Monday, September 8, 2008

A new form of kidnapping ?

~~~ Breaking News ~~~

It seems that someone, or a full organization, takes a wicked pleasure in abducting poor girls and throwing them into dark, remote places. Some of them were never to be seen again, but Haleen S., who got lucky enough to escape from the clutches of her "captors" after hours of desperation, accepted to tell us her story :

"I was hidden in the bushes near the Kelley Technologies dropping area, with the hope to see 'Banes' and perhaps interview one of them. It was dusk, the hour when they like to go back here to execute their daily maintenance, away from prying eyes. I spotted one, drew my camera and then... omg I don't remember clearly... It all went dark"


"I woke up on a cold, stone floor, in what seemed at first to be the basement of a castle. My eyes were not used to the darkness, and I frantically looked for my purse and my camera, nothing ! They had taken them from me !"


"I stood, and saw a corridor, a part of what became more and more to look like an ancient tomb and less and less like a civilized place. It was dark and gloomy, I was scared to hell."


"I walked down corridor after room after corridor, without seeing or hearing anyone, only my rapid heartbeats and a few... omg were they ghosts ? I didn't see any but they were there, I'm sure of it !"


"After hours of exploration, I saw some bright light and... I don't know what happened after that. All I know is that I woke up in another place, and this time all my belongings were returned back to me. I never had the chance to see anybody, or to know where I was. I wonder if it was a dream..."

Haleen went to the hospital after that, where she was offered a short stay at the Paine Institute according to the local Medical Regulation Procedures.

It all happened somewhere near the Kelley Technologies lab