Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Restrained Love v2.1.0

Hi there,

As promised, here is the latest version of the RLV... with a few significant changes ! First of all, it is a standalone version, and not an executable that you have to drop into the SL folder anymore. What you get is an installer that will decompress wherever you want, and you won't have to go through the hassle of copying the settings.xml file anymore.

But more so, this version handles multiple attachments... If you don't know what it is about, let me explain it to you real quick :

Until now, you could only wear ONE object per attachment point (like "spine", "r forearm" etc). Which means that attaching another object on a point that was taken would either kick the present object off, or do nothing if the object was locked.

Some other third-party viewers like Emerald added several copies of the existing attachment points to trump the system and make you able to wear several objects on the same point. It worked well, but scripts would have difficulties with them, especially since it was not a supported feature.

Now, the grid is able to handle this and has support from the regular SL viewer 2.1, which has become official last week. And with it, RLV 2.1. What happens now, is that an attachment point does not hold only one object anymore, but a list of objects.

It impacts some of the features of the RLV directly though :

- A new @getpathnew command is added because @getpath would return only one folder, the folder containing "the" object attached to an attachment point. Only... "the" does not mean anything anymore, since there can be several objects worn on the same point.
- When your avatar is forced to wear something, the objects won't kick the existing ones anymore. So you have to manually remove them before or after wearing the new outfit.

The "MultipleAttachment" debug setting is going to be your friend, too. It is set to FALSE by default (so the viewer follows the old behavior), you have to set it to TRUE yourself in order to enjoy this new feature. This is because older viewers like 1.23 are unable to render those additional objects when they're attached on top of existing ones.

Here is a recap of the changes and new features :

- added : Support for multiple attachments. The debug setting "MultipleAttachments" is used to decide whether to allow multiple attachments or not. Defaults to FALSE. (*)
- added : New command @getpathnew to respond with a list of folders when testing what outfits contain all the objects attached to one attach point in particular.
- added : Some tweaks to make the viewer generally more user-friendly. You can find them here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_2_Tweaks/Full_2.0.0.203055
- changed : The Build, Map, Minimap and Inventory buttons in the bottom bar are greyed out when the appropriate restrictions are issued.
- changed : Made the chat toasts bigger for better readability.
- fixed : Update the context menu of the top menubar when @showloc is issued.
- fixed : Ironed out some oversights that needed to be addressed after porting the RLV source code to 2.0, then to 2.1.

(*) The release notes may seem to say exactly the opposite. What is said here in this blog is the actual behavior, the debug setting is NOT ignored.

Here is the link to the RLV, remember 2.1 is standalone now :

The hash of the windows installer is

Have fun !