Friday, March 13, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.16.1

Hi there,

Finally LL released their latest viewer version 1.22, so here is the RLV that works with it : 1.16.1.

It is not only a "catch-up" version, it contains a lot of small improvements and bugfixes, plus reattaches locked items automatically when they are detached by a script... even by one they contain !

Grab the viewer here :

The hash for the Windows zip file is fd873779f5d5debe839b546f14c6e4fb

Edit : If you had performance problems with this version, please download again. This was due to a settings.xml file that was not appropriate for a Windows viewer... since it was the one I used on my Macintosh. I was lazy and just pasted it in the zip, but it is not good enough. The new one is the one coming from the official SL viewer v1.22.11, so I expect it should work better. The executable itself and the patch have not changed one bit, only the settings.xml file.

Have fun !