Friday, July 1, 2011

Restrained Love v2.7.3

Hi !

Here is a new version of the RLV, with once again a few enhancements that you'll like, I'm sure :

- added : Now you can see "Typing" above the name of an avatar who is typing, regardless of whether their typing animation is hidden or not.
- changed : Now you can customize the automatic message people get when they IM you and you can't receive IMs. Requires a restart of your viewer.
- changed : Now you can customize the automatic message people get when you IM them but you can't send IMs. Requires a restart of your viewer.
- changed : You are given the choice whether you can send and receive OOC chat (chat between double parens : "((...))"). Default is TRUE, and it requires a restart of the viewer.
- fixed : Restrictions were removed silently (i.e. without a notification to scripts) when garbage-collected from an object that had disappeared.
- fixed : Allow to Replace an Outfit even when something is locked. This was a long-standing bug, glad it is fixed now.

The "Typing" feature was something I have been meaning to do for a long time now, but never found how to do it. 90% of the people in SL deactivate their typing animation because they think it makes them look like newbies, but they don't realize that it removes a crucial piece of information from the people around them. When they don't know whether you are typing a very long message or you're just afk for a bit (or crashing), they tend to become frustrated that the conversation is dragging.

I've had long conversations with friends that could have been much shorter if our typing animations were enabled, simply because we spent most of the time wondering if the other was typing or not. Because of that, I had deactivated mine as a sign of protest, after years of trying to convince them to activate theirs.

I believe that enabling the typing animation is a mark of respect to others, but being very vocal about it over the years didn't bring any result. Now with this new feature, the point is moot. People can keep their typing anim off, you can still see whether they are typing or not. Best of both worlds.

Following the release of 2.7.2 and much testing, it appears to be very crashy for a few people (like me) but not for others, and only when enabling Dynamic Shadows. If you don't enable it, it does not crash more than any other SL viewer. Therefore I have removed the link to 2.7.1, and this one becomes the normal RLV.

The Windows dowload is there :

And the MD5 hash is :

Have fun !

Addendum :
Forgot to mention it in the readme file, the debug settings to control the OOC and send/receive IMs features are the following :
- OOC : RestrainedLoveCanOoc
- Send IMs : RestrainedLoveSendimMessage
- Receive IMs : RestrainedLoveRecvimMessage