Saturday, January 12, 2008

My progress on RestrainedLife

I thought it would be nice to give you a foretaste of what's going to hit you when RestrainedLife 1.10 is out.

Yes, 1.10, not 1.05, because there will be so many new features that I think it's more like a major version, going way beyond what I had expected for it at first. Don't take this list for granted, everything in there works already except when said otherwise, but don't expect command lines as I could change them prior to release. There is no ETA either, but it's looking good already. And things that are "not done yet" can stay "not done" on release, depending on the time I have.

And when I mention a "force" feature, keep in mind it won't bypass whatever restriction applies to the object or the avatar. For instance, you can't force someone to remove all clothes if they are subject to the "prevent removing clothes" rule. In two words, "force" does not supersede "prevent".

I'll make it quick, here we go :

* Prevent wearing and removing clothes (yes, textures), per layer (shirt, undershirt, pants...) or as a whole.
* Give out the layers occupation the same way it is done with the version, on a given chat channel. The viewer answers 0 (empty) or 1 (worn), without disclosing the name of the clothes (*)
* Force removing clothes. Nasty. There will be no "force wearing clothes", though, as this requires to get them from the target's inventory (*). Perhaps a "force last worn clothes", in case of a mistake, just for convenience, but don't hold your breath.
* Prevent from opening inventory. That's extreme, but it's there. If one or more inventory windows are open when the restriction takes effect, they close automatically and won't reopen.
* Prevent from reading notecards. Yet another popular request, this feature will be loved or hated, depending on people. It does not prevent you from receiving them, but from reading them (and previewing them when received). It won't close all the notecards you had already opened though, for security reasons.
* Force sit on an object (by UUID). I had no idea about how to do it until Shinji Lungu suggested me a clever hack, which works wonders. Thank you Shinji !
* Force unsit.
* Prevent standing up : well of course. How many people requested that one, I don't know. It also prevents you from sitting elsewhere. When you sit on a cross and get chained, you'll stay where you are, period. (right now I'm sitting on a stupid plywood cube at home and I cannot lift my ass away from it. lol).
* Prevent using any non-zero chat channel except some
* Lock an attach point empty to prevent attaching anything to it, or all the attach points (cancelled, it's feasible another way)
* Force detaching whatever is worn on attach point X, or all the attach points (not done yet)
* Give out the list of attach points that are occupied by something, without giving out names, very much like the clothes
* Prevent customizing the teleport invite and reading customized invites sent by others, to go along with NoSendIM and NoReceiveIM.
* Garbage collector for orphaned restrictions (when the object that created them is unrezzed but hasn't removed its restrictions) (not done yet)
* Secure way to send commands to an avatar through object IMs. That's a very important feature that I would like to discuss with some people, I'll even post something about it here before releasing, as it's supposed to be secure but I want to be sure. (not done yet)
* And a couple of bugfixes and loopholes that I will, of course, keep unsaid. Thanks to the people who told me about them !

(*) You'll find out I'm very careful about disclosing private information, even the name of the clothes you wear, and I don't want to mess with the inventory in any way either. I could do it but I won't, because I don't want the viewer to go against the ToS. I hope you understand.


Edit : Updated the "not done yet" features to either "done" or "cancelled", and added new features at the end


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! thanks Marine! I wonder if there is a way to detect a sub logging using any other viewer exept yours?

Marine Kelley said...

Yes there is, the method is reliable but very slow when logging, because the script emits a request to the viewer as soon as the attachment is rezzed, which happens about halfway through the loading bar, but the latter cannot respond before it's fully logged, about 30 seconds after.

Velicia said...

Very nice Marine! I've been wanting that no stand feature for a while now!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great Marine - i've only recently started using Restrained Life and its sensational!

Top work.....

Anonymous said...

*lol* So in fact RR Viewer only put the "IM to Owner funktion", every clean scripted, lockable BDSM Item in SL has, one level higher.
Onwner not get message if you do something forbidden. S/he gets notified if different Viewer is used.

I only ran into it because RR features are added in CoolRelease too. Played with it.. not like it.. it adds nothing because it is no "restraint". A simple order from my Mistress is far more effective as every RR thing can ever be can ever be.

But for those who desire it.. have fun. Different ppl, different opinions.

Marine Kelley said...

Hmm... no. The purpose of the viewer is to prevent someone from doing anything forbidden. If your sub does not use it you get an IM if she detaches a locked item (for example), but if she uses it she cannot even detach it. Same goes for IMs, chat and such.

Anonymous said...

Yes IF viewer is used... if not used it prevents nothing.

It only put the need to obey to another level. Its not "don't do this or that" anymore, its "you have to use RR Viewer" now. Now Viewer, no Restrictions. That is fact..

Disobey is Disobey. But i not hove to use it anyway.. CoolRelease has RR off by default.. and for me it will stay at that value.

Have fun ;)

Marine Kelley said...

Well whatever. I specifically recommend to creators not to rely on the viewer for anything else than enhancing the fun. But I will not argue with you about how to make someone obey with or without coercion. You don't like it, you don't use it. It's just not for everyone.

Kathi Paine said...

Hi Marine,
I can't wait to use the new version of the viewer. Everything I missed in the last versions of the viewer seems to be included now or is in development and will be implemented later. One other thing I really miss at the moment is a windlight-version of the viewer.


Kathi Paine said...

Hello amanita,
I think you should try the viewer for a longer time before just dismissing it.
Well, sure, if your Mistress tells you "Don't detach your collar!" you'll obey her command, but did it never happen to you that you click "Add to Outfit" in the menu and your collar gets removed because one of the attachments in your new outfit occupies the chest slot your collar uses atm and removes it? I know that happened to me more than just a few times and got me into problems more than just once. ;) With Marines viewer this will never happen again.
And come on's one thing to obey your Mistresses wishes, but the normal Linden-viewer doesn't prevent detaching items. It's like in real life your Mistress cuffs you and puts you in a cage, but leaves the cage open and the cuffs loose enough to slip out of them. That would be a bit boring and not very satisfying in my opinion. In SL, I love to be restrained and forced into my bondage with no way out until Mistress releases me. Marines viewer gives you that chance.


p.s. sorry for the double post, but I posted my views on Marines new viewer before reading all comments, I'll try to do better next time

Marine Kelley said...

Hi Kathi well I'm torn on the windlight version. I personally really want to do it, but some people told me they would never be able to make it work and I don't want to leave anyone behind... So unless I'm sure the WL viewer can be nerfed down to work like the normal one (in other words, that everybody can use it provided they put the correct settings according to the power of their computers), I won't compile on it. And that would be sad because I do want to compile on WL.

Kathi Paine said...

Hi Marine,
even on my old laptop, I'll prefer the windlight viewer, because I have much more options to adjust the graphics settings to the capabilities of my laptop. If I do some adjustments and don't use the WL-viewer on it's maximal settings it's even less hardware consuming than the standard viewer. Of course, many people just say "Why bother with it at all if it doesn't look better than the normal viewer?" and don't even try playing with the settings a bit. Maybe that's the real problem and not the minimum hardware requirements of the viewer. I started using the windlight-version on my old system because I just wanted to give it a try and found out that I can adjust it much better to my old system than the standard-viewer.


Marine Kelley said...

Agreed. People will have to find out how to tweak the settings and let's be honest, a good part of them won't even bother with it. Maybe I'll issue a proposal on my group and see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

well i tryed the the RR-Viewer, worte some scripts for it.. they "work" fine but are completly useless in some way, as I see them.

I decided not to like it and won't use it anymore, period. I have my reasons which i allready told. I see no benefit in it.
And this "items come not off accidently" is no arguement. If you mindlessly klick and wear everything you deserve to be punished for sure ;)

Sorry Marine.. did not want to start such a discussion. I know many like what you did. What gets on my nerves is that i keep getting asked by ppl if i use RR only because i wear collar. If i answer no, i get thing like "you should its great for all sub.." No it is not great for all, it is for some.
Worst off all are that ones who send me "@version" without any comment and try operate my items.


P.S. Marine. If this gets on your nerves please simply delete my comments.

Danii said...

While I am using the RL viewer nearly all the time, the collar I wear is still not RL compatible. I know it's possible to put a script in it to do so, and we even tried it, but since Mistress wants to have my collar locked on ALL the time, and putting on other items while wearing one (or more) locked item(s) isn't that simple, i.e. "wear" and "add to outfit" disabled, we decided to leave the no-detach stuff out of my collar. I know it's a SL thing Marine can not simply tweak around, but it makes I still risk detaching my collar by wearing other things... with all consequences - grin.
Most of my other toys are RL compatible though, and it really opened a new dimension, in particular the chat/IM restrictions. Only with the RL viewer and a decent gag, communication can be really distorted. Before RL there was always IM, not seen and not controllable by anyone else. And yes, the temptation to fall back on it was always bigger than the will to stand frustration. Not anymore...

I must admit I was really scared of the idea of the RestrainedLife viewer when I first heard of it. Not anymore now, and I think I know why:
I have learned now to trust Mistress. I know she knows exactly what she's doing to me when she restricts me - she's a switch herself.
It is - as Kathi says in other words - more exciting to give power out of your hands and (totaly) become dependent on someone, than to play a game of obedience and self discipline. At least it is to me :-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds truly wicked. I hope I get to find out just how wicked it is very soon.

Marine, your work output is fun, wonderful, scary, amazing, amazingly scary, faboolus, really really scary and fun. Did I mention it was scary?

Ebony Mystique ( formally Giri Gritzi ) said...

Giri reads, remembers, fantasizes, and then ......................................
after a long dely sighs in resigned realization.............

Marine Kelley said...

Thank you all for your kind comments :) Yes I admit it must be scary, or at least daunting to let someone else truly control some of what you can and can't do, instead of following the orders. This is the age-old restraints vs. submission debate. Both points of view have good arguments, in a way what's the point in being cuffed if you're going to obey anyway, but on the other hand what's the point in obeying if you're not really forced to do so (at least a little, it's supposed to be consensual).

I have talked with someone who don't even lock her collar because her Mistress trusts her completely and she's allergic to locking things. Although I don't subscribe to her point of view, I do understand and respect it. I personally believe that being locked and restrained reinforces the feeling of ownership and could not do without it.

But in the end, I'm not here to please everyone, nor forcing anyone to use my work :)

Anonymous said...

Me lifts her Hoof. Here, this Pony is the unlocked one ;)

Stumbled over this blog..

Yes, my collar and my bridle are unlocked. Like my Stalldoor is too. Sounds pretty less restricted for a sub, eh?

OK lets tell about my "restrictions", i quote this because that are the stable rules which apply to stable ponies, i knew them before i joined
I'm a fulltime pony, which means no travel expect a few other stables for training purposes.
No change the of Collar, Bridele, Bit or Plug without trainer.
No talk in open at all, nobody can talk with a bit in mouth ;) Ponies are allowed to "think" to ppl or emote things.

I "talked" to many Subs and Slaves that visit my home. It seems Ponxplay is a bit different form other forms of BDSM. Some slaves told me they could not stand what i do for more then a day, i could not stand what they told they were doing either ;) So different ppl, different desires.

Marine, you still owe me a visit ;)

Jayleia Greene said...

Hehe, the main reason I use the RLViewer is that it seems more stable than the SLViewer...and for those that have me on their Friends List, they know how big a problem that stability is for me...

And no, the RLViewer isn't for everyone to use all the time. I actually recommend that most people NOT use it in general.

And yes, in my opinion, a sub should obey, without the need for a viewer, but for someone like me, who thrives in conflict-based RP (kidnappings, prisons, etc), the RLViewer is great, because it feels like power is really *taken* from me

Anonymous said...

It will get funny if RR viewer users hit the critical Mass to get interesting for griefers. If they discover any way to abuse this they will.

The only way for non linked prims to communicate is llSay();. Which means you can only filter by name of item and channelnumber or do i miss something here. UUID is given too but may change and every rez...

So even if you do quick and dirty scripting and brute force the channelnumber its only matter of time until you manage to shout some ppl blind or something.

This would work on non RR stuff too.. but its only half the "fun", because this can be detached.

"Pariotric Nigras" used inworld scripting to pester the furrys in SL.. they even managed to crash some sims :( . I not want to imagine what happends if ppl like them dicover how to use RR Viewer for thier "ideas".

Danii said...

If griefers get a chance on abusing the RL Viewer, it will be more due to bad, unsecure scripting in attachments, then to the special capabilities it offers, imho. And since more and more people are providing RL compatible stuff (I'am experimenting with it myself), this is not unthinkable.

Speaking of scripts, I am encountering a minor problem with some (third party) RL compatible items, I'm not sure it's a bug in their scripts or a bug in the viewer, I will report on it when I get the chance to investigate it and put my finger on it.
But since Jayleia threw me in a prison cell yesterday, this will have to wait.. ;-)

Marine Kelley said...

amanita : where have you read that the viewer reacted to llSay () calls ? It only reacts to llOwnerSay (). I MIGHT consider adding support to llInstantMessage () as well but ONLY if the user activates it, it will be an opt-in option.

Now I'm wondering why you say it will be "funny" when griefers take advantage of people using the viewer. Maybe it will make you laugh indeed, as you seem to take pleasure in bashing my work. That I'm doing for free, on my free time, for people I don't know to let them have fun.

Sometimes I'm really asking myself why I'm going through all this shit. You may go to the next blog to insult the next creator with undocumented comments, thank you.

Anonymous said...

1. I never said viewer reacts on llSay(). I said interprim communication e.g. blindfold and blindfold HUD work that way.. and i see not other way to make this, since blindbold requires HUD to work at all.

2. I meant "funny" in a ironic way, better schould have quotet that i must admit. After reread i noticed that it could be missunderstood fast.

3. I said that this is not a viewer specific issue. because it would work on allmost every item that use chat to excange messages with eachother.
Only your viewer makes the problem a more worse.. because relog and get rid of that giefing shit is much more annoying then simply detach.

4. I'm _not_ a griefer. Even if you might think that. But what you think about me does not concern me a bit.

But if you can only cope with positive response, like "Great Work" and "All you do is so great", I pitty you.

I raised a issue that really concerns me. There are many in SL that take joy in griefing. You opened a new dimension for them, and not loose a single word about it.
In my eyes you restricted your whole thinking in this case to add more and more features and give a shit about the problems that this can cause.

Many love what you gave to them, this is good. But you are responsibel for what you have created. You made the viewer and you created a new grieferplayground with it.

Anonymous said...

Oh please Marine, dont let those comments from amanita put you down... The work you are doing on RestrainedLife Viewer for loads of persons (including myself) is just great... like a gift... to bring tons of fun... IMHO BDSM inside SL can be separated in before and after the RL Viewer...*hugs* oohh btw... the new features for 1.10... *giggles* sounds wonderfull *grins*!!!

Marine Kelley said...

Oh I'm not put down by amanita's comments, I've had that a lot lately (surprisingly only from ponygirls), but I do feel insulted nonetheless. I'm just trying to make things more realistic, and someone does not restrain themselves in the street just after having bought a pair of handcuffs in RL, that would just expose them badly. This is the same here.

As for llSay () and the rest, maybe I have to repeat some details again : the viewer is not dedicated to RR only, in fact it itches me when someone says "RR viewer". It's "RestrainedLife". Not "RealRestraint". RL not RR. That means everyone can make their own scripts to interface their stuff with it, if they want to, but errors are their responsibility not mine. And I'm very aware of security problems, that's why I only allow llOwnerSay for now. I want to extend to llInstantMessage but only in the same sim, perhaps only over a short distance, and in an opt-in mode (you'll have to activate a setting to be exposed to commands contained in task IMs).

And of course, as danii said, griefers will abuse the viewer through abusing of poor scripting. It's very much like with my stuff when some people liked to camp at my shop to steal the keys from new customers (hence the 3 meters restriction now).

Now, when someone uses my viewer they know what they're getting themselves into, more realism implies more vulnerability. I have been repeating that enough already. To say my viewer is a tool for griefers is like saying handcuffs are a tool for kidnappers. They are only if you invite them. Security is my biggest concern and that's why so far only objects owned by the user can trigger any custom behaviour. I'm not that stupid. But the price of error is higher with RL than in the regular viewer, that's for sure.

Lastly, amanita's first concern was about obedience vs restraints. It then went to griefers for whatever reason. Problem is, it's hard to do anything out of the ordinary in SL, given how LL has nerfed almost every function for fear of griefing. So I'm providing my own solution for people who don't let griefers grief their everyday fun without even being around.

And I can stand bad feedback, when it's justified. I do all the time. I have been talking to people who were very upset with my stuff, or even with me, often for wrong reasons, and I took the time to talk. Negative feedback, when constructive, is justified and sometimes useful. The comments on my blog are not all positive, there are concerns and questions too, which I address if I can. But just coming here to say "I'm not using your viewer because I think your project is pointless" is not constructive, it's just insulting.

Notice I have not deleted your comments, amanita, because I feel it would be unfair and break the credibility of my blog. If I have enough of this I will simply delete all comments and close them in future posts. Which would make my blog look quite sad, I think.

Kathi Paine said...

Hi Marine,
don’t take these comments drag you down. Just like challenge said, your work and your scary (in a very enjoyable way) ideas make the second life of many residents of SL so much more enjoyable. When I’m in subbie mood I really don’t want to log in without the RL-viewer anymore. And you always emphasize that you take great care and do your best to keep the RL-viewer as secure as possible. And so far you’re doing a really, really great job.
Every time I log into SL I know what I’m getting myself into. I do know that there is always the possibility that a bad scripted toy or maybe even a security leak in the viewer could make me vulnerable to griefers. That can happen to me when I use the Linden-viewer and that can happen when I use the RL-viewer. Sure, when using the RL-viewer, griefer attacks on my toys could have a much stronger effect on my fun, but I’m not going to let that happen to spoil my fun in SL. And Amanita, if you say, that Marine “give a shit about the problems that this can cause” you’re just wrong. She does her best to make her viewer as secure as possible. She told that more than just once. What else should she do??? You say that she’s responsible for what she has created. Well, sure she is, but so are the Lindens for their own viewer. What do you tell Linden Labs? “You make it easy for griefers to attack your customers, shut SL the hell down before there are more attacks?” Now, that was sarcasm. ;-)
Marine does what she can, and to say the truth, her viewer is more stable (and most likely more secure, too) for me than the Linden-viewer ever was and Marine does a great job. She can’t do anything against bad scripted toys, that can’t be her responsibility. She just gives content creators something to work with, something they can use to make much more interesting stuff for all of us. And so far I wasn’t disappointed. Neither by creators, nor by Marine. Are there bugs? Sure there are, we are all humans and a project as big as this one can’t be without bugs. But whoever is responsible for a bug, be it somebody who created a bad scripted toy or Marine, they all do their best to correct their mistakes. We all should thank them for their great ideas and all the work they put into their products to create this wonderful, wicked world for us with all its possibilities and not badmouth them.
So, thank you very much, Marine, for creating this wonderful viewer and all your other wicked products. Keep up the great work! Your wicked mind comes up with much more scary ideas than everybody else I know. And so far I loved every single one of your ideas and products. My Second Life is for sure much more interesting because of you.


Anonymous said...

Uhm more Ponygirls then this one here complained. Would be interresting to have a number, *looks at Marine* (please excuse my englich is a bit hooved ;) but i'm no native speaker)

This is getting a bit to far here for my taste.. i can see both points Marines and Amanitas... even onies are highly protected subs, i feel most safit I tend a bit more to Amanitas arguments.. no, no, not rip me apart.

Simple facts, only true for me:

RR viewer or RealRestraint stuff have no benefit for me alt all. Plus I hate the idea it gives me. II played with it.. even wrote own amethyst plugin for it. But even in clear marked testing situation with armed script, i RL paniced in front of Computer. This where strong feelings, but there was absolutly nothing good at it. I was moody and gloomy for weeks and i still feel sick if i think back to it.
RR is nothing for me.. and in some way i also hate it..

My sisters talked much with me and tryed to calm me. Many understand my worries and my feelings.. ppl here seem not to.. well anyway. Some ponies use RR, yes.. to lock collar or mute openchat. In my eyes
this is lazyness.. you learn from doing wrong.. prevent you from doing wrong prevents you from learning...

But other desires need other tools ;) RR offers nothing this ponies needs or desires. Most other ponies she talked to think the same..

Amanita is right in the point that RR makes BDSM-items more attractive for griefers. And that is most annoying idea, i have some really bad experiences with griefers. And i can even understand that she is upset about ppl who send her "@version" without greeting.. doing this with me would lead to notecard to trainer and most probaly this person would be banned.

I still sorry for the rude words i used in my first letter to you Marine and hope you are not mad with me anymore.

Ysgrathe Dyrssen

Kathi Paine said...

Hello Ysgrathe,
I don’t think anyone here is going to rip you apart for speaking your mind, don’t worry about that. ;) What I really didn’t like and what got me agitated a bit was just that Marine was falsely accused of creating a new grieferplayground, doesn’t feel responsible for it and gives a shit about the problems it can cause (quote: ”give a shit about the problems that this can cause”; “But you are responsibel for what you have created”; “you created a new grieferplayground with it”). Marine does her best to keep this viewer as secure as possible, she most definitely knows that she’s responsible for her work (or why would she constantly improve it?) and SL is the playground for griefers, a viewer with all its possibilities just gives them the possibility to grief.
If you say that the RL-viewer is nothing for you, that’s okay for me. I don’t have any problems with that and I even can understand the reasons you give for this. Nobody’s trying to convince you that you should use it if you don’t like it. You’ve tried it and didn’t like it. In your opinion the RL-viewer and it’s restrictions makes us lazy, because we just can’t do something, there’s no learning process involved, because we are just prevented from making mistakes. You do have a point here, really. You’re right, some functions of the viewer prevent us from making mistakes and from learning by making them. If you don’t like the RL-viewer because of this and because you hate to be forced by the viewer to submit to certain functions of the attachements you’re wearing, that’s okay for me, just don’t use it anymore. But please try to understand my point of view. What you hate is exactly what I love when I’m in subbie mood and use the RL-viewer. I love to be forced to keep my mouth shut, to be unable to detach my shackles, to be forced into blindness without any way to struggle out of my constraints. I love that my keyholder has complete and utter control over me and that there’s nothing I can do.
You said in your first post: “Different ppl, different desires” and that sums it up. I love to be a pony from time to time, but I could not do this 24/7 like you do. I envy you for that and you have my greatest respect. And like I couldn’t be a pony like you are, you can’t do some of the things I really love. And that’s okay, wouldn’t SL or RL be boring if we all had just the same desires, hopes and wishes? I wish you the very best for your SL and hope you have as much fun with it as I have, Ysgarthe.


Kathi Paine said...

Sorry, I forgot something.
Amanita, Ysgrathe you both say that you really hate people sending you @version. Well, that's something we have in common. In my opinion that's just rude. Some people doesn't even introduce themselves and just think they can use and abuse you whichever way they want. Okay....sometimes I love to be used and abused in every way possible, but not if the person didn't even introduce himself or ask my permission ooc. Sending me @version without introduction is a wonderful and easy way to get muted by me.


Anonymous said...

sigh.. i know one more positive message doesnt balance the frustration of a single baseless negative one Marine.. it should but it never does. This happy little update post turned into a trainwreck of silliness with comments and complaints that added up to .. not too much. they complain because it is not for them. .. fair enough, its not for them.. ohwell. worse is its not for them because of reason X.. when reason x isn't true or they seem confused on some things. then it degenerates into complete falsehoods about the RL viewer being a playground for griefing.

If you are familiar with scripting.. and can find such a griefing exploit.. then provide some constructive feedback on how to fix this issue.. The RL viewer is for everyone.. and the project grows with that type of constructive help. Just because you dont use the viewer doesnt mean you cant help it in your own way. or.. you can just move on and decide it isn't for you. goodbye.

The viewer project works as designed and provides a service/functionality to a group that wants it. and it does it very well. Thankyou Marine, for all of your hard work.

and i am sorry if this comment isn't helpful and i dont intend to stir things up.. i just think that if someone has constructive feedback, that is useful.. but if they are so far off base.. .. well, they should try to get ontrack or move along and do their own thing. no harm.

Moss Hastings said...

The restrained Life Viewer: it seems you either love it or hate it. I love it. I have just taken the Bondage Team Ordeal: 6 hours locked, blocked and leashed in serious shackles and ballgag. All under the RL Viewer (mandatory for the Ordeal), monitored, checked and unable to detach either my restraints or the monitoring attachment. Result – a sense of delicious helplessness during the ordeal, and a sense of achievement afterwards. Would it have been the same without the Viewer? Yes and No. I could have endured the ordeal just the same (but knowing me, I might have cheated out) but the achievement would be of less value without the proof of my compliance. Indeed who would bother setting a test where it would not be possible to check whether one had really achieved it or not, or whether they had achieved it by fair means or foul?

Accidents will happen; restraints will come off, or get kicked off. There is rather a spectacular way of doing this, even under RL v 1.04.1. My lips are sealed, but I understand it will be eliminated in RL v 1.1. Because of this, I accidentally detached the collar that had been lovingly locked in place on my neck, and I felt really sick. I thought it was impossible to remove it; I wanted not to be able to remove it and I wanted to be punished for having done so.

I understand the obedience versus enforcement debate. I am a switch. If I were more sub, and had a permanent Mistress, and if I had succeeded in scaling the difficult heights of perfect submission, then I would simply obey, and there would be no need for cells, cages and cuffs. Marine could pack up and go home if everyone were like that. But they are not.

And when all is said and done, the hardware is fun. When I was a kid someone put a toy pair of handcuffs on me. I was terribly disappointed when I found that they had a release button. All SL restraints have a big release button, unless you use a Viewer like Marine’s. Those who don’t want their restraints to be toys, should thank Marine for providing an alternative.

Danii said...

Reading about the @version thing some here write about, I came to a question/remark I would like to share in a constructive way..

First I want you to know I have no problem with strangers sending @version to me, since I use the RL viewer nearly all the time (even when not restricted, because of stability) and so I simply don't see the "@version" IM's. But you made me aware and now I'm wondering how many people possibly already might have sent it to me...

My question/remark is: is it usefull to have this feature in IM? In scripting, it is usefull and/or necessary of course, but about the IM-@version I'm not sure. Could it be an idea to remove it or make it possible to switch off? It might be a privacy issue.

I for myself am adding an @version test in my scripts, so the the script will know and the Mistress can be warned somehow whether the restrictions are really active. I think about the chat/IM restrictions in particular, but it goes for all of them.

Keep up the good work Marine, it's not only stability that makes us use the RL viewer!

Anonymous said...

Hi danii,

i think the problem is not the @version IM itself, its more the idea behind it that annoyes.

This message give one clear message to the one who gets it.. Its like someone stalks you and tries to figure out if you are an easy target to abuse. Not all subs want to be abused.. many ponies hate this idea and became ponies to avoid being abused. Your tack protects you, that is why there is no reason too lock it ;)

Makeing that switchable only "sloves" the sympthom not the reason why it occurs. But mute this message response would be a good idea perhaps anyway.

Marine Kelley said...

Thank you everyone. I do appreciate the praise, can't deny that :) I don't have a lot of time to post about my progress or to comment and I think you all summed it up pretty well already : love it or hate it.

I'd like to address a particular concern though, about the @version avatar IMs. I want to provide a manual way to check whether the sub is using RL or not, and another one that is automatic. It's much more convenient like that, although I admit it has given some rude people the habit of checking before saying "hi". Even if I didn't use this method I'm convinced it would have been something else, and you're perfectly in your right to Mute the person who annoys you.

Long story short, you can't stop some people from being dorks. *goes back to testing*

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Marine, please keep up the great work, I'm sure there are many, many of us who appreciate it :)
Just a small suggestion. How about some sort of automatic redirection of spoken chat lines to a specified channel number (for automatic gag mumbling)?

Marine Kelley said...

Thanks Missq, actually I wanted to code the feature you mentioned and discarded it for the following reasons :
- gestures and emotes must still stick to channel 0 (not really a problem but the user has to remember that typing regular text goes to channel N while emotes go to channel 0, which is quite unnatural)
- when several objects redirect your chat to several different channels, which one is right ? With my design every object is independent and restrictions do not conflict with each other

Sorry !

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this post is too late to comment on but i hope you get to read it Marine.

i do have to say that yor viewer and products are absolutely AMAZING!!! i love it and wear my shackles all the time. i cant wait for this update to come out so my Mistress can take even more control over my restraints and my second life.

Just one thing thing i would like to see. i love the idea of the force wear command. I know you dont want to give control of someones inventory to someone else, but what about the possibility of either just having it as an option to turn on and off or even better, what about creating a folder in the inventory that someone could access ? Kind of like "shared folders" on a computer.

Anonymous said...

sorry to keep adding but i remembered one other thing to ask you about. Something i will beg and plead for.
In a previous post you mentioned about how it would be easy to make it so someone had to use your viewer. i would have no problem with a longer log in time if it would allow for this possibility. I currently have the original SL viewer deleted and only use yours, but i hate knowing i could always download the original again and log in with it to unlock my restraints. If you made it an option that would be perfect, or an attachment needed to wear, or what about the possibility of having it as an optional download... two links available when downloading your viewer, one that is your normal one and one that has the one requiring itself to be used after installation, that way you could add disclaimers explaining the choice made.
Just want to say i would really really love to see this and beg that you will consider it. I am sure many people would love this as well, including the ones interested in your your amazing bane project since if they are going to be locked up, thew wont want any way out including switching viewers...

Anonymous said...

Hi shandra,

i fear you will have to live with the fact that RL-Power ends at a certain spot.

There is simply no way to make one use the RL viewer.
In fact if you have a very naughty slave with too much time and a bit coding experience you can workaround the "viewercheck". Take Marines source, strip all RR-Stuff and only let the "@version=XXX" handeling alive. Compile, install, login.. no Restrictions left and no item that checks will ever notice.

No matter how tight you put this "virtual" restrictions.. the will allway have a way out. Unless u manage to talk linden labs into the RL thing and manage to make SL closed source again.

Anonymous said...

oops,sorry it was the very first comment here and i misread i think. It was just about detecting if another viewer was used, not forcing the use of the restrained life viewer. too bad, that would have been amazing

Marine Kelley said...

Hi there, fortunately I do reread comments on older posts ^_^

Thank you Shandra, I appreciate the compliments :)

I am actually thinking of a simple script way to force someone to wear some attachments or pieces of clothing, with that very "shared folders" philosophy you talked about. It will not be included in 1.10, though.

Anonymous said...

Greetings marine, my compliments for making a great viewer. My sub has been using the viewer for a while now and we truly like it. Don't let yourself be taken down by the griefer comments here.
People are supposed to be 18 when they use the viewer and are supposed to understand what it's all about. Its not mandatory to use this like the normal viewer. People have their own responsability to decide wither to use it, and can look what items and functions they use or let their subs use.
For example, I have forbidden my slave to use any items which allows people to read his IMs and don't let him buy RR items without my consent. (is there any way to check if objects have a 'leak' in this?)
I set his collar so that only I can use the heavy RR functions and told him he's allowed to log off RR and use the normal viewer whenever problems occur.
The viewer gives us great fun when he cannot even talk to people or cannot get dressed and is exposed to everyone. I like to program the RR options in the toys he uses to make them more realistic.
Just like in real life, in the end submission is about obeying and honesty more than objects. But hell, your viewer makes it a lot more fun to play it out ;)