Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A useful piece of advice

Hello there,

I have just received a message from a Linden asking me to encourage all of you who are building RestrainedLife viewers for any platform, to change llversionviewer.h to set the correct "Restrained Life" channel instead of the original "Second Life" one. This is because Linden Lab is gathering statistics on how spread each custom viewer is used, according to the channel used on login.

This is important because it will help LL decide whom to include in the "early disclosure" list of custom viewer maintainers, which members are able to receive warnings about security holes before the public, hence allowing them to publish patched viewers before the wave hits the shore. In other words, you and your users would not have to wait several days before getting an updated version.

For the same reason, please do not incitate your users to put a "--channel" in the shortcut they use to run the Restrained Life Viewer, or that would defeat the code hereunder.

So please, don't forget to apply this change to your code before releasing a new viewer :

In llcommon/llversionviewer.h
- const char * const LL_CHANNEL = "Second Life Release";
+ const char * const LL_CHANNEL = "Restrained Life Release";

Thank you for your attention !