Monday, January 3, 2011

Restrained Love v2.4 coming soon

Hi there,

First of all, Happy New Year 2011 to you !

I have been working on the RLV a little, fixing here and enhancing there, here is what you can expect for the next version 2.4 :

- Edit and Build on land were deactivated on the context menu (when right-clicking on the ground), this was introduced with the new @editobj command.

- Double click teleport is now available at all times, except when something is locked AND your forward controls are grabbed (i.e. when your forward arrow does something else than just make you walk forward).

- Now, no-script areas will prevent detaching stuff only when you actually log on there, not when you have already been into a script-enabled area during the session, allowing the attachments to issue their RLV commands. The old behavior (not being able to detach anything at all in no-script areas) was too heavy on the user.

- Fixed a clever way to detach something that was locked (but it would come back afterwards anyway).

- Fixed a way to log in from home.

- Added the @recvemotefrom command, which was forgotten in 2.3.

Please note : At the time of this writing, the RLV is still based on SL 2.4 rev 13360, which is the one RLV 2.3 has been built on. I know there are newer versions of the SL viewer, but they contain a nasty bug that you can read about here :

If I released a RLV based on a recent SL viewer (say rev 14120 or 14357 for example, I have tried them both), you'd be forced to relog every 30 minutes because past that delay the viewer slows down to a crawl everytime you walk, fly or speak on the chat. This bug renders it unusable. I invite you to vote on it if you can.

So I am NOT going to release a RLV based on a more recent version of the SL viewer until this bug has been addressed, in order to avoid inflicting it on you.

Besides, releasing a RLV 2.4 based on SL 2.5.13360 is also nice because the Starlight skin is compatible with it (I love this skin, it makes the viewer much more user-friendly).

It should be a matter of days before I release this new version of the RLV, I'm just running some final tests with it.

Have fun !