Subbie Union, where Lex and Velicia are experiencing an isolation not far from Banishment, and doing a good job at it. Better, they even published an awesome tutorial about a do-it-yourself Banesuit. With some of Marine in the gear (no, not in the suit. Hehe). This is an interesting blog by the way, not only about this particular kink. Check it out there : Subbie Union

There are so many things to say about all this, and yet so few ways to say them. Because it is so personal, you know. I will probably talk about it more in the future because it's too good to be put aside :)


Velicia said...

Hey, I just wanted to say what an honor it is to be mentioned on your blog! I think the first set of restraints I ever bought were a set of Serious Shackles... I still use them :)

I'm happy to have made such a contribution... I'm a tinkerer at heart; to be honest, writing the tutorial was harder than making the actual suit, because things like that come easily to me :)

I don't think of it as a bane suit... You seem to be doing a splendid job at it, and I'm not sure how ready I am for that inclusive an experience anyway. I was really just looking for a suit that uses all the features of the new viewer... and making some certain items lockable with Restrained Life :). I'm quite happy with it, although I'm still tinkering with more parts... keep an eye on the tutorial, I'll add more bits as I make more stuff! :D

Marine Kelley said...

Hehee ! Well as I said, I like to see people going further than the usual click-lock-click-unlock routine... That's why my manuals are always a bit vague, I want people to experiment by themselves, and it works.

It always makes me grin when I see a lockable KDC Armbinder or a disappearing chastity belt, and that's why I didn't choose the obfuscation route (the names of the scripts are somewhat self-explanatory).

I am planning on releasing a standalone base set of scripts with rock-solid installation instructions but I'm waiting to have a stable enough version of the Lockable system (1.12 coming soon btw). That's because once a set is bought, there is no easy way to update it.

But we're not there yet. Keep tinkering ^_^

lexi said...

Thanks for the link to our blog :)

and I so understand about the epxerience being so personal that it's hard to describe.

I have seen both side of the equation: monitoring Velicia on two seperate occasions which is delightful in its own right and as I am currently undergoing my own isolation (as you probably have red on the union blog) I find it difficult to describe to people what goes through my mind.

At times I am not even sure myself.

And I am slowly getting into the tinkering part ;)