Monday, June 2, 2008

Freezing at login

Several people are reporting a strange problem when logging on RL 1.11.*, they appear to freeze on login. I am very aware of this problem and am investigating, but so far no good, I'm not freezing even with dozens of folders full of items under #RLV, and in sims that do the deprecated call to fetchDescendents().

So please if you're having this problem, send me a notecard with your computer specs, the name of the sim you're logging on, the number of folders under #RLV and the number of items per folder (average). Even better, try to check your log file (under AppData\SecondLife\Logs) and look if you find the word "deprecated" once for every folder under your #RLV folder.

The reason I suspect for this bug is that the call to load the folders in advance (while logging in) is serialized and does not freeze the viewer but makes login waaaay too long. If it was not loading those folders you'd have to open them by hand. One by one. After every login. So this feature is kinda like a necessary evil.