Monday, August 15, 2011

A new brand and a new item !

Hello there,

Over the years I have been working on many projects in SL. Some very much on the kinky side, like restraints, others totally different. Among the restraints, some were (in my opinion) good enough to share with others, and that's the reason why I have created the RealRestraint brand. However I never got to share some of my other projects with the community, because they were so far away from my main business that I was afraid of confusing my customers.

But I have a lot to share... Some of my private projects are, I think, good enough to be enjoyed by others and although I know they won't be as mainstream as my restraints, it would be a shame to keep them for myself :)

So here is me creating a new brand that I have called "Marine's Goodies". It's a little like visiting an attic, without the spiders. In this brand you will find several items that have nothing to do with each other, and very little to do with BDSM.

For now there is only one item to sell in this brand, a HUD that is meant to be used by ponygirls/ponyboys and their trainers. It is very versatile, a trainer can command as many ponies as they want, even with other teams around, it is very resistant to lag, and a pony can even use this HUD while blind ! Have you ever tried to pull a cart while blind, without hitting a wall ? I know a few ponies who are good at that now, thanks to this HUD :)

Several friends of mine have been nagging me for over a year to release it, so here it is !

For now there are only two vendors in this new brand. One is at my shop in Pak, the other one is at the Little Shop of Kink, in Lineside. If it works well, I will add vendors across the grid.

Have fun !