Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RR Tutorial : Gag plugin

Hi !

Today we are going to talk about a plugin everyone knows, the one you find in any RR gag. This plugin is rather easy, but half of it is RLV-oriented, and that's the hard part. As the easy part is really easy, and not worth a tutorial, let's assume that the captive is using the RLV so I can explain everything smoothly.

We all know what a gag is for, it is used to make chatty captives shut the hell up. Oops. Hrm. Sorry, I get carried away sometimes. But you will agree that some really do need it ! *g* What ? Who said "just as you do" ?!

Very well then, I'll demonstrate it for you since you insist ! Let me lock it on "Medium" and... mmmmph ! Now everything I say seems to be garbled, except my emotes with appear normally but are... truncated. It is not very easy to make myself clear anymore, save for very short sentences.

But you already knew all this. Let's take a look at the plugin shall we ? I click on my gag, then go to Plugins > Gag... and once again I bang into a wall of buttons :

* "Typing" and "Cheating" are irrelevant to the RLV, which takes all these into account.

* "Slashes" will make the gag complain or not when I say something like "/ao on" or "/hug so-and-so".

* "Notif owner" will decide whether my keyholder will receive a message when I cheat by speaking on channel 0. Note that this button is poorly worded, but "Notif keyholder" did not fit. I could have called it "Notif khldr" or "Ntf kh" or "Mxmsfgbh", but it would not have been very clear...

* "Emote" will make the gag truncate emotes or not.

* "Drool" will make me... drool. Or not. That depends on how messy my keyholder wants it !

* "Ch. evasion" (meaning "Channel evasion") is fun. When I say something, my chat is automatically redirected to a random channel, which changes every 30 seconds, in order to avoid those pesky "gag translators". If I deactivate channel evasion, my chat will fall back to channel 1, but I can change it to, say, channel 12 by simply saying "channel 12".

* "IM blockable" is a little trickier, and only I (the wearer) can see this button. If I set it to Yes, then my keyholder can decide to prevent me from sending IMs to people at any time.

* "IM restriction" only appears to me (the wearer) or to the keyholder if "IM blockable" is set to Yes. It gives the keyholder the ability to prevent the captive from sending IMs to anyone. She can also prevent me from sending IMs to anyone except to herself, provided the gag is locked and she has the key.

That's about it... this one was rather simple after all !

Have fun,