Saturday, July 18, 2009

Having troubles running RLV 1.19 on Windows ?

Hi !

I have been told of a rare problem occuring to some people when trying to run the latest Restrained Life Viewer (1.19) on Windows. Despite installing it normally, all they get is an error message saying this :

"This application failed to start because the
application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application
may fix the problem."

Not only this message is unclear and vague, but following its only advice does not help at all, it just wastes your time to reinstall everything. I will be frank with you, I have no clue why nobody had that problem before, nor why only a few people do now, and not me. It seems to be happening on freshly installed systems mostly. RLV 1.19 has been built exactly like 1.18, which has been built exactly like 1.17, which has been... well you get the point. I did not change anything to the way it is built.

There is a quick fix to overcome that problem for good and enjoy the latest RLV if you run into this. Simply download this file on the Microsoft website

If you have problems to download it from there, here is another source where you can find the same file :

Run a virus check on it, then run it if everything is ok. This executable is supposed to install all the missing Visual Studio C++ runtime libraries that should have been shipped on your operating system. Now, I do not guarantee it will work, it did on the sytem of a friend of mine who experienced that problem, and all is okay now.

Long story short, if you're having this problem, download and run the executable and it should be solved for good.


PS : Thanks Cleo Collins for the link to the microsoft repository. I only had the softdevlabs one before.