Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restrained Love v2.1.2

Hello !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, really taking multi-attachments and multi-wearables now, like the soon-to-come SL viewer. Oh and also, as promised, a new command to make sure a prisoner won't escape from a cell by teleporting through HUDs and the like. Here is a breakdown of the new features :

- added : New commands to force attach outfits without replacing clothes and attachments : @attachover, @attachthisover, @attachallover, @attachallthisover. Note that if the folder begins with a "+" (can be changed through the "RestrainedLoveStackWhenFolderBeginsWith" debug setting), @attach:folder=force will add the outfit instead of replacing it.

- added : New @standtp command to force an avatar to teleport back to the previous location where they were standing last, to prevent them from cheating through cages by rezzing poseballs or teleporters.

- changed : Added Henri Beauchamp's tweak to make sure that an exact match for a folder takes priority over approximate matches, regardless of the position of the folder in the inventory.

- changed : When you receive a folder which name begins with "#RLV/~" from another resident, this folder goes directly into your #RLV folder, exactly as if it were given by an object.

- changed : The previous "fix" that would spare the viewer from removing all clothes before rebaking again when changing outfits is now removed. This fix could not handle multiple clothing well, due to how the regular SL viewer handles changes of clothing now (i.e. it removes everything and immediately rebakes the textures, which shows your avatar losing its shoes for a short moment, it is annoying but it works).

This version is also standalone (and I don't think I will release non-standalone viewers anymore now), you can grab it here :

The hash for the Windows is

Have fun !