Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vixen Leather Training Set

Hi there, long time no see !

I've been busy lately, and this blog post is going to show you what I've been busy on : a new product called the "Vixen Leather Training set".

Because it is leather, it is tight, it is sturdy, and it is definitely meant for training your favorite vixen, as you can see by looking at the pictures :

This set is very much like the Serious Shackles and the Restrained Elegance Shackles, and is to be used the same way. One collar, four arms cuffs, two legs cuffs. Oh and also a few bonuses...

For one, the collar is actually 4 collars in 1. The same object has 4 different appearances, a simple leather collar (looking very much like the cuffs), a classy version for everyday use, a medium posture collar and a high posture collar. See for yourself :



Medium posture

High posture

The cuffs also have a few surprises. Beyond the usual bondage (chaining the hands in front, behind the back or along the body), they come with two interesting pieces of equipment : a leather binder and a yoke. The leather binder binds the arms behind the back in a U, very useful for workout and ponyplay, while the yoke locks itself directly on the collar (the "Reshape" plugin allows you to resize the yoke to your shape). Told you this set was meant for training !

The chains

The yoke

The U-Binder

As for the legs... it gets even better. You have the usual loose chaining of the ankles to slow the sub down, a hogtie (the same one as in the Restrained Elegance Shackles), and not one but four spreader bars. Standing, sitting, laying down and hogtie, all with the legs spread widely apart. Like the yoke, the "Reshape" plugin allows you to resize the spreader bar without having to edit it by hand. Did I tell you this set was meant for training ? Hehe.

Spreader bar, a classic

Sitting on a spreader, try to get out of this one

Moving around in this bondage is fun

Of course black might not be your color of choice... Fret not, you can customize the cuffs entirely. Main leather, straps, trim and metal parts can be colored independently through the "VixenTex" plugin. Most textures are color variations of the leather texture, but you also get a black latex texture and a brown cow hide texture.

And last but not least, the legs cuffs come with a little plus : the ability to lock high heels on with a small strap that goes under the sole. For long sessions of, uh, training, y'know. Of course since the set uses the RLV, the shoes are really locked on when the strap is applied. Moreso, since every heel is different, the "LockShoes" plugin embedded in the legs cuffs allows you to actually rotate and stretch the straps as you see fit.

It does add some special look to the heels on top of it !

So if you combine everything, you get a quite devious set of sober but elegant leather restraints that is guaranteed to keep your little vixen squirming. Or perfectly still, if so is your choice.

Have fun !