Sunday, November 21, 2010

Restrained Love v2.3 coming soon

Hi !

Just a quick post to tell you about the upcoming RLV 2.3 and its new commands. At the time of this writing it is almost done, but not complete yet so it will be a few days before it is released. There are also a few other commands I am working on, but since the syntax and the actual effect is not clear yet, I'd rather not list them here. What is listed here is what will be included because it is already coded and tested.

This post is mostly aimed at the other RLV developers who want to keep their own RLV up-to-date, and at scripters who want to start working on new scripts to integrate the new commands in advance.

* "@detachthis=n" and "@detachallthis=n" : When this command is issued from a worn attachment, it locks all the objects and clothes belonging to the same folder (and to the sub-folders as well for the second option) on the avatar. It is the equivalent to calling a serie of "@detach" and "@remoutfit" commands for all the objects and clothes belonging to those folders.

* "@detachthis:attachpt=n" and "@detachallthis:attachpt=n" : No matter what object issues this command, the folders containing objects worn on attachpt will be locked on. In the case of the second option, the sub-folders will be locked on as well.

* "@detachthis:layer=n" and "@detachallthis:layer=n" : Same thing, but with clothing layers (shirt, pants, tattoo...).

* "@detachthis:folder=n" and "@detachallthis:folder=n" : These commands lock a folder by name, which implies that while it is locked, the user cannot move it, rename it, or move items or folders in or out of it.

* "@attachthis=n", "@attachallthis=n", "@attachthis:
attachpt=n", "@attachallthis:attachpt=n", "@attachthis:layer=n", "@attachallthis:layer=n", "@attachthis:folder=n", "@attachallthis:folder=n" : Same thing, but this time it locks the folder(s) off, preventing from actually wearing them.

Please note : For the moment, even the object that issues these restrictions cannot ignore them. In other words, if your collar issues an "@attachthis:cuffs=n" kind of command, you won't be able to even make yourself wear the cuffs by using an "@attach:cuffs=force" command, even from it. This is something I am going to work on seriously in the future because it can be annoying at times.

* "@editobj:uuid=n" : Issuing this command prevents the avatar from editing and opening the object which root has the indicated uuid.

Have fun with these new commands !