Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Banishment Program is now open !

Hi !

A quick post to say that the long awaited Banishment Program and its Processing Lab are now officially open !

A few months after S-6734's adventure, and a lot of work in-between, now it's ready for mass-Bane-production. Ooops, did I say that out loud ? ^_^

Please be easy on our Engineers (inviters) for they are not many, not online at all times and there will be a lot of demand at first.

Here is the slurl to the public area, where you'll find the Bane application notecard (push the yellow button). The rest... you'll see for yourself.

Have fun ! (or not)

Dr. Marine

PS : in order to keep the flow of applications to a reasonable level I will make the announcement on the Banishment Project SL group a little later.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to H-1948 for starting her term!

Anonymous said...

* Contact an Engineer (officer) of the Banishment Program group, ask them for an invitation and send them this notecard along with your request.*

How do you find them???

Marine Kelley said...

Mea maxima culpa ! The Banishment Program was not showing in search. Done now, sorry again and thanks for pointing that out !

lexi said...

Congrats Marine on getting it all setup and working :)

May it all work out as you dreamed, and best of luck!!!

xx lexi

Anonymous said...

congrats Marine :) i'll try to drop by and visit atleast sometime soon :)

Kylie Ohara

Boy Lane said...

Boy is gone. And given the violations I collected in one day B-9140 will be around for a long time. Wondering when I get my sentence updated *shrugs*... I started a blog, let's see where this all leads to. Thanks Marine and all involved for this opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marine, I hope everything is going well with he project from what I've seen it's proving very popular. I have a couple of "friends" I'm trying to persuade to sign up. Would they be best waiting due to demand at the moment?

Anonymous said...

It is really a pity that everything is tested so badly. A friend of mine is threatening to leave SL because her suit totally freaked on her, producing violations while standing still at a beach. She is totally freaked in RL because she does not want to chicken out, but the suit just keeps adding violations every few hours, making the time run up. She does nothing any more for fear of real violations.

This is just crap and has nothing to do with the novel any more. The sable suits are boring, but at least they work.

Anonymous said...

She is possibly standing on a prim, at times that can be seen to be a structure (not saying its right, only that I know it happens)

There is a nice safe place in Ezquerra (

Its that safe you can't even get in without asking first (had some problems with bane bashings).

Anyway if your friend would like to use it, let someone know (besides me) and I'm sure they will add her to the access list.

*107 hours and counting*

Win said...

As a bane Operator who just had 1 bane cheating out, I wish to answer to the anonymous poster's argument.

I will not mention the name of the person I am speaking of, but I had someone starting a 24 hour sentence and then ignoring the Custodian's warnings when it told her to stop certain behaviours. She didn't, and her repeated violations added up another 24 hours to her sentence.

As an Operator, I had warned her before processing she was still in time to back off - and go back to her original prison sentence. True: choosing banishment gives you a sentence reduction. But one has to consider a prison term will never get automatic extensions through a sophisticated - yet cold - computer program.

After processing, I stressed she would have to follow the Custodian's warning TO THE LETTER. and immediately comply to its demands. Reports showed she did not do that, piling up over 20 "Spying Violations" in very few hours.

It takes a lot of self discipline to take banishment. This bane apparently lacked that.

This Operator's only regret is not having been online during most of this bane's online term (due to a timezone problem) - she would have deserved some good zapping, and possibly some harder punishment.

This Operator is proud of all her other banes - some amassed a number of violations MUCH higher than the friend of the Anonymous poster, and learned something from that experience. Some complied readily to the Custodian's warnings, and got nearly no extension. Neither of them gave the impression of considering the Banishment Program a vacation. Neither of them considere the Custodian a toy. It is not.

Anonymous said...

Responding to Win:

I am the bane she is talking about and if anyone wants to hear the true story they can contact me in SL: Saphire Pfeffer.

Marine Kelley said...

"It is really a pity that everything is tested so badly."

Excuse me, and you are... ?

Maybe you were sleeping at that time but the suit has been tested thoroughly by more than 10 persons, at different places in different times, and I got bug reports I have taken into account.

The bugs I'm experiencing now are due to SL not to my scripting. So stop blaming me.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be released...and yet I face that soon.

My suit has become a part of me, watching life pass me by and not say hello is my destiny.

I don't want to be free!

Anonymous Bane

Boy Lane said...
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Boy Lane said...

I second Marine and Win here. I had a number of setbacks, be it a self destructing banesuit at Day one, a couple of rollbacks due to teleport crashes losing a lot of time, a complete script failure (which was not Marines fault) opening up my comms but rendering me unmovable for a couple of hours, and another rollback resetting the banesuit to its original state, unlocked, without owner, completely vulnerable. Each time I got great support from operators, engineers and Marine. They know how strong the emotional impact of such SL problems can be, they all helped to fix things fast, personal and in an unproblematic way. Read my blog (link below).

Everything is very new and although Marine did a fantastic job and put a lot of effort in testing there are new issues with SL discovered AND fixed everyday. That is unavoidable. Perhaps it should be made a bit clearer in the interview that this can happen. But there was and is always help available. You know how to request help. That is no reason to chicken out. And yes, I racked up hours and hours for spying, caused by my slow network connection, I found myself on private structures as my AV moved to slow, I was attacked and got proximity violations and god knows what. I did not cheat out. Please think very clearly about your decision to become a bane. If you have the slightest doubts that you can handle it, stay away. There are *many* unexpected things that can and will happen. It is supposed to be hard. Very hard. It's surely not for everybody.


Anonymous said...

Re: Saphire

Read your profile, so you got bashed, and no one did anything? You know what, they did the right thing, the only person who should of done something is YOU. (ie read the story, banes and their problems are *IGNORED*)

I've been bashed, hell I'd almost call it raped, I spent 15 minutes escaping the guy but in the end I was blind and stumbled into no script land, where he took advantage of my state.

I *COULD* of TP'd away, when he started chasing me, or when he started shoving things where they weren't wanted.

I *DIDNT* because it breaks my RP, as much as I hated what he was doing, I wasn't going to break my RP. (knowing full well the infractions would lock me up for a long time)

You got so much time it wasn't fun? This isn't supposed to be "fun", its an experience to be savoured and learned from.

Like others I've had problems, but this is SL where they are a part of daily life.

I've had 1 suit crash, and I've had time lost, both are caused by SL issues, NOT suit issues.

Please be fair about the program, just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean its KTI's fault.

Honestly, for me, this has been one of the best deep RP experiences I've had in SL, if not the best.

*135 hours and counting*

Anonymous said...

Re to Anonymous:

First of all read the storry again, bane bashing was iligal and banes to who it happened were not just ignored.

seconedly that was not my problem with the suit.

Every one keeps saying its SL.
Well hello, Sl is the world in wich the suit should work, if it cant work stable their its a useless product.

Selling a product like that in RL you would be out of buisness fast with all the law suits.

Ofcourse i knew time could be added to my sentance. But with the buggy suit that is not verry consistant in reporting violations i found it hard to find out what it was complaining about.
Also i signed up for 24 hours, if i wanted 48 i would have checked that. With a some violations the time is doubled right away? That didnt even happen in the story.

For example i was in one place for 2 hours without any problems and sudenly it starts reporting a violation without anything being changed. (and yes i know i changed nothing because i was afk watching tv)

ofcourse i also found out now that it's not a rare occasion for a suit to fail but more the rule. i have seen one person get back for the 3th suit in one day, and the next day again back for a new one.

And then ofcourse there is marine self, she made it quite clear she did not like my profile and began to treathen me. If her product was good there would be no reason to do that.

My conlcusion stands the bane suit is buggy at best at the moment and marine knows it and despertly trys to hide it.


Anonymous said...


You read the story again, Bane bashing was ignored by anyone but the police.

Neither Marine, nor the KTI staff are "police" in this context. In the story the most a civilian reaction to someone interacting with a bane was one of disdain and shameful looks at the person doing the interacting, the bane was ignored.

Suit failures, your sitting here saying her product is buggy blah blah should be out of business. Well then I guess Stroker, Mystitool, and many other well known makers of fine goods should be out of business too, because I've had their stuff fail.

Hell if you want to get into it, Linden Labs are the worst, how often do we see failures there, and theirs is a RL product.

SL is buggy, changing, and its not just Marines stuff that is failing. If your really unhappy then take your suit off and go play in a cage or something.

Oh and by the way, This isn't a product, its a service...

You were AFK for 2 hours and you got punished but nothing changed, how do you know, you were AFK!?!


Anonymous said...


Yes other product fail to, you reset them and go on.
This product doesnt not allouw for this. If you do marine will call you a cheater and normally you loose your money.

Its also the the number of failers it cuases. So far it is far higher then any other cage/cuffs toys.

Product or service makes no differance, its expensive and you would expect it to be working well when you pay that kind of money.

As for not understanding how i know the suit failed lets me think you were never in a suit.
Because it quite clearly tell you vocaly when you make a violation.
No need to be behind a computer for that. Or you just read the chat history when you come back, anyone can figure that one out.

I am glad the suit works well for you, but that doesnt mean it does for eveyone. Its a fact that there are many failers.


Anonymous said...

Actually I've had my failures with the suit, but I just get on with it :)

Just a FYI something I noticed today, if you get repeated warnings of different kinds quickly you lose the sound, or at least I do.

So your saying you got penalties, and there was nothing in your history to show it, that makes me wonder how you know you got the penalties at that time?

I don't think it's expensive, but I guess it's relative.

The reason you can't simply reset this and go on is because of what it is, perhaps you'd be better with something like a sable helmet?

And if you think I was never in a suit I'll wave next time I see you at the station. ;)

Anyway this is probably a waste of time, we both have our opinions, and we are both entitled to them, and I don't see either of us changing our view.


Boy Lane said...


You miss the point completely. Marine and many others try to do do something for other people, for people who get that fantstic chance to live the story for themselves. To experience something that is beyond imagination in RL. It took a lot of work, it took a lot of effort, and of course it is in no way perfect.

I have quite some experience with big groups. There is always someone who does not appreciate what he or she gets from others, who always wants more, who doesn't give a s**t on the hard work of others and who destroys the fun for all. To deflect such people from the beginning there is a membership fee of 2000L for this group, you accepted this condition, you signed it in your application, and you were fully aware of the consequences.

I'm sorry that it did not work for you. But as I said, it is not for everybody. I wish you more luck in your future endeavours in SL. Perhaps you should not jump into something until you fully understand it.


Anonymous said...

Just to get one thing clear: what is the fun in being isolated for such a long time? I really love and understand being locked up by Mistress, even getten chat and IM forbidden for being a bad girl.
But I know Miss is there and this is fun, and if she sees I am not ok (even if I did not notice it yet) she will release me and bring me back to live in her arms.
But what fun is ist being controlled by a computer? And no interaction at all in SL for days? Ok, the imagination of being locked away might be thrilling, but if you can sit near your computer and watch TV and do nothing else??

Sorry just curious and a little lack of understanding, but enthusiastic user of RL Viewer


Sorry... just curious.

Marine Kelley said...

Well well saphire, it seems you have just discredited yourself here. Not only you're insulting me and my work but you're also lying and griefing my land. Let's see :

- You have insulted me on your profile. That alone may earn you a nice AR, since it is forbidden by LL

- You have pretended having destroyed the suit and I have refunded you nonetheless. Now I see you in a working suit again. That makes you a liar and a thief.

- You have rezzed a lot of Custodian HUDs from the sim next door, in a way I can't return them (but the landowner will), just to make it harder for the Banes to sit on the maintenance poseballs. You only got yourself banned and the Banes can go to other stations anyway.

- You pretend the suit is bugged to hell, but I have seen you in it. No comment.

All this to say, I'm not paying much attention to your insults and behaviour, the more you try to do harm the more you're harming yourself.

Anonymous said...

I am a little bit curious .. why is marine suddenly posting with a completely different (and also hidden) profile, instead of her usual blog identity?

Marine Kelley said...

Because I logged with the wrong account, what do you think ?

Felina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Felina said...

Because someone might have tried to fake you? Not that unlikely on the internet, where you can basicly take any name you want, n'est pas?

Marine Kelley said...

Your point being ?

Anonymous said...

You asked what I was thinking and I gave the corresponding answer. Nothing more, nothing less.

Giri said...

Sis, I dont care what others say think or do, You make a hell of a product and have created a fantastic service. Dont let the B-----ds get ya down.
And a Point for others, The Bane service ONLY costs two hundred linden if you complete the sentence, and Marine takes NONE of that, so for a unigue service and experience, you actually pay very little.
And as for a 24 hour sentence, I beleieve all are warned that violations can easily add time to sentences, and being in a Bane suit is a very very hard, strict regimented life controlled by the custodian.
Just remember, becareful what you ask or wish for, you may get it.
Wanting or fantacizing about something is almost always vastly different from actually having it, because the reality of a fantasy is usually very much different from ones fun fantasy ending.

Marine Kelley said...

Hehe... amen to that, Sis :)

Boy Lane said...

It is all about fantasy. I would love to have Marine locking me up for a week or two in RL, but that wont happen. I'm so happy to get that opportunity here.

Yes, I am crazy, suit dependent, I have Giri and Marine on my friendslist. And I will do all to keep the fantasy going. Thank you for all you have done and dont let the id***s getting close to you.


Moss Hastings said...

I am a Bane Operator, having joined the staff after spending a time as a beta tester of the bane suit. So I have seen both sides.

Marine Kelley does not offer you a product – she offers you a service, an end to end experience. For this you actually pay very little, almost none of which goes to Marine herself. She did not start the banishment program in order to get rich – but because the Eudeamon story is powerful and has a magnetic fascination, making people long to share some of the experience of being a Bane. As recreated by Marine, this experience is like nothing else: exciting, challenging and frustrating at the same time. I cannot give away secrets, but I will say that the Custodian HUD is nothing short of amazing. To recreate the experience and atmosphere of the Eudeamon novel within SL was (I am quite sure) far from easy. Marine worked very hard over a long period of time to bring you this. Throughout the Banishment Program the faithfulness to the story and the attention to detail is amazing. There are ‘rival products’ on the market, but they are toys by comparison, and they do not give the authentic experience.

Yes, there have been problems – most of them due to SL lag, or to users’ own computer systems, and not to Marine at all. Marine and her staff have responded very promptly and positively to problems that have been identified.

Marine is one of SL’s most accomplished scripters, and her RR Products are brand leaders. On top of this she has produced and maintained the Restrained Life Viewer to support and enhance the bondage experience in second life in general. Now with the Banishment Program she has yet another winner. So please, stop the carping!

jesse folland said...

As a Bane suit tester, long time user of RR Serious Shackles and the RLV, and a soon to be sentenced to banishment "criminal", i hav nothing but praise for Marine, her work and the services and products she enables us to use and have. I also have to agree with Giri and Moss about what you are actually getting when applying for the Banishment group. Sure, you pay your $2000, and as Giri stated, if successful get 90% of that on returning your suit. I have also chatted to B-9140 about her problems (SL and self caused, lol) and and have heard nothing bu tpraise from her regarding getitng those problems sorted by Marine and her Enginners and Operators in KTI.

I personally cannot wait to be processed, getting back into the suit i fell in love with during difficult as it will be to not get too many violations.

So, to Marine, 3 Cheers!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

a recently released from 112hrs in isolation in Marine's gear, jesse folland

Anonymous said...


The attraction in being isolated is possibly different for each person.

For me personally it is torture, peace, and love.

It is torture because I can not do the things I normally do, socialize, build things, buy things, hold my pets, and be held.

It is peaceful for the most part in the suit. My life used to be hectic, always doing something, for myself or someone else. Since being in the suit I've had the opportunity to just sit and watch the world go by, or wander the world looking at things.

It is love. I have seen my friends reactions as they discover I am unable to speak or interact with them. For some there has been obvious worry, and all I have wanted to do is reach out and touch them, my love and appreciation of those friends has been renewed.

The suit gives you a chance to change as well, if you let it. I am not the same person that went in.

*194 hours isolated*

Boy Lane said...


Just some thoughts from my side, why banishment and where's the kick. As M-8722 wrote, it is quiet, you get away from all that chit chat ongoing. Well, you may say that's what we are here for, to communicate. But sometimes all this just gets too much. Way too much...the drama, the backstabbing. Ever heard of someone need a break from it all? Leaving SL? I do. I needed a break badly. I wrote in my blog about it.

Being a bane is peaceful. Your "computer" deflects it all, protects you, gives you an opportunity to see and think about things in a different way. You don't need to respond, you can't. I enjoy being a bane. I enjoy having now a break I could not get for almost 7 months. I know that friends, people I love, they seriously care, they are concerend, they are hurt. But to repeat it one more time, I thank you all for this, all these IM pings which are blocked shwoing me you are with me, somewhere out there. I am perfectly ok and I need to do this for myself. I racked up hundreds of hours, I will be a ghost for a while. I chose my isolation deliberately and I do not regret it. All you dear friends out there, I hope you will wait for me. But I need to do this for myself and my peace.

And Lee, you are right, I would love to get that from and together with Mistress. No doubt about it *sighs*.

Luckily it is not only a computer involved here, there is also an operator, which Marine is for me now. Thank you so much Dear!


Marine Kelley said...

Awe ! Thank you all for your kind support ! :)))

On a side note, as you may (or may not) know, the 1.3 suit can now discriminate between roads or other prim grounds, and actual buildings. This should open new spaces for the future Banes.

Mitzy said...

The being able to walk on roads safely is a huge plus!

I think I love you..

*giggles insanely*


hoshino said...

Marine, i've followed your blog off and on for a while now, and your attempts and creating a bane in SL at first intrigued me. However, at this point i rather wish you & the others who have worked to do so, hadn't.

Please don't take this as an attack everyone, this is a critique, nothing more. i have nothing against Marine, or the others participating in Bane-ishment in any capacity.

The truth is...i'm losing a lot of friends, and potential friends, to the Bane program. As a result, i'm slowly finding myself as a semi-bane, unable to communicate with others, as they are locked in isolation for RL weeks, if not months at a time.

SL is designed as a social endevour ultimately. You should be logging on to interact with others. The bane program prevents that, which is why i'm upset.

i'm sure the fever will die down, things will return to normal...but for now, people please...think of those you leave behind.

Ruri Rieko

Anonymous said...

[7:51] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[7:51] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:13] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:13] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:15] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:16] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:18] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:18] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:19] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:19] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:20] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:21] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:22] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:22] Custodian: You have detached the Custodian HUD cache !
[8:22] Custodian: Custodian_Base is rezzing a new HUD cache...
[8:22] Custodian: You have lost 3 tries
[8:22] Custodian_HUD: Custodian_HUD is now attached
[8:37] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:37] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:42] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:42] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:48] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:48] Custodian: You have detached the Custodian HUD cache !
[8:48] Custodian: Custodian_Base is rezzing a new HUD cache...
[8:48] Custodian: You have lost 3 tries
[8:48] Custodian_HUD: Custodian_HUD self-destructing at OnArt <132.99661, 39.56784, 26.10248>
[8:49] Custodian_HUD: Custodian_HUD is now attached
[8:52] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:52] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached
[8:53] Custodian: No news from the Custodian_HUD. Retrying...
[8:53] Custodian: Custodian_HUD is still attached

Ad nauseum... And that's in a quiet, script-enabled, build-enabled sim. I'm not TPing around or going from region to region.

Marine Kelley said...

It shows you're under heavy lag, if I were you I'd TP somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marine,
I have had the same problems today in a low-lag sim and I solved it TP to Zhora. Maybe it is related to a SL malfunction, since during last days the HUD has worked silently.

Many thanks to you and all the group for the great experience I am facing!


Anonymous said...

I made the anonymous post of May 9, 2008 9:01 AM. I'll reveal my name once my sentence is complete, but until then I'll just be wolfsbane so you can keep track of any posts.

First, thank you Marine for attempting this massive project. It takes a lot of courage to take on something so big with such high expectations.

Unfortunately the current system seems to be something of a mess, rushed into with inadequate testing and some poor decisions. I'll try not to reveal too many details that would spoil the experience for those following me into Banishment, but I feel a few things need to be said.

At the moment, I feel like my struggles are entirely against the bugginess of the system, not the trials of being a Bane. In anywhere but the emptiest sims the HUD detaches and bombards me with messages to reattach. In doing so, it increases my lag until at times I can barely walk. I use a fairly powerful PC, and I've deliberately lowered my graphics settings to compensate, but it is frequently a trial to move.

The current system runs like a beta test, and the last time I worked in the industry I was paid for systems testing, not charged.

I can't examine the code to make suggestions, but here is a simple observation on one of the diegetic elements that is sadly lacking. The person who processed me had the title "Operator". The literature which comes with the system refers to her as the same. But when she logs on or off, she is referred to as "Keyholder". Even more egregious, if I try to struggle out of my suit, I'm addressed by my non-Bane name, not my 4 digit designation. hmmm.

These errors don't affect lag, of course, but they are more nails in the coffin of the Banishment experience. Furthermore, they are tell-tale signs of a swift and incomplete development procedure.

I'll be continuing my Banishment in the hope of finding some experiences to treasure, but so far it has been arduous for all the wrong reasons.

Marine Kelley said...

My Banesuit a beta-test product ? Now I feel insulted. The HUD and movement problem solely come from a very laggy sim or a very laggy connection, your choice. Under normal conditions the Banes are perfectly able to walk and have no problem with the HUD. To your defense (and mine) I have to say everything in SL is just slow these days.

About the keyholder and non-bane name thing, those are coming from the fact that the suit is based on my retail scripts. "Keyholder" simply means "the one who holds your keys", which exactly means your Operator. I won't bother rewriting all my scripts that already work, and maintaining two versions just for that detail.

As for the "incomplete development procedure", I think many people here will disagree with you, since it has been tested thoroughly (read this blog if you don't believe me).

Anonymous said...

Responding to Kelley's last comment...
What exactly do you consider normal conditions? I've been in SL long enough to have a good feel for lag, and I've worn scripted items under much more demanding situations without this kind of problem. I'm talking about empty or near-empty sims, often with excellent script ips scores, not trips down to Sanctuary.

As for not changing scripts for Keyholder and non-Bane name... shame on you! The first would be a simple search and replace of a text string, the other a relatively simple change. But the improvements to atmosphere would be tremendous. This, I feel, is a clear sign that you aren't as interested in providing a complete Banishment experience as you claim. We are constantly told during application and processing that "Banes have no name", yet the system goes ahead and uses it.

I've read the blog... I followed the development of the system with interest and if time had allowed would have tried to be involved myself. If it was so thoroughly tested, why were some users recently refunded their costs due to bugs? And if those weren't dealt with in testing, isn't it conceivable you missed others?

Feel insulted if you like, Marine, but I'm just reporting my experiences as I see them.

It would be remiss of me to report only the problems, however. One thing I can praise is the processing procedure. I'll not give out details that might spoil the experience for anyone coming into the system, but this was as humiliating and clinical an experience as a prisoner could expect. Mine went through flawlessly, overseen by an excellent Operator.

Marine Kelley said...

I have no time for this. If you want a suit replacement, send me 3 IMs in-world. Maybe your particular suit is bugging like crazy, maybe it's your sim, maybe all my suits are bugged and only you are reporting it (but I seriously doubt it), maybe you just like to bash my work. Most people are quite satisfied from the feedback I'm getting so far, though.

Now, as this is getting personal I'm closing the comments, not deleting anything or I would be accused of selecting the comments that suit me.

This blog will only become informative, so much for the feedback but I can't tolerate to be insulted for bugs that are not my owns.